Are You Game? Ch. 02

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Divisional Playoffs


On the way to Ben’s place that afternoon, I ran into Erik in the hallway and we took a few minutes to catch up before going inside. Erik’s cousin is married to a friend of Joe’s and the two of them struck up a friendship through that connection. I had first met Erik, along with his wife, Janelle, at the same holiday party where I had first met Joe; Ben brought me to the party as his ‘date’, which we joked about the entire time. Erik is quite tall, maybe 6’3″ with broad shoulders and chiseled facial features. His eyes and hair are brown but not as dark as Joe’s. In direct contrast to his somewhat imposing stature, he possesses a genuinely calm and kindly demeanor and is one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Ben greeted us at the door decked out in his blue Broncos cap, signature tight t-shirt, loose-fitting gym shorts and flip-flops — even in the dead of winter, he often dressed as though he were on his way to the beach. “Joe’s running a little late,” he informed us as he ushered us into the living room. “So I say we get started without him.”

“What do you have planned for today?” I asked him as we took our usual seats.

“Strip football,” he announced with a grin. “Loser has to streak the hallway.”

Erik laughed and reclined back in his chair. “Sounds good.”

Ben turned and gestured to me. “You in, Todd?”

“Do I really have a choice?” I asked with a shrug.

During the first game between the Broncos and the Steelers, each team scored two touchdowns, so we all removed two articles of clothing; Erik and I took off our shoes and socks, while Ben lost his flip-flops and then his watch, which we debated briefly, claiming it to be an accessory and not an article of clothing, but Ben managed to overrule us.

Joe showed up shortly before halftime. “How’re the Steelers doing?” he asked as he grabbed a beer and took his seat.

“They’re a point ahead,” Erik told him. “The Broncos missed a field goal.”

“Let’s keep it that way!” Joe exclaimed. He took a sip of beer and glanced over at Ben and me. “You two haven’t been licking each other’s dicks already, have you?”

“Not yet,” Ben replied. “We were waiting for you to get us started.”

Erik quickly informed Joe of the wager we had going. “I was wondering why everyone was barefoot,” Joe said, shaking his head.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Ben bet Erik that the Steelers wouldn’t make the first down.

“What’s a stake?” Erik asked.

“The shirt off your back,” Ben said.

The Steelers were at the 3rd and 2. We watched as the ball was snapped and a pass was attempted. Everyone held their breath as the ball arced high through the air and spiraled downward … only to be intercepted by the Broncos. Ben and I jumped out of our seats.

“Hell, yeah!” Ben shouted, giving me a high-five. “Sorry, buddy,” he said to Erik, who merely smiled and peeled off his shirt, revealing an excessively hairy torso.

We watched the remainder of the game without any additional bets, since I’m sure we all figured we’d be naked before the second game even began. The Broncos came out on top, which left Erik in only his undershorts and Joe in his undershirt and pants.

Although I was for the Eagles last week, I sided with the Buccaneers for this round. At the top of the game, the Eagles scored first so Ben had to lose his cap and I had to take off my shirt.

In the second quarter, the Eagles attempted a 40-yard field goal. “Bet your pants he doesn’t make it,” Ben said to Joe.

“He’ll make it,” Joe replied quickly. The ball was kicked and sailed a bit to the right, but easily passed between the spires. “See! That’s what I’m talking about!” Joe said as he rose to his feet. “Ha! Your pants, man!’ he said, pointing to Ben. “Lose ’em!”

“I haven’t taken off my shirt yet,” Ben protested.

“So? You bet my pants and lost, so it’s off with your pants.”

“But I’m not wearing any underwear.”

Joe stared at Ben for a moment. “What? How can you not be wearing underwear?”

“I don’t own underwear,” Ben replied.

“Well, you should have thought about that before,” Joe told him and then turned to Erik. “Oh, so now he’s shy about taking off his pants.”

Ben reflected for a moment and then turned to me. “Hey, Todd, do me a solid and lend me your underwear.”

“What?” I squeaked. “No way!”

“Come on, help a buddy out.”

“No, go get a towel or … a pillow or something.”

“We’re playing a stripping game, you can’t add items,” he explained. “But someone can forfeit a piece of clothing for someone else should the need arise.”

I furrowed my brow at him. “I think you just made that up.”

“Come on,” he coaxed. “We’re on the same team. You know, I would lend you my underwear if you ever needed it.”

