Appreciating Amanda Ch. 04

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(In which Alexandra Kincaid’s possibilities are exploited to the full and, deprived of her virginities, her relationship with her step-mother becomes closer than ever, having first been the central feature in several of Jane’s tea time orgies. And Amanda learns by example, becoming a delightful bathroom accessory and then, with Jane and Alex’s helpful interventions, making her reluctant way towards the desk where we first met her in chapter one.)

Dear reader, there is one at least who finds Jane’s recollections boring, passionless and devoid of feeling. Does this really matter? Why should Jane care about the immoral vicissitudes of some bored would-be wanker who needs some slippery juicy inserts to provide fodder for a quick masturbatory experience? Well to be absolutely honest, Jane does not give two figs.

Do you care? Or do you find my trip into some of the possibilities that submission presents intriguing for all its limitations? Tell me do you find that it is interesting to some to note the counter-veiling force that resides in many a submissive mind?

I believe I do, but on the whole I don’t seek out the views of those inclined to surrender to my will. I much prefer my former neighbour Karen’s tongue curling around wetly, as she rims my arsehole, to listening to her nebulous views on the intellectual basis for her submission.

Karen Kincaid was a real find, but I do, as you know, have a taste for younger flesh too. Even if Amanda and Alex are both rather too deliciously young to entertain any serious opinion on the matter of submissive philosophy, aren’t you Amanda?

“No: there is no need to stop; just keep that tongue rotating dutifully,” I smiled. “Think how daddy would approve of his dear little eighteen year old child being so generous to his good friend.”

In any case, who needs to complicate simple pleasures with post-hoc self-justifying doctrines? I am content to express myself in my action. One has no need for higher thought when one squats and pisses on the fresh and receptive faces of two reasonably well-educated and rather pretty young ladies, one still in her teens, one barely out of them, certain in the knowledge that they will soon be competing with each other to lick up any spillage that they have not managed to swallow?

Amanda gets on so well with Karen’s step-daughter, even if she is a couple of years older than her. They seem quite inseparable at times, particularly when bound together. I really do love the way that it is my flowing juices form the sticking glue to their deliciously Sapphic friendship as they kneel up obediently together to attend to my morning ablutions.

The carefully carved mermaid pedestal that once served me in their stead sits dustily in a forgotten corner of the house, her chill porcelain replaced by the loving warmth of my two young pets, whose lips greet me at the start and end of each day.

Alexandra has been with me for nearly two years now. She is now just over twenty and is well used to my more perverse aspects. She has developed quite a taste for all activities I choose to use her for. Amanda, on the other hand, is still deliciously timid and blushes with every new discovery. Barely legal, just over the cusp of eighteen and already a wonderful little piss-slut for her mistress: she really makes me inordinately proud to own her.

But let us hold on such bathroom antics. I am getting ahead of myself. As you may realise, dear reader, my mind does tend to wander occasionally. I have to admit that I don’t always pay attention to all the important things like time passing by.

My excuse a year ago, when Alexandra was enjoying our inter-connected gardens and my hands were in her knickers every other evening, was that caressing a young lady like her, helps ensure one lose track of time, as afternoon slides into evening.

Of course there can be a bit of a to-do when a frustrated parent like Karen returns to find her beloved daughter in the arms of a lover. This is especially the case when that lover has been fucking said parent doggy style every other night for the past year with a rich assortment of dildos, gel filled toys, and strap-ons of the most sizeable proportions.

I really don’t think any excuse would have cut much ice with Karen, had I not made her fully aware of all I expected from her that day. The message was reinforced with a firm thrashing – breasts, belly and buttocks – to ensure Karen memorised my plan in every minute detail.

Mrs Kincaid is a great actress when it comes down to it. We had rage, anguish and absolutely lashings and lashings of tears. It was only then did that vexed stepmother administered to her daughter the most blistering bottom beating that I have ever had the pleasure to witness. I am still surprised to recall how her hand lasted as long as it did.

And as for Alex’s poor rump! Well words are simply not adequate to detail the rich rainbow hues that resulted from Karen’s earnest endeavours in the walloping department. marmaris escort

She had the poor girl over her lap for what seemed like an age, slapping with a degree of force that surprised me (and secretly delighted me).

