Ann, Sammy and Jess Pt. 02

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Jess and Robert’s Greek island holiday had started idyllically. They had rented a simple fisherman’s cottage, set above and away from the village and harbour. No pool — they couldn’t afford that — but close to a quiet beach below. Best of all, their small terrace was completely secluded but if they wanted to (and they did) they could look over a low wall and down onto their nearest neighbour — another larger holiday let rented by a middle-aged German couple.

The Germans seemed as horny as hell — always naked, often ‘at it’ around and in their pool. He (Manfred) was spectacularly well-endowed which seemed to intrigue Jess and generally hack-off Robert. However, Robert felt he benefitted from Jess ogling the German’s cock. It clearly turned her on and she always wanted to make love straight after (or once, at the same time) watching the neighbour slapping his thick penis into his Fräulein’s pussy or guiding it into her stretched mouth.

Sammy, younger sister of Jess, was due to join them for the final week of the three, so Robert and Jess made the most of being alone: sunbathing naked and generally making love wherever and whenever they wanted, be it at the cottage or once, down on the beach. At first, Robert was surprised Jess had allowed Sammy to share their holiday. This was their first big vacation since dating each other, and Sammy and Jess weren’t always the best of friends.

After the first two or three nights, Jess nervously admitted that there was a hidden agenda to Sammy flying out. In the local restaurant, and after some beers and a bottle of cheap wine, Jess reached across the table, held Robert’s hands and nervously started talking about her sister.

“The thing is Rob, well, look this is kind of awkward,” she began.

“It’s just that, well, erm I’ve got a special treat for you…”

With this, she looked around the quiet restaurant. The waiter was chatting up the barmaid so was oblivious to what was happening in the candle-lit corner alcove. The other customers were only interested in themselves. Robert idly wondered how many of the holidaymakers in the restaurant would be fucking each other as soon as they got back to their hotels or villas, and what each of them were into sexually.

As his mind wondered, to Robert’s utter surprise, Jess reached down into her bag and pulled out a slim, compact five-inch vibrator, placing it between them on the table. Now this was 1983, way before sex toys were the norm or as sophisticated as they are today. Jess gained confidence when she saw Robert’s reaction.

She continued, “You see, I’m going to put this in my pussy before we leave and walk home with it buzzing away inside me. Imagine how wet I’ll be when we get back…”

Fuck me, thought Robert. He was genuinely speechless.

“You deserve this Rob because, well, I’ve kind of said that you and I would help Samantha [Jess called Sammy Samantha in response to Sammy calling Jess Jessica] in a, well, kind of, you know, sexy way.”

Before Robert could summon any words in response, Jess nervously explained that Sammy, her ‘innocent’ young sister, was in a relationship with Craig (a big, affluent, gormless but very good-looking and cock-sure fellow college student of Sams’) but was worried she wouldn’t be able to take care of him sexually. It appeared that, thankfully for him, Jess was unaware that Robert had already shagged her sister and thought she was more experienced than Sammy had let on. Maybe she just wanted a cheap holiday with added perks?

“I don’t get it. What exactly does Sammy want us to do Jess?”

Jess winced. “Well, she needs some kind of guidance on the finer points of say, how to give a blow job, what it feels like to be kissed properly ‘down there’, what foreplay can mean. Different positions. You know, that sort of thing.”

Robert thought for a moment. “You’re kidding right? She wants to watch us making love?”

“Well, to start with, yes I guess”, replied Jess.

“But look. I trust you and Sammy and we both agreed that doing this with someone she knows and likes and wouldn’t take it any further would be more safe and relaxing than her messing it up with Craig, who she really really likes — though God knows why — his big knob I suppose! And, well, I told her you do things to me which make me melt inside — she is intrigued about what you can do with your tongue!”

Fuck me, thought Robert. Had he won the Lottery? What a crafty bitch that Sammy was. She’d obviously hood-winked Jess into thinking that this would be an innocent week of practical sexual exploration. Clever little bitch. It was true that she wasn’t that experienced, but she more than made up for that with her enthusiasm.

