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Warning: I write love stories with graphic sex. Sometimes the lovers are of the same gender. So if love offends you, you’d best move on. MJL

I can’t say that I hadn’t thought about it before (like all the time since I was about thirteen), but my actual first exposure to lesbian sex was straight out of a porn story. At 18 I was one of those annoying kids in high school who are into everything: student council, running track, in all the plays, on the newspaper staff, you know the type.

One evening I had been working late in the newspaper room and about to head home when I remembered my clothes from track practice were still in my gym locker and I needed to get them home to wash them. It was a little spooky wandering around the school with hardly anybody in it, so I was careful not to be too noisy, to avoid attracting the attention of any monsters lurking in the dark, I guess. I got the clothes and put them in my backpack and then I heard a noise. I thought it was some animal sound so I went to investigate. The female gym teachers (we had three of them) shared an office that was glassed in on three sides so they could monitor activities in the locker room and showers. When I came around the end of my line of lockers I was looking right into the office.

Sprawled on a padded bench was Robyn Simmons, another member of the track team. She was wearing a shirt and bra that were pushed up to her neck, exposing her small, firm tits. Her shorts and panties were on the floor. Also on the floor, on her knees, her head buried between Robyn’s thighs, was Miss Kovacs, the track coach.

If I had been so stupid that I didn’t know what was going on, Robyn’s words would have clued me in. She was moaning, “Oh, yes, Janet! Lick me there! Fuck me with your sweet, sweet tongue!”

Now, at this point in any good porno story I would have either joined them and demanded to be included in their activities or been so overcome with lust that I would stand there staring and playing with myself until they noticed me and demanded that I join in. This being real life, I got the hell out of there as quickly and quietly as I possibly could.

I was shaking all the way home, from shock and, yeah, from lust, too. It’s one thing to have private fantasies about something and quite another to see it close up and very personal. I made some excuse to my parents about not being hungry and needing to get up early in the morning and went straight to my room. I tried to call my best friend since forever, Dani, but she wasn’t home. I don’t think there has been anything that has happened to me in my entire life that I didn’t talk to Dani about. Well, I never had gotten around to telling her that my fantasy sex life (which happened to be my ONLY sex life) revolved around women. Especially one woman: Dani.

I admit that’s a pretty big omission of information, but how in the hell do you tell someone you used to play in the sandbox with, that you’d been thinking it would be really great to pull down her panties and bury your face in her pussy? More than anything I wanted Dani to stay my friend; I NEEDED her to stay my friend. I figured I could remain celibate forever rather than risk her rejection.

Call me a slut, if you will, but I must have fingered myself to five orgasms that night thinking about what I’d seen and recasting myself and Dani in the active roles. I really didn’t care which end of the action I was on. It thrilled me just as much to think about giving Dani that kind of pleasure as it did to think of her hot little tongue on my clit (OK, almost as much).

The next day was Saturday and, as I had every Saturday for years, I went to Dani’s house for breakfast. I could barely get down the pancakes and bacon her Dad had made, because I was so anxious to get Dani alone and tell her what I’d seen. Finally we went up to her room.

We sat cross-legged on the bed, as always, and I said, “You won’t BELIEVE what happened to me last night!” and proceeded to tell her everything I’d seen and heard. Her cornflower blue eyes got big as saucers and her creamy cheeks blushed a deep red as I talked. With me Dani can talk a blue streak, but she’s quiet and shy with most people. She’s kind of conservative in her appearance, but I’ve never known her to be judgmental about people. In fact, she has an uncle who is openly gay and she was the first one in the family to welcome his partner with a big hug when they came to dinner together for the first time. I would have been really disappointed if she’d said something awful condemning Robyn and Miss Kovacs for being gay, although the teacher-student thing IS kind of bad, even if Robyn is eighteen.

Dani was silent for a long time. Finally she said, “Who knew Miss Kovacs even had a first name, let alone that it’s Janet, and it kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase ‘getting a tongue-lashing from the teacher,’ doesn’t it?”

