Ann: A Love Story Ch. 84

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Sitting up in bed, I looked out the huge window in front of me, seeing nothing but stars in the sky. It was a picture perfect night, and I sighed at how beautiful it was; how peaceful. Peaceful that is, except for faint sound the girlish giggling I could hear in the distance. The same giggling that had somehow entered into the dream I’d been having, stirring me in the middle of the night.

It wasn’t hard to figure out that it was Ann and Carol, even at three in the morning. After all, the large king sized bed I was in was now empty except for me. When I’d fallen asleep hours before, I’d had Carol to my left and Ann to my right, the three of us naked, sweaty and exhausted. Yet I didn’t worry that they were gone. I knew exactly where they were, the sound of splashing giving them away along with their incessant laughter.

It wasn’t the first time Ann had left me in the middle of the night to go skinny-dipping in a swimming pool with another hot babe. She’d done the same thing with Tina at the Holiday Inn when we had first gotten back to Indiana. I didn’t find out about that time until the next day, because I’d been so worn out from the night, and the week, that they couldn’t wake me up.

I was pretty sure that wasn’t the case this time, though. Mainly because I did wake up, caused by the way they were carrying on outside. I got out of bed to look out the window, expecting to see them frolicking in the water, grabbing at each other’s naked bodies. Or perhaps I’d even witness a little lesbian action in the wee morning hours. But as I gazed out onto Carol’s enormous property, toward the big pool below, they were doing something I hadn’t considered at all. They were…racing.

Ann and Carol were swimming back and forth across the length of the pool, each pushing the other to go faster. I watched them each do four lengths back and forth, with Ann hitting the far wall first at the end of the last lap. She quickly got out of the water, raising her arms in triumph, while Carol started cursing.

“Four out of seven!” Carol snapped as she climbed out, standing like she was ready to dive in again.

Ann put her toes on the edge of the pool and bent at the waist touching her toes. Looking over, she said, “Do you really think you’re going to beat me three straight times?”

Carol answered by saying, “Ready, set…GO!”

I got to the pool just in time to see Ann getting out of the water, once again victorious. Carol dejectedly climbed out, creating a pool of her own as the water dripped off her sexy body, landing on the patio at her feet.

Ann looked toward her, winded but confident. “I suppose you want to go five out of nine now, right?” she said with her hands on her hips.

“YES,” Carol panted as she bent over, her hands on her knees as she tried to catch her breath.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I approached them.

“Losing,” Carol said with a huff.

“And I won!” Ann said as she ran around the corner of the pool, jumping into my arms, wrapping hers around my neck; her thighs squeezing my waist so I wouldn’t drop her slippery body. She kissed me excitedly, driving her tongue deep into my mouth. When she finally finished frenching me, she let go and stood in front of me, her smile brightening the night.

“You act like you won something other than a race,” I said.

“I did,” she said, dropping to her knees. She grabbed my limp shaft and licked the head, before looking up at me. “I won your cock. I get to fuck you first,” she said proudly.


Carol sat nervously at her dining room table, eating a fresh garden salad out of a big bowl. And it was fresh. As good as the pizza was from the place where Barry worked, and it was very, very good…the salad was incredible. I mean, it was just a salad, but the contents were so fresh, it tasted…well, incredible.

There were all kinds of things in it besides the three different kinds of lettuce. There were carrots, and radishes. There were diced onions and peppers, and several other garden variety items. It even came with little cups on the side filled with hard-boiled egg, real bacon bits, and huge croutons that you could add.

When Ann’s fork pulled out a big slice of cucumber, she started cackling as she showed it to me. That had me laughing along with her. And that got Carol’s mind off her troubles long enough to ask what was so funny.

“Oh…nothing. It’s an inside joke,” Ann said as stuffed the contents on her fork into her mouth.

“Very inside,” I said with a chuckle, “somewhere warm and wet.”

“What in the world does that mean?” Carol asked.

Ann ended up telling Carol a story…well, the story, about me telling her to use a cucumber as a stand in for my cock. When Ann said that she had to search for one that was as thick as my shaft, and she couldn’t find one quite that big, Carol laughed. Then she said that when she used it, she had never felt so stuffed before. Carol questioned her, saying it didn’t make sense with what she’d just said about not finding one thick poker oyna enough.

Ann shrugged and said, “Neil and I hadn’t had sex yet…other than me sucking him off in my parent’s driveway.”

