Any Chance We Could Ch. 23

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This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. If you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter.

Wednesday, October 17

I was the first one awake and after untangling from my daughters’ arms and legs I went in the bathroom and was shortly joined by the love of my life. “Shower with you?” she asked as I was warming up the water.

As soon as we entered she melted into me, moving her wet breasts against my chest, caressing my back and ass, then moved a hand between us and began fondling my cock. “What’s gotten into you this morning?” I smiled.

“You are,” she smiled back. She turned around, reached behind her and guided my cock into her vagina as she bent over and put her other hand in the shower wall. “Hard, handsome, hard.”

I began to rapidly pound into her holding her hips and she put the other hand against the wall to keep me from pushing her headfirst into it. A few minutes into this, the noise brought Minx in to see who was doing what to whom. Her only comment was “Jeeze, the rabbits are at it again.”

“I love you fucking me. Harder, give it to me harder,” she gasped. “Yesss, harder. Drive me, let me know I’m your’s.” I was seeing a new side of my fiancée. I complied and kept pounding as fast and hard as my trembling legs would allow.

Veronica came first, pulling away from me then turning and melting into me. As we kissed she rapidly jacked me off, and as she felt me about to cum, knelt down and took me in her mouth. After swallowing, she stood and kissed me again saying, “Umm, cream for breakfast. I love you so much.”

“I love you too, sweetheart, more than anything.” As I watched her dry her hair I asked as I caressed her back, “You really needed that this morning didn’t you?”

“What can I say? I had this urge for raw, hard sex from my man.”

After drying, I went into the bedroom and admired Bryce Field. The little carvings clearly added to the ambiance and the purpose of a bed that large. My nude fiancée joined me with her hair almost dry and began to dress. A lavender v-string, matching lavender bra, lavender thigh highs, a black skirt, white shell top and black patent 3 ½ inch sling back heels. I was ready to pull her into bed when she reminded me that Marty was coming about eight. I put on a pair of suit pants, a dress shirt, and dress shoes. We walked down stairs hand in hand and joined the girls in the kitchen. Both were dressed for school, and Kitten said, “You do make love every day, don’t you? More than once most days. I love both of you so much” she said as she kissed both of us and hurried out the door.

At eight fifteen the doorbell rang and I greeted Marty, “Good morning, didn’t have any trouble finding us?”

“No,” Marty replied, “I’ve noticed this street on the way to Fern’s. You’re lookin’ good, Scott, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?”

“Probably a couple years, at least since Katrina started driving. Thanks, and come in.”

As she walked across the entry hall with me behind her, Veronica walked toward her with a smile and an extended hand, saying, “Good morning Marty, I’m Veronica.”

“Oh, my God!” Marty exclaimed as she took Veronica’s hand, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Thank you. Please sit,” blushing a bit and motioning to the couch. “Coffee, tea, or anything else to drink?” Waiting for her response Veronica appraised Marty: about five five, auburn hair cut to just above her shoulders, not well styled, athletic shoes, loose blue jeans and baggy knit top, seemed to have nice hips and ass but hard to tell in the loose pants. She had brilliant blue eyes, sharp nose, cheekbones, and chin, all within a heart shaped face. She had smiled after complimenting Veronica and Katrina was right, her smile was bright. I sat across from her in a chair and when Veronica had fetched the requested coffee, she said sideways on the couch facing Marty. Her legs crossed and her skirt slightly above her knees.

“I hope I haven’t disrupted your mornings, I remember Scott always left for the office by six- thirty. The weekend event has really shaken me. I was able to hold onto him for a long time, or maybe we just got in the habit of living together, but anyway, how in the world could I have misjudged Norman, the gay creep. I don’t seem to be able to read people, men or women, and get clues about what they want and expect, or what I can offer. I need your help, Scott, you know me best. I don’t want to fuck up my life anymore than I already have. Norman managed to go through over a hundred thousand dollars of your settlement with schemes that never seemed to pan out. I should have realized that my attractiveness was green, not me. I didn’t. I’m not hurt. I’m disappointed and irritated that I didn’t realize what was happening.”

