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The following story contains graphic sexual scenes between two men or more. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law.

This story is mostly fiction. It is purely a fantasy of mine however it is based on sexual acts and situations I have been apart of. Additionally, the actions of the characters in this story are in no way intended to show approval of, or give sanction to, their actions. Thank you and let me know what you think.


So what is your answer?

What was my answer going to be? My mind was saying no but with my legs still shaking, his cum still dripping out my ass down my legs from the thorough fucking this man gave me, and the taste of his friends semen still warm in mouth my body was saying Yes Yes YES!

Maybe I should tell you the question, to do that I need to go back a little, about 10 days or so. I am 35 and a bi single man. I inherited a small nest egg about 10 years ago that through good investments I have turned into a very large nest egg. Oh and I like to dress like a woman.

Sometimes when I am “En Femme” I will go out with friends or check out the action at the local drag/gay bar. Other times as was the case last Thursday night I get dressed and cruise the glory holes and video booths at the adult book store.

It had been awhile since I had gone out “en femme” so I took a little extra time and effort getting ready. I started by taking a bath with lavender and vanilla bath oils. I try to keep my legs closely shaved even when I don’t go out so it isn’t such a labor intensive process. Once that was complete and I was dry I slipped on a pair of sheer black stockings. I love rolling out the stockings and extending them up my legs checking the black seam to make sure it is down the center of the back of my smooth legs.

After, I attached the nylons to a blue satin and black laced garter belt, and a matching bra. I inserted my c-cup breast inserts and went to the close tot pick out an outfit. I chose a black leather mini skirt and a dark blue satin blouse. Nice tight and clingy.

A few years back I was fortunate to have a girlfriend that embraced my cross-dressing. She helped to teach me how to apply make up and how to bring out the feminine look. After finishing the base make up I started with a soft green eye shadow and a set of false eye lashes. I added some rouge to soften the concealer and finally lustra-red lipstick, adding some definition to my lips with a quick use of the lip pencil, to help accentuate my lips.

I slid on a pair of modest 3 inch heels. Truly I love long 6 inch stilettos but at over 6 feet tall with out them I do to wear them to go out. I save them for staying in, after all when laying on your back with your legs up in the air the extra height doesn’t matter. Anyway I put on a short cropped black suede jacket, applied my nails and blonde wig and took a look in the mirror at the finished product.

I have a face that lends itself to transform easily into feminine form and with the help from my ex girlfriend I pass. Believe me I have satisfied a few men and given them the “girlfriend experience” But at over 6 feet tall and 4175 I don’t have the correct body stature. Don’t get me wrong I don’t look like a man dressed in drag but I don’t quite have the womanly curves. Boy was that about to change!

Now I know what you are saying, I didn’t put on any panties. gaziantep escort When going out with friends or heading out to the bar I would but tonight I wanted the quick access to the area if the circumstances warranted. I headed out for the night confident in having some fun tonight.

As I pulled into the parking lot it appeared on the slow side. I was about to change my plans and head to Kersey’s for a drink. I decided since I was here I might as well check things out. I grabbed my small handbag and headed inside. I smiled at the clerk as I walked in. He usually worked the weekends and we had seen each other before we had chatted a little in the past. I got the feeling he was straight but I wouldn’t mind tasting a little of him. He gave me an evil Cheshire cat grin as I walked towards the back sometimes I think he knows what I am thinking.

I stopped to check out the new DVD releases to see if there were any new TV/TS titles. After a few minutes I sauntered into the back room. This room had 32 video booths in the center 16 on each side facing each other with a walkway around the edge. The walls were painted black and soft black lights illuminated the room. Surprisingly as I walked around the corner there were several men lining the walls, and you could here the screams and moans associated with porn videos playing in the booths. Things might not turn out so bad after all. I didn’t recognize any regulars but I did see some cute prospects.

The booths with the glory holes seemed to be full already, but that was ok after all I didn’t get dolled up to suck cock through a hole where no one can see me. I picked a booth about half way down, went in closed the door and left it unlocked. I sat down on the metal folding chair in the booth put my money in and started cycling through the selections. I didn’t have to wait long. The door opened slightly as an average height dark haired man looked in. I smiled and gave a very girlish hello, he smiled back and entered. I reached up and ran my hand across his crotch as he closed the door. I let out a small soft moan as I felt his growing bulge in his jeans.

“I’m Denise” I said “Do you want some help with that?” as I stared at his jeans.

He seemed kind of shy but mentioned his name was Rick as he fumbled for his zipper.

Sensing he might me new at this I unzipped him “let me help you with that” and smiled mischievously subserviently! I slid my hand between his legs to his firm ass and ran it forward to his crotch, unzipped his jeans and pulled out a healthy 7.5 inch cock about 2 inches thick. I let out a soft moan as I leaned in and kissed Rick’s head. I could feel his cock respond to that and grow slightly pushing against my lips. I swirled my tongue around and over his the head of his cock, then I ran my tongue down the underside of his shaft opening my mouth I suckle in one of Ricks balls as I slowly rolled his shaft in my fingers.

Releasing his balls, I slid his cock between my lips and down my throat. I swirled my tongue around his cock and began a light hum as his cock deeper in my throat. I began a steady pace of bobbing up and down on Rick’s cock. Rick started bucking his hips and letting out some load moans. That caught me off guard usually sex in an adult bookstore is quiet or at least not as load as the video so you don’t draw attention to any one. Need less to say my ego was boosted a little to know that I was making him loose control.

He grabbed my head gently as I began giresun escort to tickly under his balls. I heard the door open slightly but my attention was on Rick and his cock at the moment. I looked up at Rick then slowly pulled off his cock so that just the head of his cock was just beyond my lips and began to firmly but at the same time gently sucked on the tip.

