Annie and Her Neighbors

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Annie, Paul, and Andrew had been neighbors and friends for years. and Andrew had moved in a year after Annie and she was incredibly happy with the change of scenery.

Paul had blonde shaggy hair and piercing blue eyes. He had been a swimmer in college, and still maintained his long, muscular swimmer’s body. She had watched him do yard work before. He often worked shirtless and Annie was able to see his arm muscles, 8-pack, and protruding pecks. When he bent over, Annie could appreciate his tight, rounded ass.

Andrew was built like a football player, big arms, big chest, big ass, big legs. He had dark hair, cut close to his head. He wore a lot of tight shirts and pants to show off his muscular body.

Both boys towered over her small 5’4 frame at 6’4 each.

She would never reveal that she had actually checked them out. They had been neighbors and friends for too long. They were her handymen when she needed help around the house, and she was their emergency chef when their cooking went astray, which was often. They were all in their late 20’s and often had house parties together.

But Annie had begun to notice the way their eyes shifted to her ass whenever she walked away. And how they stared at her ample chest when they thought she wasn’t looking. She had long curly blonde hair, blue eyes, and a curvy figure. She had begun to wear more revealing tops every time she visited them, just to enjoy their reaction. She was thankful for the Summer heat and for the practicality of crop tops, short shorts, and for the increasing chance that they would be shirtless. She would often visit their house after going for a run, wearing only a sports bra and tiny spandex shorts. She would revel in their appreciative stares. It was all harmless fun.

When she was feeling especially naughty, she would invite them over for a swim in her pool. She had a bikini that always made their cocks hard beneath their tiny speedos. It was too thin strips of fabric for her breasts, just wide enough to cover her nipples, and just thin enough to show them poking through the fabric! The bottoms were a thong- just a tiny piece of fabric separating her tanned ass cheeks.

She loved seeing their bodies in the little speedos and how they revealed everything they covered. She imagined slipping her hands beneath the fabric and holding their beautiful asses and cocks in her hands.

But in front of them, she was always sweet and kind. The typical girl next door.

She knew that all of this had a bit to do with how her relationship with her boyfriend Tim had been taking a sour turn, but she loved this attention. And she really did like Paul and Andrew a lot.

Sometimes Annie would come home from Tim’s, feeling unsatisfied and have sexual fantasies run through her mind as she masturbated before she slept. What it would feel like to be fucked by those two beautiful men.

Annie had even begun to discover that they liked to have some sexual experiences with each other as well. She knew they were straight because they had often talked about their sexual encounters with women, but one day she glanced out her window and saw a naked Andrew, pressed against the window, while Paul, with his arms around Andrew’s body, sucked on his neck. Annie had turned away bashfully, but she would never forget that sight. Someday, maybe she could see it again.


Annie banged on their door, sobbing. It was 2am and she had just broken up with Tim. She needed someone to talk to.

She could hear some thumping inside and the locks being clicked to the side. Paul opened the door and looked down at her, bleary-eyed, clearly having just woken up. He was wearing only tights güvenilir bahis boxers and had clearly woken up from a wet dream, based on the size of his cock. She ran into his arms and he wrapped them around her.

“Annie? What’s wrong?” He asked, rubbing her shoulders.

Andrew appeared beside him, also only in tight boxers, and hugged Annie from the other side, sandwiching her between them. They led her to the couch and sat on two chairs across from her.

“Well,” She sobbed, ” I just broke up with Tim. I was so fed up with him being so selfish. He never considered my feelings and never wanted to do what I wanted to do, especially sexually. I thought I would give him one last chance. I brought sexy lingerie and presented my requests to him, and he refused. So I decided enough was enough. Then I left.”

“Well, uh, what exactly did you want to do sexually that he didn’t?” Paul coughed, trying to keep his face neutral, instead of openly staring at her breast. Annie was still wearing the sexy lingerie she must have put on for Tim. It was a red bra and panties. They were both made of thin lace and Annie’s nipples and pussy could be seen clearly.

Annie blushed and looked at the ground. She had forgotten that she was wearing this and didn’t go home to change beforehand. She crossed her arms and legs to cover herself.

