Another Encounter With Seema

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After our first encounter I received a call from Seema, inviting me over dinner at her home. Her roommate had gone to her native place & she was home alone.

I thought it was a great idea and agreed to meet her at 8:00 PM.

I was excited as I headed for her home. I knocked on door & she opened the door, smiled, waved me in and turned around and walked combing her long hair. She wore a thin loose cotton gown. The gown was so transparent, that I could see the curve of her hips and legs & the clear profile of her breasts, and nipples. I could feel a stir in my pants.

I had carried a bottle of whisky with me, which I put on table. Seeing the bottle she got some ice & water from refrigerator. I have ordered some Noodles & Chicken. Hope that is Ok.” Or you need some more. I said that is ok & asked to join me for drinks.

She refused & poured coke for her. I forcefully poured some whisky in her coke glass & we sat there talking and watching TV.

She told me she separated from her husband two years back since then I am the first man in her life. In the fifth year of marriage something went wrong & she could not bear any children. Her husband was a very horny man & she too was equally horny. They used to fuck a lot, much more often than normal married couple’. It was bad luck that she could not bear a child & this was the main reason for her husband to drift away from her & we they finally had to separate.

Since her separation she never had dreamt even of getting close to any other man. She had never made love to anybody else except husband before but the she her self don’t know why she is getting close to me.

Tears ran down her cheek, I got up & wrapped my hands around her and pulled her. We held on to each other. I could feel her breasts crushing into my chest. Our lips came together & I slowly pushed my tongue to meet hers and she responded. We continued to hold close and play with the tongue for a while.

“We shouldn’t be doing this you know, but I don’t know why I have agreed to all this” she said as my hand unbuttoned the buttons of her gown. Gently slipping my hand and cupping her bare breast I gently squeezed her breast and circled my fingers around her nipple, pinched it and played with it. I slowly let the kiss go, moved my tongue along her neck and chest and lowered my mouth on to her nipple. I sucked her hard and flipped tongue all over her nipple.

I pulled the gown of her & it fell down and exposed her naked body. I helped her on to the bed and laid her down. She lay with her eyes closed and her breasts waiting for the promised pleasure. I quickly took off my bursa evi olan escort pants and Shirt. She was wearing a very sexy underwear. Spreading her legs I got between them and pushing her panties aside

I held her knees and spread her legs wide. Her cunt was now mercilessly open, she kept her eyes closed and moaned softly. I moved my face & kissed her cunt lips & rolled my tongue over her cunt lips and clit. Seema was now propped up on her elbows and watching my mouth make love to her cunt.

I inserted my tongue in her, twirled my tongue inside, while my fingers massaged her clit, make her moan loud. Her body was moving all over in pleasure. I started to suck her clit and finger her pussy, alternating from sucking her pussy to rubbing her clit. She was so close, I moved a bit faster, until I could feel her getting stiff, and suddenly, she burst. An orgasm ripped through her, and I kept on going, there was no stopping her. She was moaning and screaming in pleasure, ” Ohhh, I have never felt this before, what did u just do??” I continued, and she had another and another, until she couldnt’ take it anymore, ”

After a minute or so, she made me lie on my back, & placed her fingers over my mouth and proceeded to massage my lips letting one finger slip inside and teased my tongue. Removing her fingers, she kissed my lips, letting her tongue trace a soft, sensuous wet path all over my lips and around my eager mouth. With her tongue, she probed my lightly closed lips and let it dart inside to flick my tongue. This was repeated several times before she brought her mouth firmly and fully to mine forcing my mouth to open to hers, whereupon she tantalizingly sucked my tongue into her hot mouth, teasing it with her own.

Alternately, she probed inside of my mouth and as deeply into my throat as she could. Simultaneously, let her soft hands wander over my body, her fingernails tracing gentle paths with an occasional tweak of my erect nipples. She would occasionally abandon my mouth, replacing her tongue with two or three fingers while she ran her hot wet tongue over my upper body and suckled my tender nipples, occasionally administering a not so gentle, though not painful, nip.

My testicles had begun to ache and my penis throbbed with the pressure of my erection. I attempted to move Seema to a position that would permit entry into her vagina. Her resistance was gentle, but firm. I then attempted to move her head to my cock. She responded with the same firm resistance. Kissing me passionately she said “ENJOY” and started kissing me all over. Going lower and lower, till she came altıparmak escort to by throbbing cock.