That thought seemed too unreal to me. It was hard to imagine that there had actually been a time when I hadn’t made love to her. In fact, I couldn’t grasp the idea that there was ever a time when I didn’t love her.

Somewhere, deep inside my heart, there was Ann. She’d always been there, waiting for us to find each other. Waiting for fate to align the heavens and stars; waiting to bring us together in a place and time in our lives where her very essence could touch that spot in my heart, lighting me on fire. And I believed in my heart that she had a similar place in hers; one that I ignited that night in Indiana when she stepped out on my friend Matt’s patio and said hello.

She got to the part of the story where she used that same cucumber in a salad she and I ate a couple days later when we had dinner at her parents’ house, and how her Dad asked for some cucumber in HIS salad. Hearing her recount that odd moment, Carol nearly choked on the one she was eating. But she had a good laugh, and she was in a much better mood as we finished our dinner.

It wasn’t like she was in a bad mood before. She was just preoccupied, her mind wandering. She seemed nervous…almost flighty, but Ann and I made the best of it. When she finally snapped out of it, she apologized for being a poor hostess.

Ann scoffed at the very notion. “That’s crap, Carol. We’re having a wonderful time.”

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah…I’ve never been invited to a home where the hostess is naked all the time.”

Carol laughed, and then she sighed. “I still can’t believe I fucked Barry,” she said, staring out the window towards the chase lounge she’d been tied to.

“Actually, I think he fucked you,” Ann said as she took a bite of her pizza.

She grinned, her eyes still focused in the distance. “Yeah…you’re right. He did fuck me, didn’t he?”

“Um hmm, and you look like you loved every minute of it.”

She paused for a second, her face suddenly full of wonder. “Did I really look like I was in love?”

“Is that what’s been bothering you?” I asked.

“Huh…oh. No. It’s just…I forgot all about you fucking my ass.”

“Well…we don’t…”

“Oh yes…we do. I mean, I want to, but…” Her voice trailed off, her eyes still staring out the window.

Ann touched her arm, brushing her fingers back and forth lovingly. “Carol, trust me, he’ll take his time…he knows what he’s doing, and he won’t hurt you.”

“Okay, I don’t believe that for a minute!”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’ll hurt some at first. But then it will feel so…damn…good!”

“I know. At least, I hope you’re right. But it doesn’t matter, because I’m not…ready.”

I smiled and said, “It’s okay, Carol. It’s not like I’m upset. When you work up the courage, maybe…”

“It has nothing to do with courage, Neil. I actually WANT to do it. I want to do it with YOU…with Ann here. But…I’m…I mean I didn’t…I never…”

“Aw…it’s okay, Carol,” Ann said, getting up to hug her friend from behind as she sat in her chair. She leaned down, looking over her shoulder. “I can help you with the enemas. It’s no big deal.”

“Yes, it is a big deal. I don’t have the…I never bought a kit, Ann. I forgot to.”

“Carol, do you really want Neil to fuck your ass tonight?”

“Yeah…but I just told you I forgot to buy a kit.”

She kissed Carol on the cheek and whispered, “You’re in luck…I have one in the car.”

Actually, she had it in a huge purse, which was in my car. I had no earthly idea why she had it, other than she was a woman that believed in being prepared. But she did, and Carol got up out of her chair and hugged her excitedly. They were acting like sorority sisters, jumping up and down as they embraced…hot, naked sorority sisters, which everyone knows are the best kind.

With that crisis solved we were able to get back to eating our dinner, with Carol in a much better mood. And that had her opening up about Barry a little more.

“So…what did you think of him?” she asked sheepishly.

“Hard to tell. All I saw was his ass,” I commented as I grabbed another slice of pizza.

She laughed, but Ann zeroed in deeper and said, “Why do you ask?”

“Because…your opinion matters to me. Do you think he’s too young?”

“What does age have to do with it?” I asked.

“I’m just wondering. He’s only 22.”

“Love doesn’t worry about age, Carol,” Ann replied. “So…are you in love?”

“Like I said, I’m working on it. I think he really likes me…and not just because I’ve been sucking his cock for a couple of weeks. Some of the talks we’ve had…before and after. The things we seem to have in common. I…I just feel a connection. I can’t explain it.”

“You don’t have to,” she said as she took another bite of her pizza. “Neil and I totally understand.”