“Um, well I’ve been doing a lot of reading into how you can make your sex life, uh, spicier. There are a lot of different techniques other than missionary, I tried to tell Tim, but he would just tell me that he loved our sex life and why bother to change something that already works? But I’ve wanted more, you know? So I read about bondage and stuff but that didn’t really appeal to me. It sounds a bit sick to me, tying your partner up. And I’m not really interested in cross-dressing or anything. I mean, why want to be a man, when you’ve already got boobs to show off?” Annie glanced up and chuckled nervously. Paul stared openly at her boobs and nodded appreciatively.

“Very true.” He said, nodding for her to continue.

“But I did find a couple aspects that looked really interesting to me. One being, well anal sex,” She lowered her voice and blushed deeper, “And the other one being, um, you know, oral sex. I mean, I’ve done it for him, but I would want it for me. I’ve never experienced that.”

Paul looked at her incredulously. “Are you trying to tell me that in all the time Tim was with you, he never serviced you?” Paul’s face was a look of disgust. “What an idiot!”

She glanced up and smiled at him, gaining courage. “Thank you! I agree. Well I asked him about doing anal and he said it was “too gay” and he said that he didn’t know if oral sex would feel comfortable for me. And then that was basically the end of the conversation. And so I broke up with him right then. I just can’t be with someone who doesn’t even listen to me or care about my needs. I just wish it didn’t hurt so badly.”

“Oh Annie.” Andrew sat down beside her on the couch and wrapped his arm around her, bringing her to lean on his chest. She leaned in to him and sobbed into his shirt.

Paul breathed deeply. He could not believe that Tim had this beautiful willing creature in front of him and he just pushed her to the side and wouldn’t even try. And anal sex being too gay? Tim was obviously harboring sexual feelings toward other men and thought that anal sex would ignite them even further. So instead, he’s shutting anal down entirely when a completely sensuous creature practically offers her entire body to him! Paul was getting so worked up that his cock was becoming hard and forming a tight tent in his already too thin boxers.

Andrew glanced over at Paul and smirked when he looked türkçe bahis at Paul’s boxers. This gave him an idea.

He leaned his head down and whispered into Annie’s ear. “Annie, have you ever seen anal sex?”

She jerked her head up at him. “What?” She saw the glint in his eyes and shook her head.

He grinned at her, still whispering so Paul couldn’t hear, “Would you like to?”

Her eyes widened and she nodded slowly.

He kissed her temple and brought his arm out from behind her. He stood up and headed toward Paul.

Paul still seemed so concentrated on his frustration with Tim that he didn’t even notice Andrew sauntering over to him until his hands were on his shoulders, slowly massaging.

Paul startled and glanced up at Andrew. Andrew had truly magic hands and would often give him long massages after work. Paul just closed his eyes and let his shoulders relax into Andrew’s hands.

“You look so tense Paul.” Andrew began to kiss Paul’s neck, sucking on his sweet spot, bringing a moan from Paul’s lips.

Paul opened his eyes and glanced over at Annie and saw her open mouth and eager eyes. Clearly she was happy with this little show. He decided to play along and give her something to remember.

Paul turned his head and flicked his tongue out to Andrew’s mouth. Andrew opened his mouth and they kissed deeply. Their tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths. They hungrily moved their mouths, tasting each other.

Andrew moved around Paul until he was facing him. Andrew skimmed his hands up Paul’s legs and his body followed, sliding onto Paul’s lap until he was directly on his cock. Both of their cocks were hard and erect now, rubbing against each other only separated by their thin boxers. Their hands roamed each other’s chests, their breathing quickened.

Andrew leaned into Paul and continued to suck on his neck, bringing deep moans from Paul. Andrew kissed up to Paul’s ear and nibbled on his ear lobe, moving with the rhythm of his hips against Paul’s cock.

Paul dipped his head to Andrew’s chest and began to kiss each peck, sucking on his nipples. Paul grabbed onto Andres’s ass cheeks and clutched them in his hands.

Andrew closed his eyes, appreciating Paul’s tongue caressing and sucking on his nipples. Their cocks continued to rub against each other and Andrew could feel himself building.

He placed both of his hands of Paul’s cheeks and gently pushed his face away from his nipples with a sigh.

“I’m going to cum. And I don’t want to until my cock is shoved inside your beautiful ass.”

Paul chuckled and brought his face to Andrew’s ear. He licked it and whispered, loud enough for Annie to hear, “I can’t wait for you to be so buried in my ass that our balls rub against each other and I can feel your strained breathing in my ear. And when you cum so hard I feel you shudder and scream my name.”

Andrew growled and slid slowly off of Paul’s crotch.

