Apocolypse chapter 22+23

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chapter 22

As before time passes faster than it seems and it is now late spring. We
have made a lot of progress on repairing the crashed space ship with Adrien’s
help. He has managed to get the power system inside repaired and with everyone
else’s help some of the other minor damages have been fixed to. We have
managed to get the craft almost flight worthy, yet we are so far from having it
done. Life has gone on as usual in the mine, we eat, sleep, play, and have FUN.
Cole has recovered from his sickness and wrist injury and is back to his
normal cute little self. I’ve found out more about Nathan’s past and how he came
to be in the orphanage and I have tried to help him deal with the pain of
that past. The romance between Adrien and Carry has taken off and they have in a
sense become a couple. Adrien still has a lot to learn about how to be a boy
friend, but hey what 13 year old doesn’t. I have seen them kissing and
cuddling on several occasions, but so far nothing sexual has went on between them
as far as I know, and trust me I know. I have made several trips to town to
bring back extra supplies to store for when we did get the space ship repaired
so we could leave for the tropics as soon as possible. We were going to just
put all the stuff in the ship right away, but we realized that may be a bad
idea. It may take us longer than we think to get the thing fixed, or some
kind of animal could get to the food and destroy it. The weather has stabilized
to warmer temperatures and the threat of the monsters being in the area has
returned. We have to be as cautious as ever now when we go outside just incase
there is one nearby. That brings us to the point of the story where we pick
up now.

“How much longer do you think it will be until we get the ship ready to
fly?” AJ asked Adrien. “I’m not sure. The flight power generator and cloaking
fields were damaged. I don’t think we should risk flying the ship with out the
cloaking shield on. If the evil ones see us it will be game over for us. They
won’t hesitate to destroy the craft.” Adrien told him. “Um..ok well that
sucks.” Adam said being sarcastic. “Yeah it sucks but he’s right. We don’t want
those damn monsters seeing us flying around in that thing.” I told AJ. “Ok but
I guess I’m asking is how long do you guys think t will take us? Till it
gets cold again or what?” AJ wondered. “Just as a guess I would say any where
from a week to a few months. I can not be sure until I try to repair the
engines.” Adrien said. Everyone was at the wreck site of the ship working on either
clearing the area of brush, or clearing the rubble and debris off the ship,
or actually working on the ship. “Shhhh. Quiet!” Chris said to every one. He
got my attention real quick. “What is it?” I asked him as he put his super
hearing to the air. “Sounds like a ship.” He answered. Adrien then closed his
eyes and I knew he was concentrating on finding what Chris heard. “He is right
every one inside the ship now!” Adrien said in urgency. We all ran inside
the crashed ship for cover from the approaching threat. Adrein ran quickly to
the control panel and shut down all power to the ship. “They are scanning for
any signs of activity. If they pick up the power signature of the ship while
the cloaking shields are down we are dead.” He said shutting things down.
Just as he got everything turned off the sky began to grow dark from the shadow
of the ship coming over head. “Every one quiet don’t make a peep.” I
whispered to everybody. I could see that everyone there was terrified of being found
by the monsters. We only brought minimal protection with us. We had a rifle
and a shot gun that was all. The sky stayed dark for a few minutes and then
began to slowly brighten back up as the huge ship fly over us and away. We all
breathed a sigh of relief then. “Glad that’s over with.” I said letting a
huge worry off my shoulders. We all decided right then to call it a day of
working on the ship and get our asses back to the mine to safety. We gathered up
all our tools and things and made our way back to the mine.

“OH my god!” Carry said as a bear crossed our path on the way home. The bear
reared up on it’s hind legs and growled at us. Lucky began to bark and
growel like a vicious dog we had never seen before. “No, no Lucky it’s ok. Guys
it’s the bear from last year. Remember the one that dragged the monsters bodies
away.” Donny said. The bear let out another bone shaking roar making some of
the guys cry from being scared. Donny walked right over to the bear as it
settles back down to all four legs much to Adam’s dislike. It was growling and
muttering something as Donny listened to it. “Guys he said we shouldn’t be
out here. He said those monster things have been out around here and he fought
with one of them and killed it.” Donny said. The bear did have a few marks on
it’s body from what looks like it had been fighting. “It’s ok we crossed
paths with this big guy before. He didn’t hurt us then and I don’t think he will
now.” I told the guys who hadn’t seen the bear before. “Ok, thanks mister
bear.” Donny said before the bear wondered off. “He said we need to get out of
the open before dark. I guess those monsters have been looking for food in
the night time.” Donny also told us. That made us increase our pace of getting
to the safety of the mine. A short time later we arrived back at the mine
entrance and made our way inside. Checked my watch and it was nearly 7 pm. We
were definitely pushing it time wise about getting back here from the ship. “I
think we should make a point to get home a lot sooner from now on.” I
suggested leaving the ship earlier. Everyone was in total agreement with that. I
looked around and everyone was fairly dirty and sweaty from working so hard on
the ship. This time I didn’t have to say a word as the boys began to wonder to
the hot spring a few at a time to get cleaned up. Adrien being one of the
first ones in the water was well deserving of it finished his bath quick and
went to check on his plans for the ships repairs. I on the other hand went to
our food stores and started a dinner for every one of micro waved soup and
stale crackers. The guys sniffed out the warm food as the smell traveled through
the cave and found them where ever they were. Once I had enough made for
every one I decided to make my way to the warm bath myself. Justin, Chris, the
twins, and Zack were all getting out of the water as I walked into the
chamber. I began to strip down and just as my undies came off Carry walked in and
began to undress to. I had seen her naked many times before and she had seen me
so it wasn’t a major thing to me to take a bath with her, to her how ever it
was a different story. I could sense in her that she was becoming aroused
from being alone with me in the hot spring like we were. “Carry I’m sure you
know by now what goes on between me and the other guys. I’m not trying to be
mean to you, but I just don’t dig girls sorry.” I told her being honest. “Yes I
know what you do in here, and I know what you do with my brothers. It
doesn’t exactly thrill me to know, but I guess there’s not much I can do about it.
I also know you can read my mind so you know what I’m thinking right now so I
won’t lie. You are making me wet. I love Adrien to death, but it’s like he’s
scared of me or something.” She replied. “He’s not scared of you Carry he
just doesn’t know what to do. He does have feelings for you he just doesn’t
know how to show it, I guess it’s just his alien side.” I explained. “Would you
please do me a favor then? Tell him what to do. I can’t wait to see what it
feels like.” She said referring to sex. “I can’t promise anything but I’ll
try.” I told her. We finished our bath then and got out to dry off, well I did
any ways I know she got back in the water and thrashed her pussy like crazy
with her fingers after I left the room. I guess she just couldn’t wait for
Adrien’s dick.

