Are Drugs Bad? Ch. 02

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Note: Thank you to WokeUpOneDay for the exceptional quality of editing that has been provided.

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Tony pulled into his parents’ house in the late afternoon. He was hungry and knew he needed to get something in him, especially after not eating the whole day and already blowing three loads that day. He opened the door, and to his right in the living room was his little sister Isabelle watching TV.

He could hear some noises coming from the kitchen to the left and knew his mother was most likely getting ready for tomorrow’s festivities. Seeing as how his mother was Puerto Rican and he was part, they had put up all the Christmas lights the minute the Halloween decorations came down. He knew he would be stuffed tomorrow knowing given how his mother would cook up a meal fit for an army, even if it was only the five of them.

His sister looked up from the TV when she heard the door open and close. Isabelle gave him a once over before rolling her eyes. “Mom, Jas’ new boy toy is here!” she yelled, not bothering to get up, and turned back around to ignore him.

“Boy toy? Who said I’m my sister’s boy toy? Plus, have you ever known your brother to be a boy toy for any girl?” he asked with a smirk on his face.

She turned back around quickly and stared at him intently. “Like hell you would be my brother! He looks nothing like you,” she sneered at him.

“What, you don’t like my makeover?” he asked while giving a little twirl.

She laughed hard, thinking how preposterous it was that he would convince her that he was her brother.

Just then, Vanessa came into the room after hearing Isabelle calling for her, and saw her son standing in the doorway looking at his sister. “Oh baby, you’re back,” she said running to him and giving him a hug.

“Hey Mom. I said I would be okay, but we need to talk a little later about this.”

Isabelle jumped off the couch and nearly tripped over her feet. She couldn’t fathom that the man in front of her was her brother. There was no way. She had seen him over a month ago and although his weight could be explained with an extreme diet and exercise, it would take much longer than a month to get that kind of definition in his arms. Plus there was the fact that his hair was no longer short and curly but was now longer and wavy, which could also be explained with a wig or extensions.

The one thing that couldn’t be explained was his height as now he was taller than both their mother and also Jasmine as well. That was not possible without using high heels or some other sort of height enhancing shoes, which he clearly didn’t have on.

Isabelle’s jaw and eyes opened wide as she just stared at him!

“Why don’t you come say hi to your brother?” Vanessa said to her younger daughter.

“How the hell is this possible?” she asked. There had to be some reasonable explanation. Isabelle was by far the smart one of the family and was already planning on becoming a doctor of some sort. She just hadn’t decided on what type of doctor she wanted to be. She had narrowed it down to a couple paths but still had time to decide.

“That I will explain later. For now, I’m freaking starving! Do you mind if I get something to eat Mom?” Tony asked.

“Of course baby. I thought you would have eaten while you were gone.”

“Nah, didn’t have time. Was too busy trying to figure out what happened,” he answered, though he was still trying to decide how much he wanted to tell them. He couldn’t have them spreading around the details of his sudden change, but he also didn’t want to scare the hell out of them. He would need to talk to his mother first and then his sisters.

Hopefully his mother and Jasmine hadn’t started to spread it around yet. But from what he saw in their eyes, he would have to worry more about them trying to fuck his large cock now than spreading his secret. He still wasn’t sure if he was going to let them, but would come to that decision when/if the opportunity presented it to him.

“Well then, my big boy needs food so he can keep himself strong,” she seductively said as her hand ran down his back and gripped his ass.

With this sudden move by his mother, Tony knew what she was truly after. Given how her eyes were begging for it, he was truthfully considering giving it to his mother. He just didn’t want to hurt the relationship between his mother and father.

Isabelle finally stepped forward and hugged her brother. She could feel his muscles flex underneath his shirt and it made her mound awaken as she felt her juices starting to flow. She had feelings for him before, but never moved on it as he never seemed interested. It wasn’t that she was sexually attracted to him given his more unattractive state, which he himself had even told her. It was more the way he treated her. He was the kindest man she ever knew; always Ankara escort putting others needs before his own. She had felt that she was falling for him, but tried to keep her emotions in check. Now, however, he had the body to light a fire in her loins.