They agreed to think poker oyna about it as Jess went to the toilet as promised and Robert paid the bill. Robert, however, didn’t have to think about it for long. His mind was already made up.

While he waited, Robert looked around the restaurant and at the young couple opposite. Aussies or Kiwis he thought. She was short, chubby, blond, loud and clearly pissed. She was saying “go on, go on Nick, I dare you.” Her partner looked furtively around him, but didn’t see Robert in the dark alcove. ‘Nick’ moved from his chair and slid to the one next to the blond. One more look, then he dropped his arm to the blond’s lap, scrunched up her short skirt so he could move his hand over her hot pussy, and quite impressively, thought Robert, pulled aside her skimpy panties and began rubbing her puffy pink lips.

Robert watched her gasp as Nick managed to curl two fingers up and inside her. The blond gripped Nick’s arm, then moved her own hand over his, seemingly imploring him to push deeper. Nick was trying to act as casual as possible, while she was away with the fairies. This continued for a while, as Jess walked in front of the blond’s table. Robert watched Nick’s eyes follow Jess’s tits across the room. He couldn’t blame him. They were magnificent. Large and perfectly round, cupped by a white lacy bra visible through her top, and bouncing gently as she slid back into her chair. He never had a problem with other men, or women, looking at his girlfriend. In fact it turned them both on. He wondered how he’d feel if Jess was with another person in front of him? They had once talked openly about involving another in their lovemaking but there had never been an opportunity back home.

He couldn’t help but smile to himself as Jess reached their table, sitting a little awkwardly with her buzzing friend seemingly snug inside her, held in place by her brief, tight panties. Jess couldn’t believe how wet she already was when she ran the tip of the vibrator over her clit in the loo before. How far would she let Robert go with Sammy? An image of his head between Samantha’s spread legs whilst she watched had made her pussy twitch.

“Everything okay Jess? You look like you’re buzzing!”

“Christ, I want you inside me Robert, do you think anyone will notice if I sit on your cock right here and now?”

“Well, there’s a thought Jess. I suppose if the guy opposite is fingering his girlfriend under the table then I don’t see why not!”

Jess looked over, just as the blond took her boyfriend’s hand, brought it up to her mouth and suggestively sucked her own juices off his fingers.

“Let’s go Robert, NOW!”

Robert wasted no time in checking all was well with Jess. Just around the corner from the restaurant, he pulled her off the street and dragged her into a dark doorway, kissed her deeply and ran his hand over her soft tits, down over her belly and then between her legs over her short linen skirt. And there, unmistakably, was the hard end of the vibrator, gently humming and peeping out of her pussy. He pushed it back further inside her, Jess now breathing deeply and holding him tight as the gentle thrusts made her gasp and noticeably moist between her legs. They sucked each other’s tongue and Jess felt for Robert’s cock through his jeans.

The walk home was comical. When they finally reached their cottage, having walked slowly past some unsuspecting fellow holidaymakers, Jess was desperate to be fucked as hard and as quickly as possible. They stumbled drunkenly around to the back and were distracted by some laughter next door. Peering cautiously over the wall they saw big dick Manfred chasing Erika around their pool, his erect and pointing penis bobbing obscenely up and down and from side-to-side as he eventually caught his naked partner. Erika had smallish breasts which curved beautifully upwards, tipped by perfect small nipples. She was naturally blond and trim, a woman who obviously worked out. Manfred was tall, not overweight nor slim, but had a decent athletic build. And did I mention, a huge cock.

Jess was, Robert realised, transfixed by watching Manfred turn Erika around, gently encourage his wife onto her knees, then squat down behind her, his rock-hard cock moving down over her lower back and buttocks and between her spread legs. He thrust gently backwards and forwards, rubbing his thick cock along Erika’s pussy and clearly turning her on. Erika’s juice now coated the whole of his penis so without further ado, Erika reached between her legs and guided the tip of the long cock into her pussy and Manfred moved his member cautiously in and out of her, venturing further each time. Clearly, she couldn’t take the full length, but this didn’t seem to worry Manfred who canlı poker oyna was now working up an impressive rhythm.

