Anita’s Humiliation Continues 03

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I was so much annoyed and irritated by this low class man’s dirty objectives that I did not feel talking to him. His touches were as if still lingering on my body. The way he touched my panty and clenched my ass cheek I was feeling like slapping him. How dare he touch me there I was thinking! Then I realized these people were like that only, they always look for opportunity and helpless conditions of girls and tries to take advantage of that. The servant class!

“Aunty! Aunty!”

I was as if called from my sleep. The magazine was still open on my lap, but my mind went back to my teenage days relating the embarrassing moments I had in the hands of our house servant, which was very similar to the one I had sometime back here in Mr. Yadav’s residence though today’s experience was awfully shameful myself being a married woman of almost 30.

Shilpa is calling me.

Shilpa: Aunty! Aunty!

Me: Ya… err… Yes, what is it?

As if I woke up from a slumber and tried to look composed.

Shilpa: Guru-ji is calling us.

Me: Okay, okay. Lets go.

I kept the open magazine from my lap to the table and adjusted my sari and followed Shilpa. As she walked in front of me, I did note the alluring way she was swaying her kundi. I was as if envying Shilpa for her tight figure though I knew I should not, as she was at least 7-8 years younger than me. Her proportionate ass was dancing within her dress as she walked briskly. I hurried along to keep pace with her. As we entered the puja ghar, I found there everyone of the family – Mr. Yadav, Mrs. Yadav and their daughter who came along with me. Of course, Sanjeev and Guru-ji were also there.

Guru-ji: Now we have arrived at the pinnacle of this yagya and Shilpa Beti has to now carry forward its epitome further.

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, distribute the bhog to Nandini and Kumar. The regulation is that the parents must complete taking the bhog before their lass sits for her part in the yagya.

Sanjeev: Okay Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Sanjeev, your role in the yagya is also over. You can relax outside. Anita, you need to stay to help Shilpa attain the spiritual goal.

Mrs. Yadav offered pranam to Guru-ji and helped his husband also for pranam and then they left the place. Sanjeev also followed suit with a couple of bowls of bhog already cooked by him. Now we were only three in the puja ghar — me, Anita, and Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Anita, can you make sure if Sanjeev has kept all the basic ingredients for the yagya? Check for bilva leaves, china-rose flowers, milk, ghee, rose water, honey, sandalwood paste, and turmeric.

I nodded and sat down to check that. As I sat down I realized that my panty cloth was getting inside my ass crack in the form of a rope slipping on my smooth skin. I could not stop or adjust in front of a male and allowed my panty to roll inside my deep ass crack making my ass globes virtually bare within my petticoat. I remember I was hasty while putting on my panty in front of that bastard house servant and hence this happened. Not focussing much on that simply because I could not adjust my dress in front of Guru-ji, I started checking for the items Guru-ji mentioned.

Guru-ji was expounding Shilpa on spiritual explanations of life, human goal, devotion, studies, etc. and Shilpa was obediently listening to Guru-ji. Only if did he know that this schoolgirl do watch soft porn and sometime back was expertly supporting me in an lesbian act even! I noted that Sanjeev had nicely sorted out everything on the floor for the yagya to proceed, but only thing that was missing was milk. I waited patiently till Guru-ji finished his speech.

Me: Guru-ji, all other things are there except the milk.

Guru-ji: Okay. Can you please get around a liter of milk from Nandini and get it boiled on the stove here? Also ask Nandini that I asked for a new white sari, I am not seeing it here.

Me: Sure Guru-ji.

I went out of the puja ghar and as I passed the door outside I heard Guru-ji again getting back to explain spiritual facts to Anita. The moment I went outside the vacant corridor towards the steps, I thought of adjusting my panty. It was giving me a torrid time now, because as I walked its giving me a frictional feeling on both my pussy and ass hole with its rolled edges. I have to get it straight, but this area was not at all safe, as I did not know if that rascal servant was around anywhere. So I did not take any chance going to this toilet, as the passage was completely empty.

I went down through the hallway towards the drawing room and could realize from a distance that someone was sitting there. I looked intently and could well realize it was Mr. Yadav. He was sitting there with…

Me: My goodness!

He is drinking alcohol and that very servant who molested me was sitting near his feet. My feet were as if cemented immediately and I knew if given a second chance they would surely strip me and tear off my choot with their rods. I briskly went ankara escort bayan to the other side in the direction where Shilpa’s room was. I thought this was a rather secure place away from everyone’s eyes and quickly started adjusting my panty. There was no other way but to pull up my sari to my waist and adjust it. I briskly pulled out the edges of my panty from my ass crack and stretched it over my ass flesh as far as possible and also fiddled the panty front over my hairy choot. There was no one, thankfully, and I was so much relieved after adjusting from this continuos ‘sexual’ tickling offered by my undergarment.

