Aryaan’s Adventures Pt. 01

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The sound of children wrangling and their laughter filled the living room and escaped through the French window onto the porch of Aryaan’s new terrace as he pulled up to the driveway from afar. He was finally home- his home; the place was his own, a dear prize to himself after years of back breaking hard work, relentless house hunting and it had all paid off over a year ago.

It has been an exhaustive journey so far. A total of four hours from the work site to the airport by car, but his arrival to the terminal didn’t affect the unsettling weather conditions lately, it is expected to be so this time of the year. The rain and snow fall made the roads far more dangerous to travel upon, let alone long windy roads to the mountain tops. The weather, along with his pure dumb luck caused his flight to be delayed for yet another couple of hours. ‘When will I ever catch a break…’ he thought to himself.

It’s definitely been rough couple of years for him, he voluntarily put himself in a place where he doesn’t speak the language, where con-artists and lawyers work in the same firms and wear the same uniforms, where he rarely got a full night’s sleep when production is up and the loneliness, not to say the least. He called to move and work in remote sites in hopes that setting up a production line in the outskirts would be far more affordable. And besides, he had nothing to lose, no wife, no kids, no dependents, he was a free man and so he took the risk. Rightly so, the business profited three folds in less than two years… But the implications that came along with such decisions were too difficult to live with so he thought he could use a break.

He completed eighteen months away from family and familiar faces. The commotion at work had conclusively bubbled-down and it was safe enough for him to leave the operations and hand it over to the site engineers for maintenance. Tired and exhausted as he was, he was finally going home – but not until two hours from now.

Aryaan thought it would be a good idea to call home and let everyone know he’s been delayed. His brothers’ wife panics and expects the worse to have happened to anyone when in fact they were just running late.

Someone answered before he heard the second ring.

“Hello. Who’s there?” A little mousey voice trying to sound sophisticated.

She answered before he could respond to her. “Aryaan maamaa!” His face on the caller ID was a dead giveaway.

“What time will you be here?” Tanya is the four year old princess of his heart, she had just about enough of mishaps, excuses and delays and she won’t be dealing with another from Aryaan. He felt his heart smiled at the sound of her lovely voice. He could picture her soft little cheek pressed onto the receiver at the other end, Aryaan heard her so clearly that he felt her so close, he could reach out and hold her that he almost forgot to respond to her question.

“I’m coming home as fast as I can sweethea-” Someone pulled the receiver away from her and she started wailing and kicking on something hard in efforts to display protest. Aryaan panicked thinking what if she had a fall! He realized that much of Tanya’s mother’s superstitious thinking had rubbed off on him too.

“Hello?” Aryaan said as he stuck his index finger in his ear and proceeded to squint in efforts to drown out all the noises from his surroundings, he thought maybe it was the reception on his mobile.

“ARYAAN MAAMA CAN WE USE YOUR COMPUTER IN THE STUDY ROOM? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! DAKSHAN AND I WANT TO FIND OUT IF BATMAN AND IRONMAN ARE FRIENDS OR ENEMIES?” Such excitement in his tone, Aryaan smirked to himself in relief. Of course, it was Darshan. The mischievous yet charming- no less, little six years old twin. He was older by 2 minutes. Dakshan was now wrestling his older-by-120 seconds brother to get a chance to run another question by to Aryaan.

“Yes, but only if you be — Darshan? Dakshan? Guys?? Hello?” Further interruption again and yet another unanswered question. He could hear Tanya snatching the phone and trying to pull it away from the boys, but her brother was too strong, and times two.

Aryaan began to rub his forehead and pace back and forth around the lounge area in the airport and decided to wait until someone from home was ready to have a decent conversation without having to have their hands on somebody else’s face.

“Hello? Darshan? Guys come on now…Hello” Aryaan knew he could just hang up and redial in hopes that someone else, preferably an ‘adult’ would pick up, but he simply didn’t. He missed the children; he wanted to somehow be present with his nephews and niece by listening in on their feuds.

“Aryaan?” He immediately recognized that voice. He sat up straight and cleared his throat as he lost his train of thought. Somehow that voice dissipated everything else.

