Anna’s First Time Ch. 01

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Anna grew up on a farm, an adopted orphan to a loving couple of siblings, Mary and Mason. The brother and sister had worked the family farm and each never married. However they both had sexual needs that needed to be fulfilled. Over time they finally decided they could both not remain virgins forever so they started having sex.

One day when Anna was 18 she came home early and couldn’t find Mary or Mason outside or in the living areas of the house. She finally heard a loud scream from upstairs and went to investigate. As she climbed the stairs she heard more moaning. As she approached Mary’s door, where the noise was coming from, she was about to open the door when she heard Mary say “Fuck me harder.”

She was not sure if she was more shocked hearing Mary curse or the fact that she was having sex with some unknown stranger.

As she stood in the hallway listening to Mary scream and moan she noticed her pussy was getting wet. When she heard the man say “Get on top of me”.

She realized Mary and Mason were having sex. Now she was even more shocked realizing that brother and sister were having sex, that’s incest she thought. She had always been taught that was wrong. Mary herself had said it’s wrong.

As Anna was trying to comprehend all of this she also started get very wet and her pussy started aching. With her petticoat and dress it was impossible to get to her pussy to feel her wetness. She continued to stay in the hallway listening to the sex when she heard Mary cum very hard then she heard Mason say

“I’m going to cum inside you.”

Followed by a very load groan. Anna knew that was her cue to leave.

Since no one knew Anna was home she went to her favorite hiding place in the barn. She sat in the barn mentally digesting what she just heard and discovered about the loving siblings that had adopted her. At the same time her pussy was very wet and aching.

Anna removed her skirt and petticoat to access her pussy so she could rub it. She had never done this before as she was taught it was bad, but she was also taught incest was bad so she made the decision she had been taught lies. As she rubbed her pussy she realized how good it felt.

As she was masturbating the farm hand Barry found her by accident, Anna didn’t see him. As Barry watched Anna rub her pussy and his cock got hard. Anna discovering how to masturbate, pushing away her red pussy hair to access her clit. Once she accessed her clit her world opened up like she never thought imaginable. She came pretty quickly, pussy juices flowing out of her.

Barry’s cock was so hard he took it out and started stroking it. As he did this he made a noise getting Anna’s attention. When she saw Barry standing there stroking his cock at first she covered herself but then she saw how big and beautiful Barry’s cock was and all her inhibitions were lost. Anna has never seen a cock before and thought it was one of the most beautiful things she’d ever seen.

She said “Come here.”

Barry walked over to Anna still holding his cock. When he approached Anna she reached out for his big fat cock and began stroking it. Then she suddenly had the urge to taste it so she licked it and finally put her whole mouth around the head of his cock.

Barry was shocked, he didn’t know what was happening. He had always dreamt of fucking Anna. He had masturbated thinking about it and now Anna was sucking on his cock. The slurping sounds brought him out of his thoughts.

Anna was sucking Barry’s cock occasionally licking it, she seemed to be a natural at it. Barry began rubbing Anna’s red haired covered pussy. He was shocked she was so wet. As they both continued to pleasure each other eventually Barry knew he was going to cum and he wanted Anna to swallow his cum. But first he made sure Anna came.

He knew making her cum was going to be easy since she was so wet and her clit was hard. He rubbed her clit hard and Anna tensed up, sucking hard on Barry’s cock, she softly moaned and more pussy juices flowed out of her.

Barry whispered in Anna’s ear, “I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow my seed.”

Barry then tensed up, moaned softly to not draw attention to anyone who may be outside, and came in Anna’s mouth. As his seed poured into Anna’s mouth she stuck her tongue out to show Barry’s seed to him then swallowed all of it. Neither knew what had just happened. They both got dressed and left the barn.

Anna didn’t know what to think. She went inside and continued on the day as she normally did. That night as she lay in her bed she thought Hatay Escort about Graham, the guy she’d had a crush on since she was 13. As she thought about him she started getting wet. She reached down and started rubbing her pussy. She began rubbing harder and harder till she came, pussy juices flowing out of her making her bed a little wet. She had to bite her tongue to stop from moaning loudly. She fell asleep dreaming about having sex with Graham.