Not to be outdone, Robert pulled Jess’s lacy panties over her buttocks and the vibrator slipped out, slick and sticky and covered in her juices. Robert caught it, turned it off, then gently put it into Jess’s mouth. She simulated sucking a cock, enjoying the taste of her own love juice. Mirroring what was happening below them, Robert easily moved his own cock into Jess (has she ever been this wet, he wondered). He too thrust in and out of his partner, his own cock rock hard and hot, her pussy sucking him in right up to his balls.

It seemed both Manfred and Robert came with a shudder at the same time, filling their respective partners with hot cum. This was apparent, as both women moaned with pleasure and then comically, the Germans looked up to see where the noise had come from. Shocked, Jess dropped the vibrator over the wall. As if in slow motion, it bounced down and rolled across the tiles towards the astonished Germans.


There followed a clumsy withdrawal from view of Robert and Jess but only after the Germans realised that as they were making love, the neighbours above were watching and doing the same (something they had previously suspected and a thought they had greatly enjoyed).

Manfred called out. “Hallo neighbour, HALLO! I think you drop something.”

Initially there was no response, but realising there was no way out, Robert and Jess slowly stood up and embarrassingly said, “Hi!”.

Manfred beckoned them down.

“Come, come, we have wine! I think this is yours?” Erika had the vibrator between her fingers, beaming unapologetically.

Robert and Jess quickly cleaned themselves up then walked around their cottage and down to the villa next door. It was all smiles and they immediately hit it off with the Germans. It somehow seemed natural that Erika was topless though both Germans had towels wrapped around their waist. Robert noticed that Manfred’s cock was clearly outlined under the towel, relaxed but annoyingly impressive. After much laughter which distilled any embarrassment, Erika headed indoors for the wine and Manfred nodded towards the pool.

“You swim?” he asked.

It was nearly 11pm by now but the evening was still alluringly warm. Robert and Jess had looked at the pool with envy on the hottest days, so had no hesitation in saying “YES!”. As Erika returned, Manfred had already whipped off his towel and leapt backwards into the water making a huge splash.

“Come, come, it is beautiful…”

His cock certainly is beautiful, thought Jess as she lifted her top over her shoulders and her skirt down to the floor and dived in herself, just in her panties and lacy bra. Although taken aback by Jess’s enthusiasm, Robert was turned on by the close proximity of the beautiful Erika and her perfect breasts. Even more so when Erika picked up the vibrator again and suggestively rubbed the plastic shaft around her nipple. So Robert too stripped off (but unlike Jess, completely) and jumped into the welcoming, cooling water. Erika dropped her towel and followed.

There followed a few moments of splashing, touching, playing, laughing, flirting, exploring each other’s feeling for the situation. All four knew they wanted to couple-up, it was just a preliminary time for ensuring it was okay to do so.

Robert looked at Jess and mouthed “Are you okay with this?”. Her enthusiastic nod answered his question. Jess mouthed “You?” She held his hard cock under the water so didn’t need a response. They kissed lovingly and parted in the water, Robert floating to Erika, Jess to Manfred where she wrapped her arms and lifted her legs around him and gave him a little kiss too. Robert knew Manfred’s dick was touching Jess. To him it appeared that Jess was pulling Manfred especially close to her, grinding against his body.

Jess indeed was loving the feel of the stiffening cock rising up her belly and she reached down to take it in her hand. Had her focus been elsewhere she would have seen Erika and Robert kissing passionately in each other’s arms. Erika’s body felt wonderful pressed tightly to Robert and she had no qualms about helping Robert’s cock between her legs and immediately slipping it inside her. They were locked together, Robert gently thrusting in the water until his full length was inside her. Erika wrapped her thighs around Robert’s waist then fell away as he held her buttocks and forced himself deeper inside her vagina. He wondered how he felt to her? His cock wasn’t huge, certainly nothing like Manfred’s, but he had often been told by Jess that is was just ‘perfect’. He continued to clutch Erika’s butt cheeks as they internet casino rocked gently together.