She couldn’t wait to get a chance to see him naked. Oh how her nipples got hard just thinking about the fact! Then she noticed something. His penis was pressing against his jeans and hitting her leg. She had never felt it before when she hugged her brother, but this time it felt big; bigger than she had ever felt before with a guy! She wondered if this was part of his change as well but was too nervous to ask. However, it still didn’t stop her mouth from watering and her cunt from throbbing uncontrollably.

His sister’s small body underneath him felt wonderful. Feeling the doctor’s naked body was one thing, but his little sister’s body was on a whole different level. He tried not to think dirty thoughts about her, but he couldn’t help it. Then the inevitable happened. His cock started to grow up the leg of his jeans. He knew by now that his sister could feel his cock getting larger but hoped that she had dismissed it. Having two women in his house hunting him was one thing, but three would make it that much worse! No, not worse… different.

Isabelle had been the one that he had been closest to him for years, and now he was starting to feel something more than brotherly lover for her. He noticed the way her wavy brunette hair hung down, how her tank top held tightly to her petite body showing off the outline of her smaller breasts. Her large nipples were pressing against the material, begging to be freed. Her short cotton shorts were high on her hips showing off her lightly tanned legs. She didn’t spend as much time out in the sun and didn’t go to tanning beds like her elder sister, so she only had the natural tan that came with her Hispanic heritage.

Tony pulled back the hug quickly, surprising Isabelle at the quick movement, and started towards the kitchen trying to adjust himself without anyone noticing. However Isabelle did notice and had to put a hand over her mouth as she gasped at the sheer size of what he was adjusting. She had to stifle a moan as she felt her mound quiver. She knew she needed to see it now! She would have to find out how she could without straight up asking him in an awkward way.

Tony got some food from the kitchen and a good sized helping of the Dulce De Leche that his mother had made specifically for him. She was planning on making another one and had let him know so that he could eat as much as he wanted. Along with the sweet treat, he had some pasteles that his mother had made for dinner the night before and some of her famous rice and beans.

He did love to watch her cook, as her ass would shake around and jiggle in just the right way. It would have him practically drooling throughout his years of growing up and watching her. Today however, she was sitting at the table with him, drinking her coquito while intently watching him. Tony himself was not watching her directly, but did notice that she was watching him with a hunger.

Once he was done eating, he headed up to his bedroom to put some of his things away and think. He needed to know how to approach his mother without his sisters knowing what was happening. He was curious as to why Jasmine had not come down to see him. Was she freaked out about what had happened that morning so much that she didn’t want to be around him?

That could put a damper on his plans. But then again, he could use his different looks and just claim he was his own brother for his job. It would have felt much better to know that his sister was acting as his girlfriend; making all those asshats that he worked with drop their jaws at what he was fucking and what they weren’t. He knew that she was ten times hotter than any of the females that he worked with!

He made sure he had a shower so that he was clean since he hadn’t had one since the prior morning. He found fresh but tight clothing, realizing he’d have to wait longer to buy new ones with Thanksgiving the next day.

He left his room and found his mother alone in the living room. She was watching the news as she was passing the time. He couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she was and how sexy she looked, even doing something as normal as sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and watching TV. He already knew in his mind that if she came to him, he would give her the pounding of a lifetime. He could just hope that she would not only come to him one time but would be back for more. His cock started to stir again with him having these thoughts, but he couldn’t get her sexy ass out of his head.

“Hey Mom,” Tony said, getting his mother’ attention.

“Yeah,” she replied offhandedly not realizing it was her son until she turned to look at him.

She noted how her mound seemed to quake just looking at him, how her juices started to flow, her mouth would Ankara escort bayan water and her nipples were hard and pressing against her sports bra. She was thankful that she wore something else under her shirt so as not to show that her nipples were harder than all hell.