Karen is clearly not wholly submissive. What responsible mother ever is? It was most fortuitous, from Alexandra’s perspective at least, that I’d brought along a second strap-on that evening. There was an almost serendipitous combination of responsibility and revenge that ensured Karen donned the toy and took care of all the built up tensions within them both in spades.

It was even better that I’d eagerly loosened the young lady up over the previous year. Having been deprived of her anal virginity during the celebrations that followed her twentieth birthday, (and I don’t think I will ever forget the whoop of victory that Gertrude, my predecessor at University College, had let out as she sank in for the very first time), Alexandra had become a real help to me and a star treat for my guests during my at home days…

I am not mean spirited and am very keen to share things where possible, appropriate and opportune. The few ladies who munch in Peddington are delighted to take tea with me about once a month; and they do so like their little treats. The predatory look on the head teacher of Peddington Further Education College, when she saw the tight star of her former student displayed on my tea table; in lieu of the usual stacked plates of little cakes and scones had to be seen to be imagined. And, as you will have gathered, dear reader, the sizeable Mrs De Vere is inordinately fond of little cakes and scones.

“Jane,” she said as she bent down to have a little taste. “You have quite surpassed yourself, but…”

“I know, Gertrude,” I smiled appreciatively and lifted up the lid of the butter dish.

“You wonder,” she cried delightedly. “How did you know I love a little butter with my buns?”

“We’ve known each other long enough to have a very good idea of each others’ tastes,” I smiled, dipping my finger into the butter and pressing my freshly greased digit into the exceedingly tight nether hole of Mrs De Vere’s former student. “I think she is going to be quite delicious. Would you like jam too?”

“Oh no,” grinned Gertrude as she slid her pudgy finger up and then down the slit of Alex’s recently shaven pussy. She giggled school girlishly, as only a head teacher caught with a former student’s panties down can do, as she watched me pull my finger out and present it to Alexandra’s eager, young mouth.

Then Gertrude followed my example by plunging the ball of her thumb into the pat of butter and then into the tight configuration of Alex’s delighted rosette, exclaiming happily in the process: “I think that she is quite sticky enough for me already.”

“This is going to be most educational,” cooed the Mary Higgins, supervisor of sluts, all ready for a treat, as she divested herself of her own voluminous knickers. She spread her legs open to the receptively, kissable possibilities of Alex’s tender young lips, the dampness already gathering on her infamously hairy cunt. “I do so love seeing trainees go on to bigger and better things.”

And there were several bigger and better things arranged around Alex on the table. I’d had the girl neatly wrap several dildos with serviettes earlier that day and leave them neatly arranged on the table.

Gertrude hardly wasted a moment, unwrapping two and lifting them to apply them to Alex’s tight little nether holes. Greedy as ever, my friend pressed home the largest one into the girl’s bottom, without the least concern for the look of apparent shock that passed quickly across Alex’s face. I suspect Alex gets her actress streak from her upbringing in Karen’s tender loving household.

Veronica, that insolent half-smile on her face as ever, gently prized Gertrude’s hand from the smaller toy. She made to insert it within the still virgin tightness until I hinted my disapproval with a clicking tongue. She looked at me puzzle, still not realising that she was about to trespass on forbidden territory and so I was obliged to speak my mind on the matter.

“Veronica. That delightful slit is private and reserved, as well you should know,” I almost snarled.

Subdued, Veronica reluctantly deposited the interestingly shaped toy to the table. Then she shrugged and decided to make the best of things by kneeling back behind the girl, ready to watch her principal in action. I raised my eyebrows and caught Gertrude’s eye, but she just smiled and pushed in further, her brusque movement precipitating Alex forward into the welcoming jungle of Mary’s untrimmed bush.

“I’ve looked after the educational aspirations of this bottom for nearly two years: that’s quite long enough to know its capacity as it matriculates,” Gertrude explained. She raised her voice slightly, so as to be heard above Mary’s happy warbling in the background as she closed her eyes to enjoy Alex’s marmaris escort bayan indelicate munching to the full.

