Ann’s Surprise From Santa Ch. 3

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Ann and Sabrina had talked over their worries about the change in Ann’s situation and the fact that for a while at least she was going to have to share her two lovers with another woman. A woman that had already made love to Ann, and to Ann’s surprise she too had enjoyed the new experience.

“Well, what are we going to do this afternoon?” Asked Sabrina.

“How about giving the boys a real show? They enjoy watching me play with my toys, so lets give them a show with both of us playing with each other.” Ann suggested excitedly.

“Something really different, but we’ll have to play this game really carefully.” said Sabrina conspiratorially.

Ann and Sabrina made their plans for a sex show with a difference.

Peter and Don had gone outside to get on with the chores.

“Things are getting interesting, what do you reckon mate?” Peter asked.

“At least we wont have to share for a while,” said Don.

“What do you mean not share, don’t you want to screw Sabrina?” Peter enquired.

“Ann’s enough woman for me and Sabrina’s a bit skinny” Don replied.

“Fine by me. Now lets get these boards nailed in place. Then we can have a beer on the porch. Job and knock. OK?”

The last eight weather boards were neatly nailed onto the new shed, which was now complete and ready to be fitted out as the playroom during the summer.

Peter and Don got their beers, and sat on the porch in the warm afternoon sun.

“Ah there you are!” said Ann from the door making the men turn round to look at her.

“Would you like to come inside? I’ve something to show you two.” She invited them to go inside the house.

Once inside, they took in the scene. The women had pulled the sofa to the far side of Ann’s large lounge and laid a quilt and some pillows on the wooden floor in front of the sofa. The stage was set for something different.

Peter had already noticed that Ann was wearing her new bustier they’d bought her for Easter. She was a vision of sensuality with her waist pulled in, with her large breasts pushed up to give an impressive cleavage. Stockings and a thong finished off the outfit. Over the top of the bustier she also wore a silk rap, on her feet were black stiletto shoes. She looked like a real madam.

Sabrina was dressed in a simple shift and stockings, which enhanced her slim form and made her look like the ladies hand maid.

In front of the stage the women had placed two wooden chairs from the kitchen.

“Gentlemen” said Ann “please remove all your clothes and sit down”

Not suspecting anything untoward Peter and Don complied with her request and they were soon naked sitting on the wooden chairs, ready for what ever was about to happen.

“Now gentlemen it is very important that you remain seated throughout our cabaret, so to make sure of this we will need to tie you up” Ann continued and taking three pieces of rope proceeded to start tying Don to his chair whilst Sabrina used three more pieces of soft rope to tie Peter to his chair.

Peter and Don looked at one another, feeling just a little uneasy not having been tied up before themselves, though they’d tied Ann up many times during the long winter months.

“Now, don’t get too aroused before we start” said Ann, as both men were quite clearly becoming hard as the women tied them to the chairs with their arms behind their backs, as each women bent down to tie their ankles to the legs of the chairs. The men could feel their warm breath on their thighs also the sight of scantily clad and very sexy women so close but not touching them was torture. Peter tried to push himself toward Sabrina, but she moved away telling him “No… you wait and watch, this is going to be so fucking sexy you’ll explode by the time we’ve finished”.

With both men firmly tethered, sitting naked, very aroused, on hard wooden chairs Ann took charge of the scene.

“Sabrina would you be so kind and fetch my toys I wish for you, to arouse me” Sabrina obeyed Ann’s instructions, and returned from the bedroom with Ann’s bag of toys. Placing them on the quilt in front of Ann who now lay sprawled on the sofa with her bottom right on the edge, Sabrina asked “Which would Milady like me to use first?”

“First you can remove my panties, but make sure our audience can see your every move” Ann instructed.

Sabrina stood to the left of Ann’s legs with her feet together, bending forward from the hips and keeping her legs straight, she took hold of the waistband of Ann’s knickers and pulled them down to her thighs and past her knees. Allowing Ann, to lift one leg up and out of her thong revealing her moist quim.

With one leg freed, Ann flicked the thong in Don’s Yazıbaşı Escort direction; they floated and dropped at his feet. Now totally exposed Ann parted her legs revealing her shaven and visibly moist quim, to the literally captive audience. Both men were sporting huge throbbing erections that they couldn’t touch or fondle.