In the common area the guys were all either eating dinner or playing games.
Zack had soup all over his face and was just adorable that way, the little
boyness in him showing. I found Adrien in the room where the electronic gizmos
were kept and he was studying the layout of the alien ship. “Can I make a
suggestion?” I asked him. He nodded so I said, “If that thing has any type of
info about human mating rituals, or instructions on sex you should check them
out.” “Why do you say that?” he asked. “Come on Adrien I know you can read
what Carry is thinking just as well as I can. You know what she wants.” I said.
“Yes I do. The only problem is I have no idea of how to please a female in
that manner.” He said looking disappointed. “It’s simple dude all you gotta do
is stick it in her pussy and push it in and out like you do when we jerk off
with your hand. You just pretend her pussy is your hand.” I suggested. Hell I
wasn’t for sure myself I had never did it with a girl, but I knew the basics
of it which was more than he knew. “Ok what about at the end when the ooze
comes out of the hole?” he asked. “Ooze? Oh you mean when you squirt. Shit I
don’t know I guess you can pull it out and squirt it on her like u did me or
just squirt in her.” I replied. He seemed to be following my every word like
an instruction manual of how to fuck a chic. I looked down and noticed his toy
had risen to attention. “Looks like all the talk of fucking has got you
boned up.” I said laughing pointing to his hard on. “I have felt the desire to
see what it would be like for some time now.” He said. “Well dude trust me
there’s no time like the present. She’s in the hot spring right now fingering the
shit out of her pussy. I think she would love that thing in her.” I told
him. He smiled and got up to go to the hot spring to find a waiting wet pussy.
After he left I sat down and looked at the plans of the ship to see how far we
were from getting the thing going. Meanwhile in the hot spring Adrien
quietly walks in the chamber as Carry is rubbing away at her clit. “Would you
rather I use this for that instead?” he asked scaring the shit out her. She almost
jumped out of the water when he scared her and tried to hide the fact she
was fingering her self. “it is ok. I know you were frustrated with me and I am
sorry for that. I just did not know how to please you in that way. I would
like to try if that is fine with you.” Adrien said apologizing. “Ok with me?
Hell yes it is. Is that big boner for me?” she said taking his hand and pulling
him in the water slowly with her. She pushed him down to a sitting position
and then straddled his lap. What he felt next was a first time experience that
neither he or Carry will forget. Carry spread her pussy open with her
fingers and gently slid herself down onto Adrien’s stiff dick. He felt the warmth
of her body as she slid all the way down on him, and she felt his hardness
rubbing against her clit. She then leaned forward and began to kiss him as she
started to buck up and down on his pole. They both began to moan and groan as
the waves of pleasurable feelings spread from their groins to their brains.
Carry took hold of Adrien’s hands and brought them up to her developing
breasts and she showed him how to squeeze on them. He began to gently squeeze her
tits as she began to glide up and down on his dick even faster. Back to me I
had looked at the plans for a few minutes and decided to get some dinner for
myself. As I left the chamber I was in I noticed a few of the guys sneaking a
peak around the corner to the hot spring chamber. I knew what was going on in
there and I now knew that these little shits were perving watching them
fuck. I walked closer to them to see who it was as quiet as I could and saw it
was the twins and that they were both rubbing their little boners as they
watched. I got really close to them and said, “Having fun.” scaring them out of
their skins. The both let go of their little boners and turned to face me while
their hearts raced from the fright they just got. “You guys shouldn’t spy
like that. I know it’s probly hot to watch but you shouldn’t.” I scolded them
quietly. They looked down at the floor in shame. “Come on guys it’s not the
end of the world. I won’t tell if you don’t. And if you two want to finish what
you started then go in the storage chamber and have at it. Hey smiled and
almost ran over me to get to that storage room to finish jerking off. I just
turned and watched those tight yummy looking little buns as they ran past me. I
was beginning to think about seeing the guys wanted to have a big group
thing of jerking and sucking to see what it would be like. I know most of them
would be all for it, but there was a few I wasn’t sure about. One’s like the
little guys Zack, Justin, Nathan, and Donny. I knew Donny might not mind but he
was a bit young. The other older guys I knew would love to have a group
thing. As I was thinking I heard the two love birds in the hot spring get a bit
loud. “Oh god yes!” Carry was moaning as she bounced up and down on Adrien’s
dick. Adrien was breathing and moaning loudly a bit him self. I sent him a
message through my mind to his, “Dude you might want to be a little quieter. I
can hear you outside the chamber.” I said to him. “I know but I can not help
it. Besides her brothers already know.” He said back. I just said what the
hell and let them go at it. Carry locked her arms around Adrien’s neck and began
to ride him like a bronco. A few seconds later she threw her head back and
her whole body spasmed as she let out a gushing orgasm around his shaft. He
felt her pussy quiver and contract around his dick and it sent him over the edge
himself. He held onto her waist and drove his dick into her as hard as he
could then fired his sticky load into her. The two then moaned and grunted
uncontrollably through their heavy breathing. Adrein fired shot after shot into
her warm cunt until his young balls had no more to give. 4 good creamy shots
in all found their way into her juicy cunt as they began to slow Ankara bayan escort their pace to
just a slow hump. In the storage room the twins were beating their little
boners like crazy. “I wanna try sucking.” Cole said to his brother. “Really? Me
to.” Cody said. They then stopped jerking and Cole got on his knees on the
hard rocky floor. He then guided his brother in front of him and then sank his
little pecker into his mouth. Cody was in heaven as his twin sucked his
dick. Cole squeezed Cody’s but cheeks as he bobbed back and forth on his dick.
“Oh gosh that feels so awesome. It’s just as good as when Derrik did it.” Cody
moaned. Cody put his hands on his brothers head and began fucking his face
faster and faster. “OH gosh her it comes….” Cody moaned as he tensed up and his
dick jerked in his brothers lips as he had his dry orgasm in his mouth. Cole
sucked his brother like he had been doing it for years and enjoyed the first
time he tasted the sweet sensation of boy cock. He spit Cody’s dick out then
and let him catch his breath before they traded positions. Cody was now on
his knees and Cole standing in front of him. Cody copied what his brother did
to him and sucked his small boner in his mouth like a pro. He forced Cole’s
dick all the way into his mouth till Cole’s little tight ball sack was against
Cody’s chin. Cody then pulled away till only Cole’s little cock head was
still in his lips then he sank back down on him. He bobbed back and forth on him
doing a better job than Cole had for him. Cody was definitely enjoying
sucking his first dick more than his brother did. Cole didn’t last long from the
great feeling his twin was giving him. “Oh god Cody…” he moaned before firing
his dry nut into his brother’s mouth.

