Any Chance We Could Ch. 39

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Thursday, November 1st.


I awoke to a soft, curvy female on either side of me nuzzling and kissing my neck. I wrapped an arm around each one and in turn kissed Veronica and Carol. “Can I fuck him?” whispered Carol to Veronica as she raised her head to look across my chest.

“He probably needs to pee first, but yes, of course. Once we exchange vows asking me if you can fuck this wonderful man and cock will be moot.” Veronica smiled as her hand ran along my morning erection. “Come Kim. Join me in the shower.”

“Do you think you’d like to eat me while he fucks you?” softly asked Gwen of Carol as Kim followed Veronica off the bed.

“I’ll be right back,” I said as I climbed out of bed too. As much as I wanted to stay, my bladder was painfully crying for attention.

Kim was fooling with the water temperature while standing outside the shower and Veronica was sitting on the toilet. As I waited my turn she gave me the come hither sign with her finger. As I got close to her, she reached for my cock and pulled me towards her. She briefly took me into her mouth and scooted all the way back on the seat. As she pulled her mouth off me she aimed my softening cock down and said, “Pee, handsome.”

I didn’t have time to argue and I began to relieve myself. She did a good job of aiming me but after a few seconds began deliberately moving my stream up her stomach and chest. Just as I reached her throat Kim turned and took notice of what we were doing. “Do that often?” she asked with a smile.

“With Scott, no. It’s the first time but Carol and I used to indulge,” grinned Veronica before licking the remaining few drops off the end of my cock.

“Hmm, I thought Gwen and I were among the kinky few who did that. I did notice you kept him out of your mouth. First water’s kinda strong, isn’t it?”

While I was aroused by what just happened. I was still uncertain what to think. I glanced back to see them embrace before stepping into the shower. My thoughts quickly turned in a different direction as I took in the scene before me: Gwen sitting against the headboard with her legs spread inviting Carol to gently lick her slit.

“Started without me, huh,” I rhetorically asked as I got behind Carol and with my right hand dragged the head of my cock up and down her wetted slit. My eyes widened a bit when I realized Carol had a plug in her ass. As I entered her slowly she began to moan while keeping her mouth firmly planted on Gwen’s pussy. I could feel the nose cone shaped object through the membrane that separated her two cavities. The plug clearly made her wonderfully tight, much tighter than when I had been nestled in her last time we’d fucked. After about ten pleasure-filled minutes she came and then about ten seconds later Gwen did as well. I kept pumping her for a few more minutes before I came myself.

“Where’d the plug come from?” I asked as I caught my breath and allowed my exhausted thighs to recover as I held myself in her with my hands firmly grasping her hips.

“It’s Gwen’s. She had it in her purse. The battery’s dead though. I think you might’ve enjoyed it a bit more if it hadn’t been. I’ll buy some for us and make sure we’ve plenty of batteries.”

I pulled out and Carol collapsed on the bed. “Why don’t you two shower. I’ll rest for a few minutes more,” said Carol stretching her body over the bed.

I nodded, climbed off the bed with Gwen grasping my offered hand.


Max had just come in his sister’s sodden pussy depositing a load of semen on top of the one he’d put there about an hour ago. As he stroked his softening cock in and out of Beth, he began lightly pinching her clit while he sucked on a nipple. She came again after very little additional stimulation.

Exhausted, Max had just rolled next to Beth when Cheryl walked into the bedroom. “Couldn’t wait for me, huh?” she asked the duo on the bed. She was wearing an unbuttoned light green blouse, garter belt, heels, stockings and had bent down to adjust one of her garter straps as she leaned against the door frame.

“When I heard Dad leave shortly before six I came in here to give him a wake-up call as well as to scratch a little itch I had this morning. Yeah, we started without you. Max has to get to class. I’m going to work on my independent study proposal and not go to class today. Don’t you need to get to the office?” asked Beth.

“Yeah, I do. I hope to get some good news so I can call Scott and begin the new job with him. Will you be home by four Max?” Cheryl asked.

“Should be why, wanna fuck then?”

“Of course,” she grinned. “Beth will you join us as soon as I get home?”

“Wouldn’t miss it. Move Max. You need to shower. You can’t go to school smelling like sex,” his sister admonished.

“Scott invited all of us to join him at the country club tomorrow evening for dinner and dancing. Apparently dress is sexy,” smiled Cheryl.

“Aww, Gümüldür Escort dancing, jeez Mom do I have to go,” whined Max.

