Annie Wants a Baby

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Shortly after Annie turned 29, her biological clock went off in a big way. Over the course of a few short weeks, she became baby crazy, to the point she was bitterly jealous of anybody with a child. Looking at her, it was hard to see why she was having such trouble getting pregnant; standing at 5’7″ tall, with wavy golden-red hair, deep green eyes, few freckles, beautiful pale skin, breasts that fluctuated between a C and D cup, depending on the bra, and an effortlessly trim figure, much to the envy of every woman she met. Despite her beauty, she was single, with no time for the dating game due to the demands of her HR job in a large corporation. Sure, adoption was an option…for other women, but Annie would have none of it; she wanted a baby to grow inside her, one that she could say was unquestionably hers.

Annie was feeling especially desperate for a child around the time when she had to travel home for her father’s 50th birthday party. Long ago, she’d decided to take a month off work in order to catch up with her family. She assumed her younger brother, Jeff, would have done the same. A few days before heading home for the party, though, she received a text message from him saying that his fiancee, Sally, was really feeling sick and so he could only spend 2 days at most away from her. Fucking typical Sally. Annie had never liked her brother’s fiancee, who always seemed to ooze an attitude of “I’m better than you” whenever she was around Annie.

It probably didn’t help that everyone who had met both girls commented on how remarkably similar they looked. Same hair, same eyes, and same blessed chests. While Annie was disappointed that Jeff’s visit home would be cut drastically short, it’d be great to have some time alone without fucking Sally around. All this was swimming around Annie’s head on the 5 hour drive to her hometown from the city she now called home. She smirked to herself, wondering if she was a bitch for being happy about Sally’s illness. Hell, she’s probably not even sick. Probably just on her…period. And that’s when it hit Annie. What fucking awful luck, her most fertile time this month would just happen to be the few days either side of the party. There’s no way she’d meet and have sex with anyone at her father’s birthday party. They’d all be too old, or too related to her. And that’s when Annie had the strangest thought she’d had in quite some time.

No, no way. That’s too gross and desperate, even for you. No matter how much you want a kid, there’s no way in hell you’d seriously consider THAT, is there? A moment passed and she felt a familiar warm tingling in her crotch. Hmm, apparently so. Sure, why not? It’s worth a try. Just don’t tell him why exactly, and Jeff would be ecstatic to fuck you. Lord knows he’s had a huge crush on you forever.

That’s when Annie decided to have her brother’s baby.

Apart from that, the long drive home was pretty uneventful.

Annie arrived home and settled into her old room as though she’d been away for weeks, instead of almost a year. Jeff had arrived less than an hour before her. Her father was thrilled to have his beautiful daughter home for a whole month, and was just as happy that his son Jeff would be home for a couple of days. Instead of unpacking, the family spent a while catching up on each other’s lives before their father was called away on business. Apparently, even when you’re self-employed, you don’t get too much time to yourself or your kids. Once their father had left, the two kids continued their catch-up until Jeff politely excused himself to go and unpack his suitcase properly. Annie considered following him upstairs, but instead took the opportunity to properly prepare for her confrontation with Jeff.

Sneaking past his room to her own, Annie shut her door quietly and changed from her lazy driving clothes into what she called her “sexy yet casual” summer dress, a loose dress with a nice floral pattern on a black background and a hemline that sat just above her knees. Sure, it was a simple cotton thing, but she’d always liked the way the dress had complimented her figure and its considerably revealing neckline. After making a few adjustments, she felt that she was ready and approached Jeff’s door with determination.

“Jeff?” He was hanging up what she assumed was his outfit for the party, a predictably conservative long-sleeve shirt and sensible dark dress pants.

“Uh-huh,” he replied, without turning around.

“Look, I really need to talk to you about something that’s been bugging me for a while now.” That got his attention; he turned around, concerned.

“Yeah? What’s up, Annie?” She crossed the threshold into his room.

“Not quite sure how to say this, but…” She tussled her hair, hoping it would look like a nervous habit. “Um…I know about your feelings for me, Jeff.” She felt her face turning a bright red, but hers was nothing compared to Jeff’s face. Jeff was clearly lost for words; he simply stood there, mouth agape. The silence was deafening, and Annie had no choice but to continue. “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and…” Annie stepped closer to her brother while a hand Davazlar Escort reached behind her and silently unzipped her dress. “…And oh God, I want you too, Jeff.” She delicately slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders and it fell to the floor, barely making a sound. She stood there, gazing into Jeff’s face while he tried to process the sight of his older sister standing completely naked in his childhood bedroom, begging him to fuck her. As the walls of the room could attest, this was something he spent many, many late nights fantasising about. And now that the moment had finally come, against all odds, he could only think of Sally.