The next day she had to tell her best friend Melissa everything. They met at Melissa’s house for lunch. After lunch they went up to Melissa’s room to talk in private without Melissa’s mother eavesdropping. Anna went into detail about everything from the incest to the blowjob she gave Barry, how much she enjoyed it, to the masturbating at night. Melissa was shocked but she got very wet listening. Melissa then explained how she had heard her parents fucking many times and how she had masturbated to it several times.

By this point they were both very wet and trying to get to their pussy’s through the layers of clothes they had on. Finally Melissa went in for a long passionate kiss with Anna. As they kissed they were groping each other’s breasts. Eventually all the clothes were lost and they were sucking on each others breasts and rubbing each other’s pussy’s.

Melissa said “I want to know what your pussy tastes like.”

Anna layed down on the bed and spread her legs.

Melissa said, “I always wanted to see your beautiful red haired pussy.”

Melissa went down between Anna’s legs, opened up Anna’s pussy and licked it. Anna groaned softly living how Melissa’s tongue felt on her pussy. Melissa continued licking and kissing Anna’s pussy making Anna very wet. Melissa pressed her tongue hard on Anna’s pussy causing Anna to cum hard. Anna went wild, arching her back and pointing her toes. Pussy juices flowed out of Anna and Melissa licked it right up. Melissa stuck one finger in Anna’s pussy continuing to lick her clit.

Anna said “Wow, that feels so good.”

As Melissa continued Anna started rubbing her breasts and squeezing her nipples. Anna came again and again, biting her tongue so Melissa’s mother wouldn’t hear, Melissa continued to swallow Anna’s pussy juices.

Finally Anna said “Stop I want to taste your pussy.”

So Melissa layed down on the bed and spread her legs wide. Anna began licking Melissa’s pussy. Melissa was so wet at this point that the slightest touch of Anna’s tongue made her cum instantly. Melissa wanted to scream so loud, she let out a little peep and was quietly moaning when Melissa’s mother knocked on the door asking,

“Are you okay?”

Melissa said, “Yes, we’re are good.”

Her mother said, “Are you sure because I heard some moaning.”

Melissa said, “Yes, I just stubbed my toe, I’m fine.”

Her mother said, “Oh, okay.”

Melissa heard her walk away. Anna continued licking Melissa’s pussy opening her pussy to access her clit licking it.

Melissa said, “Oh my gosh that feels wonderful.”

Then Melissa came with pussy juices dripping out of her. Anna ate up all of Melissa’s pussy juices. Anna stuck her finger inside Melissa’s pussy and began stroking, pressing the tip of her in finger in various spots till she found the spot that made Melissa go wild. Anna decided to try sucking on Melissa’s clit and pussy juices came gushing out of Melissa, nearly drowning Anna. Anna came up for air and her face was covered in Melissa’s juices. Melissa laughed and kissed Anna.

Melissa said, “Mmm.. I taste good.”

Just starting to explore sex they decided to take the train to the big city to go to a sex shop and buy a dildo. Melissa’s Aunt Jenna lived in the big city so they could stay with her. The girls got settled in at Aunt Jenna’s and Melissa asked her Aunt about the best place to go. Melissa knew her Aunt would be open to this as her Aunt was open minded.

The girls had their own bedrooms but ended up in the same bed. They decided to sleep naked since they both knew they would end up naked anyway. They started just kissing and rubbing each others breasts. Then Anna began sucking on Melissa’s nipples so Melissa began rubbing Anna’s pussy. Melissa decided to try slipping two fingers in Anna’s pussy this time causing Anna to explode in pussy juices and moaning rather loudly.

Aunt Jenna heard the clearly identifiable noises and reached for two of her own dildos. She startled the girls as she walked in holding two dildos. Aunt Jenna had decided to join them, maybe teaching them a thing Hatay Escort Bayan or two but saw they clearly knew what they were doing.