She hardly wore panties unless she was wearing them to entice her husband. She just didn’t like having another garment under her pants or shorts that would slow her process in getting a cock deep within her. Was she a slut? Definitely not, but she did love sex just as much as any other person. That, and her sex drive was currently at its peak.

“We need to talk, but I would rather take a drive than have either Jasmine or Izzy hear us,” Tony said.

“Oh, okay honey. Jasmine is not here at the moment, but do I need to change or ..” she started to say before she was cut off.

“No, I think the park should be good enough.”

The park was right down the road, maybe a mile away and would be mostly empty by this time of day. They didn’t need to get out and cause any problems as they could just talk in the car. He didn’t need his sisters know what was going on fully just yet. No need to worry them if nothing came out of it yet. The doctor could just be paranoid.

“Well, let me let Izzy know we are leaving and I will grab my keys,” Vanessa said jumping off the couch and heading for the stairs.

“What about Jas, Mom?” he asked wondering where his other sister was.

“Oh, she left a little while before you got back but should be home soon.” She bounded up the stairs stepping into her daughter’s room.

She noticed her daughter’s face looked a little flushed as she came into the room. Vanessa thought her daughter had been masturbating, most likely thinking about her brother, given how she was looking at her own son earlier that day. She couldn’t blame the young woman. She had even thought about it herself but wanted to save herself for when her son gave the inkling that he was attracted to her. Not that he would be, but a woman could hope.

She let her daughter know they were running to the store for a few last minute items and would be back soon. Isabelle just smiled and nodded but barely moved. Vanessa had the thought to pull the sheets up to see exactly what her daughter was doing, but she didn’t want to embarrass the poor girl. She knew that Isabelle was not as experienced as Jasmine was, and was also more reserved as well. She headed back downstairs to meet up with her son before slipping on her shoes quickly and getting in the car.

They drove the short distance to the park, but Vanessa couldn’t help but to look at his face and also down at his jeans. She wondered if he was currently hard and if she could entice him. Once they parked, she moved to get out of the car but her son stopped her. His masculine hand was on her arm and she froze as soon as she felt it. Her eyes shot to him.

“No need to get out Mom. I just didn’t want to bring this up to Jas and Izzy just yet.”

“O-O-Okay honey,” she stammered trying to regain her thoughts, though her quivering pussy was running her mind at the moment. She mentally shook her head to try to recover. She turned to him and asked, “Why don’t you tell me what’s on your mind?”

“Well Mom, let me tell you how this all started,” Tony said as he hung his head low, not meeting her eyes as he started. He told her about his depression and how he had be close to suicide the past year or so. How he had bought a gun but was too scared to use it. He told her that something was always stopping him, and looking back it must have been her and Isabelle’s love for him.

Vanessa’s lip quivered as she gasped and brought a hand to her face. Tears started to run down her face at how sad he was. She wondered why Jasmine was not included, but also had seen how her older daughter was mean to him at times. She always thought of it as standard sibling rivalry and nothing more.

Tony then continued, his voice cracking over the sadness that he had. He told her about the flier he had been given and how the thousand bucks would help him since his job hadn’t panned out how he hoped. He let her know what the doctor had told him about how it was meant to build his confidence. He went to bed that night at her house the same way that she had seen: short, fat and with curly hair. Then he woke up taller, skinny and with this lovely hair.

He also explained that the doctor had fear in her voice as the company that had them doing the tests would come after him if they found out about his sudden change. His doctor had told him to change schools, that he was going to get a burner phone this weekend and also move his stuff out of his apartment as well.

Vanessa’s eyes lit up at the possibility of having her son around at all times. She knew her husband had another week long business trip coming up next week. That would give her plenty of time to fuck him as much as she wanted, especially if he would allow her to ride Escort Ankara that monster.