“You do?”

“Uh huh…we only dated a week before he asked canlı poker oyna me to marry him. To any outsider, it has to look like our entire relationship is built solely on sex.”

“Incredible, mind-altering sex,” I added.

“Yeah,” she giggled as she winked at me. “But we know that connection is there. It’s deep, and it’s real. The sex was just the spark that set it off.”

“So, I’m not crazy?” Carol asked sincerely.

“Of course not. I was in a relationship for a couple of years, and it turned out awful. Neil dated his ex for years before they got married, and she turned out to be a total slut. The bad kind…not like you and me,” she smiled. “And I’m sure there’s a story with your ex that’s making you wonder about Barry.”

“We were together for over three years before we got married…and then he turned into a pig. I know now that he married me for the money.”

“For the money?” I asked. Carol motioned around with her arms, making us realize our surroundings. “So…you’re rich?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m rich, but my family’s well off. I’ve told you that before, Neil.”

“Yeah, I guess you have. I just don’t think about…”

“I know you don’t. That’s why you’re such a good friends. You don’t treat me different because I have money.”

Ann nodded and asked, “And Barry?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I mean, he knows, but he doesn’t seem to care.”

“That’s because he’s getting head every time he sees you,” I laughed.

“It’s more than that, Neil. There’s just something about him that tells me he doesn’t care about money at all. He cares about me.”

Ann lovingly patted her on the forearm again and said, “You shouldn’t question fate, Carol. You just need to embrace it. Sometimes it comes in the form of a hot stud playing basketball in a town you wanted to forget. Sometimes, it shows up on your doorstep as a cute hunk that goes out of his way to deliver you a pizza. Don’t forget, he was the one that stopped in his tracks to look at you. He did that before he could have possibly known you come from money.”

“Oh my God…you’re RIGHT! He DID look at me first. I mean, I was checking him out when he wasn’t looking…but HE was the one that stopped and stared. Wow!”

“See, that’s how fate works!”

We finished eating, and we went into the kitchen to clean up and do the dishes. The odd thing was that it seemed so natural, the three of us talking and working, all while we were naked.

Carol was describing some of the renovations that had been done to the house in years past, by her father, and her father’s father. She’d said that it seemed every generation added something to pass on to the next.

She’d been going on about ten minutes when Ann asked, “Have you added anything since you got it?”

“Actually, yeah. I put in the pool and the hot tub,” she laughed.

“Really…how long ago?”

“Well, the hot tub was right after I got the house to myself. I put that in for me. That was before I was married. After I was divorced, I put in the pool.”

“After?” I asked.

“Part of my ‘got to get myself in shape so I can show the ex what he’s missing’ plan. I used to swim competitively when I was younger and when I was in High School, and it always kept me in shape. So, I figured a pool was better than getting a bunch of gym equipment. Plus, I’d have the benefit of having it to entertain. It’s funny though…it worked as far as getting my body back to the way I want it, but I think Neil was the first person to swim in it besides me.”

“What…you haven’t had family over?”

“No, I just put it in this spring, and I’ve been so busy with the new job I haven’t had time to have anyone over. You’re the first folks I’ve had to the house since…wow, February,” she said as she stood on her toes to put the plates back in the top cupboard next to the sink.

“Were you naked then too?” I asked, staring at her gorgeous ass, thinking about all the hard work she said she had to do to get her body back the way it was now. That and thinking about what I wanted to do to that ass, which had me rock hard.

“Hardly,” she giggled. “But I love being this way.”

Ann saw me looking at Carol’s shapely butt, and she hugged me. “I think it’s time to get ready, Carol…so we can do what we came here to do.”

“Get ready?” she asked as she turned around to see Ann massaging my nuts.

“Yep…let’s go out to the car. Neil, we’ll come get you when we’re ready!”


I’d always considered myself a patient man. But I was actually antsy as I sat on Carol’s big comfy couch in her entertainment room. And that was even with me watching a college football game on her 36″ inch television.

It was a pretty big for the time. Big screen TV’s were rare, unless you got the projection kind. But I never cared for those, because the picture always seemed distorted and fuzzy. It was a case of bigger not necessarily being better.

Carol’s television appeared to be brand new, and the picture quality was outstanding. It was almost like being there. But, I wasn’t really following the game. internet casino It was noise; something to occupy my time while waiting for the girls to finish…well, whatever they were doing at the moment. But I had an idea.

