Ashley’s Campaign Ch. 02

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Once again I would like to thank volunteer editor DWS1973 for his encouragement and help with the story structure.

I appreciate the reader’s support for the first chapter. The comments show the diversity of the Literotica audience. Obviously I cannot satisfy everyone so I will just stay true to my original concept. Details are a different story and I am willing to incorporate suggestions. My volunteer editor has already made some requests. However, I hope to keep him guessing.

Part 2: Planning the Campaign

Ashley’s alarm went off with a piercing buzz. She slapped off the alarm clock and settled back on her pillow. The silence was quickly broken by her phone blaring its alarm. Ashley was still weary even after over eight hours of sleep. She slowly rolled out of bed so that she was kneeling on the floor next to it. Even that process brought a groan of agony from her lips. She had expected to be sore from the first day of practice but this was well beyond anything in her experience. Her pelvis muscles were intensely painful from both the soccer and the tension caused by multiple orgasms. She was still very conscious of her ass. Where had her brother learned all of those tricks?

She pushed herself to a standing position and half staggered into the bathroom. She had the bathroom all to herself since her brother’s football practice started later. Luckily she didn’t need to do much to get ready for another day of soccer practice. When she got to the kitchen, she found a note from her Dad. He still followed his Army routine and got up early for a jog before breakfast. Even with all of that he was gone before she arouse at 730. The note said, “I cooked up some vegetables and sausage you can use in some eggs. Share with your brother. Love Dad.” She quickly whipped up a three egg omelet with her Dad’s ingredients, made a bunch of toast and poured some coffee from the French press.

She chose not to think about what she had done with her brother by the pool the previous afternoon and instead she focused on running for home coming queen. The idea of sounded even better today. It would surely annoy Ellen. Ryan might love it since it would automatically make him the home coming king.

After braiding her hair and applying sun screen, she headed out the door. Already it was another warm outside. The forecast was for another hot and humid day with the possibility of thundershowers in the afternoon. That wouldn’t end practice since the coach said they would move to the basketball court if necessary.

When Ashley arrived at the soccer field, half of the team was already there. The team captains had them jogging around the field. Ashley fell in beside Emily who was lagging at the back of the pack.

“Emily, my Dad and brother think I should go for home coming queen. I’m almost convinced but I want to talk to some of the seniors during lunch about my chances. I’d like to know what I am getting into.”

Emily was thrilled and asked, “Do you mind if I talk to some of the girls so they can start to think about the idea. They’ll give you better advice if you don’t spring it on them.”

Ashley though for a minute and agreed. Emily quickly sprinted off and chatted with one group of girls after another. Before they had made it around the track once the team was buzzing with excitement. Ashley was getting smiles and waves from several of the girls.

After four laps around the field, all of the team had arrived. The coach had them start with ball handling drills. So a second day of practice was underway. During practice several girls encouraged her to go for home coming queen.

Finally at lunch they had a chance to talk. All of the girls were excited and tried to talk at once. Almost all of the senior girls were insisting that Ashley had to do it. Several offered to help and there was a slight squabble over who would be in charge of the campaign. Finally everyone agreed that Beth had the most qualifications for the job since she had managed the successful campaign to elect their senior class president. Beth asked everyone who wanted to help to come to her house after practice. Nine girls promised to attend.

Beth volunteered, “I have two showers at my house. So everyone can shower if they are fast. We will have at least 2 hours before my parents come home to discuss the campaign strategy.”

Emily asked, “Any chance we can get a snack? I’ll never survive to dinner.”

Ashley laughed since she knew Emily ate multiple meals during the day and was always hungry.

Ashley said, “Sure Emily I’ll grab some pizza and sodas on the way to Beth’s.”

Later at Beth’s after everyone had showered and grabbed some pizza, they began to discuss what would be required to help Ashley win.

They all agreed that a lot of the senior girls outside of Ellen’s inner circle would support Ashley if they were encouraged. The boys were another story. Most of the boys had grown up worshiping Ellen. Many of them had masturbated for the first time in their life fantasizing Ankara bayan escort about her. For some the head cheer leader was a bigger Friday night attraction than the football game. This might make it hard to get a majority of the votes. However, with a well thought out strategy they might be able to convince enough boys to get an overall majority of the seniors.

Taylor noted that last year’s campaign had been intense. She noted, “All of the candidates had large posters with their picture around the school. Several of the girls passed out small bits of swag. Word of mouth was important. The top candidates held parties to convince seniors who were on the fence.”

Emily said, “Since Ryan and Josh are on the football team, we should be able to win over most of the team. The guys on the team carry a lot of weight with the other boys in the class. I think a pool party for the seniors on the team just before school starts would catch Ellen by surprise. It would be a lot easier if we corner their votes early.”

Several of the girls were up for a pool party and offered to help organize it. Some of them were dating boys on the team. Ashley pointed out that Ryan’s house and pool were ideal. A large outdoor BBQ could easily handle the 12 seniors on the team with their dates. The pool was large enough to allow the football players to engage in some volleyball and general rough housing. The girls could lobby the boys to vote for Ashley.