“Why not go easy on my pet for today, Gertrude,” I said, reaching across my charge’s body to touch Gertrude’s shoulder affectionately. “You have, after all, additional lubrication at your disposal, and I’m sure dear Veronica will oblige us.”

“Of course, you are quite right,” Gertrude agreed and withdrew the large phallus from Alexandra’s anal tract. The pop as it was released was most satisfying, but not quite as pleasing as seeing the vinegary look Veronica gave her principal as Gertrude pressed the dirty implement against Veronica’s lips.

I tell you, dear reader: Veronica Smythe’s saliva has great properties. The dildo seemed quite shiny and new by the time Gertrude finally returned it to the glistening, buttery opening between Alexandra’s well-spread arse cheeks. Madonna would have been thrilled to know that I will certainly endeavour to have Smythe on hand when I finally take the anal virginity of that dear, sweet child, Amanda.

I have to say it can be quite difficult to ignore the withering looks that Veronica can give mind. She would have caused lemons to shrink with the look she cast in my direction, as her beloved leader instructed her to arch her neck and lick the penetrating phallus as it drove in and out of our young friend’s sphincter. Despite this, she obliged, feeling the pressure of stronger minds bearing down on her, tasting and pleasing her own servile nature, as Gertrude and I exchanged knowing looks.

“You kept Alex on, nevertheless,” I enquired politely, ignoring Veronica. The use of one’s acolytes to ease any potential dryness is certainly a method that I can approve of. I am sure that we will make Amanda’s introduction to sodomy a memorable occasion for all present. A well-looked after pet is a pleasing pet in my book and Amanda is so much more pleasing than many.

“Could you resist such a sweet young thing between your thighs?” Gertrude expanded happily, pressing in to the fullest extent, thus ensuring that Alex also expanded to the maximum to accommodate her. As she resumed her penetrating insights into Alex’s derriere with all the verve and élan that one had come to expect of such a distinguished local luminary, I reached for my camera to record the delicious event for the delights of those unable to be present.

“Mary evidently can’t,” I grinned, putting down the camera after a few snaps and diverting Gertie’s thoughts from my own proclivities, as we both turned to watch the happy conjunction as Mary slipped into utter bliss.

Later that afternoon, Mary and Gertrude sandwiched my young protégée across that table, each with toy in hand, expanding Alex’s anal capacity to new limits as she looked up at me with a look of sheer adoration on her face. I’ll tell you that I never had to thinly slice cucumbers again for my little tea time treats. And Gertrude has shown the most interesting way of acquainting a young lady with an un-sliced green gourd…

Regular and increasingly undignified exchanges with my ladies over the subsequent months didn’t stop Alexandra from shrieking deliciously when she first accommodated her stepmother’s thrusting in her pussy. She had been saved for that incestual connection despite the worst intentions in Veronica’s fevered brain…

As I was saying earlier, there is an almost serendipitous combination of responsibility and revenge that ensured my former neighbour Karen and sharer of my bed donned my spare strap-on toy once summer afternoon to take care of all the built up tensions within her and her twenty year old step stepdaughter, Alexandra.

Both stepmother and child displayed gratifying modesty when I first introduced them to the opportunity to share their innermost desires. And yet it was an important occasion. Virginity once lost is lost forever. Who better than a stepmother to ensure that the action with be decisive, pleasantly painful and memorably Sapphic?

Karen played her part magnificently, thrusting in with a vigour that bordered on real dominance, but showing a true motherly tenderness as the last innocent tears flowed down Alex’s cheeks, and virginal blood trickled from that broken hymen. Then she pulled away from the girl and lay down on the grass, the bloodied phallus hanging limply from her thighs. Alex looked at the instrument that had so recently deflowered her and then up at me, awaiting permission for further gratification.

I nodded and soon Alex was riding the thick instrument attached to Karen’s thighs as her stepmother reached up to play with her tits. As Alex straddled her stepmother, she winced at the soreness as the rubber member, pressed home, past lubricated labia, into the honeyed cunt. Then she lifted herself back up, sighing as she fucked, squealing delightedly as Karen’s humping motions added to the young lady’s pleasure.