Robert was aware that Jess’s bra was floating in the water and he loved the sight of Manfred cupping her big, sun kissed breasts and taking each stubby little nipple in his mouth, her flesh glistening in the water and the light bouncing off her beautiful body. Robert pulled his cock out of Erika and helped her up and onto the side of the pool, her legs spread and dangling in the water. Although Erika was clearly royally fucked by Manfred’s cock, Robert had noticed they often went straight to penetrative sex without any foreplay. He had wanted to suck her pussy since the first time he had spied on them. Erika had fairly well-trimmed pubes and close-up, a beautiful-looking pussy. He grabbed under her legs and, still standing in the pool, pushed her legs up and she onto her back so he was at the perfect height to go down on her. He licked and flicked and gobbled around her thin, soft lips, clit and cheekily, around her anus. It was clear from her writhing and moaning that this was a rare treat and one which she simply loved.

Whilst Robert was entertaining Erika, Manfred was now out of the pool and lying close to Erika on his back on the towels. Jess was out too (and now without her pants having been fingered by Manfred in the water). She looked at Robert as she grabbed Manfred’s cock with both hands, one above the other. Still maintaining eye contact with Robert who continued licking Erika but looked at his horny partner, as Jess went down on the German, barely taking more than the tip of the penis and a bit of its shaft in her small, stretched mouth. She sucked up and down as best she could and wondered if she could take this monster in her pussy.

Jess continued sucking for some time, before Erika reluctantly moved away from Robert and joined Jess in licking her husband’s shaft. She moving up from his balls and the base of the cock and Jess diligently bobbing down from the top. Manfred looked up and was living the dream (a dream he often had) of two women blowing him at the same time, for the first time. Robert couldn’t resist Erika’s beautiful buttocks, raised in the air and perfectly presented to him, so he moved behind her, now with an even better view of the dick-sucking, and entered her again from behind.

Jess was watching Robert fucking Erika and loving what she saw, feeling increasingly horny herself. She stopped what she was doing and stood up above Manfred. Erika, who was now enjoying being fucked from behind, moved aside so Jess could lower herself onto her husband’s rigid cock.

Jess had been imagining this moment since the day she first saw the couple: Manfred’s cock, deep inside her, stretching her like never before and her riding him just as she was about to do. Although suddenly slightly nervous, Jess knew she was ready for Manfred. Her cunt was soaking wet but she was still surprised when Manfred’s bulbous helmet plopped inside her welcoming pussy. Robert, watching this, nearly blew his load inside of Erika, but he managed to control himself despite Erika leaning forward to lick the base of Manfred’s penis while Jess squatted above.

Robert and Manfred shared a look — a mutual look of shear delight, amazement, lust, ecstasy. It was, indeed, quite a scene, straight out of a good 80s porn film, the German ones Robert had sneaked a look at in seedy SoHo cinemas (before YouPorn or Pornhub don’t forget): with Robert’s cock thrusting in and out of Erika’s cunt from behind; Erika’s mouth clamped on her husband’s cock, which in turn was inside Jess who was gradually allowing more and more of his length to penetrate her.

Robert noticed that as Erika was licking up from the base of Manfred’s cock, she was tasting Jess’s juices which were dribbling down and coating the glistening penis. He wondered if she swung both ways, but was certain he would find out over the next few days. He imagined Jess with another woman sucking her tits! What a scene that would be.

Jess was experiencing sheer, unadulterated sexual pleasure, mixed with a little pain as she lost herself in the experience of having such a long, thick dick inside of her. Her face was red, her mouth gaping open, her eyes closed as she rode Manfred more enthusiastically, her small buttocks moving rhythmically up and down, up and down. She must have taken half his length and seemed to orgasm with each stroke. Manfred was fighting his own orgasm but lost the fight and uncontrollably shot his hot spunk deep into Jess’s stretched cunt. Robert had held out as long as he could, but came himself for the second time in an hour. Erika delighted him by sucking his cock clean of all his cum. Jess was super sexy and liberated in every way, but she avoided tasting his cum if she could!

The foursome collapsed and laughed at what had just occurred, promising to meet again for more fun and sexual antics and who knows, it may even include Sammy at some point.

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