Annie And Her Parents

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There really isn’t any build up to this story since it was a really quick write up.

But it might do something for you.


Making her way home from her weekend volleyball tournament Annie was in a good mood. She had helped her team win two of the three games they played and had received some much sought after praise from her hardheaded coach.

Pulling into her driveway both her parents cars were still there. Probably still in bed as is their usual routine on a lazy Saturday like this one.

She dug through her gym bag for her keys as she approached the front door. Slipping her key into the lock and entering the front room she heard a familiar moaning sound coming from down the hall. Smiling to herself she knew that her suspicions were accurate. Making her way to their bedroom she knocked lightly and opened the door before anyone would have had time to answer.

“Hey mom, hey dad” she said as she turned towards the bed.

“Hi, sweetheart” her father Bill replied as he pulled the glistening body of his wife Catherine down towards him on the mattress. Catherine was straddling Bill and moaning softly as he gently penetrated her. The covers were pulled up so that everything below the small of her back was concealed but her naked breasts bounced slightly as Bill fucked her.

After staring for a minute Annie made her way over to the padded wicker chair that sat against the far wall.

“Yeah, sit down and get out of those clothes, you look sweaty from the tournament” said Bill

Annie pulled her loose cotton volleyball jersey over her head and tossed it aside. Leaving her in just a sports bra and her tight spandex volleyball shorts that only came down to mid thigh.

At just 19 years old Annie was an outstandingly beautiful young girl. She had opted to go to a local state university and live at home, at least for her first year. Being fairly tall she made a great volleyball player and was constantly touted as the best player on the team. Her short dark brown hair was pulled into a ponytail and laced with decorative white and red ribbons for her school colors. She was a healthy 120lbs spread over her toned frame of 5’8″. Her thighs were tight and tanned from softball the previous season and her legs came together to create a perfect looking curve from any angle. Medium C cup breasts rounded out her lovely figure which was now mostly on display to her father and mother.

Her family had been sexually liberated for quite some time. She was an only child so she had always had a fairly intimate relationship with both of her parents. Her mother and father, Catherine and Bill, had a very healthy sex life and had taught Annie never be ashamed of sex or her body. Although being openly sexual with either of her parents wasn’t tolerated when she was younger as soon as she turned eighteen they didn’t really care what she did.

The entire family used to lounge around the house naked or nearly naked when it was especially hot out and they began masturbating openly shortly after Annie became accustomed to seeing her parents make love.

Bill and Catherine never closed their door and if Annie needed something from their room she wasn’t shy about just walking in and getting it even when they were obviously having sex.

The open masturbation was never a problem for the family since they viewed it as a natural process just like sex. They never discouraged their daughter from being free with her body and they really became closer as a family because of it.

Since their daughter was comfortable with it Annie’s parents began openly making love in the living room with their daughter present. Annie enjoyed the openness of a liberated family immensely and couldn’t find anything wrong with the pleasure she got from touching herself as her parents fucked each other. It became something of a weekly ritual within the family. She would watch her parents make love while she touched herself. It had even escalated beyond self pleasure on a few occasions but it never went beyond some harmless kissing and fondling in the heat of the moment. However, this day would be very different.

Taking a seat Annie oriented the chair towards the bed and spread her legs slightly, allowing herself access her pussy. Her mother began to shudder and collapsed against her father as she entered a brutal orgasm. The covers slipped down as she shook and Annie Ankara escort was given a beautiful view of the base of her fathers cock and balls as he lay buried inside Catherine.

Absentmindedly rubbing herself through her shorts she pushed her legs together slightly and hooked her thumbs underneath the waistband of her spandex shorts. She pulled them down slowly letting the fabric run along her thighs. Revealing her full bottomed black panties she noticed a wet spot that had not yet soaked through to her shorts.

She didn’t even think she was wet yet but her body had probably become accustom to this ritual as well.

Letting her shorts hang by her knees she brought two fingers to the crease in her intimates where the fabric had adhered to the skin over her wet slit. She rubbed herself lightly through her underwear as she looked at her parents who were still locked together in that most intimate embrace.

Suddenly frustrated, Annie realized she had come in at the end of the session and painfully needed to climax so she began to work on herself while her parent’s bodies were still available as a visual aid.

Catherine quivered and gasped one final time and rose, moaning in satisfaction. Grinding her pussy into her husband’s pelvis she smiled and looked over at Annie who was busily working her clit through her panties.

“I need a break Annie. Would you like to take over?” Catherine asked.

Annie had since closed her eyes and was furiously trying to achieve an orgasm. She looked over at her mother who was still sitting on her fathers erect cock. Annie was flushed and too far gone to protest, so she simply nodded, obviously surprised at the offer. Before now the most she had done with either of her parents was some pleasant fondling so she really wasn’t sure what she was in for.