That made me laugh, but I really needed to know what Dani thought about what they had been doing. “Does bedava bahis it gross you out, or anything? I mean two women having sex and all?” We’d had many a conversation about sex in general and confessed our mutual virginity, but I’d always avoided this particular topic for good reason, of course. Now, however, I had to know how she felt, because I knew in my heart that it wouldn’t be much longer before I would find a way to engage in such activity myself.

Dani got very serious, all of a sudden. She stared into my eyes as if she were trying to read my mind. “Annamarie, I can trust you with ANYTHING, can’t I? You’ll always be my friend?”

“Forever, no matter what.” My heart had never spoken truer words.

She got off the bed and went to her closet. I heard her rummaging way in the back. She came out with a magazine and a small book that looked like a journal and silently handed them to me.

My jaw dropped a mile when I looked at the cover of the magazine. It was called Girl On Girl and it was just what it sounds like, hardcore lesbian pornography. “Where did you get this?” I blurted out.

“I stole it from a stash my brother and his friends keep hidden in the basement. The have all kinds of smut, including lots more lezzy stuff. I didn’t think they’d miss it and apparently they haven’t, because I’ve had it for over a year.”

“And this?” I held up the journal.

Dani bit her lips together, which she does when she’s scared to death. “Open it,” she said.

I opened to the first page and read what it said. I think my heart stopped beating for a few seconds. “Things in the magazine that I want to do with Annie.”

I flipped the next page and read a detailed critique of the picture on page four, which, checking the magazine, I discovered was two naked women putting dildos in each others pussies. “This doesn’t really turn me on,” Dani had written, “but I’d do it with Annie if she wanted.” The next page of the journal talked about page six (two women, one on her back, the other on all fours, licking each other’s clits). “This turns me on more than anything. If Annie would do it with me I think I’d die of pleasure.”

Reading that, I had a spasm of desire in my pussy stronger than anything I’d ever felt in my life. I could tell my panties were soaked and my jeans were damp, too.

“Is the whole journal like this? Sexual things you want to do with me?”

“Yes, and you might as well know that I’ve been getting off rubbing myself and thinking about us doing those things ever since I got the magazine.” She was quiet for awhile, and, frankly, I was too stunned and too swamped with desire to speak. “Are you horrified? Are you going to quit being my best friend?” she finally asked me. Tears were pouring down her cheeks.

I looked into the sweet face of my beloved and I took her in my arms. “I think we are about to add something new to our definition of our relationship, Dani. Best friends – AND lovers.”

I kissed her then as I had wanted to do for so long. Not our girlish little pecks we’d been giving each other for years, but a full-on passionate, tongue-probing kiss. Thank God we had just come up for air when I heard someone in the hall. The problem with both Dani’s family and mine is that it never occurs to anybody that a teenager might need privacy. Parents and siblings come and go without knocking whenever they please. I managed to gasp out a warning and we separated half a second before Dani’s mother came into the room with a stack of clean laundry. She looked at us a bit curiously, but all she said was, “So what are you girls going to do today?”

“I thought we might go to the library,” said Dani. “We need to get started on that history report we’re writing together.”

“Sounds good. Always wise not to wait until the last minute.” With a cheery wave she left the room.

I wanted with all my soul to take Dani in my arms again, but both of us realized we could be interrupted at any second. My house would have been no better, so I didn’t suggest it. “Where can we really go?” I asked.

“Nowhere we can do what we want to do. I always thought it was great we had families that care about us and keep an eye on us, but I could use a little neglect about now.”

We tried to come up with a place, but neither of us had a workable idea. Of course, we both had cars and we could have driven out in the countryside, but the idea of getting caught was appalling and we agreed we didn’t want to consummate our love in a cramped backseat. Both of us were eighteen, but we looked younger, so getting someone to rent us a motel room was probably out of the question. Besides we could only afford a really cheap one and that seemed too tacky.

We finally admitted to ourselves we were going to have to wait. Since we both felt like we had been waiting forever already, it was a tough conclusion to come to.

“We have the rest of our lives, Dani,” I told her, with my hand on her cheek. “I guess we bedava bonus can wait a little while more. We’re going to find a way to be together soon, I promise.”