“Um … thank you,” I replied, acknowledging the expression of implied generosity but unsure as to why I would ever need someone else’s adiosbet yeni giriş underwear. I recognized, though, that this was all part of the fun having a friendship with Ben — you often yourself in situations you never would have imagined.

“So, what do you say?” he prompted, awaiting my response. “You gonna help me out here, bud?”

“Okay, fine, I’ll give you my underwear,” I conceded as I stood up from the couch. “Just don’t fart in them or anything.”

Ben laughed and slipped his arm around my shoulder as we made our way down the hallway.

“I can’t believe I let you talk me into these things,” I remarked to him in his bedroom.

“Hey, come on, you secretly get off on this kind of stuff, too. Admit it.” He slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and winked at me. “Besides, we’re best buds. We’re just looking out for each other.” He bent forward and swiftly pushed his shorts down his thighs, letting them drop to the floor, before stepping out of them one foot at a time and kicking them away. I couldn’t help but glance at his dick once it was exposed and silently chastised myself for doing so.

I undid my pants and slipped them off one leg at a time, hopping momentarily on one foot as I struggled to maintain my balance. Ben reached out to steady me and I held onto his arm until I got my pants off and dropped them to the floor. Then I hesitated before removing my underwear; for some reason, I was feeling vaguely self-conscious. Although we’ve undressed together in the gym locker room dozens of times, this particular situation felt different somehow.

“Hurry up, man,” Ben encouraged. “I’m hanging all out here.” Instinctively, I glanced down at the area to which he was indicating — he was standing in a shoulder-width stance with his arms folded across his chest, legs locked and hips pressed forward, purposefully showcasing the impressive package that protruded from under the hem of his t-shirt. I blushed, realizing that not only had he succeeded in prompting me to look but also that his dick seemed to have inflated a bit within the last few moments. I resisted the urge to watch for a bit to determine if he was, in fact, getting hard and turned away to slip off my underwear, conscious that he was watching me as I exposed my lower backside to him. As I pivoted around to offer him my undershorts, I covered myself with one hand since my own dick was starting to inadvertently swell as well.

“Thanks, man,” he said as he took my briefs in one hand. He regarded them for a moment and then raised them to his nose, taking a curious whiff. He smiled and leisurely stepped into them one leg at a time, slowly sliding them up his thighs and over what was evidently a steadily growing erection. He held my gaze as he overtly adjusted his swollen package within my undershorts. “Hey, these are comfortable,” he said with genuine sincerity. “I might have to borrow your underwear more often.”

“What the hell are you guys doing in there?” Joe called out from the living room. “The first half is almost over.”

By the end of the third quarter, Erik had to remove his last article of clothing. “You can have my underwear now, too,” he said as he waved them at Ben. The rest of the game was relatively unremarkable, with the exception of Ben and I having to remove our t-shirts in the fourth quarter, leaving me in my pants and Ben in my underwear. The game concluded with the Buccaneers on top.

Joe sank in his chair and covered his face with his hand. “I can’t believe both my teams let me down,” he complained.

“Well, that’s what happens when you root for teams that suck,” Ben said.

Joe inhaled sharply and stood up from his chair. “Okay, let’s get this over with,” he griped as he stripped off his remaining clothes, revealing a thin patch of curly hair in the middle of his chest and the tattoo of a nude woman on the back of his right shoulder. Erik rose from his seat, already nude, and strode casually toward the door.

Once naked, Joe went to the front door and peeked out into the hallway. “Okay,” he said, motioning to Erik, and crept cautiously around the corner. Ben grabbed his smartphone from the table and followed immediately after them.

Joe, covering his groin with both hands, tore off down the hallway while Erik jogged leisurely behind. Joe made it to the far end of the hallway and was on his way back when he began to panic. “Someone’s coming!” he warned hoarsely, turning around in circles in an attempt to find a hiding spot. We all waited for a moment, stifling our laughter as Joe decided to book it the rest of the way back. “Knock it off, you fucker!” He barked, realizing that Ben was video recording the entire escapade. He swiped at Ben’s phone before quickly diving back into the apartment.

“Hold it, Erik,” Ben said as he switched the camera phone to the photo setting. Erik stopped and flexed as Ben snapped a picture.

Joe was practically dressed by the time we got back. “Get rid of that video,” he said adiosbet giriş to Ben. “I mean it.”