Aunt Jenna motioned for her niece to spread her legs. Aunt Jenna stuck the smaller of the two dildos in her mouth to wet it before pressing the head of it on Melissa’s pussy. Anna meanwhile went back to sucking on Melissa’s breasts. Melissa lay on the bed spread eagle as her Aunt Jenna pressed the head of the dildo inside her pussy. Aunt Jenna took Anna’s hand and placed it on Melissa’s clit, Anna began rubbing.

Aunt Jenna slowly started pushing and pulling the dildo further and further inside Melissa’s pussy while pussy juices flowed out. Finally Aunt Jenna had a good speed going and Anna switched from rubbing Melissa’s clit to licking and sucking Melissa’s clit. Melissa was going wild, cumming many times.

When Anna turned around to lick Melissa’s pussy Anna’s pussy was next to Melissa’s face. Melissa took the opportunity to rub and finger fuck Anna. Having Melissa’s finger’s in Anna’s pussy made Anna lick Melissa’s harder.

Melissa screamed, “Oh my God that feels so good, yes right there, don’t stop!”

Melissa came so hard she squirted pussy juices all over Anna and Aunt Jenna.

Finally Melissa couldn’t take anymore and said stop. So Aunt Jenna pulled the dildo out of her niece and put it in her mouth licking it clean.

Aunt Jenna said, “My niece tastes good. Anna get on your back and spread those legs. I want to see that red haired pussy.”

Anna lay spread eagle on the bed.

Aunt Jenna said “Melissa lick Anna’s red haired pussy first to get it ready for the big dildo.”

Anna’s mind was racing trying comprehend the situation. Just then she came harder than she had before, screaming as pussy juices pouring out of her.

Aunt Jenna said, “That’s good.”

Melissa moved out of the way and Aunt Jenna pressed the dildo on Anna’s pussy. The head of the dildo slowly went inside her pussy, then out, then back in a little deeper. Each time a little deeper.

Anna said, “It feels so big in my tight pussy.”

Now Anna began to understand why Mary and Mason began having sex, it felt damn good with a dildo, she could only imagine how good the real thing felt.

As Aunt Jenna began fucking Anna with the dildo Melissa began licking and sucking on her clit. Anna imagined it was Graham fucking her. With all the stimulation Anna came hard exploding in pussy juices spraying Melissa with it. Melissa kissed Anna so she could taste her own juices.

Anna said, “I taste as good as you.”

Aunt Jenna pulled the dildo out of Anna’s pussy and licked it.

She said, “Mmm… you do taste good as my niece.”

Aunt Jenna then went back to her room.

The next day Anna and Melissa had a good idea of what to purchase. They went to the sex shop and found what they wanted. On the way back to Aunt Jenna’s house they ran into Graham. He was in the city taking care of some business. They invited him to come over for dinner. After dinner they were all talking and Graham lost track of time. He missed the last train so Aunt Jenna has one of her maids make up a bed for him.

That night Anna and Graham sat in their separate room’s thinking about how much they wanted each other. Finally Graham went to Anna’s room. He knocked on the door thinking he had to come up for a reason to talk to her now after everyone else went to sleep. Anna opened the door in her nightgown with her nipples erect and peeking through the thin material of her nightgown. Graham’s cock immediately started getting hard. Anna invited him in her room and they sat on her bed to talk.

Anna asked, “What do you need?”

He felt like saying he needed to fuck her but instead he said, “I’m so glad I ran into to you today.”

Anna said, “So am I.”

He then asked, “What store were you coming from today?”

He was curious about what was in the brown paper bag sitting on the other side of the room.

Anna said, “It’s women’s under clothes.”

She was thinking that would get him to stop asking questions. Instead he pressed further asking,

“Can I see them?”

Anna was hesitant but she could see his cock hardening through his pajama pants. Finally decided she really wanted to fuck him and here was her opportunity.

Anna got up, picked up the bag, reached in, and pulled out the glass dildo she had purchased. Graham was shocked and didn’t know what to say. Anna stood there holding the dildo, put it in her mouth, and began Escort Hatay sucking on it looking at him in the eyes.

