Anne and Tom Ch. 06 Hotel Fun Pt. 1

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After our video night, we continued to discuss our adventures up to this point. When we talked about going to a local swingers club, Anne balked.

Not that she wasn’t into going, but she said that if we going to a local club, she wanted her body to be exactly what she wanted. She told me that she had always dreamed of being a size 1 and when she achieved it, we would go. She also mentioned she wanted to get to that size before another video shoot.

However, I had edited the footage into a hot 35 minutes porn scene that got us both worked up every time we saw it. It was super hot, especially when we invited Ryan over to see the finished copy. Anne was eager to do it again, but she wanted to lose those final inches.

In order to get to that size 3, she was going to the gym almost every day. I’m also pretty sure she was getting fucked by Sean most of those days as well.

This is another thing that we had agreed to. Unless we fucked someone new, there was no need to always share the details. I was fucking Tammy once or twice a week anyway. There was one time when Anne shared that one of Sean’s friends had come into the locker room looking for him and joined in the fun.

Other than that story, I was in the dark about Sean and my wife. She was going to the gym and Sean was her trainer but she wasn’t paying him in money. Besides, she wasn’t far from that size 3 and she looked fabulous. Of course, while we weren’t sharing same-old-same-old stories with each other anymore, we both knew that my dates with Tammy and her dates with Sean were about having sex.

There was no change in the amount of sex Anne and I had. The “affairs” only served to keep us hornier. However, playing together was always something we talked about since Vegas. This is how the following story (Anne will tell her side in the next story) started. Even though we ended up playing on our own, it started with us playing together.

Knowing that convention was in town, Anne and I decided to have some fun. The basics were similar to other stories you’ve read here. We were going to the hotel hosting the convention and play the hook up game.

I’d drop her off at the hotel and then park the car and go the bar at a different time. Then we’d see what would happen. If she hooked up and I didn’t (likely), then I’d pick her up the next morning. If I hooked up and she didn’t (unlikely), then she’d pick me up. If we both hooked up (best case), then we’d rendezvous back at the car the next morning.

I wore a simple pair of khakis and a dress shirt while Anne looked spectacular in a simple red dress and black heels. She wore only a black g-string underneath.

We had agreed not to text each other until our final plans for the evening were set.

After I’d dropped her off and had parked the car, I entered the bar and took an open seat across the bar from her. I wasn’t surprised to see her in the company of an older gentleman in business attire and a martini in front of her.

I scanned the bar and saw several groups of business people that were obviously here for the convention and the night fun that comes with being away on business. I was glad to see the mix of men and women were roughly equal.

By the time Anne was on her second martini, I could tell she was really into the guy. In fact, after she finished her second drink, the two of them got up and left the bar area. I didn’t get a text from her, but didn’t worry because it was Kastamonu Escort still relatively early.

However, my attention was soon focused on an attractive lady that had sat next to me. In a short time, I’d found out her name was Nicole, she was in town for the convention, she was just younger than me and had decided to hang out at the bar while her friends had gone out someplace else in town. The ring on her finger told me she was married as well.

She wore a simple pink top and a loose-fitting black skirt that was just above her knee before she sat. In her chair, her skirt had ridden to mid-thigh and exposed two very nice long, tan legs.

We talked and we drank. Before I knew it, I was feeling pretty buzzed and I knew she was too. I hadn’t worried or thought about Anne until Nicole changed direction of the conversation.

“I love these conventions,” she said. “So many people just looking to get fucked for the night.”

“What do you mean,” I asked hoping that was my clue for the night but wanting to play it cool.

“Look at the lady over there with those two black guys,” she said pointing to a lady I realized was Anne. She had returned without my knowledge. The black guys were something new as well. Even though I knew she had lost her virginity in high school to a black guy, she had never hinted an attraction to black guys since we started this new adventure and now she was flirting with two of them.

“She’s going upstairs with at least one of them, probably both,” Nicole continued.

“You think so,” I feigned ignorance of the situation. “The ring on her finger says she’s married.”

“That doesn’t matter,” Nicole replied. “Nobody cares about that stuff here. Most people here tonight are married and just looking for no-strings sex. Get fucked and then head back home.”

“Does that apply to everyone here,” I asked.

“Well, you’re married and here talking to me and getting me drunk.”

“Good point, but if I recall, you’re the one who sat next to me even though there were other seats at the bar available,” I replied. “Does that mean your married little pussy is looking to get fucked by me tonight?”

“What makes you think I’m that type of girl,” she asked.

“Well, let’s see,” I started. “You seem to be an expert on what other people are doing here. You’re sure that woman is going to be getting fucked by two black cocks tonight. You’re pretty well acquainted with the game here tonight. Either you’re here to play or just expand your knowledge of what other people do when they’re away on business.”

The bartender interrupted our conversation to ask if we wanted another drink, which we both said yes and ordered.

“So, are you a watcher tonight or a participant,” I asked.

“I’m a married woman,” she replied, with an obvious feign of innocence in her voice.

“A married woman, whom I am guessing has been fucked many times on business trips. Hell, I bet you’ve been in the same situation as that woman over there.”

It was weird using my wife as our example of the goings-on during business trips.

“So you think I’m a slut like her?”

“I didn’t say that,” I responded realizing Nicole just called my wife a slut. “I know women want to fuck as much as men do, but get worried about what people think. I prefer sexually-liberated. Besides, you don’t have to worry about what people think when you’re away from home.”

“Sounds like you’re Kastamonu Escort Bayan away on business some yourself.”

“Yes I am.” That was true, but I didn’t bother to tell her that I’d never had sex on those trips. At least, yet.