The twins were in their own little world right now as their sister and the
hybrid were now in the process of talking about what they had just done. “Did I
do that right?” Adrien asked. “Honey you did that great. I never thought
having the real thing in there would feel so good.” Carry answered before
kissing him. Adrien like I said didn’t really know what to do so he just took
Carry’s lead in the play. He gently kissed back and held here as they cuddled in
the warm water. The twins finished their play and came out in the common room
with flushed looks on their faces and rosey red cheeks. I looked at them and
just chuckled and they grinned back. “How was it?” I asked them. They looked
at each other then back to me and smiled. “Yeah I know. Great isn’t it.” I
said. They went to the kitchen to get some munchies then. A few of the other
guys were sitting around playing the video games or board games to kill time. I
noticed AJ sitting with his fingers messaging his temples. “Head hurting
again?” I asked. “Yep big time.” He replied. “Got any aspirins left?” I asked.
“I took the last 1 a little while ago.” He said. “Try laying down. I’ll make
the guys be quiet for you.” I suggested. He then lay down and I told every
body, “Hey guys try to stay quiet as much as you can. Adam has a head ache and
we’re out of medicine for him so kind of keep it down ok.”

Adrien and Carry were walking from the bathing chamber to the common chamber
and holding each others hands when Adrien stopped dead in his tracks. In the
common room I was sitting reading one of the old comics we grabbed at the
drug store. It was at that point when it hit us like a freight train. “Holy
shit!” I said as I jumped up to find Adrien. “Did you feel it?” I asked him when
I found him and Carry near her bed chamber. “Yes I did. We need to get to
them quickly.” He responded. “What exactly the hell are you two talking about?”
Carry asked. “Something happened at the bunker.” I told her. “What? And how
do you know?” she asked. “We know because we can sense it in our minds. And
I’m not sure what yet, but it’s bad.” I told her. I got dressed as fast as I
could and went to tell some of the others what was up. “Ok guys something has
happened at the army bunker. Adrien and I both sensed it and it’s bad. We
need to get to them and see what’s going on.” I said. “Are we all going?” Nathan
asked. It was getting late and I didn’t think it to be wise to take every
one to the bunker just incase things were really bad. Adrien and I knew what
had happened, but we didn’t want to tell the others exactly what yet so they
didn’t freak out. The best people I though to go to the bunker were AJ, Joey,
and Adrien. The only thing was I didn’t want to leave everyone her unprotected
so Adrien would need to stay behind. I woke AJ and he wasn’t pleased to say
the least. “Dude what the hell?” he said as I shook him awake. “Sorry Adam
but I need your help. Something bad happened at the army bunker. Some of us are
going to see what happened and I need you to go.” I explained. “Ok, ok. Just
give me a second to wake up.” He said rubbing his head. I knew his head was
still hurting, but this was bigger than just him right now. Adrien knowing
what needed to be done knelt next to AJ and put his hand on his forehead. “Wow
what did you do?” AJ asked. “A token of my friend ship I thought I’d take the
pain away. Derrik needs your help, and you need to be pain free for it.” He
answered. The three of us then got dressed and ready to go. I grabbed a few
guns and I decided to take the glove with us just incase we needed some heavy
duty weapons. I surely wasn’t too crazy about going out after dark with those
things around, but this had to be done. AJ, Josiah, and I were no on the way
to town to get the truck out of the barn and make our way to the army base to
see what happened to the others.

“Ok Derrik are you going to tell us what’s going on?” Josiah asked. “I don’t
know yet, but I know it was bad.” I told him. “Come on dude don’t bullshit
us. I know you know exactly what’s going on so just tell us.” Adam demanded.
“Ok, ok they were attacked and seriously hurt. That’s why we need to get there
as fast as we can.” I said. I didn’t want to tell them the whole truth, but
what I told them was good for now. “Why didn’t more people come with us?”
Josiah asked. “Because most of the other guys are to young or little and Adrien
and Carry stayed behind to watch over them. Besides you two are perfect for
this situation. AJ you can see shit we can’t, and Joe you got your super
strength. That might come in handy for us.” I explained. Accepting my reasoning we
got the truck and drove as fast as possible to the army base where Phil,
Alicia, and Gavin were. I did know something seriously had happened there and
they were in pain. What kind of pain exactly I wasn’t sure of, but I did feel
it and so did Adrien so I wasn’t imagining it. AJ kept a constant look out for
anything abnormal as we went down the road in the old truck. I could sense
the anxiety in Josiah as we got further away from our home and the others.
“It’s ok Joe, Chris and the others will be fine. Adrien and Carry are there. If
any one can protect them they can.” I reassured him. “Derrik can you hear me?”
a voice said in my head. It was Adrien contacting me mentally. “Yeah I hear
you what’s up?” I asked. “Just letting you know everything is fine here. If
you need anything from us let me know. And please inform us about the others
when you find something out.” he said. I agreed and we went on down the road.
We pulled up to the destroyed fencing and main gate to the army base and
drove on into the base perimeter. We stopped about in the middle of the land I
thought on where the others were in the bunker. “It’s over there.” I said
pointing to a large concreter structure that was the entrance to the bunker. I
parked the truck just outside of it and we got out of the truck with the guns
at the ready. AJ took his sunglasses of so he could see better in the dark and
we proceeded inside the door into the blackness.