Suddenly I heard some light sound of bangles, as if a woman was moving her hands there. I stepped ahead, but could not find anyone. Here the passage turns to the left and ends in a balcony and yes, the sound is coming from the balcony, which could not be seen from here. I could have called Mrs. Yadav, but was curious to see who was there, as I did not see Sanjeev with Mr. Yadav in the drawing room. I tried not to make any noise and peeped into the balcony. The full moon was splashing on the balcony and I could see very, very clearly — Mrs. Yadav and Sanjeev.

But, but… What are they doing? Uuuuuuuuuuuu……………

I exclaimed within myself. As I said Mrs. Yadav was plump and though middle-aged was fleshy at the right places and in the bright moonlight in the white sari draped tightly on her figure she was surely looking sexy. Sanjeev was holding her hands and whispering something. My timing was just about right as soon I realized that Sanjeev was trying to persuade Mrs. Yadav in lovemaking in that open balcony, but she was obviously hesitant as her husband, though disabled, was very much present in the house. I could jolly well see that Sanjeev’s pleading to lovemaking was getting more physical. His persuasion posture from holding Mrs. Yadav’s hands was now getting into a half hugging scene, and certainly her objections were also melting. After some moments of inappropriate hugging by Sanjeev, I heard an affirmation from Mrs. Yadav.

Mrs. Yadav: Okay Baba. Do what you want.

Sanjeev was as if only waiting for that nod, since the way he embraced her was exceptional, and envious too for any woman! He now was feeling Mrs. Yadav’s back over her white blouse and extended his arms to touch the naked skin of her midriff. Mrs. Yadav almost jerked to his touch and as she was facing me, I saw she closed her eyes in ecstasy. I completely forgot that I came to Mrs. Yadav for milk and the white sari, but was completely absorbed in watching this horny activity. I saw Mrs. Yadav had closed her eyes and why not? Getting passionate hugs from this energetic male who had now started caressing her smooth and fair midriff with his palms and hugged her matured figure at his free will. In no time Sanjeev turned Mrs. Yadav within his arms to face her away from him so that he could massage her heavy jiggling tits abundantly.

I saw Sanjeev put his big-sized palms on Mrs. Yadav’s mammaries and cupped simultaneously both of her large, round, firm and full boobs. Mrs. Yadav naturally started wriggling in elation, as any female would do. I noticed her hands were scratching her own choot over her sari. Now suddenly Sanjeev stopped all motion and stood still, but kept his palms just holding her globes over her blouse, but not fondling them. Mrs. Yadav was a bit surprised as if someone had come, but I could well understood Sanjeev was relishing the feel of her very attractive sized boobs.

Mrs. Yadav: You naughty.

Saying that she turned again to face her, but Sanjeev was still cupping her blouse-covered breasts and it looked so indecent! Sanjeev’s hands were now under her pallu and I knew what they were doing under that cover. Sanjeev for the first time now placed his lips onto Mrs. Yadav’s lips and they were lip-locked for sometime. And like all men Sanjeev also craftily pulled down her pallu displaying her blouse-covered bobbling breasts and now to my sheer disbelief I saw he was whiffing off Mrs. Yadav’s sari from her waist also.

I was really shocked that Mrs. Yadav being a fully matured woman allowing such lewd acts by an outside male standing in the balcony of her house. Though the road cannot be seen from the balcony, but anyone approaching the house would surely notice her. Mrs. Yadav was clutching Sanjeev in such a way that it seemed to me as if she was a teenager experiencing her first date. Sanjeev was doing his job quite swiftly and in virtually no time he unhooked her white blouse and with both hands slid her white bra upwards to expose her rotund mammaries. Being the mother of a 19-year-old girl, Mrs. Yadav had enviously large and firm breasts, which jumped out of the tight bra. I saw the nipples were almost black in color and very erect for obvious reasons.

Sanjeev now encircled her waist with his arms and lifted up her chin towards him and propelled his tongue through her lips and into her mouth. Mrs. Yadav was hugging Sanjeev and scratching her fingers on his eryaman escort broad back. By this time, Mrs. Yadav’s sari was completely off her body and lying on floor. Her blouse was open and her bra uplifted and her petticoat was saving her dignity. I noticed Sanjeev started pushing his crotch into her pussy over her petticoat. The scene was extremely heating up and I stood there simply gulping every bit of this very hot lovemaking.

