Artists Impression Ch. 03

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The small waitress apron which I had worn whilst making the breakfast and which Brian was wearing when he greeted me on my return from shopping was quite useless to conceal any of Brian’s anatomy, his appendage was not enormous, adequate, yes, satisfying, yes, enormous, no.

I’m not complaining, I am more than satisfied with whatever he had. I had the pleasure of teaching this virginal young man how to use what he had to the satisfaction of a lady, that’s me, a lady…sort of!

Frankly, the apron as Brian’s sole garment was almost laughably ridiculous, I could see that and so could Brian. I stepped forward, and slipped my hand beneath the apron, and fondled Brian’s cock and sac. His cock was as hard as I would ever require and his sac, his juice filled balls as tight as could be.

I dropped to my knees, moved the apron to the side and taking his cock in my hand, applied my lips to its tip. My tongue first probed the eye of his cock, then swirled around head. Opening my mouth I engulfed his cock, sucking as I did so, it was not my first cock sucking adventure, indeed, it inspires the creative side to my nature, when I can leave a line of lipstick around the shaft.

Brian groaned in appreciation of my ministrations. I lavished every hue in my palette in my endeavours to achieve the result I wanted. I sucked and teased and sucked some more. I swirled my tongue about his cock head, then withdrew, and renewed my lipstick, ensuring that my lips were well coated before renewing my assault on my hearts desire.

I admit to having not inconsiderable oral skills and a very agile tongue, several of my past conquests would attest to it if they could be tracked down. Of course the downside of that fact is that it is a short lived, for me, pleasure, and I just can’t allow myself not to exercise my skills to my best ability, Brian’s inevitable discharge, decorated my throat with nectar, so sweet that I spilt not a spot, enjoying every single molecule.

Having drained his sac, I licked my lips, and admired the lipstick traces with which I had anointed him, I had left him with a spectacularly coloured cock, having used at least two different lipsticks during my performance. It could I suppose have been even more multi-coloured had I been able work out how to apply eye shadow to his cock.

That was the first course of a very pleasant afternoon tea. The oral exersize I had just completed, I had done so whilst kneeling just inside the front door, god, those tiles were cold…and hard.

Knowing the treatment that Brian had just received at the hands of my throat so to speak, I was not surprised that when I tried to pull myself up off my knees by holding him the opposite was the result. Brian came down to my level, and joined me on the cold tiles.

I, well both of us, had to find another way up from the floor. Obviously we did get up, well I did, I went to the kitchen to attend to my bags of shopping, while Brian crawled to the lounge.

When I finally I completed my tasks in the kitchen, I joined Brian in the lounge, not too impressed, but equally not surprised to find him fast asleep on the chaise.

Our breakfast and now my oral ministrations had clearly taxed the young soul. Frankly I could maybe have appreciated a short doze myself, although I wouldn’t want to admit that to anyone else. Sex with enthusiastic young virgins, was proving a little more tiring than I expected, certainly my older lovers were not quite so exhausting.

Ok, I admit it, I was the demanding one, I was the one setting the pace, and it was a hectic pace, but I was reluctant to give in. When this weekend was over, I wanted to know that I had seduced the young man of my lust filled fantasies and fucked him to my hearts desire.

I perched next to Brian on the chaise and joined him in a short trip to the land of nod. I guess it was about half an hour later when I was rudely awakened when I slipped to the floor dragging Brian with me, he fortuitously had a soft landing… right where I like him, on top of dear little, well not so little, ME.

On this occasion, a very rare occurrence over the last few days, Brian woke without an erection!

This of course posed a dilemma, how should I react to this strange phenomenon? Should I cast all erotic thoughts from my mind and quickly grab my sketch book and pencil, and rough out my intended display painting, or should I make just the little effort needed to conjure up yet another erection.

My head was spinning, Brian was on top of me, not badly positioned, his ahem, cock, was positioned so nicely, had my clothes not been on, it would have taken just a little wriggle to… well, you know.

But I was clothed…unfortunately. I was on the horns of a dilemma, I truly wanted to be on Brian’s horn, I also wanted to do the preliminary sketches for the painting, Oh dear, which way to go I was all of a dither.