“How long does it actually take to give a woman an enema?” I asked myself as I glanced again at the large anniversary clock on the mantel above the fireplace.

Sighing, my eyes drifted back to the television. I never really bothered to figure out who was playing, other than it was a couple of Pac Ten teams that I had no vested interest in. I was watching the movement on the screen, but I wasn’t really paying attention, lost in my thoughts about the girls, and why they hadn’t come back for me. More than once I thought that they might have started without me, and I was tempted to go check on them. But I knew better. Ann had already had some alone time with Carol…there was no way she’d leave me out like that.

So, I sat there, waiting. And waiting.

When Ann finally rounded the corner an hour or so after they’d left me, with Carol close by her side, I mentally smacked myself upside the head. Just looking at them, I realized it was well worth the wait.

Ann’s long curly brown hair was high up on her head, as were Carol’s dark tresses. Their makeup up was impeccable. Not gaudy or slutty, they were made up to look like models or starlets. Ann was wearing her black heels, with a see through black teddy that came just above her crotch. Underneath, she was wearing a black g-string, without a bra. Carol was wearing red heels, and a red teddy that matched Ann’s. She had on a red push up half-bra that exposed her nipples, and a matching g-string. They looked like twins. Not identical, but enough alike to make me do a double take.

“Are you ready baby?” Ann asked, seductively licking her perfectly painted red lips.

I felt my cock start to stir. It had totally deflated from waiting so long, but now it was growing, slowly but surely, and that caught Carol’s eyes.

“He’s ready, Anna. Look at that cock growing for us. He can’t wait to take us to bed.”

They both waited, telling me they weren’t going to the bedroom until I was fully hard. Instead they decided to help that along by making out directly in front of me, blocking my view of the television in the process. Not that I had been really watching it to begin with, but it was a silly idea that my eyes would be anywhere but on the two of them.

Carol’s right hand went to the back of Ann’s long, elegant neck, pulling her in close as they softly kissed. Ann’s left hand moved to Carol’s right breast, cupping it as she rubbed her thumb over her nipple through the sheer material of the teddy. There was no talk, just the wet, seductive sounds of their mouth’s making love to each other and the moaning that came with it. Or maybe that was from me.

I watched them for several minutes, their eyes closed as they kissed. I was rock hard long before they stopped…seconds after they started to be honest. I don’t think they wanted to stop. They’d become lost in the moment. I could feel the connection between them; the way they were kissing and caressing each other was magical to watch.

When Carol breathlessly pulled back, she opened her eyes to find Ann staring, her brown eyes ablaze. Carol blinked a couple of times, her hands going to Ann’s, holding them…squeezing them. “Thank you,” she said softly.

“For what?” Ann replied with a sexy smile.

“For agreeing to do this. I can’t tell you how much I’ve been thinking about this day. I can’t believe you’re finally here.”

“Thanks for inviting us.”

“Inviting you? I practically blackmailed you. I still can’t believe I actually negotiated to have sex…that’s just not me.”

“Well, maybe it wasn’t you then. But I think it’s you now,” she said, squeezing Carol’s hand back.

“Yeah…maybe it is,” Carol giggled.

She looked at me out of the corner of her eye, and grinned. “Do you think he’s hard enough to take upstairs now?”

“I can’t believe we can get him any harder.”

“Well, we’ll just have to try, won’t we?”


The only thing better than taking the sexy lingerie off a beautiful woman so you can take her to bed and have your way with her, would be taking the sexy lingerie off two women for the same reason. Ann and Carol let me undress them when they took me into the bedroom…a master suite that was so big and beautiful, it almost made me swoon. It seemed more like a loft than a bedroom.

One of the things that made it beautiful was the two hot, gorgeous naked babes lying in the center of the large king sized bed, waiting for me to join them. As I crawled in between them, they pushed me onto my back, practically pouncing on my cock. I soon became the center of attention of a two-woman blowjob that was beyond description.

Ann was licking one side of my cock while Carol was doing the other, and they were trading off sucking me. When one of them would take my head and shaft into their mouth, the other would lean down and suck on my balls. The interactions of the two were amazing. They’d anticipate what the other was going to do, and they’d move in such a way that they were constantly stimulating me. They didn’t talk…they just moved, the whole thing seeming choreographed in some way.

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