“Do you mean that? About the rest of our lives?”

“Of course. Do you think it could be any other way?”

“Oh, Annie! That’s all I’ve ever wanted, but I couldn’t even dare hope you’d want it, too. I mean, what are the chances that we could grow up together and both end up wanting to sleep with each other for the rest of our lives? How could we be so lucky?”

I’ve never been a fatalist, but I truly believed this was always meant to be. I told her so and we dared to share another passionate kiss. I wanted so much to put my hand on her breast, but I knew if we started anything we’d never be able to quit, no matter who walked in the room.

We did finally go to the library and start our history paper. It was incredibly hard to concentrate on anything but each other, so we didn’t get very far with it, but it kept us from losing control.

Sunday morning, as she always did, Dani came to my house for breakfast. We ate ham and eggs and went out with my family to a movie, as if nothing had changed between us. We risked a few subtle touches in the theater and I was so aware of her that to this day I have no idea what that movie was about.

We went for a walk after we got home from the movie. It was raining, but we often walk in the rain so nobody said anything. When you live in the Pacific Northwest you either walk in the rain or you don’t walk. We headed for a nearby park, which had some nice dark little corners we could hide in, and kissed until our lips hurt. I thought I would explode with need and I could feel that Dani was as tense as I was, but we forced ourselves not to start anything we couldn’t finish on soggy grass in a public park. That night, just before she left for home, Dani reached into the backpack she always carried and came out with the porno magazine and the journal.

“Study well,” she told me with a devilish grin. “There WILL be a test.”

The next week was the Week From Hell, because I saw Dani all day, everyday, and I couldn’t touch her, except a brush of the fingers or an “accidental” bump of the shoulders. It had always been hard to want her so much and not be able to do anything about it, but now that I knew she wanted me too, it was a thousand times harder. At night I would read the journal and look at the pictures, putting us in the places of the models. I could only stand to look at a few pages at a time before I’d have to relieve my horniness.

I found out a whole lot about my darling, shy best friend that really blew my mind. First, she was a jealous little thing. Every picture which involved a third party, male or female, was commented on in the harshest terms. “Nobody must ever touch Annie that way except me!” was the common theme. She also wrote several times that she didn’t want anyone else touching her, either, except me. She didn’t care for any of the pictures featuring anal penetration with phallic objects (I believe “Total yucky gross-out” was one quote), but one photo of a girl licking the asshole of another she said, “Kind of turns me on. May try it someday.” She was into any form of pussy licking in any position, but showed a marked preference for doing it to each other at the same time. Fingering each other was her second favorite thing. Fingering while pussy licking rated a “God, yes!” on one page. She wasn’t particularly into dildos, except when the pussy was being orally pleasured at the same time and she REALLY wasn’t into strap-ons. “If I wanted to fuck a cock I’d be with a man. I want my sweet Annie’s pussy!” she wrote in bold red marker.

It was kind of an interesting way to discover we were pretty much in tune about what we wanted. My only real variance was that I liked the idea of having oral sex one at a time, so we could really concentrate on what we were doing or what was being done for us. I figured that was something we could compromise on. We could always just do it more often so we each got our preference.

Now, if we could just get this x-rated show on the road! I was going crazy trying to think of a way to get together without fear of being caught. The answer came on Thursday evening from an unlikely source. I got a phone call from Dani’s mother. She asked me if I would be willing to spend the weekend with Dani at their family beach house. It hadn’t been used for several months and it needed a good cleaning. Dani had volunteered to do it, but the rest of the family had other plans for the weekend and they didn’t want Dani staying in the house alone. “I think it can wait a week or two until we can all go, but Dani is adamant about getting it done. You know how much she loves the beach. Would you mind going with her? I’d just feel so much better about her safety.” Of course, I graciously agreed to go. What are best friends for, after all?

We left right from school on Friday. It was a two deneme bonusu hour drive to the beach house and I wasn’t sure I could contain myself even that long. It seemed like I had already been waiting for an eternity! As I watched Dani drive, I mentally kissed every inch of her skin, outside and where the sun don’t shine. “Stop that!” she said, laughing. “If you keep looking at me like that I’ll have an orgasm and crash the car.” I tried to behave better, but, with limited success.

