Art Class

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It’s hard to top the excitement of being in your 20s and having an intensely erotic relationship with a woman who is almost twice your age, especially when she’s a very horny, luscious plus-sized exhibitionist who loves being naked, going to sex parties, making love with women, and sharing you in a threesome with her best friend. The real kick is that she’s your ex-girlfriend’s stepmother.

You’d always had a vibe with each other back in the day when you were dating her stepdaughter. A chance meeting a few years after your breakup started one thing that led to an amazing another.

JoAnn is 48 and divorced now. Your ex-girlfriend told you JoAnn often walked around their home naked, but you never dreamed how much she’s into sex for the sheer pleasure, excitement and sensuality of it. She enjoys making videos for a female friend who runs a studio that specializes in erotica for couples, and posing nude for a weekly life drawing class at a local community college. The locally controversial erotic art sessions were moved to the teacher’s home so they could be more freely and openly sexual with the students studying and drawing a model’s vagina or penis and interpreting them in all their erotic beauty. Sketching a couple having sex is planned and JoAnn says she’s going to do it with a woman or a man in front of the class.

“I love having sex in front of people,” she said, “I love the power of sharing my body and pleasure and how I’m making my partner feel so good they lose control and come. Knowing that what I’m doing is turning other people on and helping them come too is such a good feeling. I really do love it. I never get tired of sex. That’s like getting tired of food. Can you think of anything that feels better than an orgasm or getting there? I can’t.”

One day while you’re at work, JoAnn texts you. “The class is drawing pussies tonight. I don’t mean cats! Want to come?”

“Definitely,” you reply, knowing for sure there will be something very good for you in store. JoAnn will be posing with Elle, her long-time best friend and lover, and you get the double entendre.

The first threesome you ever had was with JoAnn and Elle on a big outdoor bed at Elle’s beach condo a few weeks earlier. At first it was a little intimidating, these two much older, more experienced women naked, very horny and wanting you to deliver. It was also confusing trying to decide what to do with who and when and how far to go without anyone feeling neglected, but JoAnn and Elle helped you to relax. They made and kept your cock hard, and the great sex flowed until you all got off. You felt a great sense of pride, relief and awe when it was over.

The second time was much easier to focus on savoring and pleasuring each nude woman while they kissed and caressed, stroked, sucked and licked each other and you. The sheer sensation of being naked with them outside on that big bed in the warm sun and sea breeze, letting them see, touch and taste your body with your cock so fully excited, and looking at them nude together while you touched their soft wonderful bodies as their hands and mouths roamed yours was the most intense sexual experience you ever had. Until the third time.

JoAnn and Elle look so hot without their clothes on. They are almost 50 and their bodies are so naturally sexy. JoAnn is a redhead, 5′ 4″ and about 180 pounds with wide hips, a big firm luscious ass, cute belly and perky torpedo breasts that come to big pink points. Elle is a frosted blonde with small breasts. She’s heavy in her hips and rear. You like her gold belly chain and how her gorgeous pussy has a heart-shaped patch of dark hair on her plump mons. The pink hood of her clit is always clearly visible.

Exploring and tasting JoAnn and Elle together, each woman’s scents and flavors so deliciously different, is an erotic buffet. You have to fight hard not to come too soon when you’re with them together.

The third threesome, all in that one weekend, was a steadily building hour of total immersion in each woman’s kiss, touch, breasts, pussy, thighs, ass, and asshole. There was so much hot oral sex, sweaty fucking, eye contact, lusty deep analingus and dirty talk. You’d never talked much while having sex with any lover, but JoAnn and Elle are really into it and they opened you up. Fortunately you were able to last quite a while that time as you’d already come twice that day, once by fucking JoAnn’s fantastic ass when you woke up that morning and later that day in a threesome. You were able to concentrate on making each woman come multiple times before your own release in Elle’s hot cunt. Everyone was left breathless and lying together in a nude cuddle on that big outdoor bed on the deck.

Older women are amazing lovers, especially when they’re really into making love with a much younger guy and other women too. When their desires mesh with yours, they and you will do things you’ve only fantasized about.

Both women love your kiss, your touch, your body, the sight, scent and taste of your cock, balls, ass, and cum. Each one has given you a sensuous rim job while the other sucked your raging güvenilir bahis erection. Feeling hands parting your ass cheeks, warm breath and a soft tongue on and in your asshole, and JoAnn’s or Elle’s sighs of enjoyment as they licked your most intimate place made it so difficult to stay in control while the other lovingly, hungrily sucked your cock, moaning with lust.