Bill looked at his wife in surprise as well but he was not one to protest. He had yet to climax and he would never say no to a pretty girl like Annie, even if she was his young daughter.

Catherine lifted herself from her husband and rolled off to one side collapsing onto her usual side of the bed. She signed and signaled for her husband to get up. Bill sprang to his feet and slowly walked around the end of the bed and over to Annie who was still sitting in the chair. Her eyes were glued to his cock as it swayed slightly. It was a little over six inches long, fairly thick, and still shining from the combined juices of his previous sex session. It looked absolutely perfect to Annie. She began to breathe heavily as he stepped up to the chair. The height of her seat put her face to face with her father’s hard tool. Bill closed his eyes and tilted his head back as he continued to lean closer to his daughters waiting mouth. He stopped as soon as he could feel her breath on the head of his pole and waited for her to make the next move.

Annie had only had a few sexual experiences with one of her old boyfriends so she wasn’t a virgin and she was completely clueless but as she reached out with a shaking hand she realized she was terrified. Nerves didn’t stop her though, her small hand wrapped around the middle of her fathers shaft. It was slick with her mother’s fluid and her father’s pre-cum. She slid her hand easily up and down as her father sighed.

Annie was having an incredible affect on her father but he tried not to show it. It took every bit of him not let loose after she had first touched him. He had no idea how long he was going to last.

Annie parted her young lips and moved towards the cock that had helped create her. She took the head into her mouth and locked her lips around it, savoring the taste. She tasted how her mother smelled when she was aroused and she tasted her father’s fluid for the first time. The mixture was a sweet and salty mixture that was so divine it nearly pushed Annie over the edge. She let his cock pop from her mouth and pressed it up towards the ceiling until it was flat against his chest. Scooting to the edge of the chair she reached her tongue out and flicked it over his warm sack. Pulling one of his balls into her mouth she ran her tongue over and around it gently sucking and pulling slightly. She worked his sack like a professional for a few moments as she held his leaking cock against his chest.

Bill lowered his head and looked at his daughter. She was still passionately at work. He reached down with both hands he smoothed her hair Ankara escort bayan and traced the outline of her face. He pulled her chin up from his balls and looked right at his young girl. She looked amazing; her face was wet with spit and fluid from him and his wife, her hair was still fixed up from her tournament, and her brown eyes were on fire with lust. He put his finger under her chin and raised her up slowly until she was standing. She freed his dick from her hand and it slapped against her tight stomach and fell down until it was at a natural angle, leaving a streak of pre-cum from her ribs to her bellybutton.

Bill stared into his daughters eyes as he reached to take off her sports bra. He dropped it on the floor and stared down at her breasts. They were beautiful. He groped her and tweaked her nipples. Her eyes rolled back in her head while she enjoyed the attention. Bill had seen Annie naked many times and had even felt her up a few times but to have her completely at his disposal gave him an incredible rush.

He reached lower and let his fingers run over her mound in the front of her black panties, she was soaked. Reaching even lower he pushed her volleyball shorts the rest of the way off until she was able to step out of them. Moving his hands over her still covered thighs and ass he gripped the band in her panties and let them drop. She stood before him completely naked and ready to be taken. At that point she didn’t care what he did to her as long as he did something.

Bill cupped her ass with his hands, letting one slide slightly between her cheeks. He traced the curve of her ass until he was straining to reach her swollen lips from behind. The tips of his fingers felt her wet slit and slipped slightly inside her lips eliciting a gasp that broke the silence. He pulled the tips out and moved his hand to the back of her thigh. He lifted it slightly and thrust his cock forwards so it slid along the bottom of her pussy. Then let her leg drop back down and began to move ever so slightly. Annie was overloaded and could hardly stand. Her father was holding up most of her weight while he thrust between her legs. Her pussy lips wrapped over the top of his shaft and guided his movements. She couldn’t believe how good this felt and he wasn’t even fucking her yet. Bill shifted his neck and took one of her nipples into his mouth, working it with his tongue. He was very close to shooting his load and Annie was in another world. He decided to take it to the next level before he lost it and easily lifted Annie up while locked in the same position. Bill shuffled over to the bed and dropped Annie next to her mother who he had almost completely forgotten about.

Catherine was sitting on the bed with her back against the headboard. She had never witnessed anything as hot as what she was watching now. Her fingers were deep inside her hole soaking with her own juices as she continued to finger fuck herself while she watched her daughter and husband.