The elevators were not working due to the base not having power so we had to
climb down a ladder for what seemed like hundreds of feet under ground. When
we got to the bottom there was a large steel door there that looked like it
had been ripped or blown open by something. We raised our guns and turned on
the flashlights then continued into the bunker. “What the hell is that
smell?” AJ said pinching his nose. “I think it’s the smell of those monsters. Me
and Chris smelled the same thing one day in the grocery store when we had to
get rid of one of the monsters body.” I said cocking my gun in anticipation.
“We’re getting close now.” I said quietly. We turned a corner in the corridor
then and were stopped dead by a pile of debris and rubble blocking our path.
“Guys we gotta get through there.” I said looking at Josiah. He got the hint
and said, “Ok, ok I can take a hint. You mean I need to move all this stuff
don’t you.” He said handing me his gun and grabbing hold of a large piece of
concrete. He was lugging and moving pieces of debris that would usually need a
crane or fork lift to move with his bare hands. In no time he had a small
tunnel dug through the debris so we could get through the obstruction. I shined
a flash light through the hole to see what was on the other side. All I could
see was darkness on the other side. “I don’t see anything. We’re going to
have to go through to find them.” I said. I took my gun and went through the
hole head first crawling with Joe and AJ right behind me. We got on the other
side and dusted ourselves off and looked around. All we could see was
destruction and chaos. “Damn it looks like they tore this place a new ass” AJ said.
We continued on checking the place out room by room and we found the place
where Adrien was kept. “Wow guys check it out. You think this is where they kept
Casper?” Josiah said referring to Adrien. It a small room, more like a
prison cell than anything. Looking at it now amazed me that Adrein was still sane
after being in there most of his life. We continued on into the complex and I
began to call out their names quietly. The third time I said it I heard
something. “Shhh…. Guys stop.” I said. We stopped and listened then. We all heard
it then. “It’s coming from down there.” I said pointing down the hall. We
ran in the direction the sound came from and came upon another large pile of
debris. “Gavin! Phillip! Alicia! Can you guys hear me?!” I shouted through the
rubble. I out my ear to it then and listened. “Help us please!” I heard
Phillip yell. “Let’s get them out of there!” I said and began to move the debris.
AJ and I were moving rather small rocks because it was all we could lift and
Joey was moving the huge ones. It took us longer this time but we eventually
got through and I could see Phillip through a small opening in the rubble. “Is
every one ok?” AJ asked him. “No. Please just get us out.” Phil begged. He
looked like he was covered in dirt and it also looked like blood. Josiah dug
some more while I sent a message back to Adrien. “We found them. Phillip seems
to be pretty much ok but I’m not sure about the other yet.” I know you think
that spelling is wrong but, no its not I did say other not others. Josiah
let out one last loud grunt as his little body picked up a monstrous chunk of
concrete and pushed it aside. We now had access to the others. Phillip was
there only wearing shorts and he was covered form head to toe in dirt and it was
blood he also had on him. “Where’s the others?” Josiah asked. Phillip
started to cry and waved us to follow him. AJ and Joe looked at me in concern then
and we followed Phil. He led us to the dimly candle lit infirmary where we
saw Gavin laying on a bed with a large bandage on his stomach and side area.
“Oh god!” AJ said when he saw all the blood. “I did the best I could to stop
the bleeding.” Phillip said through tears. “What the fuck happened here?” Adam
asked as I checked on Gavin. Phillip told us of how the monsters attacked and
they tried their best to defend themselves but then the aliens set off some
kind of explosives and tried to burry them alive. I pulled the bandage back
from Gavin’s wounds and they looked bad. “Oh fuck guys this doesn’t look good
at all. AJ take a look and see what you can see.” I asked. AJ stood over
Gavin and used his x-ray sight to see past his outer wounds to the deeper ones.
He turned and looked at me and shook his head as to say it’s bad. “Derrik…”
Gavin tried to say as he raised his hand to me. I took hold of his bloody hand
and knelt next to him. “I’m here dude. Just try to relax.” I said comforting
him. “Thank you for being my friends all of you.” He said. He then closed his
eyes and released the grip on me and his hand fell onto his stomach. The
room was now silent and Gavin was gone. His injuries had become more than his
body could handle and it just gave up. Josiah’s eyes got as big as silver
dollars and Phillip just collapsed to the floor crying. “Is he…Dead?” Joe asked
looking as pale as a ghost. “Yeah…yeah he is.” I said trying to fight back
tears unsuccessfully. “Go be with her now.” I said to Gavin as I placed my hand
on his one last time. “With who?” AJ said. “Alicia. They killed her I the
attack.” I said. “Oh my fucking god!” Adam said not believing all that has just
happened in the last few minutes. “Why didn’t you just tell us she was dead
already?” AJ asked starting to cry now to. “Adam I…I….” I tried to explain but
couldn’t find the words. The passing of one of my friends who just died in
front of me was starting to affect me. I wanted to cry and let out the pain
like Phillip, but he needed us more than I needed to act like a little kid by
crying. “Adrien I’m sure you know by now. Gavin is gone now to. We are going to
bring them back with us for a proper burial. They don’t deserve to just be
left here like this.” I told Adrien mentally. I then sat down next to Phillip
then on the ground. “Phil we’re here for you now. Let’s find Alicia’s body
and get out of here. We’re taking Gavin with us to they deserve to be buried.”
I said as he let the tears flow. I could tell he was drained mentally and
physically and this whole ordeal Escort bayan Ankara was very straining to him. “They took her.” He
said looking straight ahead at the wall. “They took her and after they killer
her and I didn’t do anything to stop it.” He repeated. “Don’t blame yourself
there’s not much you could have done. Fuck man you’re just a kid for god
sakes. If you had tried to do more you may have ended up like our friend.” I
said referring to Gavin. “Let’s get him ready to go guys and get out of this
place. There’s nothing else here for us now.” I said feeling like I had totally
been defeated. We found a large bag and placed Gavin’s beaten body in it and
made our way back out with Josiah and I carrying Gavin. When we got to the
ladder I tied a rope securely around Gavin’s corpse then we climbed back up to
the surface. Josiah pulled him up then and we carried him to the truck.
Outside I couldn’t contain the pain any more so I just let it out. “FUCKKKK!!!!!!”
I screamed as loud as I could not caring if any one or anything heard. I
kicked and hit the truck as hard as I could with the gun I had breaking it in
half. I guess the whole scene scared Josiah because he started to cry after I
threw my little tantrum. I calmed down after a few minutes and collected my
thoughts. There was a lot that needed to be done and I didn’t have time to just
act like an ass. The others were in the truck already as I got in. “I’m
sorry guys you shouldn’t have had t see that. Sorry I scared you Joey.” I said to
them wiping my eyes. “Don’t worry about it dude.” AJ said as he put his hand
on my shoulder. I started the truck and we left for town and the mine.