Making each woman come has become your mission. Their orgasms are intense and you know how much they enjoy them. When they reach the tipping point, their nipples and clits are hard, their chests flushed, their pussy honey flowing. The look on their faces and their moans are so beautiful. They’re totally lost in ecstasy for those few moments, quivering and shaking and gasping. Nothing feels better than pure intense sexual release and giving it to someone else. When you all come together it’s the best. Three as one.

During your last threesome, Elle lay on her back bottomless, wearing only a gray halter top, her breasts exposed, as she tongued JoAnn’s sexy pussy and asshole while you slowly thrusted your cock in Elle’s slick wet cunt until you came. You moaned loudly as you spurted inside her and she liked that, grinding against you as she got off. Elle’s pussy is amazing. It’s much tighter than JoAnn’s and feels better than any woman’s you’ve ever experienced. It was made perfectly for your cock, like JoAnn’s asshole, and the sight of Elle’s spread legs, trim little bush and your glistening rod moving in her wet flower is such a rush. When she straddles you, she likes to let your glistening cock slide out so she can hold it and massage her pussy with the bulging head before she admits you again. When you’re fully inside her, the sensitive underside of your cockhead rubs against soft smoothness. It’s a trigger that sends you off and intensifies your orgasm.

You can’t get enough of the sensation of coming in Elle’s cunt and you’re happy that she always gets off too. You could feel her pussy spasm against your hard meat as she came before you let go, almost blinded by the pleasure of your orgasm. JoAnn didn’t mind. She came hard too, fingering her pussy as Elle lustfully tongued her asshole. You’re their boy toy. They can’t seem to give you, or each other, enough hot sex. The memories of each woman keep you hard and distracted when you’re not with them.

On the night of the art class, JoAnn and Elle pick you up at your place and drive to a big house in a nearby neighborhood. Behind the house is a studio building with large windows and glass doors. As you walk up the driveway, you can see the students setting up.

Once inside, JoAnn gives you a kiss before she and Elle go off to a corner of the room where a folding screen has been set up in a space so they can take off their clothes. Your cock swells just hearing them chat and laugh while you watch their garments fall to the floor or be draped over the screen.

The room grows quiet as JoAnn and Elle walk out nude. They exchange a quick kiss on the lips and take their place on a small well lit stage filled with plush black cushions in the center of a semi-circle of chairs. There are eight students tonight, some college age, some middle aged women and men. They sit with sketch pads, much closer to the models than usual so they can better see and study each woman’s pussy and its details. Some are drawing JoAnn, some Elle.

JoAnn lies on her side, tosses her hair back and parts her legs wide to fully expose herself. She has completely shaved her plush triangle of auburn pubic hair and you know her well enough to see that she’s excited. The hood of her clit is swollen and bulging, the big pink lips of her pussy are open and glistening in the light. Her nipples are hard, too. She gives you a wink.

For the next half hour you casually circle the class, gazing at the work as the students sketch. Elle is in the same luxuriously erotic pose as JoAnn, a hand on one breast, her legs spread wide as if waiting to receive a lover’s fingers, kiss, tongue or cock. All you can think about is how exciting, arousing and beautiful the sight of a woman’s pussy is. Cleanly shaved, with a lush bush or something in between, it’s awesome. You never forget the first time you see a new lover’s cunt and your first taste, her unique scent, the view from between her thighs as you look up at her face while you lick, suck and bring her to orgasm, or the first time your hard cock enters her as your eyes and lips meet while you thrust until you both come. You have no greater reward than giving a woman such intense pleasure and release. Giving it to two much older women has kept you getting yourself off on nights when you aren’t with JoAnn or Elle. They make you feel like a stud.

Every so often while Elle poses she reaches down, rubs and holds the lips of her pussy open with two fingers. She’s swollen with excitement, wet and glistening. “We’re going to play with ourselves a little to make things stand out,” JoAnn had explained during the drive to the class.

The thought of how intensely you come in Elle’s pussy makes your cock throb. So does the memory of the afternoon türkçe bahis when Elle came on to you by herself for the first time. You were at JoAnn’s apartment. JoAnn had gone out on an errand. Elle walked in from another room bottomless, wearing only her gray halter top. While you admired her, she came over, kissed you and started unfastening your belt. Any guilt you felt was gone when she said, “JoAnn won’t mind. Let’s have fun. We can tell her. If she comes back while we’re at it, she can join us. OK?”