My summer dress had ridden up, my protection was still in place, that ghastly elderly threadbare pair of fleecy DKs. Malatya Escort I opted for the sketch book, and vehemently cursed the fact that I not thrown the DKs into the rag bag years ago.

Having collected the sketch book and pencil, I returned to find Brian still more asleep than awake, I popped a cushion under his head, and importantly, still flaccid, make the most of it. I was backing it both ways when I got the sketch book, I ditched the DKs, for once and all, into the rubbish bin.

I allowed Brian to continue to doze…for the time being. I selected my position and sat on my stool. Picked up the book and pencil, then realised that the main focus of the picture was still covered with the now soiled little apron.

I moved the apron, there was, my pride and joy, flaccid and diminished but still my pride and joy, it twitched, I am sure it did, and then relaxed again. Brian dozed on, I continued to my sketching, the studio was warm enough, and still Brian dozed. I completed my sketches, both general and detail, with particular attention to that wonder full little piece of meat in all its glory, well being flaccid it was less glory but at least presence.

Can you guess the number of wrinkles and crinkles in a, not very average flaccid fore skinned cock? I can tell you, it’s a lot! And to study it, was a treat in itself. It was only really necessary to study his flaccid cock, I knew the rest of him intimately.

I did make a few detail sketches of his head and face in repose, he looked sp peaceful. I just thought to myself, a hard cock is so much easier to sketch, with all the wrinkles straightened out! There is though a price to pay for thoughts about such intimate imaginings.

The price, I know you will have guessed, a moist, very moist, pussy and a rising need for a stiff cock. I honestly tried to resist the urges, but eventually I just had to give in, I put down my sketch book and pencil.

I knelt beside Brian, and worshiped his flaccid cock, all the while fighting the urges within me. I studied it very closely, almost too closely when my hot breath on his thigh caused him to stir. I backed off, just slightly, until he resumed the rhythmic breathing of his slumber.

I could resist no longer and snaked out my tongue to touch the tip of his cock, like a nipple between my lips I then took to suckling. It took just a few minutes, to straighten out the wrinkles and to bring Brian to full erection. He shifted slightly, not sufficiently to dislodge my mouth from the pleasurable task at hand. He moaned, as in passion as I suckled on.

He woke with a start as he began to discharge, and dislodged his cock from my mouth, spraying cum everywhere, my face, my eyes, my hair, and dribbling off my chin.

“I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” He covered his face with his hands, so embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, it was my fault.” I snaked out my tongue to salvage a drip which threatened to release itself from the end of my nose.

Most of the offering was wasted unfortunately as I couldn’t reach it with my tongue. Mascara was one thing, but cum, coating the eye lashes was another thing entirely. I shouldn’t complain it was all my own doing!

With cum in my eyes I could barely see, Brian, dear boy, with me leaning on him, struggled to his feet, still barely awake, to help me to the bathroom, his cock withering away as we walked, drooling the remains of his cum down his leg.

Gently, he bathed away the cum from my eyes and kissed each eyelid, before moving on to off swab the gobbits of cum clinging in my hair.

“I think a shampoo will be a better idea ” I advised.

“Can you manage?”

“You can do it if you like.”

We laughed together as we filled the hand basin with the warm water. The bodice of my dress, fortunately washable, was also spattered with the evidence of my indecent assault on his dignity.

The water ready, Brian stepped up behind me and reached for the little jug with which to bale the water over my head. My body was protected from the outside world by just a single layer of cotton with my titties barely contained in a flimsy gauze like brassier.

The jug deluged my head with the warm water, was refilled and I spluttered as it cascaded around my face, rendering my hair akin to that of a drowned rat.

I know I was not mistaken as Brian dropped the jug into the sink, splashing the front of my bodice and causing me to shriek, I must admit, mostly with the sheer joy of the situation as much as the shock of the wetting.

“Are you all wet?” Brian’s hands came around me to feel my saturated bodice and in the same movement of course my tits.

“You know I am.” I giggled, wriggling my backside against his naked body.

“I think it may be best if I unbutton this.” He started to unbutton my bodice.

“Do you think it will help at all?”

“No, but it will be a bit of fun.”

“Your hands will be busy elsewhere won’t they?”

“Maybe, maybe, but it’s the odd moments Malatya Escort Bayan I shall enjoy.”