“No, but you’ll miss dancing with Mary Claire, Veronica, Katrina, Ashley, to name a few. I think Emerson’s daughter and her partner will be there as well,” replied Cheryl.

“Well, given that I’ll go. Do I have to wear a suit?” Max asked in a complaining tone.

“Yes, and maybe you’ll get lucky when we come home,” demurely replied Cheryl.

“Oh, gosh, I just remembered that I’m going to dinner and a movie with Judy tomorrow night, I guess I’ll have to pass,” frowned Beth.

“Max’s ex, that Judy?” asked Cheryl.

“Yep, that Judy. Should be an interesting evening, she’s a very, very sexy creature for a high school senior,” replied Beth. “She said her parents would be out of town all weekend and wondered if I’d be available for awhile.”

“I’d like to hear about that when you get home,” grinned Cheryl kissing Beth before leaving the room.


Lauren arrived just before eight dressed in a blue satin blouse, black knee length skirt, grey stockings and black patent pumps. Mary Claire was in the kitchen and opened the door for her. “You look nice,” Mary Claire complimented her.

“Thanks. So do you,” smiled Lauren.

“Coffee? In the den?” asked Mary Claire.

“Love some. Black please,” said Lauren heading for the den.

Jeanine and Fred arrived at eight twenty, she in a black 528i and he in a silver 328. She was a very fit, tall brunette, probably mid-thirties and he an older grey haired, tanned gentleman. Both my daughters and Mary Claire bounded out, as well as a more sedate Veronica, into the chilly morning air. Kim and Gwen hadn’t left yet so they joined us as well. Gwen had borrowed a denim skirt and a tunic top from Ashley. Kim was wearing one of Katrina’s blouses and borrowed jean shorts. Both were in last night’s heels. After introductions I asked Fred if Jeanine was authorized to make pricing decisions. He assured me that she was so authorized.

“Here’s the deal, I want to pay you five percent off sticker for fully accessorized cars. No undercoating, no paint sealant, no upholstery protection stuff. When they need routine or any other maintenance I want loaner replacements. Show everyone the brochures you brought and let them decide what they want,” I smiled.

“Are they going to vote?” asked Jeanine.

“No,” I replied, “Each person is going to choose a car in the model and color of their choice?”

“Seven cars,” gasped Jeanine.

“No, more like ten or twelve.”

“Come on. Is this on a candid camera somewhere?” asked Jeanine.

“No, it’s not and it’s a cash deal. Each of us needs a car, plus one more for another daughter who isn’t here, plus a company car for the director of my foundation. That’s nine, and one for our household manager.”

Fred was all smiles and Jeanine could hardly contain herself. “So you’re going to spend around a half a million dollars with me?” she asked in a rising tone of voice.

“If that’s the total, yes. Come on ladies let’s get pickin'”. Everyone wandered around both cars, climbing in and out of front and back seats, looking in the trunk. I was the only one who opened the hood.

“Come inside when you’re done looking,” Veronica announced. “Jeanine, I’ll take you to the dining room where you can do up the paperwork.”

Over the next twenty minutes we all drifted inside and gathered at the dining room table. Mary Claire served everyone coffee and put a freshly baked coffee cake out as Jeanine and Fred worked on the order.

I chose a loaded 535xi in silver, Veronica the same in bright blue. All three girls chose M3 convertibles in red, blue and green. For Cheryl I chose a Silver X5 SUV for errands and grocery hauling. Kim and Gwen each chose two door 325i series. I picked a red four door 328i for Cindy.

I’d forgotten to invite Lauren to join us. I got her from the den and asked her what color she wanted for her 528i. She was stunned that I was getting her such a vehicle. After making sure I wasn’t kidding and I reminding her that it was to belong to the foundation as well, she chose a dark blue model with light grey leather interior. When she asked for a sunroof both Veronica and I amended our orders with the same.

After a quick call back to the dealership Fred confirmed that everything we wanted was in stock or a day away. We decided to take delivery next Wednesday. Jeanine said she’d get back to me with a final total for a cashier’s check amount. She also was looking at Veronica when she said she’d like to take us to Lorussa’s Cucina for dinner.

“All of us?” asked Katrina.

“As many as you wish, yes,” replied Jeanine.

