Asheville Getaway

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On your flight to Asheville, you ponder if it is really worth the trouble. Luckily, the spring weather in North Carolina welcomes you with a sunny sky and perfect temperature. You laugh to yourself because you’ve been given strict instructions to be “a stranger” to her and you know that you are anything but. Nonetheless, work has been stressful and the getaway is what you need to clear your head and get a change of scenery. And you are certain the “scenery” will be just what you are needing to satisfy a sexual hunger you’ve been carrying around in your gut for a while.

You took the liberty of reserving a room in the same hotel – just to save the hassle. This first night in the “artsy” city she has conveniently made reservations in a swank restaurant so you know exactly where she will be and at what time.

You arrive at the restaurant and make your way to the bar. You contemplate a few scenarios in your mind of what you might tell her and her sister is your reason for visiting the city alone and on a Thursday. You relax and enjoy your drink and begin to look around. Upon exploring the upstairs you realize there is a club that heats up after 10 or so. She didn’t mention that to you but you know how much she loves to dance and figure it was part of her plan…clever girl.

It has been a while since you have seen her but you recognize her instantly. She is tall and you notice that accompanying her is a gal who is clearly her sister. They aren’t identical but certainly favor each other. She has already told you to nix the idea of a sisters soiree but you imagine what it might be like anyway. Nice.

She is not an “every man’s type” but her looks appeal to you and you know what hides beneath the surface is enough to make her extremely sexy. Her hair is longer now, her once athletic build has been replaced with some softer curves and you can tell that she took some time with herself and that pleases you because you know she did it with you in mind.

You make a friend at the bar and figure he could come in handy later if you need a distraction for her sister. He is a local and is affable and animated and you learn quickly that he is a musician and you are not surprised. To get things started, you excuse yourself and take a casual stroll by her table. The look on her face, when she first spots you, is worth a thousand words. Her sister is in the middle of a deep conversation and you watch as she flushes and tries to focus her attention. You love it. Her eyes follow you across the room and you swear she is suppressing a smile. You stand against the wall near the hallway to the restrooms and as if she can read your mind, she waits only a minute or so and then excuses herself. She looks amazing and stares at you as she confidently strides over to where you are. Seconds before she is in your space, you duck into the hallway. In an instant, she is there before you. Not a word she says, well not with words. Instead, she grabs your face with one hand and pushes her body up against you as she kisses you.

She presses her warm lips against yours and you breathe in the smell of her hair and her body all at once. She smells so good and feels even better and when you open your mouth to let her tongue do some exploring, you decide that she tastes good too. That leaves only the sound of her and you imagine she will sound good later as she cums on top of you.

With the urge you’re feeling, you realize later won’t be soon enough and you pull her into the ladies room and thank your lucky stars it’s private and has a lock. You sit back on the counter with your legs spread and she is there between them. You are already rock hard and she is kissing you one minute and between your legs on her knees the next. You assist her in getting your member free from your pants and almost jump when she takes it into her warm wet mouth. She is watching you to see what feels good and your moans and the increase in thickness of your cock does all the talking for you. She gets you close and then stands and turns to put her back to you. She bends at the waist and puts her hands against the wall. Not one to miss a cue, you reach forward and inch her dress up. Her black thigh highs and garter belts are just for you and as you continue to push the dress up to her hips you realize she isn’t wearing anything else. Going down on you has her pussy glistening and although it looks good enough to eat, you know time is of the essence and you position the head of your dick at her pink opening.

She takes control of the movements and slides down onto your thickness an inch at a time. You can see her swollen labia spread as your head splits her open. Those same lips wrap around your shaft gecelik escort and you hear a muffled moan as she works you deeper inside. Within seconds she is slowly sliding up and down the entire length of you. You reach up to keep her dress at her hips because you don’t want to miss the view. She milks your dick with her hip movements, which have become somewhat of a dance already. You are so ready to cum and as if she is reading your mind now, she whispers, “I want you to cum in my mouth…” When you hear those words you begin to quicken and as your cock begins to spasm, you grab the base tightly in your hand as she spins around and opens her mouth in front of the purple tip and you pump your shaft and empty gobs of your hot seed into her wanting mouth. She cleans you with her tongue and mouth and again takes you deep into her mouth. Her muffled moans indicate how much she enjoys the taste of her juices mingled with your sex and as you watch her you decide it was already worth the trip.

When your breathing returns to normal she fixes your pants and belt and her own dress and kisses you quickly and adds, “Hello handsome.” before she hurries back to her table.

You give her a moments head start and then make your way back to the bar. Just to be naughty you stroll right past her table. The waiter is taking her order and you overhear him ask if she would care for an appetizer. It is then that she sees you and looks you square in the eye as she replies, “No thanks, I feel as if I’ve already had one”. You have to keep from exploding with laughter and you hear her laugh as she tells the waiter her order. You join your buddy back at the bar and he gives you a wink and informs you that there is a table of attractive ladies who have been laughing and talking and he thinks they could be fun to talk to. You do your best to look surprised and intrigued when he points to her table.