Plus she always had feelings about her son; not the feelings a mother should have for him but ones that were more forbidden. She just never saw any confidence in him and didn’t want to ruin him any further by trying to push him into something that he may regret. This was also the reason she would change from something more provocative, like her thong by the pool, when she knew he was up.

Above all, she cared about him and wanted the best for him, even if it meant she would never get the chance to bed him. She had already had some “play times” with her eldest daughter when Jasmine had comforted her after another night of no sex with her husband.

Jasmine had seen how her mother had made her father’s favorite dish, and had made sure that both she and Isabelle were busy when she took her husband to bed. Jasmine even convinced Isabelle to sleep in her room that night and they had had some fun of their own. Jasmine also had seen the special lingerie that her mother had purchased and wondered what her own mother’s pussy had tasted like. The sheer red babydoll would accentuate her mother’s breasts and the crotchless panties would make any man want to taste the treasure between those full lips.

Jasmine awoke the next morning to find her father was called into work that Saturday, and her mother was moping around the house in an old t-shirt and sweat pants. She was dressed like she was no longer happy with her body, and Jasmine couldn’t understand why.

When she confronted her mother, she initially didn’t get anything out. But after being persistent, like Jasmine could be especially when she wanted something, she was able to find out that her father had told her mother that he was tired. He offhandedly told her mother that she looked nice when she had asked how she looked. Her mother had even tried to entice him with a blowjob, but he blew his load less than two minutes in and then turned over, falling asleep quickly.

Her mother cried herself to sleep. When her father woke that morning, he was quick to run out, stating he had gotten a call to come into work, and had left without so much as a kiss goodbye to his wife.

That was when Jasmine had stepped up. She first comforted her mother, holding her close and feeling her large breasts underneath her loose shirt. Jasmine then seduced her own mother, and within twenty minutes she was giving her mother the orgasm that she longed for. Both women brought each other to orgasm multiple times before they heard Isabelle stirring.

However, something was still missing that both women wanted. They still missed a cock in their beds. The rubber kinds were hidden in each of their rooms but the feel, the twitch and surprise at the end that a real cock could provide was what they both truly wanted. Plus, having a man’s touch and the smell of a man was also something that they both desired. They had thought about seducing Isabelle’s current boyfriend, with her consent of course, but they decided against it as Isabelle was currently happy with him and they didn’t want to cause any friction between the three of them over any man.

“Baby, are you saying you may be in trouble for having this new… um… body of yours?” Vanessa asked.

“Yeah Mom. That is why I didn’t want to tell Jas and Izzy just yet. That part I want to keep away from them so I can protect them if needed.”

“Do you think this Bastilla woman would help us?” she asked wondering what this woman would get out of helping them. Their financial situation would definitely not be able to help if someone who was as rich as her son had claimed stopped assisting him or demanded to be repaid.

“Well Mom, from what Doctor Nikko told me, she more supported the doctor in helping people and not wanting to produce some new drug so the company can make money. With how I turned out, I would be their new guinea pig and Ms. Bastilla would never allow that kind of thing to happen.” From what he heard of the woman, she seemed nice enough. But he was also reserved and wondered if he would have to owe her something in the future as well.

“That kind of makes sense, especially if this company did something to upset her. You know the saying, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.'”

“That is true Mom. But you, Jas and Izzy need to make sure that all of you don’t spread this around. Hell, I don’t know how I’m going to convince Dad about this,” he said shaking his head.

“Don’t worry about your father. I will see what I can do with him.” She started to think what she was going to tell him and then remembered something. “Oh I almost forgot, your cousin and uncle aren’t going to make it this year. It will just be the five of us.”

“Well, that is kind of good seeing as how we would have to explain this to them as well.”

“Sweetie,” she said caressing his cheek, “Please remember that your uncle is my brother and he would not do anything that would hurt me or my kids.”

“Thanks Mom,” he said nuzzling his face on her soft hand. “Your hand does feel really soft today.”

“Oh? You like how my hand feels on you?” she asked surprised he would say something like that.

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