Sanjeev’s palms were now openly fondling Mrs. Yadav’s big boobs, while he had pulled her tongue into his mouth and was sucking it.

Me: Uhhhhhhhhh………

It seemed I was more excited and thrilled seeing this scene. I remembered Uday’s kissing on the boat. I truly cherished it. I was repenting if Uday was here, we could have had another steamy love session. The very next moment I thought why did I not think of my husband? He also did kiss me like this at times though not on a regular scale, as he is not a big believer in kissing. He is more into the direct act. But Uday’s kissing was so spontaneous and he resembled very much like Sanjeev was kissing Mrs. Yadav. I saw Sanjeev’s arms now came down on the lady’s gaand and he started caressing and squeezing her big buns. My right hand was automatically scratching my pussy over my panty and my left hand self massaging my breasts and pinching my nipple over my blouse and bra.

Sanjeev then peeled off her blouse and bra completely from her body and threw on the balcony chair and Mrs. Yadav, the mother of a 16-year-old girl, was now standing wearing only a petticoat in a full topless condition. I was stunned to see the courage of this housewife – she was hugging a male in a topless condition in the balcony of the house knowing that her husband was very much present in the house! I could never ever do that in my house. Even when my husband was away at noontime and if even a salesman had come, I made sure that I do not attend him in a nightie or without wearing my bra because in most cases it was the nap time for me and during that period I was surely not properly draped. However, Mrs. Yadav here was crossing all limits!

Sanjeev made Mrs. Yadav raise her hands in air in order to lick her armpits and I noticed that she was having an absolutely clean armpit. Sanjeev gurgled with pleasure and pushed his head to it. He started smelling and deeply inhaling her armpits, which though looked extremely vulgar and then started licking them vigorously and Mrs. Yadav was writhing in exhilaration. I was unable to take it anymore and was now wondering how to enter in this sweltering scene to tell Mrs. Yadav to provide me milk and a white sari, which Guru-ji had ordered. It was also getting late I realized and Guru-ji might just be angry. I apologized to Mrs. Yadav in my mind, as I had to now stop her blow hot love episode.

I went back at least a dozen steps. I still was midway in the passage towards the balcony. I was also at a safe distance from the drawing room where Mr. Yadav was having a drink and I started calling Mrs. Yadav.

Me: Mrs. Yadav. Mrs. Yadav.

I did not deliberately move a step ahead as I knew hearing my voice she would immediately try to wear her clothes back and I need to give her that time. After a moment or two, I called again and took only a couple of steps. After sometime, I heard a feeble reply.

Mrs. Yadav: Yes, I am here.

I walked very slowly towards the balcony. As I stepped on the balcony, I saw Sanjeev was sitting on the chair as if enjoying the beauty of the moonlit night and Mrs. Yadav looked extremely sexy with the blouse on her body with all the hooks open and the sari draped in a very lewd fashion. I knew I should have given her more time to recompose.

Me: Guru-ji asked for a bowl of milk and a white sari that he had already told you of.

Mrs. Yadav: Oh! Yes, yes Anita. I forgot about the sari. Why don’t you sit here in the balcony? I will get you both in a minute.

I did not want to embarrass Mrs. Yadav. She was panting as she conversed and the sexual heat was showing on her face. I nodded and took a chair. Mrs. Yadav hurriedly left the place and from the tingling of her chudi I could make out she was probably dressing her standing in the passage. Sanjeev was absolutely normal and conversed with me and within another five to seven minutes Mrs. Yadav was back with a bowl of milk and the sari. I thanked her and left the place. As I walked down the passage towards the stairs I speculated whether Sanjeev and Mrs. Yadav would again engage in passionate lovemaking in the open balcony or take me as an alert and go in some room to fulfill their desires. But I could well apprehend that if this is the nature of Mrs. Yadav, I could not blame her daughter much for watching porn CDs.

I knocked and entered the puja ghar. Guru-ji was still explaining something to her and she was listening intently with folded arms. Guru-ji looked up and noted that I had got the things he ordered for.

Guru-ji: Anita, lock the door and get the milk boiled etlik escort in the stove.