chapter 23

The trip to town seemed longer than it did to get to the bunker. I don’t
know if it is from the shock we all went through tonight or if time seemed to
slow down. Gavin and Alicia who had sprouted a loving relationship are now gone
in a single strike by the evil ones. Phillip has suffered a lot tonight and
I’m sure will need time to recover from the mental scars that it will leave on
him. For right now all we can do is get him home and cleaned up and tomorrow
we will tend to burying Gavin. The whole ride home Phil looked out the
window staring straight ahead. “Guys tomorrow everyone is going to town so we can
bury Gavin in the cemetery the right way like it should be. He deserves at
least that much from us.” I said. We arrived at the old barn a little while
later and parked the truck and placed Gavin on the ATV then we all piled on and
left for the mine. About half way back up the hill to the mine Phillip spoke
finally. “She was pregnant.” Was all he said. “Who Alicia? She was pregnant?”
AJ asked. “Yeah she was.” He answered. “It was Gavin’s I am assuming?” I
said. Phil then went silent again I just guessed he didn’t want to talk about it
any more. The rest of the short ride to the mine was quiet except for the
engine lugging up the hill. We were met at the entrance by Adrien and Carry who
looked like they were dreading what was about to happen. “Where is Alicia?”
Carry asked. “You didn’t tell them?” I asked Adrein referring to him telling
everyone what has happened. “No I haven’t. I can not find the words to
explain what went on tonight.” He replied. “Gee thanks for putting it on me to tell
them.” I said being sarcastic and no dreading what was about to happen
myself. “Where is Alicia?” Carry said again demanding it this time. “Dead.”
Phillip said still sitting on the ATV staring ahead. “They’re both dead.” He said
again. Carry instantly broke out in tears and started bawling. She grabbed
Adrien in a hug and buried her face in his chest. He looked at me and asked me
mentally what he should do. I told him just to hold her and comfort her. I
knew Adrien felt bad over what has happened to the friend who rescued him from
that tiny cell he was confined in, but he didn’t know how to express it
besides a few tears rolling down his cheeks. “Come on lets get inside out of the
night.” I said. AJ and Joe helped Phillip into the mine while Adrien
accompanied his girl inside. I backed the ATV into the mine and decided to leave
Gavin’s body on the back of it till tomorrow when we could burry him. “I hope you
are in a much better place than we are now my friend.” I said to his body
before I covered him up and went into the cave entrance not wanting to do what I
was going to have to, tell the others.

I walked in and the twins were swarmed around their sister wondering why she
was crying so badly. “What happened to Phillip?” Nathan asked me. “Every one
please listen to me. Something bad happened at the bunker tonight. The
monsters attacked it and bad things happened. You all have seen Phil, he’s hurting
and in pain. Gavin and Alicia weren’t as lucky though. Gavin died from the
injuries he got from fighting off the monsters and Alicia was killed and taken
by the monsters.” I said trying to choke back from crying outright. The
younger kids started to tear up and before long there wasn’t a dry eye in the
cave. Everyone was either crying or venting their pain in some way. Alicia was
like the older sister to all the kids form the orphanage, and now she is gone.
It took some time for every one to calm down enough to talk. “How did this
happen? Cole asked. “They knew where the place was from when they attacked it
last time. I guess they just went back to check it out and found them there.”
I said not sure of why they attacked. “Tomorrow we’re all going to town to
burry Gavin in the cemetery. He doesn’t deserve to just be put in some hole in
the woods.” I told every one. I turned my attention to Phillip then who was
just sitting on the ground leaning against the wall. “Hey bud how about a warm
bath to get cleaned up?” I asked. He just said ok and I helped him up and to
the hot spring. He had a slight limp from the fight with the monster, but it
wasn’t bad. We got to the hot spring and I steadied him as he took his
shorts and under wear off then stepped into the hot water. “Ok bud go ahead and
clean up and I’ll go get you some food. I know you got to be hungry.” I told
him. He began to wash the filth and blood of himself while I went to get him
something quick to eat. I arrived back a short time later with a can of pop and
a bowl of warm soup. “Thanks. I haven’t had anything like this to eat in a
long time.” He said stopping washing temporarily to eat. The water in the hot
spring would definitely have to recycle and run through before any one else
got in it. The amount of dirt, grime, and blood coming off of his body
seriously made the water dirty. I sat down next to the water and talked with him as
he ate. “Are you positive Alicia was pregnant?” I asked. “Yes. She was
starting to get a belly on her and she was always getting sick in the morning.” He
answered. “Was it hers and Gavin’s?” I asked not sure. “Truthfully I don’t
know.” He answered blowing me away. “You mean you and Gavin were both, you
know, doing it with her?” I asked. “Gavin was all the time yes, I did one time.
Only cus she felt bad for me though.” He said. I couldn’t believe it. Alicia
had been having sex with Gavin and Phillip. Now I know why he felt so bad over
the whole thing and didn’t know how to express it. Alicia was pregnant and
the baby could possibly have been his. “Wait a second.” I said to myself then.
“Umm… Phillip can you cum yet?” I asked. “Cum?” he asked me not knowing what
I meant. “You know can you squirt stuff out of your dick when you do it?” I
said. “Only like a drop and it’s clear.” He responded. “Ok I happen to know
that Gavin could squirt a lot of white jiz. What I’m saying is if you can only
squirt a drop of clear stuff and you only did it with her one time I doubt
the baby could have been yours. Most likely it was Gavin’s.” I said trying to
lift some of the burden off his mind. “You really think so?” he asked. “Yep.
I mean not to be mean, but you’re not that far into puberty yet ok. So the
chances that you could have got her pregnant were slim.” I told him. We chatted
a bit more while he ate his food and washed off. I was trying my best to
distract his mind off of the events of the night, and I think mine to. “Do you
have anything I can wear?” he asked me when he finished getting cleaned up.
“Umm, actually we all just go naked most of the time when we’re in the cave. So
if you’re not shy just dry off and come out to the common area.” I told him.
At this point in time I don’t think he gave much of a shit who saw him
naked, even though we all have already at the orphanage. He stepped out of the
water and toweled off being careful around a few tender spots on his body
resulting from the attack.