Standing over the two, I watched their conjunction for a short while and then escort marmaris pressed Alex down by the shoulders so that she could engage in a long and loving kiss with her stepmother. Their tongues were well exercised and Alex’s rump was well raised, presenting a delectable opportunity for me to assert my authority over both of them.

Not one to be a bystander forever, I cemented the familial connection by anchoring Alex to me with a large phallus in her by now receptive anal passage and crushing Karen beneath our shared weight. This domestic sandwiching would have been no small feat for a young and relatively inexperienced girl, had it not been for the interest of my ladies, keen as ever on the advancement of youth in the service of their elders and betters.

And talking of advancement and rapprochement – how could I ever forget how a mere six months later, stepmother and daughter celebrated a most libidinous threesome with me at midnight on the lawn when the place was finally bought by Amanda’s father? The mewling of step-mother and daughter copulating at midnight would have made cats jealous.

How could anyone ever hope to emulate the way their tongues worked in tantalising combination as they slid into my sex and my arse, in one of the most delightful stepmother-daughter surrenders that I have ever experienced in my life?

Dear reader, you may wish to know that their singular abandon was fortified by two bottles of Spanish wine that I had brought over to them to wish them well. Alcohol is a great lubricant, but it isn’t always necessary. James, Amanda’s father, for instance, is a teetotaller, whilst my darling Amanda, is rather too young for such excesses. I will not water her pleasures, but I would rather my sweet darling satisfyingly wicked rather than plastered on WKD and other young people’s drinks.

As such, I am quite content with my new neighbours, even though it was sad to see Karen on her way to a smaller, more affordable house, now that Alex is living away from home as administrative assistant to Mrs De Vere.

Sometimes I turn in my bed, waking with a start and remember how much I used to enjoy those ever so neighbourly tongues; but who am I to be filled with regret when there was new blood and new possibilities to delight my jaded palate.

In any case Karen was still working off her debt to me at the college. She has acquired a typists stool to use, whenever I get over enthusiastic with the cane or when Mrs De Vere calls round to exercise unrestrained usage of stepmother and daughter in disciplinary combination.

Alex isn’t lost to me either. She regularly comes over to spend the night with me, though she’s often quite exhausted after a long day under Gertrude’s desk. I look after her as well as any caring mistress would. I have been gifted a large purpose-made basket at the foot of my bed for when both my pets stay. It quite jolly to see Alex curling up there with Amanda before licking away my spending as they drift off to sleep together.

The girls love to compare marks and even I’m impressed by the accuracy and precision of Gertrude’s strokes. Admittedly, she has the benefit of all those student bottoms to educate. These days I generally only have two gardens, the lakeside view and Amanda’s sweetness to savour most of the time…

And what did Amanda’s immediate family think of my plans? Well, I hope I was discrete enough not to draw James’s attention to the way I was converting Amanda into the most disreputable slut a mistress can conjure with.

Call me manipulative if you like, but my pointing out the various plants that James had inherited in his new garden gave me ample opportunity to observe Amanda at a range of angles. And this was even before I managed to work my fingers into her delightfully girlish panties. I would come over with cuttings from my own plants that he gratefully accepted and help him to plant them, while watching Amanda flower through the spring. Early in May, James invited me over to supper, when Amanda was having an evening with Alexandra.

As we sat back over coffee he suddenly moved from our customary shared interests to disclosure. He poured out his anxieties as I held his hand. He was almost tearful as I listened to him telling how he’d just wanted to distance himself from his past. He almost regretted the way that he had sold-up so precipitatively and spent the last few years trying to find some solace.

In that one evening I learnt how lonely he actually was. As his fury at his former partner had abated, a real emptiness had gradually filled his heart. Eventually he had headed to this larger university town, knowing that there was a sizeable market amongst the dons for his somewhat esoteric trade. Even here, he found himself an outsider with few acquaintances other than the very people I had pushed in his direction.

They knew better than to intervene and kept their distance, leaving him in the same social vacuum that he’d found in other places since he’d been cuckolded so thoroughly. I was some compensation for his hermit-like isolation amongst the adult community of Peddington. Our mutual interests had made him ever more eager for my company, but he had other concerns too.

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