When we were about half-an-hour away from our destination, Dani spoke very softly, “Annie, I’ve been thinking about what you said. About having the rest of our lives together. I know you want to just fall on me and rip my clothes off, just like I want to do to you, but let’s not do that.”

“What?! You don’t want to make love with me this weekend?” I was so upset I think I could have had a heart attack.

“Of course I do! I just want to make the first time really special. After all, when we look back, this will be kind of our honeymoon. Let’s make it romantic, OK? Let’s take the time to walk on the beach, light a fire in the fireplace and maybe some candles, share a nice meal. You know – special.”

Now I was eighteen years horny, but I was also in love. I said the only thing I could, “Of course we will, darling. It will be the most special first time anyone ever had.” The glow on her face was so beautiful it made me well up with tears.

The first thing we had to do when we got to the beach was start on the cleaning. It was pretty dusty and nobody had time when they last visited to sweep out all the sand that had been tracked in. We did a thorough cleaning of the main room, which had a living area, a dining area, and a kitchen. Then we cleaned Dani’s bedroom and the bathroom she and her brother used. We decided her parents’ room and bath and the upstairs loft, where guests stayed, could be cleaned tomorrow. Of course, friends of Dani’s or her brother Brad’s, slept with them in their rooms, instead of in the loft. I’d lain in that bed with her many nights, wishing I could touch her like a lover. Now it seemed like a dream that it was finally going to happen.

After we finished cleaning we went to the little store in town. We bought food for dinner for the two nights we’d be staying, plus some scented candles, and, since we were too young to buy wine in our state, we got a bottle of sparkling cider.

We took a long walk on the beach before we set about fixing dinner. Both of us are decent cooks so we worked together. We had decided on a light meal because we were planning some strenuous activities later. I cooked some chicken breasts and sliced them to add to the Caesar salad Dani made. I dipped some strawberries in melted semi-sweet chocolate to create her favorite dessert. When dinner was ready we started a blaze in the fireplace and set up the little table that we used for playing cards in front of it. Dani popped open the cider and poured it into wine glasses. We put some classical music on the CD player. Both of us secretly love classical music, but what teenager is going to admit that?

We held hands while we ate, letting go only when we had to in order to cut something. I looked at her beautiful face and wondered just when it was I fell in love with her. She’d had the same curly honey blonde hair all her life and those big, blue eyes. Her mouth had always been a little pink rosebud. She had always been petite so it was no surprise when she stopped growing at five foot two and a half (she was insistent that nobody forget that half inch!). She was a curvy 115 pounds except for those few days a month when she “ballooned” up to 117 and got cranky. Every single thing about her was as familiar as my own body, including how she looked under her clothes.

We’d never been shy about undressing in front of each other. I’d seen the lovely ripe breasts as they developed and watched her hips go from little girl flat to womanly rounded. When did I stop taking her for granted as my best friend and begin to want to take her in my arms as a lover? I couldn’t remember when it happened. It seemed to have grown as naturally as we had grown and matured.

“I love you, Dani. I love you with every part of my heart and soul,” I told her. She put down the last strawberry, which she had been about to eat, stood up, and reached for my hand.

“I love you, too, Annie. Come and let me show you how much.”

I took her hand and we went into her bedroom. As soon as we cleared the doorway we turned to each other and took possession of each other’s mouths. The drive for sex was strong, but the need to express our love was stronger. We kissed slowly, deeply, and thoroughly. I knew I’d never be able to get through another day without tasting her lips like this. It seemed like we had been kissing forever when I felt her lifting the bottom of my T-shirt. I raised my arms and let her remove it and then took hers off. I reached around and unhooked her bra and held it in place as she unhooked mine. We dropped them to the floor at the same time and pressed our breasts together as we kissed again. Every fiber of my being was on fire for her, but I wanted this to be slow and tender, so I resisted the urge to press my mouth to her nipple.

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