“But…Sally…I’m, uh, we’re engaged.”

“As some incredibly wise person said, dear brother, what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. One bit.” Oh God, her breasts. And, oh shit oh shit, her pussy…it looks so smooth. “Come on, Jeff…”

That was all it took.

Despite his trembling hands, he undid his belt and removed his pants faster than he’d ever done before, revealing his …decidedly average cock, very hard at 6 inches. Sure, she’d had bigger, but fuck it, she needs a baby. She removed the rest of the distance between them and kissed him briefly on the mouth, whispered in his ear as lustfully as she could muster, “Fuck me, little brother.” Next, he felt himself being led to his bed, where Annie lay down with her legs spread wide, her breasts jiggling with every small movement she made, and began slowly rubbing her clitoris. Jeff could she she wasn’t faking her enthusiasm, as her smooth vagina was glistening moistly in the golden afternoon sun.

“Uh, Annie? I, um, didn’t bring any condoms?” Fuck! You stupid idiot, of all the things you could say to her?

“Shh, it’s fine, I’m on the pill. Just…Dad could be back soon! Please, I need you inside me, Jeff.” That was enough for Jeff, and you couldn’t really blame him. He’d wanted Annie since he was 16. Now, 9 years later, he was finally getting his wish. Forgetting he still had his damn polo shirt on, he climbed on top of her, sliding his cock into her warm and welcoming pussy and began thrusting with undeniable enthusiasm, grunting with each thrust inside her. Annie obviously needed a bit more to match her brother’s levels of excitement, so she asked her brother, “Mmm, can you just…shift a little bit? I wanna cum while you fuck me.” Jeff happily obliged his sister, and propped himself up by his arms while she rubbed her clit back and forth with one hand, and used the other hand to play with her breasts, again for Jeff’s benefit. Watching his sister rub and pinch her own nipples, masturbating as he fucked her, was too much for Jeff and seconds later, before he could warn her, his body was jerking madly.

“Uggghhh…” he moaned loudly, shooting thick white cum inside his sister’s pussy. Annie could feel each spurt of cum, there must have been almost a dozen in total. She was undeniably unsatisfied with the sex, but at least she had his cum inside her, when she was most fertile.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, I’m so sorry, Annie,” Jeff moaned. “I, I haven’t cum in forever, with Sally being sick and everything, and she hates it when I jerk myself off, she says my cum belongs to her or something, I…I’m sorry.” He propped himself up again and began withdrawing his now virtually soft cock from her.

“Oh no, Jeff.” He felt a firm hand on his ass, preventing his withdrawal. “You’re going to fuck me again. Now.” Clearly, Jeff realised, Annie was a girl who would not stop until she got what she wanted.

Annie was now quite used to raising a cock from the dead for another round of fucking. She released his ass cheek from her grip and used her hand to pull her brother’s face to her own. She gazed deep into his brown eyes as her mouth found his and began kissing her brother passionately and almost forcefully. He moaned, she moaned back. She ran her fingers through his short, dark hair with one hand and rubbed his back and ass with the other. He opened his mouth and, with slight hesitation, she allowed his tongue to dance with hers. She let this continue for about 30 seconds before breaking the kiss, and released his head, instead grabbing his hand with hers. Jeff watched as Annie moved his hand to her breast, and he began squeezing. She could tell it was working; the soft cock inside her was rising again, promising her another, longer round of taboo babymaking.

The thought of finally becoming pregnant to her brother excited and aroused Annie much more than the thought of fucking her average-looking brother with his average-sized cock ever could. Especially the thought of being pumped full of another round of cum while he fucked the last round of cum deeper and deeper into her pussy. Without even realising it at first, Annie found herself humping Jeff’s hardening cock, moaning loudly each time his cock was deepest inside her. Naturally, Jeff was thrilled to see his beautiful sister enjoying his cock with such vigour. He propped himself up by grabbing her breasts, squeezing them with each thrust, and looked intensely into his sister’s beautiful green eyes.

“Ooooh, Davazlar Escort Bayan fuck me, Jeff…fill me with your cum!” Oh shit, what if that sounded like all she wanted was his cum? “I’ve wanted you for years, babe. This is like a dream come true…” Yeah, that should do.