In the common area everyone was trying to cope with the loss of their
friends in their own ways. Carry and Adrien were cuddling together and most of the
others were just sitting around not really doing much but being lost in their
thoughts. I led Phil out to them since he was having a hard time seeing
clearly with out his glasses. He sat down slowly on the ground and a few of the
guys scooted next to him to show support. Carry came to him and grabbed him in
a hug to show she cared. He broke down crying again and just hugged back.
“Let it out.” she told him. He cried for a few minutes then settled down. “It
was so awful. We were about to go to bed and we heard some noises coming from
the surface like a loud rumbling. The next thing I knew we were shooting at
monsters coming through the blast door to the bunker. We tried to fight them
off but they blew the place up and…” he said trailing off. “It’s ok we get the
picture. You don’t have to go on.” Carry told him. Phillip had definitely
been through hell tonight and I could tell he needed some rest. “Come on every
one lets let him get some rest.” I said. I helped him up again and led him to
the bed chamber and let him just pick a spot. He laid down and it seemed
like as soon as he was comfortable he was out. I left him and went back to the
common room to the others. “Alicia was pregnant with Gavin’s baby. Phil told
me in the hot spring.” I told the others. It didn’t seem to make any one feel
any better about the situation. “We need to get some sleep. Tomorrow we’re
going to the cemetery and burry our friend so lets get some sleep.” I
suggested. Adrien decided to sleep with Carry in her room for now since Phillip was in
his sleeping spot. The rest of us quietly went to our sleeping chamber and
lay down on the huge bed. I lay down on my back and unexpected to me I had
some one cuddle up to me on each side of me. On my left it was Zack and the
right it was Justin. I wrapped my arms around them and held them as we fell
asleep. The little guys just needed some comfort in their time of sorrow. Alicia
was like the big sister that took care of them at the orphanage, and they were
felling her loss now. The night drug on like eternity and I did get much
sleep from the little guys rolling and tossing and turning all night long. It
got to the point where I couldn’t wait for the alarm on my watch to go off
telling me it was morning.

Morning did finally come and I woke every one up to get ready to go to town
so we can burry Gavin. I got dressed before everyone else and went to our
“command center” to check on the camera we had set up outside to see what the
weather was like. “Fuck that’s just great.” I said seeing the drops of rain
falling on the display. We were going to gave to dig in the rain and mud to get
the grave dug, but it had to be done. Everyone was in a somber mood because
they knew today was going to be a hard one for all of us, especially the ones
of us that had to dig the hole. “Ok guys come on lets get a move on the
hole’s not gonna dig its self.” I said putting my shoes on. Everyone got dressed
pretty quick except for Phillip. I had totally forgotten about him not having
any clothes here to wear. I got him a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt to
wear since it was all I had that would fit him. We all filed out of the cave
into the mine shaft then to see the lifeless corpse laying on the back of the
ATV. A few of the guys got teary eyed but contained their emotions for the
moment. I started the ATV up and let Phillip ride on it with me since he had no
shoes on and pulled it outside. Once we were all outside Adrien turned on the
hologram over the mine entrance from a remote control he had made. I slowly
steered the ATV down the hill with everyone walking close behind. Of course
we brought a few guns with us just incase, and Lucky our super killer attack
dog. The ride to town took almost twice as long as normal but we got to the
cemetery a while later. A few of the boys were carrying shovels and picks so we
could dig a hole. When we got to the cemetery we picked out a great spot
next to a nice looking cherry tree. I parked a few feet away from it and we got
ready to dig. Carry and the younger boys went off to find some large rocks we
could make a grave marker with, and the bigger guys and I took turns digging
the hole. Those of us with super abilities kept our senses tuned tightly for
any signs of monsters coming, because if they were to come while we are here
we would be in a world of trouble. By noon we had the hole dug deep enough
to put Gavin in it and had gathered enough stones and rocks to make a decent
marker. Now it was time for the really difficult part, putting our friend I
the ground. Josiah and I were the ones delegated this dirty job. I helped him
get his body off the ATV then I got in the hole to help lower Gavin into it.
Joey helped me out of the hole once we had the body in it. “Does any one want
to say anything?” I asked. “I don’t know if there is a god or what ever, but
if there is I’m sure Gavin is in heaven right now with Alicia. I hope you
both are happy and well now.” Carry said through her tears. That brought most of
the boys to tears then also. I tried my best to hold my composure but my
eyes teared up as well. “Be at peace my friend. You saved me from most certain
death Bayan escort Ankara and helped me realize my humanity and I will never forget that. good bye
my friend.” Adrien said from the depths of his heart as his dark eyes began
to trail tears as well. “I don’t really know what to say here. Gavin you were
a good friend and I hope I’ll see you again someday. Tell our parents and
loved ones up there that we love them. See ya man.” I said not being able to
find better words for the occasion. Everyone then dropped a single flower that
Carry had picked nearby onto him and the task of filling in the grave started.
We each dropped a handful of dirt on him before the shovels took over. We
filled in his grave with a small mound of dirt on the top signifying that this
was a fresh grave. We then began to stack the rocks and stones at the head of
the grave marking its location. On the top of the pile of stones Phillip
took off a cross that he had been wearing around his neck and placed it on top.
“Sorry I couldn’t save you.” He said before walking to the ATV and sat down
staring off into space. “Ok guys lets get home and out of this rain.” I said
wiping the dripping water off of my face.