Annie’s head fell and bounced off the mattress landing at her mother’s feet. She dropped her head to the right and found herself looking directly at her mother’s pussy. Annie stared at the passage she had once come from, now occupied by her mother’s fingers. She forgot about Bill for a split second and tried to crawl towards her mother’s pussy. She wanted to taste her. Catherine removed her two fingers from her insides and offered them to Annie who took them into her mouth eagerly. Annie had never tasted anything like it. She sucked as she looked into her mothers eyes. The volume of fluid that clung to her fingers was impressive. Finally satisfied they were clean Catherine removed her fingers and got up. She leaned over and brought her mouth down around Annie’s. Their tongues rolled together as they tasted one another. What an incredible feeling. Annie returned the kiss passionately and grabbed the back of her mothers head forcing her to continue. Catherine sucked Annie’s tongue one last time and broke the kiss. She leaned back in silence and pointed to Bill who was waiting for his turn. Catherine returned to finger fucking herself and Annie turned back to Bill.

Annie shifted her body so her ass has just slightly hanging over the edge of the bed. Bill dropped to his knees and jumped for her soaking pussy with his tongue. Starting at the bottom of slit he pressed his tongue between her lips and began to stroke upwards until he reached Escort Ankara her clit. He flicked it a few time and continued on. Kissing, licking, and sucking all the way from her mound up to her tits and finally to her mouth. Annie took his kiss and savored the flavors he brought from her pussy.

Bill got off of his daughter and aimed his hard dick at her fresh tight opening. It had only seen one other dick its in young life. The fumbling boyfriend who took Annie’s virginity lasted such a short span that it would have been impossible for him to affect its shape in the least. Bill was about to penetrate his own daughter, her fuckhole was so unused that even without a hymen it was as tight and perfect as any virgin.

Annie looked at her fathers flexing body as he positioned himself to enter her. She could not believe that the second person to take her would be her father. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bill pressed the head of his dick against Annie’s clit and guided it downward with his hand until it slipped between the supple lips of Annie’s beautiful pussy. He moved farther downward slowly until he found her fuckhole. He moved forward so he occupied the space of the opening but did not push in. Looking at Annie she pleaded with her eyes for him to continue.

Placing his hands around her waist just above her hips he began to push into her. She was incredibly tight but her slit was absolutely soaking which helped the effort. Bill pulled back and thrust again making it a few inches more. He pulled out and moved back in until he was close to entering her to the hilt. One last push and he slipped completely inside. His balls smacked against his daughters cheeks as she cried out. She was in absolute ecstasy. Her pussy was so warm and luscious inside Bill never wanted to pull out. Moving backwards his entire length exited her and he pushed back filling her up and causing her to cry out again. After stretching her sufficiently he developed a rhythm and began fucking his daughter. The mixture of love and lust was something that could not be duplicated. Annie rocked back and forth and cried out as she began an earth shattering orgasm. She shook and her pussy clamped down on her fathers cock begging him to cum with her. Catherine silenced her cries by locking lips with her and then moved to straddle her putting her legs around Annie’s body just below her tits. Catherine’s wet snatch pressed into her daughter’s stomach as she sucked on Annie’s tongue and lips. Annie’s moans began to subside as her orgasm passed. She had never felt anything so incredible. Basking in afterglow of the best orgasm of her life her mother was passionately sucking and licking every bit of her face while her father fucked her steadily.

Catherine leaned down and offered her right breast to Annie. She took the nipple between her lips and sucked eagerly at the beautiful tit. Bill cried out in the background “I’m going to cum!”.

“Cum inside me daddy!” Annie yelled out, letting her mothers breast slip from her mouth.

Bill pounded his little girl with all the strength left in him. She shrieked as she entered another orgasm. Bill felt his balls tighten and his cock spasmed on his last thrust into his daughter. He buried himself completely inside her and began to fire his cum in long thick bursts. He had never cum so much in his entire life. Squirt after squirt pushed deep within his little princess. The powerful jets finally subsided when Annie was completely stuffed and Bills cock began to slowly shrink, leaking cum continuously into his daughter until he pulled completely out. He was soaked in sweat and covered in his own cum and that of his wife and daughter. He looked at Annie’s hole, it was bright red and swollen but as soon as his cock slipped from inside it quickly reclaimed the open space by closing up, almost as if to stop the escape of the paternal seed that had just begun to leak out.

Catherine pulled her nipple from Annie’s hungry mouth and rolled off of her, collapsing on the bed. Bill lay down next to Annie completely exhausted. Annie was completely wiped. Full of her fathers cum, covered in her mother’s juices, she lay on the bed panting. She could not begin to describe the incredible feelings that this taboo heaven had brought her. She had just fucked and sucked her mother and father almost every way that was possible. Bill and Catherine both moved in closer and began sucking on each of Annie’s sore young breasts. Annie fell asleep as her parents began to lick and eat every inch of her body. It was a new playground for them, fresh and young. It was easy to see that they would have many more days like this one in the future.

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