Anything for Money – Self Discovery

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Double Penetration

Hi, my name is Leo (fake name). I’m 25 years old, late self-discovered bisexual, college dropout and barman. The story I’m about to tell happened for one reason only, money. But it started a chain reaction in my life that showed me a whole new world.

When the opportunity for easy money knocked on my door, I didn’t think twice before answering. A friend, John, who knew about my situation presented me with an offer. Great. But it had to do with porn. Not so great.

But I listened to John because I trusted him and he was my friend. He assured me that Alec was the real deal. John knew me, knew that I wouldn’t have much of a problem jerking off in front of a camera. Not that I had done that before. He could just tell by my personality. I wasn’t exactly a saint.

Anyway, after he told me that Alec would pay 300 dollars for a jerk off, I didn’t need much more convincing to meet with the guy, at least.

I texted Alex, who in turn said he wanted to interview me through video call. I agreed, and two days later, he called me.

Relief rushed through me as soon as I saw him. I expected an old ugly man. Alec seemed to be in his late thirties. He was bald and had muscles that tightened his shirt all over his chest and arms. He smiled friendly and talked to me about what he did. He explained that everything was legal, and if I agreed, he would send me some papers. I admit that I wasn’t really worried about the legality, however, the more he talked, more at ease I felt. He guessed I had Italian blood, because of my natural tanned skin and some face features. And he complimented my curly black hair, but most of all, my smile. And he said: “I don’t need to look to notice you have a nice body.”

By the end of our conversation, I said that I was willing to do it, if he wanted me. And Alec, after I said that, opened a broad smile and said that I was the exact type he wanted.

A week went by and we met in person at his studio. I had to take two buses and although I didn’t worried too much, it felt good that his studio was located far from home.

Now, I needed to take a moment and slowly process how different Alec looked in person. The reason for the change was his height, I concluded. He towered over me, like a mountain or a bear. His smile still was welcoming.

Alec made small talk as we went up the elevator and again put me at ease. What a friendly bull of a man.

I guess his studio needed to be a place that resembled a normal hotel room. He worked alone, because he managed everything by himself. The room had nothing unusual besides a standing camera in the middle, a tv stood next to it and some lamps here and there.

First he showed me the place, what everything served for, and once again explained how his site worked. He would record guys jerking off and sometimes doing other things. He would pay accordingly. We sat on the couch and talked about my limits.

Alec surprised me when he said that many guys just wanted the easy Jerk Off money. It was something fairly lighter to deal with and Alec had no problems.

By the end of our conversation, we agreed on some terms that would guarantee me 300 dollars for nakedness, jerking off and cumming. If I could come more than once, he would give me more money; if I improvised some dirty talk too.

So we set the date, but as I left, Alec told me to keep the contract with the list. Who knows, maybe I’ll change my mind about some things.

“Doubt it” I said, smiling.

“Your friend did.”

“What friend?”

Then I realized. Of course. OF COURSE. It made sense that John would have done it, if he was the one who actually told me about it. “Oh.” The question was in the air, I didn’t need to voice it.

“He let me grab him, suck him, among other things. He bayburt escort survived!” Alec said. “I’m only joking of course. I mean what I said, it’s totally up to you and what you are comfortable with.”

Still, I left the studio a bit shaken. The obvious realization just dropped on my mind and somehow I felt really… curious.

When I got home, the first thing I did was search up John on the site. This morbid curiosity that couldn’t be ignored.

I was so dumb for not realizing before. John explained and pushed me to look into this. He knew so much about it because he did it first.

Why didn’t he tell me? That son of a bitch. He talked only as if he knew a guy who knew a guy, before getting into details and somehow I fell for it.

Still, a lot of weight fell off my shoulders. Believing that I would find more comfort in my bed, I headed there and stopped only to turn off the lights.

I found John’s video. There he was. I stared at the thumbnail and thought about what I was going to do.

John sat comfortably on the familiar black couch, wearing a tight red underwear and a sweet smile. The title: seduced blond jock enjoys too much.

My cock stiffened. I ignored this and clicked twice on the thumbnail, while my heart raced. Excitement rushed through me as if I was about to do something dangerous.

I would see something very personal about a good friend, which could change our relationship. I decided that the stakes were only as high as I would make them. I pressed play.

