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Female Ejaculation

I hadn’t seen my daughter Ariel since she was eighteen when we’d said goodbye, and I moved to California to get away from her mother. The divorce had been painful for all of us and I thought it best to move to other coast. Ariel had gone to college and was now 21 and engaged to some boy I had yet to meet.

In our weekly calls to each other she’d told me that she wanted to bring him out to meet me. I agreed, and bought them plane tickets so I could meet this man, and try not to hate him as much as I felt when I’d heard the news. I guess all dad’s feel that way when some guy is about to steal their daughter away from them, but I hoped I could get over it and learn to like my future son in law.

A couple of weeks later I answered the door and there was Ariel! She jumped into my arms and gave me a huge hug.

“Dad I missed you so much!” She told me, and I had to tell her the same as her fiancé was getting their bags out of the Taxi.

She let go of me finally as the young guy walked up offering his hand, “Matt Jacobs’s sir…glad to meet you!” He told me and shook my hand.

“Hi Matt, I’m Bill,” I told him and looked him up and down.

As I helped carry the bags inside I couldn’t help but notice he looked similar to me. He was about my height and build, and had his head shaved, whereas mine was bald naturally. We were both about six feet tall, he was a tad thinner than me but not too much thanks to my workouts in the California sun and surf.

I was more surprised at how much my daughter had changed. She was somewhere around five foot six or seven, with long legs and now had large round boobs that reminded me of her mom…my ex-wife. Ariel and Matt both looked like they worked out on a regular basis and had tans. Probably from a tanning booth but what the hell, I wasn’t going to tell them it was bad for them even if I thought it was.

Ariel had let her blonde hair grown down over her shoulders. She had it in a pony tail that hung down to the middle of her back. And it seemed to me that her blue eyes were much darker than the last time I’d seen them. She was gorgeous but I guess all dads’ think that about their daughters.

Ariel was the best thing I’d ever done in my life. I’d loved her more than anything in the world from the day she popped out wet and naked. It had been the hardest thing I’d ever done leaving her behind, but everyone has their breaking point. Her mom had found mine with a guy she worked with. I’d found out the hard way she’d been cheating on me for years before one of her friends finally told me.

Ariel had asked me about it when she’d turned sixteen, and I’d explained it to her on the phone. She cried a lot, and we never spoke about it again even though it was like clockwork that we talked on the phone at least once a week. I missed most of her growing up but tried to be the best dad I could from long distance.

All those thoughts raced through my head when I saw her again in person. I put them behind me the best I could because she was grown and about to get married. I hoped things turned out better for her than they had for me. I let it go and tried to be the best host I could.

I took both of them out for dinner that night after a short tour down to the beach. We sat around after a great meal of authentic Mexican food…just drinking margarita’s that came in a huge fishbowl type glasses.

Matt seemed a nice enough guy, but I figured he was probably putting on his best show for me. He was about to graduate with a degree in business he’d explained, and already had a job lined up with a big company back out here in California. I thought they were both too young to get married but I kept it to myself.

“If he got the job I’d at least get to spend some time with Ariel”, I thought.

By eight PM the bar had filled up and a live band started playing. I kept ordering drinks and watching my daughter and future son-in-law dance the night away as I slowly got bombed. Ariel managed to drag me out for a slow dance and I remember how her hair smelled like strawberries as we danced. It melted my heart dancing with her and feeling how tight she clung to me.

“Dad, I think we better go home.” She laughed into my ear when the song ended, “I’m getting drunk as hell!”

I had to laugh and remind myself that she was twenty one. So instead of giving her a hard time I said, “Me too, that tequila packs a kick!”

Ariel gave me a kiss on the side of my neck and kept her arm around my waist as we walked back to our table, “God I love you so much it hurts!” She said, just before we got back to our table and Matt.

I didn’t take it literally, and told her how much I loved her back.

All of us grabbed a cab back to my place and I sat around drinking a beer with Matt and Ariel. We talked about their future plans, hopes and dreams. I learned that they were going to wait until Ariel finished school in a year and a half before they got married. I was glad that she was going to finish college, but not real happy they were going to move in together Casibom in the fall.

Of course I really didn’t have a say in the matter, and hoped my daughter knew what she was doing. Matt seemed okay but I still didn’t trust him with my girl.

