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It was nearly 9am and her lover would call soon. Sarah was all ready for him, bathed, perfumed and lying naked on the bed, her vibrator beside her, with fresh powerful batteries.

It was the now-common story of two people who meet in a chat room and find some attraction there. Soon they chatted with each other exclusively, adding emails and even webcam to the mix. When Scott phoned the first time, Sarah was delighted by the tingles his voice created in her. They had remained phone lovers for over a year when Sarah found a reason to visit Scott’s city, across the country. They happily planned her visit, arranging for time to spend together, to see if the chemistry was there in “real life”. It was! For the week of her visit, Scott spent as much time as possible with her, showing her the city, making her laugh, and spending quality time in the huge bed in her room. She left with so many memories of that time and of her sweet man.

When she returned home, the memories augmented their daily calls. She had visuals to add to the voice and words, and it made for powerful orgasms.

She looked forward to their daily conversations. Every morning, as soon as Scott reached his office, he would lock his door and call her. They would spend moments sharing what had occured since yesterday, then their voices would lower and they would share fantasies, each imagining and remembering the other touching them, enticing them.

Usually, Sarah had several orgasms, ranging from the first tiny one to a final, massive climax, with screams that tore at her throat and made it raw. During all her enjoyment, Scott held off, so they could come together and share the last one.

He had the best fantasies and the ability to convey them perfectly to Sarah, until the roller coaster she rode with him was incredibly realistic. She would have sworn that she felt his hands, mouth and tongue on her body. When he described fucking her, she actually felt his hard cock pounding into her.

After they had worn themselves out, they would whisper for a few more minutes, discussing the upcoming day and exchanging words of love. Then Scott would have to hang up, knowing his secretary would be arriving momentarily. When the connection was broken, Sarah would lie there, naked and content, remembering his deep, sensual voice and the emotions he created in her.

Today was no different. Sarah was already wet with anticipation and need. The blinds were still closed, the room softly dark. She lit the candle he had sent her, which made her feel even closer to him. Her pillows were stacked and nested and she was waiting for the phone to ring. When it did ring, despite the fact that she anticipated it, she jumped and fumbled for it. As soon as she heard his voice, the tingles started, her body began preparing. She could almost feel her lips puffing and separating. The aroma of her excitement competed with the honey-almond candle scent.

They began as always, talking about yesterday and last night and then this morning. Soon, Scott’s voice became softer and lower and he told her of a very erotic thought he had had on the way to work. Sarah listened attentively, her eyes closed, the scene unfolding in her mind, until she could actually feel everything he described. Her hand moved to her tummy, slowly sliding lower…..

“Oh, shit! Gail came in early today!” Scott said, referring to his secretary. “I have to go, baby. I will try to call back if I can, but it’s a busy one today. I love you. Bye.”

And he was gone. Poor Sarah! Her fingers had just reached her thick curls, just started to slide through them, when he disappeared. She stared at the receiver for a minute, then hung it up. Actually, she slammed it down! But her aching pussy didn’t understand, didn’t know about the interruption. All it knew was the canlı bahis need to be touched, caressed and, finally, the tension released. Sarah sighed and closed her eyes again, moving her fingers further into the soft curlies. She found her swollen slit and began riding up and down along it, moving deeper each time. It felt so good to be touched, even if she was doing it all alone. She could still hear Scott’s voice in her ears, still hear the fantasy he had been sharing. She let her mind drift, following the story to completion. Their story. Her fingers moved quickly and skillfully, circling her engorged clit and then sliding into her wet pussy. Over and over, she moved her hand as she finished the fantasy alone. Damn Scott!

Intellectually, she knew it wasn’t his fault. Many times she had told him that business was business and that she understood. And usually she did. But not today, not when she needed him to help her reach the summit, help her come and release the tension built up in her.

Sarah was having trouble concentrating on the story. Just as she felt the orgasm building, felt her body tightening in response to the events unreeling in her mind, she would again think of Scott having to abruptly leave and she would once again lose concentration. She was growing frustrated. She picked up her little blue toy, placed it right against her clit and turned it on. The vibrator burst into a low, whirring hum. Scott loved that. She would hold the phone between her legs, allowing him to hear the sound and visualize the placement. When she returned the receiver to her ear, she would tell him how wonderful it felt having the buzzing toy right there, right against her needy nubbin.