“Mmmm, me too, Annie…” Sounds like she enjoys dirty talk. In reality, it aroused Jeff much more than it aroused Annie, but she let him continue. “God I love your big tits, and the feel of my cock inside your beautiful warm and wet cunt…” If only he knew how much Annie hated that awful word.

The pair continued fucking for several minutes, Jeff enjoying the view too much to ever suggest a change of position. Annie summoned all her acting skills to convince him she was enjoying the sex just as much as he was. Before long, though, she really just wanted it to finish.

“Mmmmm, Jeffy…God, I can’t wait to see your face as you shoot inside me!” He was sweating profusely now, apparently under the delusion he was a sex god, fucking her harder than any man had ever fucked a woman. “I’m gonna touch myself again, babe, try not to cum just yet…” She started rubbing her clit for the first time since she made him cum too early the first time. This was the only way she was ever able to cum during sex, and at times like these she very much envied those few women who could cum purely from vaginal sex. She started rubbing back and forth with her index and middle fingers, carefully avoiding scratching his cock as he fucked and she rubbed. Jeff craned his neck and looked eagerly down at his sister pleasuring herself while he pounded her pussy hard and fast. Annie thought about the ocean of her brother’s cum that was surely about to fill her incredibly fertile womb. She thought about one day giving birth to a baby girl (or boy, it really didn’t matter to her), while Jeff remained unaware he was the father (and uncle).

She imagined herself 8 and a half months pregnant, what her stomach would look like with her brother’s baby inside it. She imagined lactating, late night feedings, parent-teacher meetings, Christmas shopping, changing nappies. In short, she thought about every aspect of motherhood while she masturbated and her brother fucked her. Less than a minute later, she felt the wave approaching, and she almost squealed when it hit her. Her stomach tightened, her eyes widened and her pupils dilated, her face turned red and she convulsed uncontrollably. Her pussy tightened and tightened around her brother’s hard cock, pulling him deeper and deeper inside her. She moaned and he moaned when the feeling of his sister’s pussy tightening around him once again became too much to bear. He came again, even harder this time. His whole body jerked and jerked. He collapsed onto her, his face narrowly missing colliding with hers. As he lay there with his head resting on her beautiful hair, she couldn’t help but ask:

“That was it?”

Despite the intense orgasm, she counted one, maybe one and a half, wads of cum that shot inside her. Annie had always heard that guys need a while to recharge after orgasms, and was no stranger to giving men their second wind, but…seriously? Maybe part of her assumed she was special, and that her lust for pregnancy would somehow rapidly improve her brother’s sperm production. But…realistically, she supposed, she shouldn’t have been surprised. Hell, she was lucky to have any sperm inside her at the moment, let alone such a massive first load.

“I sincerely hope that was a joke, Annie! I’m fucking exhausted,” Jeff panted.

“Of course I’m joking, baby. That was one goddamn intense orgasm.”

“Yours too, Annie. Fuck, you get tight when you cum!”

“I don’t normally, but I guess you could say I had more exciting thoughts than usual this afternoon.”

Jeff laughed, “You can say that again!” But of course, they were both aroused by different aspects of the afternoon’s activities.

“Well anyway, I hate to do this, but…we seriously have no idea when Dad’s going to come back, so…we should probably call it quits for the moment.”

“Oh, goddamn. Right. I’d completely forgotten about him, actually… But yeah, thanks so, so much, Annie…I won’t forget this afternoon, I guarantee that.”

“No no, thank you, Jeff. You’ve given me a gift very few sisters receive from their brothers.” She winked as she sat up on the bed. “But don’t rest too easily, little brother. We’re certainly not done here. I’m sure we’ll have another opportunity after the party tomorrow.” She stood up, found her dress again, and left before giving him a chance to respond.

Back in her room, for almost 20 minutes, Annie lay on her bed with her legs high in the air, trying to keep as much of her brother’s seed inside her as she could. Well, she thought, I should probably get a pregnancy test in a week or so.