“Judging character is a talent, some have it naturally, some have to learn it,” spoke Veronica as she Escort Kısık laid her hand atop Marty’s. “How we talk, the words we use, the mannerisms we affect, the clothes we wear send signals to the listener. We can influence what the listener hears and understands by those signals we send. The converse is also true, what we perceive from the sender is affected in the same way. Maybe your signals aren’t clear. Maybe you’re perceiving what you expect rather than with what you’re being signaled. Does any of this make sense to you? I don’t know you, nor you me, so I don’t know how you send and receive communications, but I don’t think it’s a flaw you have, just incomplete knowledge of communication skills. I hope I haven’t offended you.”

Marty remained silent for a few moments looking down at Veronica’s hand on top of hers. She then looked up at me then at Veronica, and said, “I wish I’d had someone to explain that to me after I divorced Scott. My second try might have gone better. Just looking at you I know you practice what you’ve just said. You’re beautifully dressed, are you going somewhere or do you usually dress that well?”

“Usually always, it’s important to me to look my best. My daughter, your daughter, and Scott all seem to appreciate it, and that makes it all worthwhile.”

“I know Scott probably has to run, and I don’t know how much time you have, but I think I could learn from you. Would you be willing to take some time to get me pointed in the right direction?” asked Marty.

“Scott and I are meeting with a contractor about a major remodel of this house in about an hour, but I’d be willing to spend most of the time between now and then with you. Scott do you want to jump in here?” Veronica asked.

“No, not unless Marty feels I should, I’d really like to go over our list again before Dave gets here. If you don’t mind Marty, I’ll leave you two but I’ll be across the hall if I’m needed,” I inclined my head in the direction of the den.

Marty noticed Veronica’s ring as she had just rested it on her leg. “That ring is absolutely gorgeous, you must feel very special.”

“I am special, and Scott and the girls are special as well. We deeply love each other, and are constantly communicating that to each other through touch, look, and words.” At that Veronica reached out and touched the back of her fingers to Marty’s cheek, saying, “As you consider yourself special, so then will those around you. Look at Sunday as a mere bump in the road, you can and will gain strength from the experience.”

Marty smiled and put her hand on top of Veronica’s and turned her head and kissed the back of Veronica’s hand. She broke the kiss, smiled, and said, “Could you find some time to spend with me and help me grow. Scott and I finished a long, long time ago so please don’t think I’m going to try to get him back. I wouldn’t know how anyway.”

“Marty, how nice of you to ask, of course I would. I think Katrina would like that as well. You two have drifted apart. She’s a pretty unique person whom I love as much as I love my own daughter. Listen to her from your heart.”

After talking for the next fifteen minutes, Veronica stood, “I hate to cut you short Marty, but Scott and I do have some things to go over before the contractor gets here. Call me Monday morning if you’re free, and we can maybe get together after lunch. I’m not working every day now. I’m just taking time off to get ready for our wedding.”

As Marty stood, Veronica took both her hands in her own and said “I’ve enjoyed meeting you and look forward to seeing you again. I mean that.”

After walking her to the door and saying goodbye, I came out of the den saying, “There are a myriad of reasons why I love you, and one of them is the way you made my ex comfortable in what could have been a very trying situation. I love you Veronica more and more every day.”

“I love you too Scott. She’s hurting and full of doubt about her self-worth. I told her I’d be glad to spend some more time with her if she wants. I guess I should have asked you first, but is that okay with you?” Veronica smiled.

“Of course, it’ll be for Katrina’s benefit as well.” I smiled.

“Come upstairs with me handsome, I want to put on pants and low heeled shoes for Dave. I’m sure we’ll be walking around outside and the lawn is still a bit damp.” As they entered the bedroom I sat on the edge of the bed and patted the mattress next to me. “If I do that we’ll wind up naked and making love again. I’m all for that, but we only have a few minutes and I don’t want to entertain Dave. It is ‘Dave’ isn’t it? I think that’s what you told me.”

“Yes. We can make up for it tonight. Tell me about last night.” I asked.

“When I mistook you for the milkman or about Gwen and Kim?”

“Kim and Gwen,” I responded.