After the talk died down we decided to play some cards and I found a bottle of tequila in my cupboard and poured us all shots in between beers. I wanted to get Matt drunk, and see what else I could learn about him. By midnight we were all roaring drunk and everything seemed funny as hell.

Ariel was weaving around when she came back from the bathroom. And I had to smile at her as she bumped into the wall a couple of times coming down the hallway.

Matt and I were still looking at our cards and talking about all kinds of stuff. The cards were blurry to me and I suppose they weren’t much better to him, since he kept slowly sinking in his chair.

Eventually Ariel said, “Matt, I’m going to bed.” after finishing one last shot, “Don’t stay up too long if you want to get lucky!” She laughed, and weaved off to the stairs and went down to the guest room in the basement.

“I can’t resist that!” Matt told me, “She’s really hot in bed!” He blurted out and then looked sick for what he’d said, “Sorry….”

I let it go, and poured another round filling our shot glasses, “Let’s play one more hand.” I told him as he starred blindly at the full glass like there was no way he could drink it. I was buzzing pretty hard myself but downed mine anyway.

It took a lot of convincing, but Matt managed to have two more shots before he got up and staggered to the bathroom. When he came back he didn’t say anything and I watched him head down the stairs about as slow as an old man. He was holding the rail and I was afraid he might fall but he didn’t. I did laugh out loud a couple of times as he hung on the railing for dear life.

I downed the last of my beer, and was about to head to my room when I heard a big thump downstairs.

I went down the stairs and found it wasn’t as easy as I’d thought! I almost fell a couple of times myself before I reached the bottom. I was pretty damn drunk, but I wasn’t about to pass out like Matt had done in front of the bedroom door. He was lying there on the carpet with a dumb smile on his face when I found him.

I’d almost stepped on him because the lights were off except for a small reading light coming from the nightstand in the bedroom. I peeked into the bedroom and saw Ariel lying on top of the sheets. Her clothes were strung out from the doorway to the edge of the bed on the floor.

I found her blouse, shorts, bra, and finally panties right next to the edge of the bed. It took my breath away when I saw her laying there completely naked. My little girl was snoring lightly sleeping on her back in the middle of the mattress. I should have turned around right then… but I couldn’t take my eyes of her naked body.

Her nice round boobs were rising and falling slowly, and a tiny patch of neatly trimmed blonde pubes rested above her beautiful little puffy pussy lips!

I kept looking at her and my dick started growing in the front of my shorts. I turned back and went out the door feeling guilty for what I had been thinking looking at her. I saw Matt laying there and I tried to wake him up but he was out cold. So I got a blanket from the sofa and put it over him and he sighed and rolled over and started snoring again.

I tried to force myself to leave but I just stood there looking down at my beautiful girl. I padded barefoot in the soft carpet up next to the bed and looked down at her. My cock was getting hard as a rock in my shorts and evil thoughts raced through my alcohol filled brain. I just had to make love to her. So I closed the bedroom door quietly and went over to the reading light and flipped it off.

The room was pitch-dark and I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face when the light was out. I hoped that between being drunk and how dark it was I could get away with pretending I was Matt. The booze made me feel like it was a good plan and I didn’t even think about Matt sleeping on the floor outside the door.

I stumbled my drunken ass over to the other side of the bed and I dropped my shirt, shorts, and boxers at my feet. I grabbed the blankets and flipped them over my sleeping daughter and crawled naked into the bed next to her.

When I rolled over next to her, I gently grabbed a nice warm boob in my hand and started to massage it. She moaned softly and slurred out a drunken whisper, “It’s about time you came to bed.” I didn’t say a word and hoped that she was drunk enough that she wouldn’t realize who it really was in her bed.

I froze for a minute wondering what I would do if she woke up? She whispered once more, “Don’t stop, I’m horny baby.”

I started rubbing her boobs again and moved over and found a nice warm nipple with my lips. It was good that the room was pitch-dark as I started to suck on it. Ariel began to get more awake and I ran my hand down her flat Casibom Giriş tummy and then through her pubes and found her nice wet slit as she spread her legs apart to let me feel her pussy.

She moaned as I ran my middle finger down her slit, “Mmmmm.” Ariel whispered and I was thinking so far… so good.