We both laughed. God I felt so relaxed, I was enjoying my time with Brian so much I could have wept. I don’t think I had ever felt that way, it was like being full of something, was it love? My obsession with Brian was based, not on love, but rather on an unholy lust, but something different was creeping up on me.

As we laughed, as I though my lovey dovey thoughts Brian put his hands to good use fondling my tits, I leaned on the basin and pushed back against him, he wasn’t at this stage erect, but had a half lob as we used to call it, as it pushed the back of my dress between my thighs, it felt so comfortable, so right.

I wriggled back against it feeling it firming as I did so. Brian was massaging the shampoo into my hair, the lacquered beehive I had so carefully erected this morning falling in ragged strands about my face.

Brian, naked behind me, was wedging my dress more firmly between my cheeks as each moment passed. As he worked away at my hair, his cock was moving provocatively against my lightly covered posterior.

My agitation was such, no, my stimulation was such that had it not been for the dress, I could has escalated the effect to a full rather than just a simmering sexual moment.

I reached down between the basin and myself, I slipped my hand under my skirt, pussy was demanding attention. I eased my legs apart, lowering myself to a more manageable height, but more importantly opening myself so that I could reach back and touch Brian.

My wet wrist slid along my spread lips bringing a shudder as I touched my own sensitivity. I sought and found, then cupped Brian’s balls in my hand through my dress. They were, I thought, a little swollen with I hoped a good serving for me, although the sack was loose.

Gently, I squeezed, Brian groaned and pushed against me, his hands occupied massaging my hair. A few more minutes passed, while I cradled my treasure, then Brian left his task and slightly distanced himself from me, with wet hands he lifted my skirt exposing my rear cleavage, the shampoo and water from his hands trickling down my bare legs.

I shivered as he stepped up to me again, this time ensuring that his now almost fully erect cock was nestled comfortably between my cheeks.

Refreshing the water he proceeded to ladle the water, not too carefully over my head to rinse away the shampoo. Brian being as naked as the day he was born was unconcerned as he and the back of my clothes were as wet as my hair should be.

The back of my dress was rucked up beyond my waist becoming wetter by the minute, until, inevitably the saturation reached the point when a rivulet started from the dress to run down into the gully between my cheeks, blocked by the dam of brian’s cock.

I really cannot describe the sensation, but it made me shiver, I orgasmed, I couldn’t help it, I went weak at the knees. Brian steadied me, and in doing so his cock slipped from my cleft, first to a position between my legs almost within grasp of my sucking pussy lips.

As he tried to reposition himself, with his hands firmly on my tits, he pulled me to him, his cock started to slide up between my cheeks, the passageway was wet from the hair rinse and on reaching my anus, he started to intrude there. I groaned.

“No, no Brian, please, not there, not up my arse.”

He desisted instantly and withdrew.

“I am so sorry, that wasn’t meant to happen.”

He turned me to face him and kissed his apology, his cock trying to snuggle into my bush, that, I didn’t mind, but my anus is just too too sensitive to be invaded in such a casual manner.

I have to say, it didn’t normally take me quite so long to wash my hair, but I was actually quite enjoying the misbehaviour we were indulging in. As Brian worked, it was unavoidable that his turgid cock should slide up and down my water slicked crease. I have to however, admit to enjoying it.

Eventually, the shampoo and rinsing was completed and my hair wrapped turban style in a towel. I surrendered myself to Brian so that I might be relieved of my now quite saturated cotton dress, which I am appalled to say he cast unceremoniously on to the bathroom floor the sheer brassier followed it to the same ignominious fate, exposing my tits to the mercy of his kisses and suckling.

I was permitted to dry my hair and to tease it into some semblance of respectability all the while being distracted by Brian drying my body, and taking every opportunity to fondle and tease me.

I was already very well lubricated from the hair washing fiasco and it was certainly in no way diminished by the rough towelling down presently being bestowed on my naked flesh and personal places.

The obvious result of this activity was a forgone conclusion, retaliation was I think uppermost on his mind. I had woken him with a start, when I fellated him as he slept. Had he been a bigger guy, Escort Malatya I would have said he scooped me up in his arms girls, but he wasn’t so I didn’t resist, and made it a simple as possible for him to seat me on the chaise.

