Around the World in 80 Fucks 01

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While you read this, millions of lovers around the world engage in lewd, kinky sex. Wouldn’t it be nice to take a bird’s eye perspective and swoop over them to see what they are up to?

These are sound bites 1-5. I will be adding the rest soon.

Ice Skating Rink

Her ass cheeks burn against the cold ice. She still has her skirt on, lifted up, as she is pinned down under her partner and lover who fucks her. Panties around her ankles, their legs intertwined: their skates make scraping noises on the ice as their limbs twitch lustfully.

A night warden strides in. He sees them fucking in the bright lights in the middle of the rink. He knows he must not interrupt. Those two will go to the Olympics. They need to practice their teamwork. He seats himself into a dark aisle and pops open his zipper.

On the Trail

He lies naked in the tall grasses. The white clouds race by and sparrows flutter over the treetops. His girlfriend crouches like a lion over her meal, sucking hard on his cock while he jams three fingers in and out of her cunt. You can just make their lair out from the trail and he imagines the passing hikers catch a glimpse of her pink pussy and think it’s a wild flower. The thought makes him cum. She spits it out on the grass and they watch a dozen laborious ants trying to snatch away the bounty. It’s a little gross, but kinky in a very satisfying way.

In the lab

The horny undergraduate loads glass vials in the sample mixer one by one. Her boyfriend is in a study away program and she needs a fuck. She imagines how the rubber end of the mixer would feel on her clit. Cautiously, she locks the door and takes off her lab coat and pants. She climbs on a chair and straddles the mixer. The rubber end starts twirling on its own when her crotch presses on it. It feels like heaven. In sweet oblivion she humps the vibrating mixer through her soaking shorts. The humming noise and her humping could be heard from the neighboring labs but she doesn’t care. She yanks the speed dial on the mixer up and Bycasino humps harder with her eyes closed. Her face screws up and she moans. When she is done cumming she opens her eyes and looks down. She’s made a mess. She will explain later.

Boot Camp

His bunkmate can’t sleep. The boy is 19, fresh from his parents’ ranch and it is understandable he found boot camp stressful. After a while, his mate who has been in the camp some weeks reaches into his bedside drawer and pulls out a Hustler magazine. He hands it up to the boy on the top bunk:

“Use this.”


“You know what to do. It helps a lot. We don’t talk about it.”

The boy is silent. His hand grabs the magazine and his mate hears the rustling of pages. After a while the boy’s breathing becomes more relaxed and rhythmic, and the bulge of his ass through the mattress readjusts slightly. His mate listens to the soft scraping noises from the boy rubbing his cock under the blankets. He starts working it too. He changes hands and feels the sweet musty scent of his dick on his fingers. The top mattress is rocking now. The mate lifts his hands up and touches the bulge from the boy’s ass. The boy makes a little startled jump but then relaxed and presses his butt firmly against the mattress so that the probing fingers can feel him. His mate starts massaging the boy’s ass with one hand while beating furiously with the other. The two of them are doing it in sync. Suddenly, the boy arches his ass up and the magazine flutters to the floor as he starts thrashing about his bunk and coming. A second later, a hot blob of cum hits the underside of his bunk where his ass had been. The two men relax and say nothing for a while. Then the boy descends down the steps on his way to the bathroom, allowing his mate to see the wet musty spot on his boxers. His mate has his cock out and gives him the thumbs up.

“That was good.”

“Tha’s right.”

“We should do it again sometime.”


“Please, don’t tell!’

“Don’t Bycasino giriş ask.”

Red Eye

Hellen is anxious. She has flown to Atlanta for job interviews and her own nerves are finally getting to her on the flight back. She is having her period and has cramps. She wishes to herself to be out of here and back in her dorm room at her college, but the snotty 35-ish business woman next to her keeps making calls on the airline phone and reading a self-improvement book on her laptop. Hellen feels a strange attraction to that woman, maybe because she aspires to be someone like her someday. She allows her knee to touch the woman’s leg through her sharp transparent pantyhose. Mercifully, the woman closes her laptop, puts on her facemask and prepares to take a map. Her hands are under the scanty airline blanket and when after some minutes Hellen pays attention to that, she can’t believe what she is seeing. The woman is fingering herself in plain sight of Hellen. One end of the blanket comes loose, and she can see the woman’s middle finger rubbing over her clit under the business skirt. Hellen is mesmerized. She wants to take off her jeans and rub her own menstruating cunt but… no, she doesn’t have the balls to do that. She watches as the woman slides her fingers inside her pussy and starts fucking herself and muttering the name of the guy she talked to on the phone a minute ago. Hellen can see the woman has got herself going and is going to cum soon probably. She feels a little uneasy but quite excited about watching. Still, she wants to do the right thing, so at last she draws a big breath and speaks:

“Um. I can sort of see what you are doing”

“No shit? Can you keep a secret?”


“Please do. It’s very good for stress. Also, can you hand me my silver bullet from my bag there?”

In trance Hellen does what she was told. The bullet is in a makeup compartment, artfully disguised as lipstick. She hands it over, and it disappears under the blanket, from where after a while it starts Bycasino güncel giriş emitting a muffled buzz. The woman is rocking on her seat now.

“Oh. I think I’m gonna cum.”

Hellen can’t take this anymore. She looks over the back of the seats in front to make sure there is no one near. A few people up front are sitting near the big screen with their headphones on, absorbed by the movie. The two of them are completely alone.

So Hellen crouches down and stuck out her tongue. She licks the underside of the woman’s knee with its tip. The businesswoman jerks and made a quiet moaning noise. She moans again and her slightly wrinkled face spreads in a smile when Hellen works her tongue up over her thigh under the stockings. The college student can now feel the heat from the lady’s nook on her cheek. Like a little tornado, the funnel of her tongue tip moves from the thigh to the shaved mound of the woman, which is now vibrating with the bullet inside. The woman screws up her face when Hellen’s swirling tongue brings her pussy over the top.

“Oh! I’m gonna cum!”

And she does. It feels great for Hellen who has never seen another woman cum in real life, and none who have gushed so much, even in movies. The woman’s seat is completely drenched when she is finished and Hellen’s mouth tastes like her. Hellen gives her a long sloppy kiss, the facemask separating them as their lips taste each other with the woman’s cum encrusting them.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.

“It’s your turn now.”

“Oh, no… No, really. Thanks! I have my P now.”

“Pity. I’d have liked to return the favor.”

“Hmm… Do you offer any jobs?”

“Well, as a matter of fact I do.”

“What are they?”

“My personal secretary? No, really! It’s finance consultant with my firm.”

” Gosh! I sort of study that.”

“Than consider yourself hired.”

“For real?? Don’t I have to do like an interview or something?”

“Oh. Well, I guess if you say so. Let’s schedule an interview at your school’s career service office say… next Tuesday?”

“Wait, you said you’re going to hire me. So what is the interview for?”

“Just because. We might want to straighten some things out first. You know. Just bring a towel to put on your seat.”

5/80 More coming soon!

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