She held it in her hands, and started licking it, gently taking it in her mouth, getting used to the feeling. By this time, I was going crazy, and my mind was spinning. She took more and more of it in her mouth, and her tongue licking my shaft all the way down, she started playing with my balls. Within a minute, she had me all the way in, and starting fucking me with her mouth. Up and down, her tounge running all over my shaft. I knew if I don’t stop her now I will cum. I pulled her from her hairs over me & we were spent the next 10 minutes lying & catching our breath.

I made her lie down, spread her legs. Kissed her all over, up and down her silky body. Licked her pussy till she was soaking wet again, and placed my head at her pussy lips. I kissed her deep, and held her tight. I entered her slowly, pushing deeper and deeper. I held her face, kissed her, and thrust in all the way. I started thrusting in and out, slow at first, slowly building pace. Suddenly she encircled my buttocks with her legs, locked together at her heels; and with a violent thrust of hips locked my throbbing member deep inside her hot paradise. Her strong vaginal muscles seemed to milk the semen from me. For long moments she held me thus and planted long sensuous wet kisses on my face and mouth. Seema release me from her tight grip of legs & my, now soft penis slipped from her.

She said, ” promise me that you will be my lover for ever.” We kept kissing and hugging each other tight and her nails were digging into my back.

She went to bathroom & I poured fresh drinks, we shared the whisky I had brought. I relished the taste of her – more so than the whisky. She bought the Noodles & Chicken & we ate it.

I hugged her to me and ran my hand over her ass. She moved up my body so that my hand could reach down between her legs, and she spread them open for me. She was warm and moist and I allowed my fingers to linger at her opening.

I love it when you put your fingers inside me, She said.

‘Have you ever fucked a girl in her ass?’

‘Yes I said.

I’ve fantasized about it, She said. I love you, you are very gentle and caring.

My strength was finally returning & I rolled her over onto her tummy. She draws her knees up beneath her, raising her ass up into the air, her head still resting on the bed. Positioned on her hands and knees in front of me, I stare wonder at her beauty. I slide my hands over her warm ass, trailing a single fingertip over her rosebud anus. She arches her back, chasing my retreating finger. I grip her ass in both hands, slightly spreading it as my mouth descends to gently kiss that delicate rose. Hungrily my tongue slides from my mouth to lick her.

As she presses back onto my probing tongue, I slip my tongue inside her ass. Harder and harder I press, driving my tongue as deep as I can. Having penetrated her, my tongue slides rapidly in and out. I reach around and grip the front of her thighs to pull her to me, stretching my tongue as far as it can go. Relaxed and open, she welcomed the repeated thrusts of my tongue. She moaned with delight when as she feels my teeth dig into her ass cheek as I bite her.

Doggy style” I whispered & pulling her back, and got to my knees. I pressed the tip of my finger against her ass hole and gently increased the pressure until it slipped into her. My finger sawed in and out of her, loosening up the place after a while I inserted a second finger. she groaned and pushed her ass back towards me.

Pushing myself up, I straddled her hips and rubbed my cock against the opening of her pussy. As I eased it into her she moaned some more and raised her hips.

“Do you want my prick in your ass?” I rasped.

“Mmmm. Yes.”

I stroked her pussy a few times and then pulled out. Pressing the head of my cock against her hole I paused for a moment to regain my control. I pushed forward and my prick slowly slipped in. She squirmed and winced as I stretched her ass.

I pushed for a little, then paused. After she had adjusted to the invasion I pressed forward again. She squealed and wiggled again, so I stopped. “Are you alright?” I asked.

“Yes,” she gasped. “It hurts.

With each gentle stroke it slipped in a little, with everuy push she cried after a little while my cock was buried all the way into her.

I began a slow pumping rhythm, picking up the pace gradually. Soon my hips were slamming into her ass cheeks and my balls were slapping her pussy. Sweat covered our bodies and we seemed to glow in the soft light.

Oh, that feels so good she whispered.

I had a firm grasp on her hips and I could feel a steady stream of cum squirting into my her ass.

As gently as I could I slipped my spent cock out of her. We collapsed onto the bed together. Both of us were gasping, and I rested my head for some moments on her shoulder. She embraced me warmly and kissed me.

We separated with passionate kisses promising to meet as much as possible.

My affair with Seema continued for another 2 year in which we met 5-6 times a month It was an affair which was fulfilling for both of us both physically and emotionally. Our parting on her going back to her native town as her parents had arranged for her re marriage. She is happily married now & lives in Kolkatta fully dedicated to her new husband.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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