You feel famished so you grab a bite and kill some time until she and her sister finish their dinner. They make their way upstairs and your friend encourages you to follow. The music has begun but no one is dancing and you find your ladies at the bar getting a drink. Before you can act, your friend is at the bar offering to buy them a round. You expect them to politely refuse but he is smoother than you thought and they accept with smiles all around. Now you are glad you tolerated his small talk and make your way over. He greets you with a pat on the back and introduces you to his new friends, “Karen and Jen, this is my new best friend, Joe, Joe, this is Karen and Jen.”

You couldn’t have planned it any better and make a mental note to buy your buddy a drink. Jen is the first to shake you hand and give you a warm but cautious smile – there is a sparkle in her eye and you immediately like her. Karen holds back a little but timidly extends her hand and drops her eyes as she shakes your hand so as not to melt under your gaze.

Within an hour you have made polite small talk, downed several more drinks and been invited to join the ladies at their high-top table in the corner. You and your friend have been charming but not overly so and the gals have warmed to you nicely. Your buddy is the first to ask Karen to dance and she accepts with a smirk and a glance in your direction. The music is hot and global and although you don’t usually do much dancing, you figure you had better muster the “want to” in a hurry. You and Jen watch from your barstools and say nothing. It has been a while for Karen and it takes her a little while to loosen up but your friend has some moves and is certainly responding to hers. You figure you had better cut in before too long and ask Jen if you can be excused. “I hope you can keep up” she tells you with a genuine smile and you see why she is Karen’s best friend.

“May I cut in?” you ask with a formality that elicits laughter from the three of you. Your friend is smart enough to oblige and pauses as he senses the tension in the air around the two of you. He shakes his head and realizes that with chemistry like that, Jen is the one he is to be with tonight.

You dance slowly at first even though the song has an up beat. There is no one else it seems and she presses up against you and slowly moves against your body. She catches herself and tries to back up a little so as not to make it too obvious. You want your hands all over her body and you try to focus on keeping your erection at bay for now and enjoying the sight of her dancing – for you. She moves around you like a snake in some sort of hypnotic dance and you can’t wait to feel her moving like that on top of you, skin to skin. Jen greets you on the dance floor istanbul eskort and gives her sis a hug before joining you in the dancing. Eventually, Karen feigns being tired and claims to need a drink so you smile at the others and follow her back to the table. She jumps up to her barstool and as you get ready to sit in yours, she motions for you to come over. She spreads her legs a little and now it is you who is standing between her luscious thighs. It is dark in the corner and you look to see Jen and your friend into the music and each other. You turn your attention back to her and instantly recognize the look in her eyes. She has scooted her hips to the edge of the barstool and pulled your hips in toward her.

You reach your hand up and feel the sweat that is glistening on her thigh and you slide your hand up to between her legs. Her pussy lips are bare and you feel a drop of her juice right at the opening. You slick up your finger and search out her clitoris. You put gentle pressure on her pleasure button and remember that she never came when you fucked her in the ladies room. “You need a bit of relief?” you ask her and her kiss is your answer. You keep your thumb on her clit as you slide your index finger into her wet pussy. Her kiss deepens and you start searching for her g-spot. You pull your fingers out and lick them and watch her bite her lower lip and give a moan. Her head arches back as you slide two fingers into her wetness and begin the easy circular massage of her now swollen clit. Your fingers inside of her have found the spot and in moments, she is coming right in your hand. Her mouth is open but she dare not make a sound and you enjoy being eye level with her to see the glaze in her expression. You feel her insides tighten and release around your fingers and she quivers as the orgasm passes finally. You remove your fingers this time and stick them into her mouth. She sucks them and you kiss her and taste her juices on her lips and tongue.

Her hands move down now to your pants and unfastens your zipper – she works your cock free from your boxers and pulls it through your open fly. You are rock hard and ready to go but check over your shoulder again to make sure you’ve got a little time. The coast is clear. As you step forward you find that her pussy is at just the right height. She inches a little farther forward and you push into her pussy. Fuck, it is hot and the fact that you have to hold back a little makes it even hotter. Getting arrested for having sex in a club is not on your agenda for this weekend so you keep your movements slow and easy. It feels heavenly doing it this slowly and you savor the sensation. Her pussy is still twitching from the incredible orgasm you gave her and you can tell she is building toward another. You push deep into her and fill her and you know the thickness of you is coaxing another orgasm from her. “Make me come again…” she begs in the softest, sexiest voice. You reach behind her hips and pull her even deeper onto you and as you hear her start, “Oh, yes, yes, fuck me, yes,…make me come all over your cock…oh, god I’m gonna come…” you feel your balls tighten and you explode deep inside of her. The sounds of the club are silenced in those moments when she is coming around your pulsing dick and you loose yourself in the waves of pleasure. Having to keep your movements restrained manages to intensify the sensations and you have to fight moaning out loud which intensifies it even more. When you both return to your senses, you quickly right yourselves and she excuses herself to tidy up.