Today, even the vibrator didn’t do it for her. She felt her body tightening in response to the electric massage, felt her legs straightening and clamping together. Now! Now she was going to make the ride, going to come, she could tell. Then, unbidden, the memory of Scott saying “bye” entered her mind and she lost the momentum. Oh, fuck! She needed to come, she needed the peace that came from a great orgasm.

Frustrated to the point of tears, she twisted in the bed, then stopped abruptly. Standing in the doorway of her bedroom was a man. A very nice-looking man, tall and well-built, in a workshirt and dark blue jeans. In the instant before she panicked and attempted to cover herself, she was able to see his name, ALEX, embroidered on his blue shirt. She was also able to see his throbbing cock encased in blue denim. He was lounging against the doorframe, watching her and smiling.

As she scrambled to cover up, he tilted an imaginary hat and said in a soft drawl, “Howdy, Ma’am. I’m Alex from the maintenance department. You reported a leaky faucet. I knocked, but no one answered. Sorry to have frightened you.”

As if he had just found her washing dishes or watching TV! Sarah found herself growing warm, knew she was blushing and that Alex could probably watch the progress of that blush. While she struggled to cover her naked body, he continued to relax in the doorway, seemingly not at all flustered. If it hadn’t been for the hugely engorged cock so very evident, it would seem as if he didn’t notice anything.

Sarah still hadn’t said a word. Her mind raced from Scott to her aching need to this man standing in her doorway, with a lovely hard cock, just what she had been wishing for so fervently.

She silently watched him, wondering what he was thinking, what he was planning. She was growing warmer by the moment, and feeling braver too. She stopped her frantic movements and just nestled against the pillows, allowing her limbs to grow limp. Her legs fell open, her hands settled quietly at her sides. She watched him watching her. Still she didn’t speak.

Alex moved forward, stepping closer bahis siteleri to the bed and Sarah. She inhaled, enjoying his scent. He smelled of cold, fresh air and the subtle fragrance of blackberries. Odd, indeed! She watched him with wide eyes, not anxious to speak and break the spell.

She could feel his legs pressing on the bed, slightly pulling on the quilt. He was directly above her, looking down on her naked body, his eyes drifting lazily her entire length. She couldn’t move, couldn’t make any effort to cover herself. Instead, she relaxed even further, enjoying his scrutiny. She knew she looked good, that her curvy body was attractive, her full breasts with their pink caps tantalizing. She wanted to smile at him, but couldn’t move. Their eyes locked. Apparently, he approved of what he saw, he kept wetting his lips with his tongue.

They remained still, two characters in a frieze, neither willing to be the first to move. Then Alex lifted his hand and reached out with one finger. One cool, dry, smooth finger. He touched her nose first, sliding down and dropping to her lips. He traced her mouth, softly, sensuously. His one finger continued moving along her face, down her jaw, along her neck.

Sarah wanted to close her eyes and savor his movements, but she couldn’t look away from his smoldering green ones. They continued to stare at each other as his finger danced down her body. She sensed his approach to her nipple long before she felt it. Yet, when he actually touched her there, she jumped. Her nipple, which was already hard and ruched, tightened even more and an electric jolt went through her entire body.

Alex’s finger lazily slid over her hardened nipple, circling and pinching lightly. Sarah felt her hips begin to move in response to him. Her legs opened further, her breath became shorter. Still, they never looked away. His finger played now, back and forth, one nipple to the other, teasing her and making her arch up to him. He found the valley between her breasts and made soft patterns there, exciting her even further. She felt herself grow wet, swelling open in anticipation.

His finger continued to explore. Finding her soft tummy and drawing softly there, he made her ache with desire. Finally, he moved. He lifted her legs, and settled between them, one leg on his lap and one behind him, opening her even further. He inhaled her excited aroma, finally smiling at her. His finger moved, finding her curly bush and combing through it. He lifted that finger to his mouth and sucked it deeply. Sarah found herself nearly gushing with excitement. He sat there quietly, watching and waiting.

Finally, he spoke again. “You are a lovely woman, Miss Sarah. I didn’t mean to interrupt you, but it looks as if I might come in handy right now. I am the apartment handyman. Perhaps I could help with something. Do you need some help, Miss Sarah?”