20 minutes in and everything went to hell. I lost it. John had his clothes all over the floor, and he moaned as Alec fingered him with two whole fingers. John’s cock denounced his utter enjoyment, but if that wasn’t enough, his words asking for Alec to go harder, to go faster, completed the job.

John had allowed Alec to explore his body almost everywhere, and the big man did it in many ways, even with his mouth. And now, my friend drowned himself in the sensations of that anal provocation.

Me, well. I lost the fight against self preservation and dived head first into one of the most erotic experiences of my life. Jerking off to a friend getting fucked by two fingers.

The way John moaned and moved his ass towards the invaders surprised me and made me wonder. He seemed to enjoy so much. I couldn’t help it. I loved it. I just… had to come.

When I closed my laptop, I had a dripping cock and a belly wet with cum. I cleaned myself in the bathroom and laid down on my bed. I hid my face on a pillow and just tried to forget. But the scene stayed in my mind, making me dream. John’s sweet voice, a voice that he never used, asking for more and Alec sucking him, apparently having the time of his life.

When Alec and I met again at his studio, he didn’t look disappointed when I told him I had not changed my mind. He received the papers back and guided me to the couch…

The couch who remembered me all over again. I battled a sudden erection, but it was a losing fight.

Looking up at Alec from there, he resembled again a huge bear, with his sleeveless t-shirt and strong arms. His face had a roundness to it, and so did his belly, however his muscles gave out a nice performance. I wondered if he had put on those tight clothes for me. And why the hell should I care?

Alec changed some of the light’s direction to my face, but it didn’t bother me too much, because the place had good lighting anyway. He had a standing camera also pointed at me, and a small one which I assumed he would hold in his hand and use it to catch something more closely.

“So,” Alec began. “Are you relaxed?”

I nodded.

“I’ll guide you through the whole thing. If you come close, tell me. Doesn’t escort bayburt matter when, just say it. Did you remove everything, the hair, I mean?” Alec handled the camera while speaking.

“Uh, yeah.” I opened my mouth to ask, but silenced myself. I almost had asked if he wanted to see.

“Okay. Then, let’s begin.”

Alec fumbled some more with the standing camera, and then clicked somewhere, and he was recording.

“Welcome back everyone, I have a surprise for you. A nice pretty boy that’ll make everyone really happy.”

I smiled, watching him speak.

“Now, why don’t you introduce yourself?” Alec said.

“Uh, my name is Leo. I’m 24 years old, and I work at a bar.”

“Nice voice you have.” Alec said. I thanked him, grinning. I could feel my cheeks burning, but I tried my best to stay calm. “So, Leo, why are you here?”

“Uh, I need some money. That’s pretty much it.”

“Yeah? You never been with a guy before?”

“No,” I answered fast. Alec smiled. I assumed I did something right, and that gave me confidence. In fact, more than confidence, I felt good when he smiled.

“A pretty straight boy who needs money. How far will you go?”

I shrugged.

“I don’t think I can go too far.”

“That’s too bad. But we’ll enjoy whatever you can give us. Won’t we, guys?” I imagined all sorts of men in their homes, watching me like I watched John, touching themselves in privacy, with a bit of a nasty feeling nagging at their conscience and giving strength to their erection.

Alec walked towards the TV and when he turned it on, a porn video played already. A blond girl satisfied four men at once. The video was probably in the middle, so her pussy engulfed two cocks, while her mouth took care of the other two. It was a wild video. My cock woke up instantly.

“So, Leo,” Alec said, walking back to the camera. He gave me a good stare and I knew he sensed my erection, something about his posture changed, his eyes linked with mine and he smiled again. “I really want to see what’s behind all those clothes you’re wearing…”

I couldn’t control the hair that was left in my body to stand up. I nodded, and tugged a bit on my cock to check if it would give me trouble. But it definitely would be up to the task.

“First, your shirt.” Alec said. I obeyed. I relaxed my bare back on the couch and smiled at Alec. He nodded silently just for me, and bit his lip. “Your nipples seem hard. Can you touch them and confirm it?”

I giggled as I did as he told me, and indeed my fingers pressed on the hard tips of both my nipples. I squeezed them a little, biting my lips.

“Yeah, they’re pretty hard.”

Alec’s eyes shone as he mouthed to me “Fuck yeah,” and I just felt more and more relaxed.