At that moment, Kitten and Minx returned and bustled in the front door, Ashley yelling up the stairs, “If you guys are naked, we’re coming Kısık Escort Bayan up to join you.”

“No, we’re not but can be we if you’d like that,” I rejoined.

“Gwen is the same Gwen you had your eye on Saturday at the party, and out of her clothes she is beautiful. I gave her a nice little orgasm with my fingers while kissing her. The girls then doubled up on her and gave her another one courtesy of Ashley’s talented tongue. While they were doing that I ate Kim, what a sweet pussy she has. So how was your evening?” Veronica laughed.

“We ate and talked, but when do you, we, see Kim and Gwen again?” I asked.

“Gwen says she wants me and I’ll bet she wouldn’t push you off the bed. Kim was a bit more reticent and we talked about why I’d let you make love to her. I think it’ll only be a matter of time before she takes you up on your proposition. Now what did you and Emerson talk about?” Veronica paused

“The CitiGroup team, there are four men and two women, were quite pleased with what they’ve seen and we should have an offer within a week. I got the new date confirmed by Ben but his G-IV isn’t available so I had Grace charter a Citation Jet out of Spirit for us. Only seats eight, but since there’s only four of us it’ll be adequate. Emerson says that Hazel has changed a lot since she’s been hanging around with you. He wants to know if she can move in here for some intense education in being sexy. He really appreciated the pictures and encouraged Hazel to have us do more. They managed to wrinkle a couple because they couldn’t get them off the couch in time before making love. All in all, you should be quite pleased, Emerson certainly is.” I smiled with my hand on her upper thigh.

“Yesterday, the girls and I bought rings, I called back after we came home and ordered the wedding bands and they should be ready a few days before our wedding. Our wedding bands are almost done and I’m sure Charles will courier them here or to your office as soon as they are.

“I enjoyed meeting Marty this morning, but you must have been different, you both must have been when you met and married. There’s something hidden in there that I’m going to try to unlock so she can get on with her life. If that’s alright with you?”

“It is. She’s basically a very nice person, not my kind of person any more, but for the right someone she’d make an ideal mate,” I concluded.

Just then the girls stormed in, very exuberantly, chatting about something I didn’t catch. We kissed them hello, found out why they were both home early, and continued our conversation as they went back downstairs.

When the doorbell chimed, they answered it as Veronica and I were walking down the steps. Katrina invited him in. Veronica was eyeing him carefully as he walked toward us.

Extending his hand he warmly smiled, “You must be Ms. Bryce. I’m Dave Hawks.”

“Feel free to call me Veronica,” she smiled as she firmly shook his hand. “I believe you know my daughters.”

“Yes I do. I had the pleasure of meeting your vivacious and beautiful daughters Monday afternoon,” he nodded. Extending his hand to them he continued, “It’s a pleasure to see you again Katrina … Ashley. It’s obvious that Ashley is your daughter Veronica, you’re each as beautiful as the other.”

With a flirtier tone Katrina said, “It’s a pleasure to see you again and I’m glad you’re enjoying seeing us as well.”

At first Dave didn’t know how to reply with their mother standing there. When he saw Veronica fight off a grin he confidently replied, “I’m definitely enjoying seeing you …all three I might add.”

“Hmmmm. You’re my kind of man, admitting you enjoy the eye candy,” the older woman laughed as they made their way into the living room.

As they entered the living room I headed for the kitchen asking “Dave, coffee or a bottle of water?”

“Water please,” he replied.

Whispering to each other the girls returned upstairs while Veronica and I sat with the contractor at the kitchen table. As we talked about what we were interested in doing with the house Dave took detailed notes on an electronic notepad.

When we finished outlining our dreams we showed Dave around the house. He took pictures as we moved from one room to another. He spoke little while listening to us describe what we ideally wanted. The few questions he asked were for clarification. He kept stopping to take measurements using a laser measurer and quietly record his sketches and figures on the electric pad.