Elle was right. They are lovers who often have sex when you’re not around, so JoAnn is totally fine with sharing you with her best friend. It was one very hot fuck. Elle descended to her knees and lustfully sucked you hard as she moaned and sighed at the taste of your cock while it swelled in her mouth. When you were fully hard she sat on the dining room table and guided you into her warm, wet pussy. Sucking you had made her very aroused and her cunt felt so slick and good as you entered her. There’s just something about the feeling of your cock in her fabulous sexy pussy, and her response, that sends you over the moon. Your lips locked, your tongues swirled against each other as you thrust into her slowly at first and then with increasing speed until you both came in a huge rush.

“Wanna taste my ass?” she whispered as you hugged and wound down, breathless and sweaty. “I know you really get off on licking a hot dirty fanny…”

You took her up on her offer. Elle stood and leaned over the table with her back to you and you went down to your knees. Her lush nude rear felt and smelled so good against your face. Her sexy pink asshole was delicious and you made her come again, your hands parting her cheeks and your tongue deep in her bittersweet anal funk. It made you hard again, but she said, “Let’s save that one for JoAnn.”

When it’s time for the class to take a break, JoAnn and Elle stay naked and walk freely about the room, talking with the teacher and students. You can’t stop thinking about your hot, horny threesomes. Watching them make love with each other is so amazing, and being welcomed into their bed has been the best. It’s all so open and comfortable and erotic. When a threesome works, it’s indescribably good.

The different drawings of JoAnn and Elle depict their pussies as intricate flowers. One, of Elle’s, looks like a mouth with thick pink lips. The artist included the heart shape of Elle’s bush.

The two nude women return to the stage for the second half hour. The students are now to study and draw each woman’s anus. “We’re into the vagina is beautiful thing,” JoAnn explained during the drive to the class, “but a woman’s fannyhole is pretty and sexy too.”

“And very under appreciated,” Elle added.

“And delicious,” you said. “I love how good you both taste.”

“Thank you, hon!” Elle said. “You do have a way with your tongue back there…”

“Told you,” JoAnn said as she drove. “When I see photos of naked women or watch them in videos I like to look at their fannyholes. They’re as beautiful, different and sexy as their pussies and they turn me on.”

“Me, too,” you said.

For the second session, JoAnn lies on the cushions with her ample rear raised, her legs spread enough to offer a view of the dark circle of her puckered asshole. Elle straddles a chair, with her back to the class, holding her ass cheeks wide apart to reveal her delicious pink anal bud with its delicate wrinkles and little balloon knot in the slit.

While they pose you gaze at them and think about how a woman’s ass is the most deliciously intimate sexual gift. Her letting you see, smell, lick and taste her anus even when it’s less than clean is total trust and love and when you find a woman who’s really into sharing hers with you, there’s nothing better.

You always try to catch JoAnn and Elle between showers when each one’s rear is most natural, fragrant, slick, sweaty and tasty. The erotic feeling, scent and flavor when you slide your nose and tongue deep into the warm valley between their ass cheeks and probe their sexy tight, smooth chocolate tunnels, feeling them relax, soften and open while they urge you deeper by thrusting their bare buns against your face is enough to make you come.

JoAnn’s gorgeous dark anus is her favorite pleasure zone. When you’re down on her pussy, she always wants you to slide a finger into her pungent asshole and massage her tight, smooth inner walls. It gets her off almost instantly and she comes so hard, her anus twitching against your finger or tongue. Her pussy is beautiful and delicious, but your favorite flavor is her earthy musky asshole.

Sometimes JoAnn gets off when all you do is lick it. During one of your mutual masturbation sessions all she did was deeply finger her asshole while you watched and she had such an intense release that her pussy squirted without being touched. You love how when you’re in a 69 with her on top she holds her asscheeks open to fully expose her sexy treasure while she lowers her luscious ass to your mouth and lets your tongue into the delicious wonders of her back güvenilir bahis siteleri door. “It’s exciting when you’re down on my fanny and really liking it when I’m dirty back there,” she said.