“That’s very good, Leo. You know, I gotta say, you have such pretty eyes. You must fuck a lot of girls.”

I guess he needed to press on the straight button every now and then.


“Do girls like your cock?”

“They love it.”

Alec laughed.

“You think we will too?”

“We’ll see.” I brushed my bulge with my hand just to tease. My cock was nice and thick, and I had no problems of confidence. I loved my penis. Inside the pants you could already see that it surpassed the average size. The “body” curved, the light pink head pointing to the right. But Alec had seen pictures. Still, looking at the flesh, right in front of you, could appeal in many more ways.

It occurred to me right in that moment, when Alec turned his eyes down and surely looked at my hand holding my hardness, that he wanted me more than anything in the world, at least in that moment. The things my friend John had let Alec do to him, the big bald man wanted to bayburt escort bayan do everything to me as well. I visualized Alec choking down on me, and honestly felt a push from inside my cock itself.

And as if to confirm everything, Alec’s own erection became obvious when he moved, his tight jeans showed a silhouette that would scare the hell out of me, if I found myself in the receiving end of that thing. But that erection had Leo written all over it.

And that, that was very hot.

We kept exchanging flirtatious talk and slowly, but surely, all my clothes disappeared and my tanned body was out for the whole world to see. But what definitely call the attention all to itself was my thick cock. I loved the heaviness of it when I surrounded it with my palm, it warmed my hand, and pulsed, alive, ready to conquer the fucking world.

Alec drooled far away behind the camera. He didn’t even say anything, just watched silently as I worked. I pretended to watch the porn. I didn’t need it. The whole experience managed to keep me going. I not only used techniques that usually worked on girls on the camera, but also on Alec. I looked at him, and smiled in a certain way that made him move his body, to feel the need to just react. The man had an awful propensity to fall for sexual provocations, it seemed. We reached a point where Alec held on to his cock without any reservations and tried to jerk himself on top of the clothes. I almost told him to just take it off, but it wasn’t my place.

Never having any problems with premature ejaculation worked against me that day, because I went on for more than twenty minutes, more than enough material to work with, besides the bit we spent talking. I couldn’t come even if I tried to force it out of me. But eventually I felt it building, and warned Alec. He moved fast. Grabbing the small camera, he walked towards me and recorded everything. I looked at his face as I began with small moans, and Alec’s face retorted as if in pain.

“Damn, you’re beautiful.” The comment seemed so out of place that I didn’t think he meant it to say out loud. However, sensing a positive reaction from me, he kept going. “Your cock makes me want to kneel and worship you, pretty boy. I would be the happiest man alive. I want to see you cum so bad. Please, show me.”

“Beg,” I said. And Alec, transfixed on my cock, obeyed me. The camera almost touched my cock. I jerked harder, and my balls burned and tensed. I moaned louder, rougher. Oh shit. “Here it goes!”

“Goddamn,” Alec let out, impressed. My cock shot strings of heavy white cum, as far as my face, which Alec got it on camera. “Oh, man, I wish I had cameras everywhere around this. I wanted to see every angle.” Alec almost begged me to suck everything.

My cock twitched and kept shooting, and weird sounds escaped my throat.

“Man, I’m still cumming,” I backed my head on the couch and waited. Weariness finally caught up. I didn’t want to move. Just waited, with my eyes closed.

Alec laughed. His laugh seemed distant. I opened my eyes and looked at him behind the camera. Black wet spots showed in his pants. Damn, the big man had cummed in his pants? He was more into me than I thought.

“What you’re laughing at?” I asked. Head and body dominated by a blissful dizziness.

“I don’t know, Leo. I just feel very happy. Thank you for this show.”

“Thank you, man.”

When the camera stopped shooting, a spell broke. Both of us knew that what happened happened for a reason, money. It surprised me, though, how Alec emanated professionalism. Now I was just his buddy who needed a good clean. He took me to a bathroom, gave me nice clean clothes and payed in cash.

“You have my number” he said, “Change your mind about limits, give me a call.”

“Okay. Thanks.” We were outside his studio. The sun still shone from up there.

“Or, if a bit of curiosity starts crawling up, give me a call too.”

I laughed.

“Sure, man. Nice working with you.”

Very nice indeed. Curiosity did crawl up… I didn’t call Alec, though. I had John.

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