Lauren walked out with Fred to look at the 528 and sure enough she looked under the hood. He also spent a bit of time appreciating Lauren’s Corvette before they came back inside. Jeanine spent another half hour with Kim, Lauren and Escort Gümüldür I in the den completing title information. Kim and Gwen’s were to be titled separately, Veronica’s, Cheryl’s, Lauren’s, Cindy’s, Mary Claire’s, and mine were to be titled to us. Katrina’s and Ashley’s were to be titled to them. I asked that she email me the invoices and window stickers for each vehicle. “Well, I don’t know how to thank you enough for this order. It really made my day … and week. Thanks for asking for me.” She paused a few seconds before asking, “Who referred you?”

“No one, I called two stores before yours and they either didn’t have or didn’t want me to talk to a female salesperson. Your receptionist was quite happy to refer me to you, so ‘luck of the draw’ was your referral.”

“More than just luck,” she smiled and nodded her head out the window towards Fred. “Fred and our owner have strong feelings about providing professional opportunities in this business for women. They have employed another woman in sales and three ladies as mechanics.”

“I’m glad to hear that. My business partner is also looking for a new car. He’s Kim’s father and I suspect she’ll have him get in touch with you,” I responded.

“Trade-in’s?” asked Jeanine as Fred walked back in the door.

“No, I think we’ll donate them to the Salvation Army Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program,” I smiled.

“What a generous idea,” remarked Fred. “Up until this past summer I’d spent six years on one of their Boards. I can attest they’ll make good use of the proceeds from selling your cars. Give him a handful of your cards Jeanine.”

Handing them to me she asked, “May I use you as a reference?”

“Of course,” I stood to shake her hand and while still holding it and looking into her eyes I said, “I look forward to seeing you again next week and for dinner.”

Jeanine looked down briefly and was blushing as she still firmly held my hand, “It’ll be our pleasure to deliver all of these to you next week and we can talk about dinner then. I’ll call you tomorrow with cost details.” As I let go of her hand I noticed she wore engagement and wedding rings.

I heard her remark to Fred on the way out to their cars, “We’ll need a van to take everyone back to the store after this delivery.”

Veronica and Carol had left immediately after Jeanine and Fred started on the paperwork. Veronica and Carol both kissed me and Veronica gave me a house key for Lauren. They planned to spend the rest of the morning and early afternoon shopping. She mentioned there was a good chance that Cathleen would catch up with them for lunch. After twisting my arm I went back to bed with Kim and Gwen and we enjoyed pleasuring and satisfying each other. I was all sweaty after working hard for a second orgasm so I showered again, this time alone as my two lovers napped contently in each other’s arms.

At about eleven-thirty the three of us wandered back downstairs as Lauren was crossing the foyer with a carafe of coffee. “Oh, Hi. I wondered what happened to you,” she smiled.

“If one of us is missing, try the camera feed from the bedroom. Hmm, I guess you could use a tour couldn’t you?” I smiled.

“We went back to bed,” grinned Gwen. “Try him out at your first opportunity.”

“Oh I intend to. It’s a fringe benefit I’ve been led to understand,” laughed Lauren looking at me.

“Yeah, it is. But it’s a mutual one,” I grinned as I raised a coffee cup to my lips. After I three sips I said, “Yesterday I offered the household manager job to Cheryl Babcock, my office manager from our old company. She’ll probably start Monday but you’ll meet her before then, I’ve asked her to join us at the club tomorrow. If I didn’t already invite you, I am now. We can talk about the time later.”

“What’s the dress?” asked Lauren.

“Sexy, sexy, sexy,” Gwen and Kim chimed-in in unison with smiles behind their raised cups.

“Oh, Lauren, Kim has asked that you don’t mention her being here this morning to her parents tonight,” I said.

“Why would I. I know them from last Friday, don’t I?” she replied. “Besides, Veronica told me that the events inside this house are strictly private.”

Over the top of my cup I looked at Kim with a raised eyebrow and she responded, “I told mom and dad that we went with you guys after the club, no details other than that though.”

Lauren quickly stepped into the den and answered the cell phone ringing and buzzing on my desk. She brought it out and handed it to me. “It’s Cheryl,” she smiled.

“Hello Cheryl. How’re you this morning?”

“You wonderful, handsome, sexy man. I talked to Michael yesterday after I got back and he responded to me this morning. Your suspicions were correct. They were planning to downgrade me to lead clerical. He made it clear that while I would have the same pay, I wouldn’t receive any increases in salary for the next few years since I’d be overpaid for the position. He also said that if I elected to look for another position Gümüldür Escort Bayan or leave the company in the next four weeks they’d give me three months salary as a severance package. When I asked what if I gave my notice today he said that he’d authorize the appropriate three month severance package, and that I could start taking all my accrued vacation and sick leave starting tomorrow, that’s another forty-seven work days worth. We agreed that today would be my last day and I can leave once my desk is cleaned out and the paperwork all signed. Can I come by tomorrow?”