Graham got up walked over to Anna, took the dildo out of her mouth, and kissed her long and hard. As they kissed Anna reached down to rub his cock. He began rubbing her pussy somewhat surprised that her was already wet. Finally they stopped kissing and he took her nightgown off to suck on her nipples. Anna reached for his pajama pants undoing the tie causing his pants to drop and his cock sprung free.

Anna reached down and began stroking Graham’s cock realizing his cock was bigger than Barry’s and the dildo Aunt Jenna used on her last night. He gently nudged Anna onto the bed and they lay there naked touching and rubbing each others bodies. His cock kept rubbing on Anna’s pussy, Anna loved the feeling of his cock between her legs. He went down kissing her body and started licking Anna’s pussy. Anna spread her legs wide welcoming his tongue on her clit. Anna rubbed her breasts and pinched her nipples.

Graham said, “Your pussy is beautiful. I’ve been wanting this for a very long time.”

Anna said, “Me too.”

Graham opened Anna’s pussy and pressed his tongue hard on her clit. Anna came hard, pussy juices oozing out of her.

Anna said, “Come here, I want to taste that beautiful cock.”

Graham got up and put his cock in front of Anna’s face. She first licked the entire length of his cock, he thought it felt wonderful having her tongue finally on his cock. Then Anna put her mouth around the head of his cock and slowly started sucking going up and down adding more length of his rock hard cock into her mouth. She was slurping and sucking, he couldn’t believe this was finally happening. Finally he knew he was going to cum if she didn’t stop so he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

He said, “Get on your back. I want my cock inside that beautiful pussy.”

Anna laid on her back and spread her legs. Graham approached her pussy with his big rock hard cock and pressed the head onto her pussy rubbing it up and down Anna’s pussy. Anna was going wild and said,

“I want that big cock inside my juicy wet pussy.”

That is all he needed to hear and pressed the head of his cock inside her. Slowly going back and forth, in and out Anna’s juicy wet hot pussy till his big rock hard cock was fully inside her pussy.

Anna said, “Oh my you are so big and you feel so good.”

He lowered down on top of Anna fucking her harder and harder till her legs were straight up in the air and they were both moaning so load they woke up the whole house. Melissa began using her new dildo on herself and Aunt Jenna began using the largest dildo she owned, which is larger than the one she used on Anna.

He said “Your pussy is so tight and wet, you feel so good.”

He was getting out of breath so he pulled out and said, “Get on top.”

He layed on the bed and Anna climbed on top looking forward to having his cock back inside her. As he slid back inside her pussy she went all the way down his rod filling her pussy with his cock.

She said, “You are filling my entire pussy, stretching it out. You feel so good. ”

Anna went up and down trying different angles till she found laying on top of him and bouncing her ass up and down fast and hard is what she likes the most. Graham liked this too because he could grab her ass as it bounced on his cock. She also realized this position stimulated her clit making her cum so hard she exploded pussy juices all over the bed. Then she pulled off of him.

Graham said, “Get on your hands and knees.”

As he got behind her her pussy looked so inviting. He slowly put his cock back inside her soaking wet pussy, Anna loved the feeling of his head being inserted inside her pussy. He loved this angle because he could slap her beautiful ass and he was able to get deep inside her. He rubbed and slapped her ass as he went in and out fucking her pussy. Anna kept screaming each time she came.

Graham said, “I’m going to cum. I want you to swallow my seed.”

He pulled out of her and Anna put her mouth around his cock and sucked his cock dry, swallowing all of his seed.

They put their pajama’s on and slowly opened her bedroom door. As they quietly walked down the hall they heard Melissa moaning. They both laughed and went into Graham’s room. They slept in his room together naked since Anna’s bed was wet from her cumming so many times.

They woke up to a knock on the door, started kissing and had sex again. But this time it was slow love making sex. Graham got on top of Anna and she wrapped her legs around him.

Anna said, “you’re so deep inside in me.”

Anna loved his cock inside her and he loved his cock inside her pussy. Now Anna understood why Mary and Mason finally started having sex, it felt so good!

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