His face and tone changed from rousing sex machine to professional.

“I think we should continue this massage on the floor.” He pushed Paul up from the chair and led him down to the floor so Paul was facing the ceiling.

Andrew lifted his legs over Paul’s chest and began to massage Paul’s chest. He rubbed his thumbs over each nipple slowly, causing Andrew to groan. Andrew slid down until he was sitting on Paul’s crotch and his hands moved downwards, massaging Paul’s stomach muscles.

“For maximum comfort, it’s best if you take off your tight, see-through, cock-protruding boxers. I can do it for you.” Andrew grinned and slid his hands beneath the waistband of the boxers. He pulled them off in one quick motion and smiled down at Paul’s erect cock. Annie stared in awe. güvenilir bahis siteleri Tim was the only man she had ever been with and he had a tiny cock compared to Paul’s 8 inches.

Andrew placed his hands around it and began to massage it slowly. Paul’s hips instinctively pushed up into Andrew’s face, pushing his cock up inches from Andrew’s mouth. Andrew licked his lips and flicked Paul’s cock, teasing him. He continued to massage it with his hands and began to suck on it, bobbing up and down. He started to go faster and applied more pressure.

Paul could feel himself building and hesitantly grabbed Andrew’s face and guided it off of his cock. It pulled out of Andrew’s mouth with a *pop*. He groaned and brought his mouth to Paul’s, letting him taste the flavour of his cock.

Paul grabbed Andrew hips and pulled him over so he was kneeling over Paul’s face.

“Now that I’ve tasted my cock, I want to compare it to your sweet, fat, cock!” Andrew slipped off his boxers and dangled his cock in front of Paul’s mouth. Paul clutched Andrew’s ass in his palms and dove Andrew’s cock in his mouth. His swirled his tongue around it and bobbed up and down, sliding his tongue up and down each side. He pushed it all the way into his mouth until he was gagging. From their past sexual experiences, He knew that Andrew liked it a little hard, so he bit down lightly and dragged his teeth along it. When he could feel Andrew coming close to orgasm, he pulled his cock out of Paul’s mouth.

“Let’s cum together.” He whispered hoarsely.

Annie gasped as Andrew grabbed Paul’s hips and flung him onto his back. He continued to massage him, starting from his back and working his way down until he reached Paul’s ass crack. Andrew licked his finger and slid it down Paul’s crack. Then he kneaded each ass cheek, appreciating the feeling of the muscles on each cheek beneath his hands.

“I think to massage your ass better, I’m going to need to you push it up closer to my face.” Andrew said seriously.

Paul readjusted quickly, smiling, until his taut ass has pushed into the air and by Andrew’s face.

“Better?” Paul asked, pearing over his shoulder at Andrew.

“Mmmhmm” Andrew murmered. He loved the shape of Paul’s ass. Perfectly rounded and muscular. He knew his cock would feel so good in between those cheeks.

He grasped each cheek in each palm and pushed them to the side. He licked his lips at the sight of Pauls’s tight hole. He licked his finger and touched the edge of the hole.

Paul squirmed beneath him while he rubbed around it, teasing him. Then he slid one finger in, fucking him slowly. Paul whimpered and Andrew slipped another finger inside, pumping him hard. Paul wriggled his ass against Andrew’s hand and groaned.

“I want your gorgeous cock inside me now.” He panted, looking back at Andrew with pleading eyes.

Andrew slid his fingers out and guided his cock to the tight hole. He slid it in slowly, allowing Paul’s hole to stretch for his thick cock. He pushed in until his ass was flush with Paul’s. He pulled back out and pushed back in. He rocked back and forth against Paul’s ass, and their balls smacked against each other. He picked up speed and he could feel his orgasm building. Paul’s was building at the same time and their breathing deepened together.

“Paul… Paul… ugh…give it to me!” Andrew screamed.

Annie watched as they both began to shudder together and Paul came onto the carpet while Andrew unloaded into Paul.

Andrew pulled out of Paul and turned Paul around to face him. He wrapped his arms around his body and kissed him deeply. Paul dug his hands into Andrew’s hair and pulled his face toward his. They licked each other’s lips tenderly and broke apart, Andrew tugging on Paul’s lip with his teeth.

Still panting, Andrew and Paul turned toward Annie. “And that is what you are missing.” Whispered Andrew. “I think it’s time you learned about the beauty of anal and oral.”

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