“This is exquisite torture,” said Peter.

“I do hope this is going to continue for awhile, the feeling of arousal is so intense I want to see how it will end” Don replied grinning at the girls on the erotic stage.

“What now milady?” asked Sabrina

“You may remove your own panties if you wish, as I’d like to see your pretty little pussy up close” Ann instructed.

Turning towards Don and Peter, Sabrina smiled at them and removed her knickers as she bent down and forward, Ann exclaimed with delight “Oh, honey that looks good enough to eat. May I indulge?”

“Why sure, how would you like to eat it?” Sabrina asked Ann, as she turned to look at this large sexy woman with absolute lust in her eyes, lying spread out on the sofa.

“Pass me my big pink vibe, then stand on the sofa, and sit on my face I’m sure our boys will enjoy the show.”

Sabrina picked up the pink vibrator switched it on and passed it to Ann. Sabrina then climbed onto the sofa with her legs either side of Ann’s head, holding onto the back of the seat and she gently lowered herself onto Ann’s face and eager tongue. As Ann buried her face, into the young woman’s quim.

Sabrina shrieked “God woman, you’re a frigging natural, gently, gently don’t make me cum to quick” She lifted herself slightly to make Ann give lighter licks with her tongue. When Ann got the idea of exactly how Sabrina wanted her to stimulate her quim, she lowered herself back down onto her face allowing Ann to drink and taste her juices.

Sabrina had to hold onto the back of the sofa with all her strength as her body shook with little shocks of pleasure. As Ann got into her stride, her big pink vibrator, buzzed into action, she started to tease her own hot sex with the soft latex phallus. Both women moaned together as the pleasure of their exhibition started to overcome them and they forgot about their audience.

Sitting tied to their hard wooden chairs Peter and Don sat entranced watching the show unfold in front of their eyes.

None of them had heard the kitchen door open and close a few seconds before.

Karen one of Ann’s neighbours, had decided to bring over an apple and pecan pie as a surprise.

Karen had called out but hadn’t got a reply, she’d come into the kitchen, put the pie on the table and walked into the lounge, she stopped dead in her tracks as the scene she saw registered in her shocked brain.

Karen froze not knowing what to do, no one noticed her and the air was full of the musky smell of sex and the moans and sighs of pleasure. She slowly backed up returning to the kitchen, opened the door and was outside again in the warm spring sun, she started to walk away from the house.

Her mind was in a turmoil the scene that she had seen inside Ann’s lounge was replaying itself over and over in her head. Karen stopped by the woodpile and rested against it, her breathing was hard and ragged, there was a light film of perspiration all over her body, and her quim tingled. A sudden a breeze blew up the skirt of her dress and caressed her inner thigh bringing an involuntary moan from her lips.

Karen found her hand had lifted the hem of her skirt and slid between her legs, God, she felt hot and hadn’t had sex for such a long time she couldn’t help herself as she slipped her fingers inside her knickers, and found wet quim.

Oh what the hell? I want to feel like a real woman for once, look at the size of those cocks? Dave’s only small compared to them.

Wow what are you thinking of girl. You’ve only ever been with one man and now you want to join in at an orgy!

Feeling like she was in a trance Karen took her hand from her knickers and walked back to the house, she opened the door and crept back into the lounge.

Sabrina was very close to coming and spoke words of breathless encouragement to Ann, as she sucked and licked on her quim. This was so sexy having the men tied up just watching only 10 feet away.

Ann was near coming herself and wanted to time her orgasm to coincide with Sabrina’s. She pumped the large pink vibrator in and out of her glistening quim, bringing her climax closer as the young woman sitting on her face pushed her quim harder into her eager mouth.

Karen wanted to join in, her hand had gone back into her knickers and a finger was rubbing her clit in a slow Yazıbaşı Escort circular motion as she stared at those lovely hard cocks that were just begging for attention. She didn’t know if she should.

Her other hand had undone the top buttons her frock and was kneading one breast and pinching the nipple. She stood with her fingers in her knickers watching the exhibition. Her eyes jumped between the sofa and the two hard cocks, minutes ticked by and she started to feel totally different inside herself.