Right before a man cums is my favorite time during a blowjob. You can feel the man’s cock twitch as the cum flows through this cock. It almost rolls through then a hot stream of cum erupted on my tongue. Rick had obviously waiting for this along time because he came quickly and a lot! I just kept my lips closed on his cock and let each of Rick’s delicious cum blasts roll over my tongue and down my throat. Once Rick finish I opened my mouth and let his cock drop, keeping open I looked up with my mouth open wide so Rick could see his cum on my tongue, winked and swallowed his remaining seed.

This is always the awkward part of bookstore blowjobs a mixture of idle chat, pleasantries and promises. I noticed the door was open and two guys were standing in the doorway grinning Rick had cleaned up and assembled himself. I thanked him for the fun as he hurried out the door.

“Well it looks like I have fans” I said to the two and giggled

The two just kept grinning and stared at me. At this point I realized that while blowing Rick I hadn’t even stroked or touched my own cock, which was now rock hard dripping a little pre-cum. I asked them in and they came in and locked the door. I learned that their names were John and Chris while redoing my lipstick.

John started to unzip and pulled out a thick but short penis and started to jerk off. Chris followed Johns lead. I was just about to start stroking myself when a voice came through the glory hole.

“Lick his balls”

I turned to see someone looking through the small round hole cut through the wall. I smiled because I love a show. I put my hand on John’s cock but the voice directed me to Chris’s cock. I dropped down to my knees and began to lick the underside of Chris’s cock working my way down to his balls. I placed my lips on Chris’s balls while my tongue flickered across him. I heard my mystery guy moan through the wall as I arched my back to accentuate my ass as I suckled another mans balls. John move into position beside me and began top stroke himself.

“Stroke him while you suck the others balls” came from our mystery guy.

I reached out and gripped John’s now fully hard cock and began to rhythmically masturbating him. My lips stayed glued to Chris’s balls my nose buried right at the base of his erection. I love the sweaty salty taste of his balls I reached down and began to massage my own balsas I licked and sucked on Chris’s and occasionally flicking my tongue across the underside of Chris’s shaft.

We were moving along all at a steady pace as I began to move up Chris’s cock and let his head pierce my waiting lips while giving John’s balls a gentle squeeze. I think we all moaned at the same time. I slid my way all the way down Chris burying my face in his crotched and began to slightly hum. I could feel Chris’s leg began to tremble slightly which is always a big boost to a cocksucker’s ego. Under the direction of our Mystery Glory Hole leader I was seriously blowing a man while jerking his best friend off.

“Grab his ass and spread his cheeks while you suck him” commanded our mystery guest.

As I did I began gümüşhane escort to run my finger along Chris’s ass from his tight hole down to the back of his balls. When I did this he stood straight up thrusting his cock deep down my throat again. Chris seized my head and began to thrust in and out at a quick pace. Now I was in my element… on all fours showing my ass off to an anonymous guy in the next booth while having my face pounded like a cheap whore and another r man watching and jerking off.

Finally I took the tip of my finger and slipped the tip into Chris’s asshole. This pushed him over the edge and I was rewarded with several hard shots of his sticky seed against the top of my mouth.

Chris Pulled out of my mouth and staggered back against the wall Our Mystery guest told John to take his place. John however never got the chance. Just as I turned to face john, with Chris’s cum still wet on my lips, john who had been masturbating the whole time exploded and sent a shot of cum right across my cheek and nose then one in my hair and a final shot on my chin. I turned to face our mystery guest and began to scoop off johns cum with my fingers and simulated sucking a cock as I licked my fingers clean as Chris and John gave cat calls from behind me. I can be such a slutty tease when I want to be

“Mmmmm ill bet you are quite a fuck when you take it up the ass. Aren’t you? He asked.

Normally I wont get fucked up the ass at a glory hole and if I ever do it is only with someone I know and done orally several times or at least enough to know if a guy has a clue about anal sex. Nothing worse than an anal sex virgin. But with this guy I already knew he could really please a tight hole. Besides I was wantonly horny.

“Are you offering?” I said with a mischievous grin.

Beat it you two you had your fun now it’s my turn” our Mystery guest barked.

I turned to Chris and John thanked them for the cocks and cum and told them I looked forward to our next meeting. By now the guy in the next booth had come out into the hallway and was waiting when the boys opened the door. I was actually hoping for a minute to freshen up but he was already closing the door as I got up off the floor and onto the chair.

I looked him up and down and he looked HOT!! Usually I don’t really care that much about how a hot a guy looks I am more concerned with how he presents himself how he carries himself how his is dressed etc. It gives an insight into what kind of lover he is. But this guy was hot and I took notice. Short black hair, brown eyes, about 6 feet 1inch I guessed about 190 lbs. clean shaven very tone and fit but not a muscle head. By now I am sure my mouth is wide open as I catch myself staring.

“Hi I am Denise and you are quite an erotic man that was fun earlier, and not bad looking either.” I said.

“Thank you I am Mark and I think you are really the erotic one. After all it was you doing all the work.”

“That wasn’t work” I exclaimed “work was getting dolled up to come here. That was funnn” I added

“You are quite a pretty transvestite!”

I faked being shy and blushing and said thanks.

“Can I ask you a question?” marked asked

Sure what do you want to know?”

“How would you like to look like a hot lady instead of just a hot trannie?

“Let me guess you are a plastic surgeon who trolls the glory holes to find new clients.” I rudely exclaimed.

“No but I have an interesting proposition if you are interested? Why don’t we get out of here and you can follow me back to my place for a drink and we can discuss it.”

As I was thinking about it he added that we could even pick up from the point we left off here if you want.

What would my answer be…

Stay tuned for Part II

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