Another Sister’s Surprise

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Ava Addams

Summer vacation had started off quite well from my point of view. As you already know, I, David, (forgot to tell you my name earlier) , managed to sneak a peek at my mom’s lovely breasts and had my older sister give me a blow job, (well sort of ) , all in one 24 hour period. I wasn’t sure what type of reaction to expect from mom and Pam the next couple days, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact everything went on as usual.

Mom and Pam kept up their busy schedules, mom taking care of the house before going to work, Pam going to the gym and heading to work herself. Sue was an usual, rarely seen around home, choosing to stay at her boyfriends house almost all the time. I kept up my habit of waiting til Pam and mom were in bed before masturbating before going to sleep. I no longer needed the “R” rated movie to get off with, I had my memory of that unbelievable night to fuel my fantasies.

After the scolding by my female family members, I no longer tried to sneak looks at them when they showered or undressed. I remained content with my memories of that great night to keep me “entertained”.

Shortly before the 4th of July holiday I was approached by our next door neighbor, Phil, about taking care of his cat, and more importantly to me, his large inground pool, for the next week. Phil always went away on the 4th of July, and for the past four years he has paid me to care for his dumb cat and his great pool. I always agreed because me and my friends love to swim, (the cat is old and easy to care for) , so I look forward to the holiday each year. Phil is a very private person, unmarried, and has lots of chicks around throughout the year, (read this, very happy!) This is about the only time my family and I are permitted to use Phil’s pool. I will use the pool constantly, mom and sisters rarely. Their loss, not mine.

It was about noon the day Phil left, it was already 84 degrees outside and promising to get much warmer before the day ended. I called a couple friends over, and after checking on the cat, we swam the day away. I got up the next morning and vacuumed the pool, added necessary chemicals, and cleaned up around the yard.

While tending to the pool area, I noticed my younger sister, Sue, arriving home. It was rare to see her around, so I figured I would head home after finishing up to say Hi. Mom and Pam were gone grocery shopping, so I would keep Sue company until they got home. I entered the house and expected to find Sue in the kitchen, looking for food. Sue is about 5-5, 100 lbs soaking wet, and could eat from morning till night, (often times did) , without gaining an ounce.

Sue is the cutest of the family ladies, a redhead, (from dad’s side) . Not as full figured as mom and Pam, but somehow much sexier. Anyway, Sue was not in the kitchen, or anywhere else in the living area of the home. I found my sister laying down face first on her bed crying.

The sundress she wore had climbed up her hips when she lay down, and I found out at this point that my younger sister had one very beautiful set of legs, and what looked like a very sweet butt. I didn’t know if I should say something, or just go away until what ever was bothering her passed. I had Ankara escort decided that I should take off and was about to, when my sister curled up into a fetal like position and continued to cry.

When Sue curled up, (facing away from me so she could not see me) , her dress climbed up further, exposing her lovely butt cheeks. Sue wore thong type undies, (thank you , thank you!) , with very little left to the imagination. I stood outside the bedroom door, wanting to leave but just couldn’t force myself. Sue finally stopped crying, and appeared to drift off to sleep. Sobs turned into faint snoring sounds, telling me my sister was getting a much needed nap. I stared at my sister’s tight ass, knowing I should leave, knowing I should do anything but touch myself while standing here, but unable to stop the inevitable.

I wore only swim shorts and a T-shirt, and had no trouble getting my hands on my stiffening cock. I intended to rub myself just a little…then I would get the hell out of here and finish my pool chores. Moments later I found myself standing next to the bed, my sisters thonged ass just in front of my raging hardon, and I was well past the point of being able to control my ejaculation! the first burst of cum from my cock cleared Sue’s body entirely and landed on the floor on the other side of the bed, a drop or two did land on her hip.

The next spasm of my orgasm caused my juices to fall on Sue’s cute butt cheeks and on her lovely red thong underwear. I milked the last couple spurts from my penis, letting my cum fall on my sisters butt, very close to where her thong undies covered her asshole. Why at this point in my life I found myself imagining what it would be like to slowly lick my juices from my sister’s tight ass, I don’t know. What I do know is I came back to reality just in time to hear car doors in the driveway, Yes, as luck would have it, Pam and my mom were home!

I quickly tucked my softening dick back in my swim shorts and headed for the front door to greet my mom and older sister with the groceries, my offering to help should catch them off guard! Both Pam and mom rushed through the door, empty handed I might add, wanting to know where Sue was, neither had seen Sue for approx. 3 weeks at this point. I said Sue was sleeping and that we shouldn’t bother her, thankfully both agreed and we all helped in bringing in the groceries. I had just brought the last bag into the kitchen when the side tore and the contents began to spill out.

Pam was near me when this happen and she went down to her knees in front of me to catch the jar of spaghetti sauce that was slipping out of the side of the torn bag. Pam caught the jar as it past my crotch area, leaving Pam’s face inches from my bathing suit covered cock. Pam had a very odd look on her face, and when I instinctively looked down, I saw that there were several obvious wet spots on my shorts. Please don’t tell me she is close enough to recognize the scent of cum, Please don’t let her ask! Pam stood and after looking at me in an odd way, walked away towards Sue and hers room. I finished helping mom with the groceries and decided to go see if Sue was awake or not.