After we got home I decided to take Phil to town so he could get some
clothes of his own to wear that actually fit him. He had gotten a bit bigger over
the last months being in the bunker. Not tall bigger so much as he had gotten
heavier bigger. I was also going to go to the pharmacy to see if by chance we
may be able to find him some glasses that he might be able to see through.
The poor kid kept bumping into things or squinting trying to see where he was
going or what he was doing. At the cave he and I changed clothes and put on
rain coats before heading back out into the down pour. We arrived at wal mart
a while later and as always went inside with my gun drawn and ready to fire.
After checking the place out we went to the boys and men’s section and found
him some clothes that frit. He had little problem in finding his sizes since
he was the only one in our group that wore them, big. I didn’t want to call
him fat really, but he was a lot huskier than I am and almost as tall as me.
He got a pair of shoes that fit to and we then checked the pharmacy department
to see if they might have some glasses for him. With luck he did find a pair
of reading glasses that helped him to see. He said they weren’t perfect but
he could see better than with out them. I looked around the store and the
place was looking like it was returning to nature. There were leaves all over
the floor from the previous fall and the place smelled of the outdoors.
Basically the inside was becoming the outside due to the big hole in the roof. We
have almost pilfered the place for just about everything usable thing there was
to get that we needed. When we had enough stuff for Phillip we bagged the
stuff up in 2 bags to keep the rain from getting to it and headed back for home.
I tried to make small talk with him on the way home but he seemed to not
want to talk much. I asked about what they did in the bunker all day to kill
time and he just said “Stuff.” It was then I decided to read his thoughts and I
found out what “stuff” was exactly. He had been enjoying blow jobs from
Alicia on a regular basis. And the rest of the free time was spent either reading
or jerking his cock. Not much to do in that place if you ask me, even though
he did get sucked off a lot. One item I picked up at the store was something
we all need now, a set of electric hair clippers. I know I for one was
getting tired of having a bushy head of hair and I’m sure some of the other guys
were to. We arrived at the mine a few minutes later and as always backed inside
through the hologram hiding the entrance. AJ met us at the door to the cave
from the mine store room to unlock it so we could get in the cave. Phil took
his stuff we just got to one of the store rooms and put it in his own area.
Everyone else for the most part wasn’t saying much or doing much but were
dwelling in their own thoughts. I carried the small bag of stuff I got to the
kitchen and Zack and Justin followed me in to see what I had gotten being the
curious little kids they were. “What did you get us?” Justin asked. “A hair
cut in a bag.” I said smiling. They looked at each other like they didn’t have
a clue what I was talking about. “I got a set of hair clippers and some
scissors so we can trim our hair.” I explained. “Are you gonna make us shave our
heads?” Justin asked with a dreadful look. “No, why would you ask me that?” I
asked. “Because they made all the boys get either heads shaved or almost
shaved the home.” Carry said as she walked in. “No dudes I’m not going to make
you shave them, not unless you want to.” I told the boys. They both had a look
of relief on their faces then. I unpacked the bag and began to tear open the
plastic enclosing the electric clippers. “Who’s first?” I asked and the two
of them scattered. I looked at Carry like “what the hell?” “They always hated
getting hair cuts. The lady that did it at the home was rough with them when
she did it.” she explained. I for one was definitely ready to get my bushy
ass head trimmed down, it was driving me crazy having longer hair. “Umm.. Carry
if you’re not really busy at the moment could you trim me up a little?” I
asked her. She smiled and grabbed the clippers. “How short do you want it and
stuff?” she asked. “Cut it all down to about an inch then trim the sides down
a little more.” I told here explaining how I usually got it cut before. I sat
down on the bench and took my shirt off before she got started. She set the
guard on the clippers to the length I wanted then went to town on my head.
Hearing the sound and feeling the vibrations of the clippers brought back
memories of when I use to go with my dad to get my hair cut. While I was walking
down memory lane AJ walked in the room. “Cool I’m next!” he beamed. “I’m not
your guys’ barber.” Carry wined. “I’ll do it, like everything else I guess.” I
said being sarcastic. Carry finished me up a few minutes later and handed me
a mirror. “How’s that?” she asked. “Looks good thanks.” I replied. It did
feel much better now to me to have my head breath e a little more. I dusted the
hair off my body she had cut and got up so Adam could sit down. “How you
want yours?” I asked him. “Just like yours.” He said. I flipped the clippers on
and went to town on AJ’s shaggy head. It didn’t take me long to get him all
trimmed up. I dusted the loose hair off his shoulders and neck then and he
turned around to face me when I was all done. “Wow.” Is all I said. “Wow what?”
he said. “You look…fuckin hot.” I said giggling a little. Eh smiled and
blushed like crazy then. “I bet your mini me is going to be even cuter.” I said
referring to Donny. “Shut up.” He said hitting me in the arm and laughing. “Ok,
ok sorry. Go tell some of the guys it’s their turn if they want.” I told AJ
and laughing. AJ left to tell the others as I cleaned up our hair that was on
the ground and bench now.