As I watched his eyes look for various details it became evident he knew his craft and few details missed his attention. As at my former house, he was focused and clearly gathering key data. His focus and study was like Emerson who could dissect a complicated financial report in moments. Dave was doing the same with our house. Though I was already impressed I was further impressed when he didn’t show any surprise or make any comment about our Kısık Escort new bed or the king bed almost overfilling the girls’ room.

When he asked to look outside both Veronica and I followed him out the patio door. I noticed Veronica’s eyes kept drifting to Dave’s ass as he walked back and forth looking at the two foot high wall that separated the pool area from the patio. As he measured the distance from the back of the house to the wall he muttered, “This is very good.” There was no explanation why he took pictures of the wall from a variety of angles or the comment. I wanted to ask but I learned long ago not to interrupt a master while engaged in his craft.

When we walked into the garage, a frown appeared on his face. “This is not good,” he announced. He noted that the walls would not support adding another story. Moving outside the garage he explained a relatively new system of constructing walls out of concrete using foam blocks. He explained that the blocks could be erected in a few hours and then filled with concrete. When the concrete set, the foam blocks then served as insulation. He sketched on his notebook where we could erect such walls to give us a larger garage and the rooms over the garage. He mentioned he would give us some information he had in his truck for us to consider.

As we continued to look at the exterior of the house I realized we hadn’t given any thought to the exterior look. Nor had we given any thought to the heating and air conditioning system.

Before we went inside Dave pulled out a tube out of his truck and a few brochures. Waving the tube he said, “What you’re thinking about doing is more than possible. I have something that you’ll likely find interesting. Can we talk in the kitchen some more? If you don’t mind I’ll take that cup of coffee.”

As Dave sat down Veronica poured him a cup of coffee. He looked at me, “You stirred my curiosity when you mentioned the house had a strange mixture of large and smaller home features. I drove past here on the way to file my report. The entrance door looked out of place for the size and shape of the alcove. Double doors with a nice sized window over them would seem more appropriate. I also noticed the slope of garage roof looked to be out of keeping with the lines of the second floor.” As he pulled a roll of large sheets of paper out of the black tube he continued, “So I visited a friend of mine at the County. He gave me a lead to where to find these, the original plans of your home.”

With the blue prints were unrolled Veronica and I looked at the floor layout. I could see the various rooms. The back wall of the house was where the small wall existed on the edge of the patio. The kitchen, study, master bedroom and the girls’ bedroom were all much larger in these plans. After allowing us to have time to look at the prints Dave pointed out that many of our ideas were in the original plans, including the enclosing of the pool. He noted that the master bedroom and master bath were deeper as they were to have extended over what was now the garage.

He grinned, “My friend remembers this house being built. He was the County inspector assigned to it. Apparently the man who was building the home died in an accident. His widow didn’t want the house anymore and to spend any more money than necessary to complete it. The foundation was well underway and the south and front walls were already going up. They ended up moving the back wall up fourteen feet and ended the house on the north at the fireplace wall. They then tacked on the garage instead of it going right here. The garage was to be connected by this breezeway to a mud room off the entrance. Moving the back wall in fourteen feet caused them to make most of the rooms smaller. The sculpted pool without the waterfall and rock wall was still included but the hot tub and retractable enclosure were removed from the project.”

“What does this mean for us?” Veronica asked.

“The good news is that if we use these blueprints we can do much of what you desire and it significantly simplifies what we need to do with the county building permits. I checked the county’s inspection reports. That brick wall separating the patio and pool isn’t just for decoration. It was the foundation for the back wall. It’s at the correct soil depth and properly footed. All they did was to cover it above grade with a stone cap and brick. That raised area where you have the hot tub now was to have been a large in-ground hot tub and sitting bar. I haven’t yet studied the design in detail but from the footprint it was going to be a very large. That little eight inch wall running to the left of the pool and twenty feet along the far end was the beginning of the wall for enclosing the pool. Those two posts holding the lights were to be support beams.”

“As I mentioned the existing garage is the bad news. If we pull it down and use the poured concrete and foam system for the garage and the new back wall, or went with premade concrete wall sections, we can have the walls up in no time at all.” He paused to slide several items across the table to use. “Those are the brochures and technical information on the concrete and foam system.” We flipped through them as he explained the system in greater detail.

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