“Hey!” The soft, honey glazed luscious voice called out. He heard a slight smile on her face. It was as if a nightingale had spoken. Bycasino All the weight that was on his shoulders scurried away, he felt a tingle on his chest.

“Hey Kay.” That was all that he could muster out. He was weak in the knees and felt a little light headed.

“Is everything okay?” she asked. He could still hear that smile. Aryaan’s niblings had long forgotten about their bickering and was now crowding around her like little picket fences around a lush green garden.

“Everything is fine; my flight got pushed back for a couple of hours. We couldn’t get the clearance because of the storm outside.” He said trying to sound casual.

“Ohh Noo, I’m sorry… Just… ummm… just take your time and get here safely. I’ll inform your brother.” She assured him. His knees grew weaker. Aryaan felt the need to rush home now more so than ever.

“Yea great, Thanks! You uhhhh, so you’ll be around f-f-for a while? Aryaan shut his eyes so tight as if a bomb was about to go off right beside him. He regretted it the moment those words were spoken. His internal monologue began… ‘Aryaan you dumb idiot! What if she’s busy? What if she’s married? What if she doesn’t want to see you? What if she doesn’t think it’s a good ide—’

“I’ll be up waiting for you…” She said with a smile he could hear. Kay always had the most seducing voice ever possible according to Aryaan. She was surreal.

As soon as Aryaan hung up, he took a seat on the sofa, pushed his hair back and let out a sigh. He couldn’t wait to get home, excitement was building up. All these months without her touch made him really short tempered and agitated. There were a couple of times when he and Kay would try to hit it off online but the last few months were really rough. Things at work took a toll on him and everything that could go wrong- was going wrong for him.

If Aryaan wanted, a few girls back in his office were always a tease, sending him suggestive text messages and anonymous invitations to hotel rooms was a normal thing he’d wake to over the weekends. He knew those girls just wanted to be a mistress and no genuine interests towards his emotions. Aryaan would channel all that pent up sexual energy and loneliness at the gym. Hours on end lifting, running and pumping. He wanted no one but Kay to satisfy him, no one would do but her. If body partners were a thing, it would so be her and him, he thought to himself.

He recalled the first time he made love to her, it was so intense and passionate; the afterglow lasted for a few days on her. He had her pinned down on his bed as she arched her back towards him. She buried her beautiful face in the pillow as he slammed into her from the back like a piston; and she rode him like a goddess. He felt and tasted every part of her that night, so happens that they had guests over that night, so she couldn’t moan too loud… He’d done many things on purpose that night, just to make her moan… But he wasn’t always the dominant one.

He vividly recalls a time when she came over to his place from a girl’s night out, he’d given her the house keys since the first time they did each other. Kay had an elegant yet sexy dress on, there was a deep cut stretching from the right side of her hips to the opposite end of her ankle.

Aryaan was lazing on the couch watching the game. She walked straight to him and greeted him with her mouth and their tongues entwined. Her hands found their way to his thighs as she was leaning in towards him. She pushed him back on the couch and swung one leg over him and placed herself on top him. She undid her hair and the black flow just drowned everything else in the room, the whole living room smelt amazing. Aryaan held on to her hips instinctively, they were sucking the life out of each others’ faces and they wouldn’t let each other go. She ran her hands searchingly across his torso looking for the ends of his t-shirt to get it out of the way but she couldn’t break the kiss… So she slid her hand inside his shirt and felt his warm, burning body. She could feel his entire toned chest and all the packs on his belly. Aryaan kept nibbling on her lips and pressing her down on his lap. She broke the kiss by pulling herself away from him.

His eyes locked at hers, both of them panting for air. Aryaan pulled his shirt over his head and flung it across the floor. He tried to lift her up to his waist but she held on to his hands and gently pushed him back on the couch. With deft movements, she pulled his shorts and boxers down to his ankle in one go. Aryaan was taken by surprise and buck naked in his living room. She leaned in on him to give him a gentle kiss, but he grabbed her and began to bite her neck. She was in ecstasy; she wanted to just let him take her. He found the zipper to her dress at the back and zipped it down and tossed it on the back. She knew what he wanted to do next and her clit was throbbing. She quickly picked herself up and pushed his chest back onto the couch and she got on her Bycasino giriş knees. She got in between his legs and flipped her hair back so that he could see what she was going to do. .