I found Pam leaving the bedroom, Ankara escort bayan and I could see Sue was now covered up with a blanket. I hoped that Sue had covered herself with the blanket and that Pam did not see the wetness I had left on my youngest sister. Pam didn’t say anything to me, she just walked away.

Later that day, before mom had to leave for work, I treated by cooking dinner on the grill. everything tasted great, and all were in a good mood, except Sue. sue explained that she had caught her “love” with another girl, and the couple had broke up. Mom considered taking the night off from work to be with Sue, but Pam said she would keep her younger sister company for the night. Mom went to work, I went out drinking with the guys, my sisters just hung out at the house, or so I thought.

I came home half drunk about 2:00am, it was still about 80 degrees and humid. Nothing better than a cool swim before bed I figured, so I headed for Phil’s. I found the gate open and could hear the water lapping along the sides of the pool. Someone was in the pool! Thinking that the local kids had crashed the pool I quickly rounded the corner, only to find my two sisters sitting on the steps in the shallow end.

My mind saw them soaking in the pool, wearing very skimpy bathing suits that I know they both own. Hanging out near them making small talk might provide me with a peek at their hot bodies. Well was I surprised to find that both Pam and Sue were quite naked, and as I approached, neither tried to cover up. I stammered something about the hot night, then something else stupid, then figured my best option was to jump in the deep end and cool off.

As I came to the surface I saw that my sister’s had brought a cooler of beer over, and there were eight or nine empties laying off to the side. My sister’s had a good buzz going and they offered me a beverage which I accepted without hesitation. Sue excused herself from the pool to “wee” as she put it, much to my surprise walking only a short distance before readying herself for the event. Pam slid next to me and said that Sue was upset about her ex, and the two girls had been discussing the matter while cooling off in the pool. I could only stare at Pam’s large breasts as she shared this vital info with me, at the same time hearing Sue relieving herself in the garden only 10 feet away.

YES, I got a hardon instantly! I could not stop myself and had to look in the direction of where my sister, was urinating. I saw the most exciting sight I had seen in my life to that point, that being Sue, leaning against the fence, facing me and Pam, with a steady stream of urine splashing the ground beneath her. I could not believe my eyes, and said so out loud. Sue came back to the pool and sat on the edge, but didn’t get in the water. Both girls giggled and mumbled to each other things I could not make out. Sue then asked me if I ever saw a girl pee before, I said no. Pam swam closer to me, rubbing her big tits against my back, pushing me closer to where Sue sat. Sue then asked me if I have ever masturbated before, I sheepishly said yes.

Pam had now pushed me just in front of Sue’s legs, which were close together, preventing Escort Ankara a view of her private area. Sue then asked in a surprisingly harsh tone if I had ever Jacked off on a sleeping girl! BUSTED!! Sue then spread her legs wide enough for my head to be pushed into the opening, which Pam quickly did. Sue squeezed my head and upper neck tightly, causing me to loose my erection, not to mention nearly loose consciousness. I was fucked, in a bad way. Sue now told me what a piece of shit I was and that it was time for trash like me to pay the price.

Sue was pissed off, and I guess I can’t blame her. I tried to say I was sorry for what I had done earlier, but Sue said that I needed to pay for my mistakes. Pam had become quiet and was now just watching my punishment. I am quite certain, although I could not see very well, Pam was rubbing herself beneath the water. Sue finished another beer, then another, all the time telling me that she would tell mom about my little indiscretion earlier, if I did not do what I was told. By now I had agreed to do what Sue said, I wished only to avoid the wrath of mom.

Sue announced that she again had to “wee”, and that she needed some help. Sue volunteered me, and I reluctantly went along to the place near the fence where she had urinated earlier. Sue ordered me to sit down in the previously made wet spot and to remove my swimshorts. I did as told and she then told me to lay down on the wet ground, which I did. I could smell the previously spilled piss, and feel it’s cold wetness on my back. Sue asked Pam if she wanted to join in on the fun, I knew that this was too much for Pam and that she would not want any part of it. Ya right! next thing I new there were two gorgeous ladies squatting over my body, both naked as you can get, both giving the impression that they intended to pee all over me!

This would be unbelievably crazy without the fact these babes were my sisters! Sue started her stream first, is was but a couple drips to start. The drips turned into a trickle, which then became a stream. Sue, who was squatting over my upper body, then aimed her stream at my face. I can not describe the feeling, warm, wet, very arousing, but yet humiliating and sick. I then began to feel a very warm wetness spilling over my cock and balls. The hot liquid ran down between my ass cheeks and over my butthole. I looked to see Pam, standing over me, not squatting, urinating for all she was worth. Sue turned to see what Pam was doing, and as if in a spell Sue put her open hand under Pam’s stream as if it were a waterfall.

Both girls regained their composer and moved away from my pee soaked body. Arm in arm the two moved back into the water and rinsed off. I was shocked, I was humiliated, yet I had a hardon that wouldn’t quit. I lay there and jacked off, moments later shooting my cum onto my belly, mixing with the urine of two very hot and attractive young ladies that I had the pleasure to swim naked with tonight…my sisters!

When I had also rinsed off in the pool, (extra chlorine needed tomorrow) , I snuck into the house, everyone was asleep on this hot summer night. I was tired and confused, but none the less had much fun again with my sisters. I checked in on mom before going to bed, she was sound asleep with the sheet pulled up to her chest. The sheet was tucked under her great tits, leaving her sweet nipples in the open for me to see. I would like to tell you I simply walked away…

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