I crawled down under the sheets and already could smell her pussy. I pushed her legs apart and I slid my bald head down between her smooth thighs until I could kiss it. My little girl’s pussy was already wet and I was so turned on my cock ached and throbbed.

When I found her slit in the dark I stuck my tongue between her lips and she moaned softly and put her hands on my bald head. She rubbed the smooth skin on top of my head with both hands moaning and guiding my tongue to her clit. I licked and sucked it gently and she started to moan louder and move her hips up and down. I kept it up until she began to buck her hips up and down quickly and came for me.

I licked her juicy snatch until she stopped bucking. Her pussy tasted so damn good and she whispered, “Come here Matt…I need it bad.”

Like a thief in the night…I crawled up between her legs and put my knob in the middle of the hot wet opening and pushed it inside. She let out a hiss of breath and then a soft moan as my cock began to slide up her tight little twat.

Ariel’s pussy was so hot and wet I slid in easily even though she felt almost as tight as a condom around my cock. Not to brag but I was born with a much bigger than average penis that women have always liked. I wanted to give all of it too her but she was so tight I had to stretch her slowly to accept me.

I started pumping her slowly at first not giving her all of my length. That didn’t last too long because I wanted to shove all of up in her hot pussy.

“OOooo you feel so big tonight…MMmmmmm!” She mumbled as I got deeper each stroke.

In a few minutes, I had my cock going balls deep in her. Ariel just moaned and groaned as I pumped it in and out loving how damn good it felt. At that point I didn’t care if she figured out it was me or not. I was so turned on feeling my cock sliding in and out of her all I could think about was cumming in her pussy.

By the time I was ready to explode I was driving it hard and fast. Ariel had her hands on my ass cheeks, pulling me in deep each thrust, and moaning so loud I hoped Matt wouldn’t wake his drunken ass up!

Her feet were flat on the mattress and she was lifting her pussy up off the bed taking all of my cock in her, thrusting back each time I drove it balls deep in her. When I pushed all the way in she would moan and her pussy would squeeze my cock hard.

“Cum baby…OOooohh GOD…… cum in meeeeee!” She groaned and I felt her vagina grip my cock tightly as she came.

My daughter’s tight snatch started to pulse quickly around my thrusting cock and I pushed it all the way in up to my balls and held it there when I came.

I muffled several “Ah Ah Ah AHhhhhhhh’s” as I shot my load all the way up her wonderful little cunt.

I hadn’t had any sex for a couple of months and I sent at least a half dozen mind blowing spurts as far up in her pussy as my cock would reach.

“Mmmm…Oh that feels soooo gooood…Mmmmm baby!” My drunk little baby girl kept moaning until my cock stopped jerking and spurting inside of her.

As soon as I was done, Ariel went limp and I pulled out of her. I got off the bed as she rolled over on her side with her back to me and whispered, “Matt…That was the best ever…” and fell asleep in just a few seconds.

I felt around the floor for my clothes and put them back on in the dark. Once I found the door I went out quiet as a mouse and almost stepped on Matt. I’d forgotten all about him and realized he better wake up in bed or I’d get caught.

It took a while to wake him up but finally he came around.

“Hey Matt, you better go to bed,” I told him, “You don’t want Ariel to find you passed out on the floor.”

He was still really drunk, “Thanks dad…” he told me and crawled into the bedroom. I waited as he took his clothes off and crawled under the covers next to her.

They were both sleeping as I closed the door and hoped that I’d get away with the crazy thing I’d done.

When I woke up sober the next morning I had a bad headache and it took a long hot shower and a handful of aspirin to make it stop. Somewhere during that time I remembered what I’d done the night before and I began to sweat. It was hard to put a fake smile on my face and go start breakfast.

I cringed when I heard the shower running downstairs and even more when footsteps sounded.

“Hey dad!” Ariel said, walking into the kitchen dressed in shorts and a top. “Hi,” I said, almost afraid to look at her.

She grabbed a plate and piled it up with scrambled eggs and bacon, “You got some coffee?” she asked me, “My head is killing me!”

I was relieved that nothing seemed to be amiss as she filled a cup and took her plate to the table. Casibom Güncel Giriş

“Where’s Matt?” I asked. “Still sleeping it off!” Ariel laughed, “He was plastered worse than me.”