The next 24 hours passed with little fanfare. Annie and Jeff may have been closer than usual, but their father attributed that to the fact they hadn’t seen each other for several months. At the party, Jeff wore the outfit Annie witnessed Escort Davazlar him unpack, while she wore a decidedly sexy outfit, especially for the high-powered executive her father had described to his friends. While they were expecting her to appear in a goddamn business suit or something, Annie chose to wear her red dress, with its spaghetti straps that criss-crossed her otherwise bear back. The bust was, much like the back, very revealing, and at times Annie was almost concerned that her tits would slip out in front of everyone. In terms of length, it ended several inches above her knees, and just a few below the curve of her ass. Needless to say, the dress was quite a hit with the men at the party, and especially Jeff, who was powerless to think of anything (or anyone) else at the party. After a couple of hours and several alcoholic drinks she pretended to drink, Annie decided she was bored of the party and “drunkenly” begged Jeff to take her home. By this point, her father was quite tired of her attention seeking behaviour and urged Jeff to grant her request “before she does something especially stupid.” Jeff, almost as fine an actor as his sister, reluctantly left the party with his fake-drunk sister.

In the car, Jeff confronted Annie about her drinking that night. She couldn’t help but laugh. “I haven’t had a single drop tonight. I gave up alcohol months ago.”

“Then…why act like that? I think Dad was pretty pissed with you.”

“He’ll get over it, probably drink himself to oblivion and forget all about tonight anyway. And I acted like that, Jeff, because I’m really, really horny…I told you we’d get another opportunity, didn’t I?” With that, she let her tits out of their very precarious position in the dress. They bounced happily, finally free of the rather constricting silken fabric. Jeff struggled to take his eyes away from his sister, and almost hit an oncoming car.

“Shiiiit!” He swerved back onto his side of the road.

“Ooops! Better watch the road, little brother. I’m the drunk one, not you, remember?”

“Well fuck, don’t distract me, Annie!”

“So…if I started playing with myself? That’d probably be distracting, right?” Annie was soon discovering she really liked teasing her little brother. Not waiting for an answer, she shifted the dress up the few inches necessary and began sliding her fingers left and right across her clit. “Mmmmm, I want your big cock inside me, Jeff…I want you to fuck me hard and fast in my bed…”

Jeff broke several road laws on the short drive to his father’s house that night.

Knowing it was exciting her brother almost to the point of insanity, Annie let her breasts remain free, happily watching Jeff watch them bounce all the way to the front door of the house. She giggled like a drunken schoolgirl as he tried to hide his erection and ensure the neighbours weren’t watching his sister exposing herself. Jeff struggled opening the front door, his hands trembling from embarrassment, nervousness and lust. He finally succeeded, and he grabbed Annie’s hand and led her inside, where she turned him around and started kissing his warm mouth. She pressed her breasts against him and playfully spanked his ass while she drove her tongue into his mouth. He moaned, very much enjoying his sister’s obvious lust. Her eyes fixed on his, she felt her way to Jeff’s belt and effortlessly unbuckled it. She slid a hand down the front of his pants and underneath his tight underpants, and firmly grabbed his cock in her fist. Naturally, it was already very hard and throbbed hotly in her grip. “Mmmmmm, yeah, Annie…” he moaned. Just then, his mobile phone began to ring.

“Just leave it, Jeff…I need your cock…” Unlike yesterday, she was feeling genuinely attracted to him, and really did want to fuck him, regardless of how much or how little cum she would get. He ignored her, and reached into his pocket.

“It could be Dad, checking we got home okay.” That was when he saw that Sally was calling him. “Oh fuck, it’s Sally. I gotta take this, Annie.”

“No, you don’t, Jeff. Please.” He reached for the Answer button and Annie snapped. “Oh god fucking damn it, Jeff! It’s me you want! Everyone knows that bitch is just a bad substitute for me.”

Jeff was well aware of the jokes, that his fiancée looked remarkably like his sister. He’d always just laugh off the comments, telling himself that he couldn’t see the resemblance. Sure, they both had red hair,but that was all. But when Annie made her comment, his unconscious mind was faced with a tough decision: admit that, yes, he planned to marry a girl who looked like his sister, or to continue living in denial. Unfortunately, Jeff’s mind chose the latter. Any chance that he’d fuck his sister was now completely gone from his mind and cock, replaced with rage. He pushed Annie hard enough that she fell hard on her ass; high heels were never designed with off-balance girls in mind. He hurried off to his room, answering Sally’s call just before it went to voicemail – something Sally never allows. As she clumsily picked herself up from the hard floor, Annie heard Jeff muttering, “Sorry love, Annie dressed like a slut and made a dick of herself in front of everyone so I had to take her home. She just fell over in the foyer.” Annie went to her room, slamming the door angrily just before bursting into tears. She didn’t see Jeff before he left early the next morning, and perhaps that was for the best.

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