I nodded and handed him the sari and went up to the stove to get the milk boiled. As I handed Guru-ji the sari I noted for the first time that it was a thin cotton sari, the type generally worn by widows. I could not understand why that was needed in this yagya. I was about to ask that, but Guru-ji by that time was directing Shilpa for the first worship.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, now we will do the first worship to Linga Maharaj. One needs a medium for this worship and as your parents used your Sanjeev uncle and Anita aunty as their mediums, you will use me as your medium. Okay?

Shilpa: Ji Guru-ji.

Guru-ji: Beti, the focus has to be worship and worship only. You must not deviate. If you deviate you will have to undergo the ‘dosha khandan’ (=eradicate the error) process. So only concentrate on your worship for studies. Jai Linga Maharaj!

Shilpa nodded and stood up. She did not know what to do and Guru-ji indicated through a gesture to me for the start. I took her to the area where I lied on the floor and I told her to be on the floor in a prone position, i.e. her bottoms facing the ceiling. Shilpa’s back was looking very attractive as she was lying on the floor wearing the tight salwar kamiz. While giving her the puja flowers, I noticed her face was red in natural shame, as then she got the hint that Guru-ji would get on top of her back. I handed her over the puja flowers and asked to stretch her hands in the worship form.

Guru-ji: Thanks Anita. You can sit there and mind you no noise. Shilpa Beti, I will whisper in your ears the mantra five times and you will chant that loudly to Linga Maharaj. Then in turn you will whisper me what exactly is your wish and I will transfer that to Maharaj. Okay?

Shilpa: Okay Guru-ji.

I thought I should ask Guru-ji that previously the process was different because as the medium I was no floor and Mr. Yadav enjoyed me from top, but did not gather the courage to ask Guru-ji. He roared forward to Shilpa’s body chanting “Jai Linga Maharaj” time and again. Guru-ji’s gigantic figure was no match for this teenager and her body was fully covered by Guru-ji’s mammoth stature as he placed himself on her.

Guru-ji: Don’t mind Beti, as this is the norm of this yagya. I will not place my body weight on you. You just concentrate.

Guru-ji was now riding Shilpa’s body and I was watching from a distance of few feet. I noted that Guru-ji very cleverly adjusted his body length, pretending to straighten his saffron garment, to place his pelvic area exactly on Shilpa’s buttocks. He was not even finished whispering the first mantra in Shilpa’s ears that I saw the subtle movement of Guru-ji’s pelvis on her gaand. I was shocked to see Guru-ji also deviating by Shilpa’s young flesh. As the mantra chanting was getting to an end, I found Guru-ji’s pelvic movement was getting more obvious on Shilpa’s hips.

Now Shilpa had to whisper her wish to Guru-ji and he would transfer that to Linga Maharaj. I saw Guru-ji took his face very close to her face, his thick lips almost touching the girl’s cheeks. Guru-ji’s hands, which were till then on the floor on both sides of Shilpa, now moved. He kept his right hand on Shilpa’s shoulder very casually as he dropped his face near her lips. Soon that part was over too and Guru-ji alighted from her body. Believe me, I clearly saw Guru-ji’s erect tool protruding like a pole his saffron dhoti. He quickly adjusted that before Shilpa could raise her head from her lying position.

Guru-ji: Shilpa Beti, did you concentrate fully during your worship?

Shilpa: Yes Guru-ji.

I noted that her voice was almost trembling, probably in excitement.

Guru-ji: Then why is your voice shaky? Why are you not confident?

She was breathing heavily like any woman if a man rides her back. But Guru-ji’s voice was stern and harsh.

Shilpa: Believe me Guru-ji, I was thinking only on my worship.

Guru-ji: Why are you telling a lie Beti?

There was pin drop silence in the room as the cozy atmosphere has changed. I was also a bit puzzled seeing the proceeding.

Guru-ji: This is the reason for your failure. Your mind is not steady, it’s curious about things other than studies. The same thing happened here, your mind was more inclined about my physical touch, and not on the worship.

Shilpa was still trying to save her face.

Shilpa: Guru-ji, believe me, I was praying only for passing the final exams.

Guru-ji: Beti, you are forcing me to prove my point and I will do that. Anita, just come here and check if her mind was diverted or not.

I was baffled. How do I check that? Shilpa stood with her face down and I was sure she was telling a lie. Her concentration definitely was focussed on the male touch.

Me: But Guru-ji, how? I mean err… how do I check?

Guru-ji: Its simple. You just check her nipples and you know that she was excited or not.

Myself and Shilpa both were rather appalled hearing that, especially from a male. But as I gathered back, I thought that Guru-ji had hit the bull’s eye, because to catch a woman if she is sexually excited or not, the appearance of her nipples is the best catch.

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