He fell to his knees before me, and kneeling as high as he could, pulled me to him and kissed deeply, his tongue probing deep and my tongue duelling energetically with him, thrust and parry.

It was such a pleasant interlude and lasted for some five or six wet and succulent minutes, our nostrils flaring as we fought not just each others tongues, but for the absolute essential breath to sustain our activity.

As we desisted, and licking our lips, relaxed, Brian sank back onto his heels. He studied me intently for a few moments, gazing into my face and smiling a sweet contented almost blissful smile, the angels in heaven I sensed would have such similar smiles.

He placed his hands upon my knees and slowly, gently whilst still gazing into my eyes, parted them gradually spreading them wider, my outer pussy lips peeled apart, denied the concealment of my pubes my clit and slippery wet passage rudely displayed to him.

Brian licked his lips as he moved forward, not taking his eyes off mine, his thumbs parting still further my pouting outer lips. He broke our eye contact and plunged his hot tongue into my being, the hot breath from his nose burning into my hairy mound.

I gripped two handfuls of his hair as at that initial touch I creamed in orgasmic pleasure. As his tongue tickled from the top of my crease down through and passed my pussy to end its travel at the crinkles of my anus, the waves of cum rippled through me as I squirmed, unable to bring my thigh together to hold myself steady.

I was all but in a faint as he continued to pleasure me, moving his tongue back and forth along my crease, the only pause being, and that not a relaxing moment, was when he eased back and licked my inner thighs.

I was drooling, whimpering, gripping, clenching and unclenching my buttocks, lifting from my seat as the ecstasy of this long continuing climax urged me to fuck his sweet face. I wanted it to stop, I wanted it to go on forever, I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted him to continue to lick my pussy, and all I could do was to urge him on…

“Stick your tongue in me, fuck me with your tongue, Oh my darling I need you, I want you.” I moaned and groaned the words through my gritted teeth.

The was of course, no reply, just a renewed onslaught on my saturated pussy, all the while his hot breaths scorching my tenderness, as his tongue rasped up and down my crease, teasing my clit, chewing on my lips before pushing his tongue between them and sinking as far as he could reach into me.

I continued to vigorously fuck his face, orgasmicaly, I was satiated, but desperate to feel his cock in me.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity in ecstasy he deserted my pussy and slipped to the floor, the chill breeze from the balcony window felt cool on my wetness. Brian lay flat on the floor, his cock standing stiff with the pleasure he had gained from the intimate contact he’d had with my person.

I pounced on him, pinning him to the floor, not that he resisted, his hands came up to fondle my tits, and grabbing his cock, straddled him and impaled myself on it.

Oh, it felt so good, that rigid cock so very welcome, the sensation, I cannot even begin to describe it, I threw my head back and moaned my satisfaction as the knob parted my lips and purged upwards.

I held his hands to my tits, actually rubbing my tits with his hands, stimulating myself, the sensation was climbing towards my orgasm as I rode him, twisting, turning and swivelling, ensuring that his cock, pistoning in and out touched every nerve ending within my pussy.

I was so excited, that I just knew that regardless of my desires, this was going to be a short lived period of pure wanton lust, I was determined to make the most of it as I screwed him into me.

And so it proved to be as with my head thrown back and a deep meaningful guttural moan I surrendered to the baser instinct of my release, drenching this virile young phallus with my secretions.

He, pulling on my tits drew me down to him where he smothered my lips with his own, stealing the gasping breaths from my lungs till I collapsed on him. Holding me tightly to him he rolled us both till he was on top of me.

“That was good.” He panted in the moments in which he relinquished my mouth.

“Now you are going to have this.”

On the word “this” he thrust his rampant cock hard into me, and started to fuck me with a determination for which I will ever be thankful. How he had the resistance after my assault on him, not to cum with his very first thrust I shall never know. Not that I wanted him to do so, no, I was happy to take as much as he cared to or was able to give.

His strokes were long and hard, deep and satisfying delivered with such power that I sincerely hoped that we were not doing damage to the ceiling in the room below us, I felt as if he was endeavouring to push me through the floor, I thanked goodness we were on the floor as I was sure that my bed would have complained bitterly at the pounding I was willingly receiving.

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