Still in a quandary with her thoughts, Karen stripped all her clothes and walked forward, but before she was seen by any of them,

Sabrina screamed “Oh yes, yes, yes I’m coming don’t stop”

“Come baby come” mumbled Ann, as her own body convulsed into orgasm.

Peter and Don were hypnotised and didn’t notice Karen drop to the floor and crawl between them. She took a hard cock in each hand and started to hand-fuck them, she bent forward and took Peter’s erection into her mouth.

Peter and Don looked down in amazement as Karen took hold of them.

Don started to thrust involuntarily and Karen took her head off Peter’s cock and started sucking on him.

His cum roared through his engorged member and shot into Karen’s willing mouth she swallowed all of it.

Peter called out “Oh fuck I’m going to come as well”

Karen quickly stopped sucking Don, and took his cock into her mouth leaving Don to relish in his after glow.

Peter shot his load into Karen mouth and again she swallowed greedily. Savouring the taste as it slid down her throat.

Ann and Sabrina look on stunned at the new arrival as she sucked both men off and swallowed their cum.

“Karen!” exclaimed Ann at her friend’s actions “You were the last person I’d have expected to come and join us. Try this!”

Ann came forward and pushed her big pink vibrator deep into Karen’s gaping quim, she pushed her arse backwards impaling herself on the buzzing phallus. Ann knelt behind Karen, holding the end of the vibrator in her fist she pushed the trembling plastic end-cap against her own quim. She then started to thrust back and forth fucking Karen’s quim with the pink latex toy.

At the sight of Ann fucking Karen, Sabrina was unable to control herself; she picked up another of Ann’s toys, a large dildo. She laid down with her arse on the sofa and her shoulders on the floor, in a jack-knife position her feet either side of her head, bent almost double she could watch as the large dildo slid into her quim and also see her new lady lover screwing Karen.

“Ah, come on let us free!” Pleaded Don.

“Yeh! Come on enough is enough. Let us free” chorused Peter.

“No!” Ann said. “We will let them suffer a little longer. It will make them more obedient.”

Karen had not let go of Peter’s and Don’s cocks, her continued attention had kept them both firm.

“YES! YES! YES! OH YES” screamed Sabrina.

They all turned to watch as Sabrina pulled the huge dildo from her gaping quent and thrust it into her pulsating anus whilst frantically frigging her clit with the fingers of her other hand.

“Fuck me! Look at that!” exclaimed Peter, “She’s got that thing in her arse. Oh boy let me free, please.” He begged.

“Yes free them both, let them come to me,” Sabrina requested.

Karen had already started to untie Peter’s legs. But she couldn’t reach his hands, because she couldn’t bring herself to pull her quim off the pink vibrator buried in her womb. Ann pushed forwards so Karen could reach Peter’s bonds. Finally Peter was free, but with Karen pressed into his tummy he still couldn’t go to go and help Sabrina in her quest for bliss. He grabbed Karen’s shoulders and with brute force lifted her. Only to drop her onto Don’s lap.

“Come on… let me free.” Don begged.

Peter stood rubbing his arms to bring the blood and feeling back into his cramped muscles. He quickly untied his friends hands, but to late Karen, had started to suck his cock again and all Don could do was grab hold of her head and guide it up and down on his enflamed penis.

“Thanks mate” said Don. “Go get her I’ll get there when I can” he laughed.

Peter was in a quandary of what to do next now he was free. But Ann solved the problem by saying, “Don’t just stand there get that cock in me”

She bent herself forward over Karen’s back. Peter squatted behind Ann and pushed his cock into her quim making sure it was well lubricated with her freely flowing juices. He withdrew from her quim and pushed the purple head of his cock into her tight hole.

“Ooooh yeeeees” Ann crooned, “That’s’ just what I need a good arse fucking”

Peter Escort Yazıbaşı got a good rhythm screwing Ann’s tight arse with long, firm, deep, strokes.

The air was full of moans of pleasure and the smell of sex. Somehow Don managed to pull himself away from Karen’s mouth. He then lifted her from under Ann’s crouching form letting Ann lower her head to the floor.