JoAnn is so uninhibited about her ass that she poos while you’re in the bathroom with her. “Taking a nice big one feels so good,” she said one morning as she sat naked on the toilet, giving you a sexy look, her legs spread to offer you a more intimate view than the first time she did it. “It actually makes me feel horny. I’m just wired that way. I love anal sensations. They’re so sexual. When you wiped me that time it felt so good. And then you went down on me! That was the best!”

“Would you like an encore?” you asked.

“Of course!” she said, flushing and standing, turning her back to you so you can softly massage between her cheeks with several wads of tissue. “When I first started masturbating I always played with my fannyhole. I loved putting my fingers in it. It got me off so much. And I used to hold a mirror between my legs and watch myself poo. It was exciting to see my fannyhole open and a big dark cock come out. I’ve only done it with Elle. We’re totally open with each other. She poos in front of me. It’s such a turn on how you’re so into licking my fanny and aren’t grossed out when I poo in front of you.”

“It’s very sexy watching you,” you said, and you meant it. You’d never dreamed such an intensely private act could be so erotic, but JoAnn’s willingness to share it and how she does it so casually and sensuously makes it that way.

“Intimacy is so sexy,” she says. “I always hoped I’d find a guy I could be so open with. I really love that intimacy. There’s nothing to hide. I want to explore everything. Would you like me to pee on you?”

When the art class session ends, JoAnn, Elle and the teacher, a woman in her 40s with short, cropped black hair, take a look at the work. Each woman’s anus has been drawn accurately, with some sketches making them look like starbursts or galaxies.

“Yours looks heavenly,” JoAnn tells Elle, who says, “I never really thought about it but I guess I have a pretty nice one…”

“So what did you think?” JoAnn asks as you drive home after class.

“That was fun,” you reply. “A lot of fun.” You’re so horny you’re practically out of your mind.

“Next week we need a guy who will let us draw his cock,” Elle says. “Yours is really nice, hon. We’re going to draw one soft and hard. You should give it a try.”

“Posing is fun. We can help you keep it up,” JoAnn says. “Wanna do it?”

You’re so turned on you say yes.

When you arrive at JoAnn’s apartment, Elle says she’s spending the night. After a couple of drinks and some talk, you watch both women strip naked in the bedroom and embrace. You can’t wait to taste what you’ve been gazing at all night and they know it. They lie on their stomachs side by side on the bed, sensuously kissing each other and inviting you to feast. You hurry to get your clothes off and join them. As you settle on the bed, you rest your head on JoAnn’s plush rear while you caress Elle’s ass.

For the next however long, you make mad, passionate oral love to each woman’s rear, kissing, licking, sucking and fingering them deeply. You lick and suck your fingers after they’ve been inside each sexy anus. The difference in their scents and flavors fascinates you. JoAnn’s asshole smells and tastes earthy, deliciously bitter and slightly salty. Elle’s is sweet but in a wickedly funky way. The most exciting thing about eating out each woman’s asshole is discovering and tasting their most intimate traces deep within. Meanwhile, their pussies are very wet. Your hands work some magic on them while you tongue fuck each tasty asshole and revel in the scent of each one.

JoAnn, as usual, gets off easily and intensely with your attention, but Elle tells you to put your cock in her ass, slow and easy. It’s the first time you’ve done it. You lick her butthole as wet as you can, smearing her pussy honey over and into it, feeling it gradually relax and soften as your finger gently probes. JoAnn comes down to lend more licking. She swirls her tongue on Elle’s asshole, kisses it, sucks your cock, and gently presses the head into her friend’s sexy rear. Elle slowly keeps relaxing and admits you, a little at a time, saying “Easy…easy…OK…that’s good…slowly….mmmm…he feels so big…I don’t know if I can take him all the way like you do…”

‘Just take it slow and easy,” JoAnn says. “You’re doing great. This is the first time I’ve ever seen you want a dick in your ass…”

“He got me pretty turned on.” Elle says, breathlessly, her sweet ass raised to meet your cock.

You fight hard to take your time as you ease in while JoAnn kneels next to her friend’s ass and watches. Each little thrust takes you deeper into incredible snugness that caresses your aching erection. When you pull out for a moment, JoAnn takes you into her mouth and hungrily sucks with a loud “Mmmm” that tells you she’s enjoying the taste and scent of Elle’s asshole on your cock. When she guides you back in, the next thrust sends you off. You come hard in Elle’s ass and you can feel her getting off too. The night ends with the three of you naked and cuddled up, drifting off to satisfied sleep, the scent of sex in the air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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