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She was so nervous. Her hand was trembling as she adjusted the volume on the car radio. Just a few more miles and she would be at the airport. His flight was due to arrive in about twenty minutes. She was meeting him at the baggage claim. But she had to find a restroom and pull off the panties she was wearing. She had explained to him that she rarely wore underwear, but she would for him. The plan was to walk up and hug him when she saw him, and slip the panties in his coat pocket. She had put them on before she left home, an hour and a half ago. And she knew that by now, the anticipation and arousal she felt had made them quite damp.

This all started about two years ago. They met online, in a chatroom for BBW. He said he had never dated a large woman, but liked how friendly everyone was in the room. She really didn’t figure that it would lead anywhere, because he wasn’t “attracted” to BBWs, but they had talked almost daily. Online and on the phone. One thing lead to another. And pretty soon, they were having phone sex a few times a week. She had never really gotten much out of phone sex; but with him, it was very intense.

They talked about everything. Likes, and dislikes. Things they wanted to try but never had. Fantasies. Past relationships. Mistakes they had made. Regrets. But mostly, they talked about what really turned them on. Those simple acts that put them over the edge. How she got wild when a man stuck his tongue in her ear. How he adored feeling fingernails on his back. The way a few light swats on the butt made her orgasm more intense. How shaving made his skin so much more sensitive.

And they finally made the decision that the next logical step was to meet face to face. They weren’t in love. The geographical distance between them would always be a factor. güvenilir bahis But they had to move forward, or just stop talking altogether. Nothing else really made sense.

So here she was, pulling into the parking garage at the airport. She made her way to the fifth floor and found a spot that was as far away from the other cars as she could get. It would mean a longer walk, but that was ok. She had a plan!! Her legs trembled as she got out of the car. She grabbed her purse and her jacket and headed toward the elevator. Her long skirt covered her best asset, her legs; but it would play a role in the fun she had planned for later.

She made her way inside and found a restroom and then pulled off the panties and tucked them into her purse. She checked her appearance in the mirror and was pleased with herself. They had shared pictures with each other long ago, and she knew that her looks hadn’t changed much. She made her way to baggage claim and paced a bit, checking the arrival board often.

And then, there he was. Walking toward her, his face lit with a smile. He pulled her to him for a hug and she fumbled with her purse, trying to slip the panties into his jacket pocket. He started to pull back, but only long enough to look her in the eye and then lean in for a kiss. The kiss was sweet and intimate, and very reassuring. And in the midst of it all, she put her hand in his pocket and left the prize for him to find.

They grabbed his luggage, and walked toward the elevator hand in hand. Both of them smiling and chattering nervously. She knew there was a long drive ahead of them, but she didn’t want to wait. Now that they knew that the “spark” was real, the urge to intimacy was almost palpable. The plan she had come up with earlier just had to work! As they neared türkçe bahis the car, he commented on how far away it was from all the other vehicles. She just giggled, and popped open the trunk. He stowed his bag and closed the trunk with a hard push.

She turned to face him and leaned back against the car. He moved closer and put his hands to her cheeks, and gently kissed her until she thought her heart would stop beating. Her hands went to his chest and she moaned softly against his mouth. Their tongues exploring and tasting. Their lips nibbling and coaxing. The kiss was perfection. And when he leaned back and said, “Well, hello there,” she thought she was going to melt.

Just then, he put his hand in his pocket and began to laugh. “I can’t believe that you really did it. You are outrageous!”

She just grinned and said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!”

She slid up onto the trunk of the car and pulled him toward her. He brought his hand up to his nose and sniffed, and she saw him grin again. Her face turned red, but she knew he was turned on. And so was she. He reached down and started sliding her skirt up with one hand. He knew, now, that she was bare, and he couldn’t wait to touch her.

She put her hands on his waist and began to unbutton his pants and unzip him. He looked over his shoulder and realized why she had parked so far away from everyone else. And his movements took on a very real sense of urgency. He pushed her skirt up and pulled her bottom toward him. Her hands made quick work of his pants and freed his hard cock. There was no foreplay now. Just him sliding into her bare pussy. She almost screamed at the first contact. The heat and hardness of him felt so amazing. And the look on his face was so sexy.

He felt her hot wet pussy and fought güvenilir bahis siteleri to hold back. He didn’t want to be rough with her. He wanted to be tender and gentle. But the urge to pound himself into her was so intense, it was a real challenge. He looked into her eyes and knew she felt the same heat. And then she begged him, “Please, do it harder.” He almost came right then and there! His strokes became fast and hard. He could feel her pussy clinging to his cock with each thrust. She murmured to him about how good it felt and how big his cock felt inside of her. He was lost in the feelings. And then they both heard a car approaching and stopped moving.

The car was moving toward them and they knew they were caught! But then she realized that her skirt and his jacket were covering them. It would only look like they were two lovers, kissing and hugging on the back of a car, if they could be still!!

The car was moving slowly, the driver intent on his cell phone conversation. And so they waited.

She decided to tease him a bit. So she began to squeeze his cock with her pussy. Gently at first, then gradually more firmly. His eyes opened wide and he told her to stop. She just giggled and kept doing it.

The car was close now, almost even with them. She was milking him with her wet pussy. She felt his cock grow even harder and knew she had gone to far. His whole body tensed and his eyes shut. He fought the urge to moan out loud as he began pumping his hot cum into her pussy. The car slipped passed them as he pulled her hard against his groin and emptied himself into her.

His cock still inside of her, she reached down and slipped a finger onto her clit. A few quick circles and she was panting and cumming too. Her pussy twitched and pulsed on his cock, which began to harden again. She felt the length of him deep inside.

“You deserve a spanking, young lady.”

“Yes, I do!! When can I have one?” she asked.

“As soon as you can get us back to your place.” Oh, the anticipation!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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