Your friend and Jen join you before Karen returns so you make small talk again and notice that Jen has had one too many. She smiles but you can tell that she isn’t feeling well. Karen returns and you whisper in her ear that her sister is finished for the evening and she gives you an appreciative smile. “Room number?” she asks softly and you tell her in the hopes that she means to find you later. Karen excuses herself and her sister and acts as if this is goodbye. You play along but your buddy is trying to get them to stay. Being the gentleman you are, you take this chance to step in and help the ladies get away and this elicits a big smile and bear hug from Jen. From Karen you get a friendly hand shake and a peck on the cheek and she escorts her sister back to the hotel.

Your friend shifts his focus to a couple of ladies who have just entered the club but you tell him they are all his and you excuse yourself. You make your way back to your room. Once there you get comfortable and watch some television and wait. You reflect back on the evenings activities and your cock begins to stir.

After about 30 otele gelen escort minutes there is a soft knock on your room door. “Who is it?” you ask.

“Room service” is the reply from a sexy voice on the other side of the door.

“I didn’t order any room service” you say as you open the door.

“My mistake…” she says with a grin and turns to walk away. You grab her waist and pull her into the room and spin her around. She is wearing one of the terry robes from the hotel. You untie it and pull the robe open. She is wearing a sheer black teddy that hugs her curves and leaves little to the imagination. You can see her nipples through the sheer material and as the air hits them you can watch them harden and beckon you. She is still wearing the thigh highs that you love and she has gone to the trouble, albeit ridiculous, to wear a g-string. You move forward to put your lips to the soft skin of her neck and let your hands explore under her robe. Her skin is so warm and soft and your hands caress her hips before moving up to the curves of her breasts. You push her breasts together and bring your face down between them while your hands squeeze them roughly. Your cock has sprung to life and you push it against her in a vain attempt to satisfy some of the ache in it.

“I want you to fuck me between my breasts…” she tells you as her hands run through your hair and push your face into her.

“Not until I taste that pussy, my dear” you tell her and push her face down onto the bed with her hips at the edge. You roughly pull the robe off of her and spread her legs in front of you. On your knees now at the foot of the bed you begin massaging her round ass cheeks before giving one a playful yet enthusiastic smack. She is grinding her hips gently into the bed and moaning and you know her pussy is aching as much as your dick right now. You kiss and lick the curves of her ass and around her pussy without touching her clit. She arches back to you and you continue teasing her and feeling her heat build. Finally you pull her g-string to the side and give her a taste of what she wants. You take a long lick at her wet pussy lips and tease her ass with your tongue.

“Ooooh yes…” she moans and you dive in for more. You coat your tongue with her juices and swirl it around her clit. She tastes amazing and your skill is not going unnoticed. Her soft moans are muffled now into the bed but her juices are flowing and she can’t keep her body still. You want to watch her face when she comes so you roll her onto her back and spread her legs wide. She pulls her teddy up over her breasts as she sits up slightly and watches you cover her pussy lips with your mouth. Your tongue alternates between stimulating her now swollen clit and fucking her. You slide one finger inside as your tongue flickers across her pleasure button. She begins to pant and tells you “Oh my god, I’m gonna cum, you’re gonna make me cum soooo hard…” She is telling the truth and you watch her glaze over and breathe hard as she cums around your finger and in your mouth. Once the peak of the orgasm hits, she squirms and thrashes and looses herself completely.

She lays still on the bed finally catching her breath and you straddle her chest. Her full round breasts are glistening and you use the pre-cum that is oozing from your engorged dick to trace a line between them. Her hair is spread out on the bed and she closes her eyes as she pushes her breasts together for you. Before you start fucking her tits, you lean forward to offer her mouth a taste. She puts her hands behind her head and pushes up to meet the tip of your cock. You lean forward a little more and push it inside her mouth. It feels heavenly and she licks and sucks you as if she has never tasted anything as delicious.

Her hands reach around your waist and she pulls her mouth deep onto you. Watching your cock disappearing into her mouth and between her red lips has you on the verge of cumming. You pull out of her mouth a little roughly and she pushes her tits together again for you. Again she arches her head back to give you a clear view of your target, her neck and everything around it. You dick is slick and throbbing and slides easily between her flushed orbs. You reach down and tweak her nipples as your dick pushes faster and faster. “Cum all over my tits, baby…” she urges and right as you are about to explode, you grab a handful of hair on the top of her head with one hand and the base of your cock with the other. Dutifully, she opens her beautiful mouth wide and you jack your dick until your cum is shooting out all over her lips and chin and neck. It is explosive and you cum and cum until finally the last streams land on her tits. She licks her lips and you lean forward to taste yourself there. She sucks your tongue into her mouth to taste you herself. All at once you can taste her mouth and pussy juices and your own cum. And you realize that rather than feeling sated, you feel hungrier than you’ve ever been.

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