The words couldn’t come out of her mouth. She just stared at him, wishing he could read her mind and she didn’t have to ask. She slipped her hands between her legs, finding her swollen lips and holding them open for him. Alex leaned down, wanting to see everything, but the room was too dark. He reached for the bedside lamp, switching it on, flooding the room with bright light. Now he could see her pretty pinkness, her damp curls.

“So, show me, pretty lady. Show me what you do when you pleasure yourself. Touch yourself for me, now!” Alex said.

Sarah silently reached further, moving her fingers into her aching pussy. She found her distended clit and began to massage it, slowly circling with one finger, then two. Alex watched her intently, his own hard cock throbbing beneath her leg. She slid her fingers into her wetness, hearing the sound of a ready cunt, moving her fingers rhythmically in and out, thrusting her hips canlı bahis siteleri in response. Still Alex watched, licking his lips, inhaling the scent of hot pussy.

He watched until he couldn’t wait any longer, then he added his finger to her open pussy. Sarah immediately relinquished control, moving her hands out of the way as Alex began to mimic her movements. He rubbed and circled her clit with exactly the same rhythm she had used, but his fingers were much more exciting. She relaxed against her pillows then, giving him free rein to touch her, explore her. His hand moved faster now, as he applied more pressure to her overly-stimulated clit. She was moaning, powerless to stop. Her hips were thrusting against his hand, willing him to do more, to fuck her somehow. Her pussy ached with need, her body was hot with desire.

Alex continued the massage, watching Sarah’s face intently, sensing when she finally shifted into the last stage of her excitement. Her body seemed to tighten, her legs lost the slackness and straightened around him. Her breathing was quick, shallow. She fought to maintain eye contact, but was lost in the hazy world of need and want. Her eyes fluttered closed as she unconsciously reached for her nipples, pulling on them mercilessly, raking them with her fingernails. Then she stiffened, a growl from deep in her throat filled the air and she began spasming on his hand, flooding it with warmth. Alex continued to watch her, seeing her nipples harden even more, the flush moving from her chest into her face. The spasms continued, growing less intense, until finally, she relaxed against his hand, content.

Again, Alex lifted her legs, moving from between them. Sarah was still in the state of gauzy release, content and quiet. He stood and unsnapped his jeans, lowering the zipper and releasing his throbbing cock. Kicking off his shoes, he quickly undressed, until he was standing beside the bed in just a smile.

He reached for her legs again, this time flipping her over on her tummy. He pulled her hips up, and then moved her toward him until she knelt on the edge of the bed. He held her hips and moved forward, placing his dripping cock right against her swollen pussy lips, enjoying the sensation of her silkiness against him. Unable to wait any longer, he plunged his throbbing dick into her pinkness, feeling her warmth surrounding him as he entered deeply into her hot cunt. It was tempting to stay just so, sheathed in her heat. but his inner rhythm overcame him and he began to pump into her, her hips meeting his, thrust for thrust.

Sarah’s face was buried in one of her pillows, but Alex could still hear her grunts of pleasure with each plunge of his aching cock. His fingers gripped her firm ass, holding her tightly, bruising her. His balls, full and tight, bounced against her. Her nipples, brushing on the quilt, were tingling with excitement. Her ragged voice emerged from the pillow, punctuated with moans of pleasure. “Yes, fuck me like that. I need to be fucked and your cock is so deep inside me, hot inside me. I need to come again, Alex. I need to feel you come too. Don’t stop, please. Fuck me hard, fuck me, use me!”

Almost immediately, she came hard and loudly. She continued to beg him to fuck her, come inside her, use her hot pussy as he wished. If the excitement of the entire situation wasn’t enough, hearing Sarah finally speak and hearing the words she used, sent Alex over the edge. Gripping her hips even harder, he stilled and then sent a torrent of hot come deep within her pussy. He seemed to come forever, his body jerking as he reached his orgasm.

Finally, he was empty. When his spent cock wouldn’t stay inside her any longer, Alex stepped back, admiring the creamy come already beginning to coat her thighs. He moved her back onto her pillow nest, covered her with the quilt and kissed her forehead softly.

Smiling, he whispered, “I’ll leave my card on the table for you, Miss Sarah. Just call me, day or night, if I can be of any further assistance, Ma’am.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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