After Joe and Erik had left, Ben and I sat on the couch and reviewed the video before he deleted it from his phone. “That was too funny,” he said and then pulled up the photo he had taken of Erik. “Man, that is one hairy beast of a guy,” he said as he showed the picture to me before he texted it to Erik and then deleted it.

I pulled on my t-shirt and socks, grabbed my shirt and shoes and started for the door. “See you tomorrow, bud.”

“Wait a second,” Ben said, following me to the foyer. “You’re forgetting something.”

I stared at him for a moment and then remembered. “Oh, yeah,” I said, extending my hand. “May I have my underwear back, please?”

“Of course,” Ben said, running his thumbs along the inside of the waistband. “But, first, I’m curious about something.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

Ben leaned in close to me and spoke in a lowered tone even though there was no one around to overhear. “Earlier, in my bedroom, when we were changing … were you, by any chance, getting hard?”

“What?” I asked, laughing nervously. I had no impulse to deny it but was caught off-guard momentarily.

“I mean, hey … I definitely was,” he confided quickly. “I’m sure you saw.”

I returned his gaze, unsure of what to say.

“In fact, I’m even getting hard now, ” he said with a coy smile. “Man, I get boners all the time for no reason. That ever happen to you?”

I chuckled to myself, both grateful and surprised for the unprompted opportunity to speak frankly with him about such a personal topic. “Yeah, man,” I admitted. “A lot. And it seems to be happening even more lately.”

“Well, what about now?” Ben inquired gingerly. “You getting hard now?”

As if in anticipation to his question, my cock had already begun to stir in my pants and stretch against its confines. I grinned sheepishly and nodded.

“Hey, let me ask you something. Have you ever … you know … checked out another guy’s dick before? To sort of compare yourself?”

“Sure,” I conceded, feeling a subtle increase in my heart rate. “Maybe a few times.”

“You wanna do it now?” Ben suggested brazenly. “I mean, hey, we’re buds … and we trust each other.”

I shrugged, swallowing a dry lump in my throat. “Okay.”

Ben quietly assumed position directly in front of me and slipped his fingers into the sides of the undershorts. I watched as he slowly slid them down over his ample bulge, revealing first the tuft of his golden pubic hair, then the wide base of his shaft before his dick sprung out and bobbed before me. I followed suit, dropping my shirt and shoes to the floor before undoing my pants and pushing them down slightly to expose myself to him in kind.

Ben pressed his hips forward, bringing his cock close along side mine for adequate comparison. I watched as both our dicks continued to lengthen, expand and rise together in unison. “We seem to be about the same size,” he observed. “About seven and a half by five when erect, right?”

I laughed awkwardly. “You know, I’ve never actually measured,” I confessed. We did appear to have the same length and girth although Ben’s equipped with a larger, bulbous head on the end of his shaft whereas mine comes to more of a pointed, torpedo-shaped tip. I might have been imaging it but I swear I could feel the heat emanating from his dick next to mine.

“Nice, man,” Ben stated casually. “I’ve always been curious about what another guy’s dick looks like when it’s completely hard.” My eyes drifted up to his and I was suddenly locked in his steady gaze.

“Happy to indulge you,” I told him instinctively. And then something passed between us in that moment; I’m not sure exactly what it was but it caused the fine hairs on my neck and forearms to stand on end.

I broke the moment by clearing my throat, quickly stuffing by dick back in my pants and picking up my shirt and shoes from the floor. As I opened the door, I turned back to Ben, who returned my underwear with a mischievous grin.

Back home, I dropped my shoes in the foyer, closed the door behind me and leaned against it, blowing out a deep breath. I laughed to myself, slightly incredulous by what had just occurred but also somewhat exhilarated. There’s a definite adrenaline rush that comes with doing something unexpected and entirely out of the ordinary and I felt a palpable sense of elation and vigor course throughout my body.

I went to the kitchen and gulped a glass of water, then headed into my bedroom. I tossed my underwear in the general direction of the hamper, turned and fell backwards onto the bed.