“Then you know when a woman wants you to ask if she wants to go upstairs and fuck?”

With that, I leaned in and whispered into her ear, “Would you like to go upstairs to your room so I can fuck you so hard with my big cock that you feel like you’re going to pass out?”


I got the attention of the bartender and paid both our tabs. As I did, Nicole excused herself to the bathroom. This gave me an opportunity to text Anne.

My text — “Going upstairs to fuck Nicole. You going to get yourself two black cocks tonight?”

When Nicole got back, I excused myself to the bathroom as well. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Anne’s text — “At least one ;-)!! Hopefully both. Have fun. C u in the morning. Love you!!”

My reply — “Love u 2!!”

I got back to the bar and Nicole and I left the bar hand-in-hand. We got to the elevator, but were joined by a couple of other people. We rode up to her floor with me against the wall and her pressed backside pressed into me. My hands rested on her hips and we looked like just a normal husband and wife to the small group on the elevator with us.

Once we got off the elevator, I slid my hand down her skirt and lifted it as my hand came to rest on her bare ass cheek. She did not stop me and proceeded to use her left hand to massage my cock through my pants. We left the bar hand-in-hand and now arrived at her room with my hand on her ass and her hand on my cock.

As she fished her key out of her purse (I was bummed she had to take her hand off my cock), I traced my finger to her thong and then used the fabric to guide my hand down her crack. Luckily, we were both drunk so she fumbled in her purse, which allowed my finger to continue its thong trace to her pussy.

Nicole let out a gasp when I touched her pussy and pressed her head against the door, no longer trying to open the door. My one finger quickly became my hand massaging her pussy through her thong.

She came to her senses when she felt me pull her thong to the side and gain access to her pussy. She got the door unlocked and we went into the room. However, we never got more than two feet in the door. I was still behind her and got my pants unzipped. I lined my cock at her pussy and pressed forward.

I know none of you guys reading will have any sympathy for me, but since I am rather well-endowed, I can’t just slam into a woman, even if every desire in my body wants to. Of course, Nicole’s gasps of my size helped me feel good.

After a few moments of easing in, I was all the way in her. I paused for another second allowing her to adjust to me before letting our mutual desire take over. We started fucking with a pure animalistic lust.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t have lasted very long looking down at my cock slamming her pussy and the view of a perfect little ass. She had also removed her blouse and bra and I could feel, even though not yet see, perfectly tits that had been surgically enhanced.

However, I was drunk. Often, and this was one of these times, when I’ve been drinking I can be a marathon man.

After fucking her from behind at the door for some time, we disengaged our bodies and Escort Kastamonu moved the bed. We both got completely naked before getting on the bed together.

She got on the bed first and allowed me a chance to view her naked body. She might have been in her early 30s, but Nicole’s body was damn near perfect. She had perfect D-cup surgically enhanced tits, a flat stomach, shaved pussy and long legs. Her body was slightly tanned without the hint of a tan line.

As I moved on top of her, our lips met for the first time and our tongues started an immediate dance. I eased into her and she wrapped her legs around my upper thigh.

Soon, I felt her body tremble and she had her first orgasm. However, the booze was still having the marathon effect on me.

We switched to her on top and allowed the front row view of her body as she rode me. The view of her hot body and cute face was enough to get my cum flowing. She sensed me tense up and she slammed down one last time to milk the cum that shot out of my cock.

The feeling of me shooting in her sent her to her second orgasm.

We were both spent from our orgasms and, with the effects of the booze, we were both passed out soon.

I was awakened early in the morning with a wet feeling around my hard cock. It was Nicole’s mouth.

“Hi sleepy head,” she said smiling at me. “I woke up and saw you were hard and wanted to suck on this monster. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not,” was my obvious reply. “You can suck my cock anytime.”

“I wish I wasn’t leaving tonight after the convention ends,” Nicole said taking her mouth of my cock but using her hand to stroke me. “But I’m in LA several times a year for business. If you wouldn’t mind a fuck buddy when I’m in town, then I’d like to sit on this when I’m here.”

“Of course. And you can sit on it now.”

She did and we fucked again. I had nowhere near the stamina as the night before. After she came, we switched to doggy style, but I didn’t last long in the position and blasted into her for the second time.

She had to get ready for work and jumped in the shower. As she put on her makeup and clothes for the day, I jumped into the shower to clean up a little before putting on my clothes from last night.

She had packed up and checked out through the television and we were ready to leave. We exchanged numbers and a passionate kiss before heading to the elevator and down to the lobby. After our goodbyes, I headed to the little restaurant for some breakfast.

As I walked in, I saw Anne sitting at a table typing into her phone. As I approached the table, she saw me and smiled.

“I was just texting you,” she said.

“So how was your night,” was my response. “Those two black guys keep you busy?”

“Yes, I think I slept two hours. They fucked me and made me cum nonstop. They took turns and fucked me at the same time. And I have a date tonight.”

“With one of them?”

“No. It is with Ken. The older gentleman I was talking to when you got to the bar. I really wanted to fuck him but he was meeting other people last night. So I gave him a blowjob in a utility closet and he’s staying in town tonight. He’s taking me out to dinner. How was that hot blonde woman?”

“Very good. I’ll probably see her again when she’s back in town.”

We knew we had to change the conversation or we would both get too horny. So instead, we talked about other things while we ate.

We headed home and both needed a nap.

We slept most of the rest of the morning and early afternoon. When we got up, I fixed something to eat for the both of us before Anne started to get ready for her date with Ken.

I decided to text Tammy to see if she wanted to get together. She did.

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