Don sat Karen down on the sofa next to Sabrina, who was still screwing her own arse with the big dildo. He pulled Karen towards him, by the hips, her bottom hung over the sofa’s edge, then pushing her thighs wide apart, he buried his face in her quim.

Karen went wild! She had not had a man eat her for months, her hips bucked forcing Don to hold her down so he could keep contact with pulsating cunny, and avoid suffering whiplash.

“Steady on woman” Don said lifting himself from Karen’s soaking quim “Or you’ll break my neck and then we’ll all be sorry”

“Sorry, But its just soooo fucking nice” said Karen breathlessly.

Sabrina rolled back onto her knees next to Don. She turned and kissed him full on the lips, as they parted she gently pushed herself past him and buried her head into Karen’s quim. Don took one look at Sabrina’s still open arse-hole and with no preliminaries mounted her. She gave a muffled moan, as she greedily licked at Karen’s slick quim.

“Now this is the life, huh Mate?” said Peter as he continued to screw Ann’s tight arse.

“Fuck but I’m getting knackered though, fancy changing venue to the bedroom or the bath house”

At that moment Karen let a long wailing moan as Sabrina made her cum. As Karen’s climax subsided.

Sabrina feeling the hot jets of Don’s cum pushed backwards forcing him into a kneeling position, she then lifted herself up and turned round, pushing her quim into his face “Eat me, you bastard” She demanded, and Don buried his face into her quim, licking and sucking for all he was worth. “No not my cunt! Lick my arse suck your cum out of it.” She demanded.

Peter called “Yes now” As both he and Ann came together, she fell forward flat on her tummy wrenching herself free of Peter. His hot creamy cum pumped from his cock, spattering her buttocks and back with the creamy, gooey essence.

The lasciviousness of what she saw was enough to push Sabrina over the edge once more. She came falling backward and side ways onto the sofa just missing Karen.

Don, whose cock had hardened once more, pulled himself forward taking Karen by the hips he pulled her onto his cock. Plunging deep in her, he screwed her hard and fast, the way he liked to fuck. Karen was frigging her clit as Don just raced to his own climax. Both were without any thought for their partner, to cum was each one’s sole thought. Karen’s climax ripped through her body like an earth tremor, just as Don shot another load into her shuddering body.

Don fell forward and kissed Karen, and then he kissed Sabrina pulling both women to him in a firm hug. All three hugged and kissed smiling at each other.

“Fuck, that was good,” sighed Sabrina.

“God, what have I done?” exclaimed Karen as the cold light of day came to her and she realised what had just transpired. She’d been married to her husband for 20 years and he’d been her first and only man. Now She’d sucked two men off, been screwed by her best friend with a pink vibrator, eaten and bought off by a woman of mixed race, and finally screwed hard and rough by an Englishman.

“You’ve done nothing wrong. Don’t start going on a guilt trip” said Ann reprovingly.

“But, but …” said Karen looking like a rabbit caught in the headlights.

“But nothing,” snapped Ann. “You, we have just had fantastic sex, so shut-up and just enjoy the feeling, and come here and give us a hug, you big beautiful woman”

Peter flopped down next to Sabrina and Ann next to Karen. She pulled her friend to her and kissed her lightly on the mouth Karen responded and opened her lips to allow Ann to kiss her properly, as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

All five hugged, kissed, and fondled for a while longer until the cold air of the evening started to overcome their sated passions.

Peter was the first to get up and go to the bathhouse, to stoke the boiler.

Apart from Karen they all sat in the large steaming tub, content and relaxed.

Ann moved over to her friend and looked her straight in the eye.

“Come on, stop fretting you have nothing to feel guilty about, you know Dave has been screwing around for years. So now it’s your turn to have some fun” Ann said as she took her friends chin in her fingers and gently kissed her on the lips.

Karen bent forward and buried her face into Ann’s shoulder sobbing. “I know, I know” she sobbed, “But it was just so wonderful, and I want to do it all again” she said as she laughed and cried at the same time smiling at her best friend and her new lovers.

They all hugged and embraced, kissing and fondling each other.

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