“Watch” she said as she trailed kisses from his torso to his belly and she kissed his shaft. She kissed the tip of it and heard him let out a moan, he licked his lips and watched her. She gently trailed his shaft with her teeth, lightly padding them with her lips. Aryaan threw his head back and whispered ‘hooo shit’. She wasn’t supposed to hear that, but she did, and she let out a little giggle. He quickly responded by saying ‘You’ll make me cum if you don’t stop’… His face flushed and he was so embarrassed of himself.

“Let’s play a game baby boy; you can’t cum until I’m done.” She said.

Aryaan was as helpless as a deer during hunting season as he looked to her for answers.

“I’m going to do whatever I want to you tonight…and if you can hold it out without cumming, you can do the same to me, twice.”

He knew he was doomed, but he gave her a smile and leaned back to take what’s coming for him… He knew he was going to have a good time anyway.

She took his tool in her mouth and sucked on it instantaneously. She sucked it so hard; Aryaan felt like he was going to be unconscious, she sucked on it again and pulled her head away from it. The ridges in her mouth were tickling his cock head. When she came to his cock head, she chewed on it with her lips and sucked on it making her way down all the way again. She crawled closer to fit more of him in her mouth. She released his shaft only to suck on his balls. She engulfed a whole ball sack filled with cum in her mouth and sucked on it; she rotated her grip and pumped on his dick. Aryaan jerked her to stop as he was about to cum.

Aryaan’s vocabulary only consisted of ‘oooooh fuck…’ ‘oowhhhh god! Baby…’

She licked the whole length of his dick and began sucking him again. His cock was thick and strong, and she could hear just how juicy his cock head is. His bulbous shaft was so big and begging to be sucked. She kept sucking on it and Aryaan would jerk every once in a while to signal her slow down. Watching his nuts move inside the sack made her more determined than ever to claim her prize. She knew she was gifting him with unspeakable pleasure.

The only thing Aryaan could do is cuss and throw his head back whenever he felt like he couldn’t wing it anymore.

‘Owh god baby…’ he uttered as he watched her suck on him like there’s no tomorrow.

She couldn’t get enough of his spongy shaft, she sucked down on it and it disappeared into her mouth and she’d suck down on it and pull her head away. Aryaan was juicing so much she knew she was going to win.

She rolled her tongue on the tip of his shaft while gently lowering her mouth on his cock head. She felt him jerk up, he got off his back held her head in place, and he was about to cum. She continued sucking him off and he pushed his cock as farthest as he could into her and he froze.

‘Ahhh…ahh… baby’ a split second he shot streams after streams of warm cream down her throat. They kept oozing out as Kay was carpeting her gentle cock head bites with her lips. Aryaan has never come this hard in his life; he left like he was born again.

She got off the floor and fell into him. She was so horny and her clit was throbbing and engorged. He wrapped his arms around her, and planted a light kiss on her shoulder; it was his way of thanking her. It wasn’t humanly possible to speak words at that moment. He moved her to get on top of him and he positioned himself between her legs.

Her panties were soaking wet, her clit is soaked and throbbing like it just had an orgasm. Aryaan reached down to touch it, but she caught his hand. She was too exhausted for another round so soon, he understood. Aryaan wrapped her legs around his waist and carried her up and mounted her on his waist, he picked up all the remnants of what just happened and made his way upstairs.

He gently laid her down on their bed and kissed her forehead. She was still lightly panting… He rolled over to the side of the bed and poured a glass of water for her and held it out. She drank it down trying to digest what just took place and just what was about to conspire moments from now…

Aryaan made his way downstairs and brought up some cut fruits and several bars of chocolate from the refrigerator for her to recuperate. They laze about in bed and tease each other about everything under the sun. Gradually, they drew each other closer and closer…

Next, he tested the waters… He planted a kiss on her nose, and she chuckled and kissed him back on his lips. He took it further by getting even closer to her, she embraced him and brought herself even closer to him, she took a whiff of his neck and the musky scent turned her on again. He unhooked her bra and waited for her reaction… Her eyes were shut and he Bycasino güncel giriş climbed over her and spread her legs apart. She bit down her lower lip and braced herself.

‘This is it, this is my cue’ Aryaan told himself.