“You, Lauren, Veronica and I can spend some time laying out your jobs,” I grinned hoping my happiness was reflected in the tone of my voice.

“Ooh, I’m going to get laid,” she giggled in a lowered tone of voice.

“See you in the morning, sweetheart. Bye”

As I ended the call Lauren walked back into the kitchen. “Cheryl’ll be starting tomorrow. Apparently the new owners are acting as aggressively as Emerson and I anticipated in moving some people out.”

“Kim and Gwen said they’d see you tomorrow night as they were leaving,” reported Lauren after she nodded acknowledging Cheryl’s starting her employment with us.

“Let’s go for a walk,” I said to Lauren touching her arm. I needed to clear my mind from thinking about my old office. I put my hand in my pocket and felt the key, I took it out and gave it to Lauren, “Yours, as promised.”

“You’re familiar with the den. It’ll be doubled in size in the remodel with a 52″plasma television flanked by two smaller 26″ televisions.” Answering the puzzled look on her face I explained further, “The extra two are so I can monitor games on other channels.”

As we stood in the kitchen, I said, “All the cabinets and appliances will be replaced and the kitchen enlarged to include an island. The appliances will be top of the line home appliances, and a few commercial grade items where it makes sense.” Pointing to the hallway off the kitchen I continued, “And the extra bedroom down this hall’ll be enlarged along with the bathroom which’ll be made an ensuite bath. It’ll be Mary Claire’s room when she’s not in someone else’s bed.” Lauren glanced at me with a curious look but didn’t speak.

I opened the sliding door onto the deck and said, “This whole area’ll be enclosed. An integral hot tub’ll be added. As you can see the foundations are already in place for the glass walls and support beams. Most of glass panels will unhook and slide into the wall, and about half of the roof panels do something similar so that during the summer the pool will be outside. Along that opening over there where you see trenching underway will be the office and your three room suite. The five car garage will adjoin that on the front and a toilet, shower and change room for guests’ll be behind the suite and accessible from the pool deck. On top of your suite will be the new master suite with a super bathroom between two bedrooms. The master bedroom’ll have a sitting area with picture windows overlooking the fields and valley to the south. The office, your suite, the garage and my studio over the garage and our suite’ll be accessible from the main part of the house thru a hallway with large windows and skylights. The master bedroom’ll also have a little balcony overlooking the pool and there’ll be spiral stairs down to the deck. By the way, your suite and office will also have panel doors opening onto the pool.”

“Oh, my. Very ambitious,” she said slipping her arm through mine and pressing a breast against my arm.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I said leading the way and pressed my arm against her breast. Mary Claire was cleaning up the kitchen as we walked through and she smiled when she saw us connected.

At the top of the stairs I pointed out Ashley and Katrina’s bedroom on the left and the spare bedroom on the right. “The spare bedroom will get bathroom upgrades. The girls’ bedroom will almost double in size plus new fixtures in the bath. This is the current master bedroom which will become Katrina’s and Ashley’s. With the enlarging of the kitchen this bedroom’ll be enlarged too. They’ll keep this bed, ‘Bryce Field’.”

“The bathroom’ll be enlarged with new fixtures and this closet will remain as is.” I opened the closet door and pointed to the computer. “This is the server for the camera system in this room. Please be sure to take it with you when we vacate so it doesn’t disappear. We’ll reinstall it for the girls and probably add another system in our two bedrooms. There’ll be a small balcony added to overlook the pool.”

“This bed’s impressive.” She ran her fingers over some of the carvings on the headboard. “Do you call it Bryce Field because it’s a playground?”

“Of course, and I hope you’ll want to join us sometime.”

Lauren turned and pressed herself against me grinding her pelvis into my hardon and kissing me. My tongue sought hers and we tangled them together. As she broke the kiss she said, “I’d like very much to have sex with you, if you’re interested in me that is.”

“I guess my cock answered that question already,” as I pulled her back to me and while kissing her I caressed her wonderful ass, feeling the garter straps across her cheeks.

“Mmm, I’m looking forward to you and Veronica,” she grinned as she broke the kiss.

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