I sipped my coffee and sat down secretly breathing a sigh of relief. I felt guilty especially when she looked at me with that innocent smile. Even with the guilt I couldn’t stop remembering how good her little pussy had felt wrapped around my cock. I figured I was damn lucky to have gotten away with it, but still felt guilty at the same time.

Everything seemed to be fine as the day went on. Matt got up and didn’t seem to have a clue either. I was relieved when I found out he had a job interview the next morning. Actually he had several of them I found out, and that left me and Ariel alone together the whole day.

It turned out to be a hot day and there was a community swimming pool in my housing addition and Ariel wanted to use it. We packed up a cooler full of beer and went swimming. Ariel looked fantastic in her tiny bikini and I had to control my cock from growing each time my eyes feasted on her body. I kept remembering how good it had felt making love to her and part of me wished that she wanted me just as bad as I wanted her.

I still felt guilty but it was too late to change what had happened. Ariel seemed to be a bit off, and she was drinking quite a bit. I hoped it didn’t have anything to do with what had happened. And I wondered if she had realized it was me after she’d had time for her hangover to clear the fog from her brain.

I hoped not… and tried to act normal.

By the time we went back to my place for a late lunch she was pretty drunk. I’d taken a twelve pack of beer and she’d had most of them.

I made sandwiches and we sat at the table eating lunch and Ariel seemed kind of distant like she had something on her mind. I tried to steer the conversation to happy things, but it didn’t seem to be helping much. She kept looking off in the distance like she was thinking hard about something.

About 1 pm after the paper plates had been cleared off the table Ariel got another beer out of the refrigerator and sat down at the table looking at me. I had my straight back chair turned sideways next to the table and was going through the mail pretending I didn’t see her staring at me.

Ariel finally got up and used the bathroom. When she came back she had on a white T-Shirt for a top but was still wearing the bikini bottoms. I couldn’t help but notice she’d taken her bikini top off because the front of her shirt showed nice points from her nipples as she walked past and got another beer.

She came back over and sat down across from me, “Dad can I ask you something?”

I put the stack of bills down on the table, “Sure what’s up?”

“Uh….well I don’t even know how to say this.” “Just say it then.” I told her and steeled myself for what was coming.

“Did you…last night….I mean were you….” She struggled, “OH HELL…did you end up in bed with me last night!”

I just looked at her as the blood seemed to rush out of my head and down to my feet. My worst fears came true and I felt like a man waiting to hear his sentence for a terrible crime.

I wanted to lie about it but she had a look on her face that said, “You better tell me the truth!”

It was my time to him and ha around the subject, “Well, I was pretty drunk and don’t remember a whole bunch about that night.”

Ariel wasn’t happy with that answer, “I’m a big girl daddy…just tell me what happened.” She demanded, and then took a huge swallow of beer. We were both really drunk….just tell me what happened last night.”

I got a beer and came back while she waited. I sat down and told her what I’d done. She watched my face the whole time to see if I was lying and it was one of the hardest confessions I’d ever made! I’d made it sound as innocent as I could but it still sounded pretty bad even to me.

“I’m sorry…I was so damn drunk and you were there naked and looking so damn sexy I just got carried away!” I told her. “She shook her head from side to side like she was disgusted and hated me.”

“How’d you figure it out?” I asked at last.

There was a long pause and Ariel looked at me while she drained the last of her beer.

“It’s not all your fault dad,” She said at last, “I could have stopped you when I realized it was you… but by then I was so turned on I didn’t want to.”

I let out a sigh of relief, “So you’re not going to tell Matt or the cops?”

She looked at me like I’d just said something insane, “Are you kidding….I would never do that to you… it was just one of those things that happened. I’m as much to blame as you…I knew right away something was different when you were in me.”

I figured out she meant my size…I remembered how hard I’d pushed to get my entire dick in her tight little pussy.

“So we can just forget about it and call it a big mistake?” I asked hopefully.

She looked at me, got up and paced back and forth, “I wish it was that easy.” She said at last looking at me.

“What?” I asked wondering what the hell else was wrong. “I wish it was that simple dad.” Ariel said, “I stopped taking birth control a few months ago because I want to have a baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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