The brief experience of comparing our hard cocks with one another had been oddly erotic but I figured it was simply the novelty and relative intimacy of the situation that was arousing rather than any sort of real sexual desire for each other — just two horny guys expending a bit of their pent-up sexual energy together. adiosbet güvenilirmi I had never seen another guy’s hard cock up close before and I found that I was more than mildly intrigued. Truth be told, I have always been somewhat curious about cock. The first time I ever saw another man’s junk was in the locker room at a community pool. I was just a kid but it had left quite an impression on my adolescent mind — the significantly larger size of it in comparison to my pre-pubescent one … how it was traced with blue, bulging veins and surrounded by a thick nest of dark pubic hair … the way it bounced like an arcing pendulum above his low, jiggling balls as he walked. It had been awe-inspiring to me at that age. There had been other opportunities to check out other dicks in changing rooms, but I had resisted out of respect for their privacy. Some guys weren’t self-conscious at all and I would catch accidental glimpses of their junk but, the truth is, I always wanted to look. I hadn’t really thought much of it before — I had surmised that the desire to check out another guy’s equipment was simply a matter of comparing myself to others and ‘sizing up the competition’ — yet, here I was, feeling awe-struck again for some reason by another man’s dick in the same way I had been when I had first seen one.

I got up, pulled off my shirt, socks and pants and decided to take a shower. I paused for a moment on my way out; the underwear lying on the hardwood floor catching my attention. I picked them up and quietly regarded them for a moment, turning them over in my hand and marveling to myself that Ben’s cock, balls, and ass had been contained within them. I then raised them to my nose in an attempt to discern his scent within; I couldn’t tell if it was my scent or his but it was distinctly musky and enjoyable. Then I slipped the underwear on, momentarily fascinated by the fact that my dick and balls were now nestled in the same contoured fabric that his dick and balls had been. I laughed at my absurdity, quickly shucked the underwear and hopped in the shower.

Under the steaming hot water, I leisurely lathered myself up with soap, frequently returning to my cock and balls, which tingled immediately at my touch. I toweled off and generously rubbed lotion onto my warm skin, enjoying the feel and sight of my naked body in the dim light that came through the window from outside. My workouts with Ben were providing admirable results and I was impressed with my progress. I wasn’t quite as jacked as Ben but there was a remarkable increase in my muscle size and tone since we had been working out together. I ran my hands over my chest, flexing my muscles and exploring their various slopes and contours. My dick had never fully deflated since exposing it to Ben, but remained either at half-mast or near fullness, waiting for the proper attention it deserved. I played with it a bit with one hand as the other hand roamed freely over the firmly bulging muscles of my arm, stomach, thighs, and ass. I lubed my dick up with lotion and quickly pumped out a load in front of the mirror.

In bed, my thoughts returned to the image of Ben’s naked body in his foyer. As much as I was proud of my muscular development, my physique wasn’t as impressive as Ben’s — his body had been sculpted and refined by years of weight training and cardio exercise. His hairless pectoral muscles are broad and perfectly rounded at the sides with a straight line across the bottom edge under his silver dollar-sized nipples; his biceps pop into a fully-defined oval whenever he contracts his arms; the muscles of his legs slope sharply down to his knees and then curve again over his calves; his abdominal muscles form a perfectly symmetrical six-pack when contracted and can still be seen at rest as slight bumps under the smooth plane of his abdomen which descends into his groin with clearly-defined borders at the inguinal canal. And there, in his pelvic region, the wide, vein-lined shaft of his cock protrudes from a laurel of golden pubic hair, crowned at the end with a slightly rose-tinted, round head; his hefty ball sac sits nestled in the crease between his thighs sporting a symmetrically round set of hairless nuts. I’m pretty sure the image of his erect cock remained in my mind’s eye until I drifted off to sleep.


Ben texted me early the next morning with instructions to bring my preferred bottle of liquor to the afternoon games. Once Erik, Joe and I arrived at his place with bottles in hand, he announced, “We’re doing shots, men. We have tomorrow off for the holiday, so we’re getting hammered.”

“Sounds good,” Erik affirmed. “Any rules?”

“When the opposing team scores, you have to tell us something that you have never done before. It can be true or false. Those of us who have done it take a shot.”

“Surprising simple,” Joe observed warily.

“However, the subject of our statements is restricted,” Ben continued.

“See? I knew there was something,” Joe attested, raising his index finger to emphasize his powers of his precognition.

“Restricted to what?” I inquired.

“Our dicks.”

Joe heaved a sigh, flopped onto his seat and then chuckled a bit. “What is it with you and dicks all of a sudden? It’s like you’re obsessed.”

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