He moved her panties to the side and stuck his index finger and his middle finger in his mouth to lubricate it a little. He could see that her clit was throbbing and her juices were being wasted. He gently touched her clit and she let out a soft moan. She still had her eyes shut, so he ever so slowly spread her apart to reveal an engorged throbbing clit. Aryan gave it a lick and he felt electricity running through his body, he knows she felt it too… because she jerked.

He licked it softly to make her a little more comfortable, she moaned again. He could see that her heart was racing; she was getting more and more juicy every passing second… Aryaan dipped his tongue in her.

‘Mmmmmhh baby’ she whispered as she adjusted herself to contain him.

‘It taste so good baby.’ He said and cueing her that he’s about to dip his tongue in again… He licked around the vagina just to tease her… She softly moaned again.

He licked and sucked on the skin around the vagina… She was breathing heavy and moaning… Aryaan climbed a little higher and sucked on the right cheek of her pink pussy. She began to arch her back and he held her hips in place and licked her whole pussy, he wanted all her juice. He licked her until she was barely moist… He kissed her clit and dipped his tongue in her pussy again. He felt her muscles tighten. He held her legs open and gently spread all of the flesh apart and began sucking all her juices out. He used his thumb to massage her clit in a circular motion, she moaned louder…

He continued to massage her clit and he slowly inserts his index finger and his middle finger in her, she’s pumping his fingers now and gyrating her hips… Aryaan switches tactics. He wiggles his fingers inside her while he is massaging her clit with his thumb. Aryaan could barely hold himself back from not stuffing his face and eating her out like a mad man. He was so thirsty for her.

He then told her to relax the muscles in her pussy as he was massaging her clit. Aryaan couldn’t get his focus off of her clit, now- she had both his thumbs massaging her clit and juicing her up… With one quick stroke he shifted both of his thumbs in her vagina. Kay started to vigorously ride his thumbs and pull on his hair.

He lost all control and rammed his cock in her, making her whole body shiver and sweat. He was spanking her pussy really hard with his fat cock and she loved it. She could feel her pussy stretch and expand to accommodate his girth. Aryaan manages to position himself so that he can rub her clit. He’s tickling and gently pinching her clit, she pushes his hands away and she get on top of Aryaan.

Both of them completely lost in each other, he grabs her breasts and sucks them like he’s expecting something from it. He kneaded her breasts and flicked her nipples. She was screaming in pleasure now, she bounces on his dick and Aryaan matches her pace by pushing himself deeper…

He pulled his dick out and stood at the edge of the bed; he dragged his lover’s body closer to him and kissed her shoulders.

She knew what was going to take place now, she turn around and faced her back to him. He leans over and kisses her back and trails his fingers down the middle of her back bone… He positioned his cock head at the opening of her pussy and gently pulled her back, with single thrust, his dick was in her again.

“Ugh… its soo tight” He muttered unconsciously.

He pushed it in on her, and she playfully pushed back. The both of them followed each others’ sway and pull. Aryaan picked up pace and he was already pumping her hard, he reached at the bottom and grabbed her breast and began to mould them.

Kay begins to fall silent as she approaches her waves of orgasm. Aryaan maintains the hard slams and he focuses on the thrusts… The room echoes the sound of his balls hitting against her clit, and the sounds of her butt slamming into his belly… He continues to slam her hard and fast, he playfully grabs her butt and spanks it… He pulls out his dick and spanks her bubble butt with it.

He quickly stuffed his dick in between her legs and takes it slow… Kay begins to breathe easier, he leans in on her and settles a knee on the bed so that he can thrust even deeper and it gave him access to her clit again. Aryan secured her on a pillow and he started massaging her clit again, as he leaned in on her. He had one hand on her clit massaging it and the hand kneading her breasts, Kay couldn’t break free from his grip, she couldn’t hold on any longer she was to come… she moaned louder and he picked up pace, and she grabbed his hair at the back of her while she came.. Kay experienced screaming waves of shivers after shivers and finally convulsing for the longest time he could remember. He quickly faces her and kisses her all over her face before she falls asleep in his arms…

Aryan found himself seated at the lounge again, looked at his watch and saw the time. Twenty more minutes to go. He smiled to himself and sighed…

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