About an hour later I had gone through most of the guys that wanted their
hair cut cutting it in the way they wanted. A few of them either weren’t in the
mood for a hair cut right now or just didn’t want it cut. Adrien for one
didn’t really even need one since his hair was already so short. Nathan is the
only one that wanted his head completely shaved, he seemed to like it that
way. Too bad it’s a pity he looks cute with the hair he had. When we all were
done getting cut we went a few at a time to the hot spring to unwind and clean
the cut hair off of us. I was definitely right about one thing though, Donny
definitely was cuter than AJ when his got done. He got it cut just AJ and I
but he was way cuter. It finally came to be my turn in the bath and I got in
with the twins and Nathan. I sat back and just relaxed in the water hoping it
would soak away some of the knots in my muscles from digging the grave
earlier in the day. The other boys just splashed and played mildly as we bathed.
One thing did make me open my eyes though, it was when I felt a hand touch the
tip of my dick. I looked to see who it was and it was Cody smiling at me.
“You better quit that or something bad is going to happen.” I said. “Like what?”
he said genuinely curious. “This!” I said as I grabbed the little guy in a
tickle torture. He was writhing with laughter as I jabbed at his ribs and
poked around his belly with my fingers. “Stop! Stop! I’m gonna pee!” he said
through his heavy laughter. I let him go then and he was still giggling trying to
catch his breath. His brother just looked at him and shook his head. “What
you want some to?” I said grabbing Cole in the same torturous grip. I tickled
him just as bad as I did his twin, only at the end I gave his pecker a
squeeze for good measure. The twins were defeated in the horse play department and
now only Nate was left. I looked at him with an evil grin and lurched at him
slowly. “No way not me!” he said as he tried to get away. The twins grabbed
him and held him while I wrapped him up in my arms and went to town on his
ribs and tummy. He was giggling and squealing like crazy as we all three tickled
him. I could tell he had enough when he started to have strained breathing
so I told the twins it was enough. They stopped tickling him and decided to
get out and dry off but he and I stayed in. I for one still needed a little
more soak time in the hot water and Nathan needed a little time to catch his
breath. “God I hate it when you guys do that.” he said heaving. He decided to
get out to a short time later and that left me alone to think and soak. I sat
back in the water and closed my eyes and let my mind soar.

All I could think of was my recently departed friends and how their loss was
affecting the rest of the group especially poor Phil. He felt so guilty over
being the only one of the three that survived the attack. I tried to
redirect my thoughts to the future and where we were going possibly live in the
tropics. I had been to the Bahamas before but that didn’t mean that was where
were going to end up. I always liked the time I got to spend there and was
looking forward to being able to maybe go there again. I must have dozed off in
the water because the next thing I knew I was shaken awake by Chris. “What’s up
dude?” I asked. “Nothing. You was snoring and I thought it might not be a
good idea to let you sleep in the bath tub.” He replied. “What time is it?” I
inquired. “Almost 7 pm.” He answered. I got out of the water and my skin had
turned to that wrinkly prune look that you get form being in water too long. I
dried off and walked with my little buddy back to the common area. Most of
the boys were in there playing a game or reading but for the most part it was
quiet. Chris and I found Adrien was in the “command center” working on the
plans and stuff for the alien ship. “How’s things going?” I asked. “I believe I
can get the ship under power and use the substrait engines to get us to our
destination.” He said. “Huh?” Chris asked puzzled. “He means the ship will
have low gear.” I explained. “Oh. Ok I guess. When are we leaving?” Chris asked.
We both looked at Adrien then. “It will not be long. We can make it there on
the substrait engines and I almost have the cloaking shields repaired.” He
said. “How much longer do you think as an estimate?” I asked. “2 or 3 days
maybe.” Adrien said lifting Chris’ spirits. “Cool!” he chimed. “Why is there
such a rush on this?” Adrien asked. “It’s not really a rush I just want to know
how long we have to get every thing organized and ready to go. I mean shit
dude it’ll take us a few days to get everything packed ready and down to the
ship to load it.” I explained. “Ok I see the logic in that now. I guess maybe
we should start preparing as soon as possible.” Adrien said. I left him then
to spread the good new but Chris beat me to it. “Hey every one we’re leaving
soon! So tomorrow start getting your stuff packed.” He said like the hyper
little dude he is. “Whoa, whoa slow down. Adrien isn’t done with the ship yet so
we have a few days to get ready while he gets the shields repaired on the
ship.” I stated to everyone. That news lifted every ones spirits from the
dreadfulness of earlier today. “What all are we taking with us?” AJ asked. “As
much as we can, that ship has a pretty damn big cargo area so we should be able
to cram a lot in it.” I said. “Like what exactly?” Josiah asked. “Well I
think we should take as much food and supplies as we can get our hands on. Let’s
see….we should raid the wal mart and get what ever we may need or want. We
should take some stuff to build a new home just incase we have to. We are
definitely taking our beds and stuff with us. I think we should take the ATV
incase we may need it.” I said rattling off a list of things. “We should go to the
pharmacy to and grab anything we can carry just incase as well.” Carry
suggested. “May I suggest we take our power and information systems for the cave
with us as well.” Adrien said from behind me. “Definitely we are going to need
this stuff. It’s not every day you get your hands on an alien device like
that.” I told him. “So basically it means we are all going to be working our
asses off in the next few days right?” Adam said. “Looks that way yeah. We’ll
work out the details of it all tomorrow. Let’s get a good nights rest so we
have plenty of time tomorrow to get some stuff done.” I replied. With the good
news I knew it was going to be hard for some of the guys to go to sleep, but
for me I was sore as hell from digging that grave and ready for a good nap.
We all got to our sleeping areas and got comfy. Some of the guys read a comic
book or something to help them fall asleep, but I dozed right away. I was so
tired I did something I rarely did, I snored like hell. I was woken up by
Justin some time later asking me to please turn on my side or something because
he couldn’t sleep because of my snoring. I turned on my side and cuddled up
to the back of some on and I didn’t know who it was at first but turned out to
be Donny. I wrapped an arm over him and fell back to sleep peacefully this

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