Ashley said, “I need to talk to Ryan anyway to make sure he’s OK with the idea of my running in the first place. I don’t know why he’d refuse since he’d automatically get to be king. I’ll see if his pool is available that weekend.”

Beth said, “OK then the pool party is a go if Ryan agrees.”

Beth added, “Also Ashley should also be able to get the votes of her science and technology crowd. I’d think beauty with smarts would beat beauty by itself every time with those guys. All you might have to do is a little mild flirting.”

Taylor suggested, “We could pass out goodies with Ashley’s name attached. It should be something that people will want to use and show off.”

Emily had a sudden idea. “Well Ashley’s Dad was in the Army. Maybe we can pass out American flag pins mounted on a card with Ashley’s name. I think a lot of the seniors would wear them. The girls can convince the guys they should be patriotic even if they are undecided about voting for Ashley. If people see everyone wearing a flag, they may think everyone is for Ashley.”

Ashley said, “Won’t that be expensive?”

Emily did a quick web search on her phone and said, “Well we can get enough pins for the whole senior class for about $50. We could get enough for everyone in school for less than $150.” Your only other major expense will be the posters. You might need eight or so. My science fair poster with several pictures cost about $25. There should be a quantity discount.”

Ashley laughed, “OK sounds like I’ll need to hit my Dad up for a few hundred dollars. Well he was the one pushing me to do it.”

The girls talked about the details for another hour. Ashley was very appreciative of their enthusiasm and support. Finally people started to drift home for dinner.

Beth asked Ashley and Taylor to stay behind.

Ashley didn’t know Taylor too well but she played her midfield soccer position skillfully. She was fairly loud on the field and kept the team organized on the field.

Beth said, “Ashley before this goes any further you need to understand what Taylor meant by the election getting serious last year.”

Ashley started to say that she didn’t think Ellen would try a nasty social media campaign after last year’s legal warnings from Ashley’s Dad.

Taylor interrupted Ashley, “Last year the top two candidates went at it tooth and nail. They were arch rivals just like you and Ellen.”

Ashley protested that she and Ellen were hardly arch rivals.

Beth chuckled, “Well maybe you don’t see it that way but Ellen really hates you.”

Taylor continued, “Things got so hot last year that it came down to the two girls giving blow jobs to a number of seniors they thought could influence the election. Some guys got head multiple times from both girls. Some guys may have gotten even more attention. Ellen is well aware of last year’s election tactics. If she finds out you are running against her, I doubt she will hesitate to do a repeat of last year.”

Beth said, “So Ashley, you have to ask yourself if you really want to run knowing things will likely get rough.”

Ashley was no prude but even so she had never given a guy a blow job. Before the affair with her brother at the pool she had been relatively modest. She had gotten passionate kissing Ryan and had even let him play with her breasts. She planned to do a lot more this year with Ryan but going down on strangers was different. However, the thought of letting Ellen win made up Ashley’s mind. She realized she hated Ellen more than she wanted to admit.

Ashley Escort bayan Ankara accepted the challenge, “I think I can handle it as long as long as I can choose who gets special attention. Of course as my campaign manager, Beth you can make recommendations. I’d like to keep it strategic.”

Taylor laughed, “OK if you want to call it strategic, go ahead. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about things getting wild. Anyway I’m behind you 100 percent.

After that Ashley went home just in time to change clothes for another of her Father’s dinners.

After dinner Ashley changed into her favorite summer pajamas. She had gotten these in response to her Dad’s air conditioning policy – which was no AC unless it is very hot or hot and very humid. Maybe he had been deployed once too often. These loose fitting PJs were very light weight and bore a light pastel floral pattern. The bottoms were short briefs with a tie string around the waist. The top piece left a few inches of midriff exposed and had deep armholes. The shoulder straps and neckline were ruffled. The front was scooped down to the tops of her breasts and showed a fair amount of cleavage. Ashley was well aware that if she bent over she would expose most of her breasts. She was unsure what could be seen from the sides but the mirror revealed a fair amount of the side of her breast. The mirror also showed that the bottom curve of her ass cheeks were peeking out below the PJs.

Ashley grabbed her tablet and sat cross legged on her bed with a floor fan blowing some relief across her scantily clothed body. She spent an hour or so researching the process for getting posters made. She found the requirements for submitting photographs to the printer. She also looked up various suppliers of American flag pins. Several gave bulk prices for pins mounted on personalized cards.

About nine she Skyped Ryan. They had agreed to weekend only dating while they were in the first weeks of practice. She missed him a lot and needed to find out if he was OK with the idea of her running for home coming queen. She was lying on her stomach with the tablet propped on her pillow. Her arms were crossed under her chin.

Ryan was happy to see her. He was exhausted from football practice and was lounging in his bed watching TV on his tablet. He gave a low growl when he saw her outfit.

Ashley laughed and said, “Hey tiger, how are you doing? How’s practice going? Josh has been complimenting your performance so much, you’d think he had a man crush on you.”

Ryan replied, “Well I am really beat up and have the bruises to prove it. However, I am happy with how practice is going. My man crush Josh has the best hands on the team and catches everything I get close to him. I can hardly wait for the first game.”

Ryan quickly asked, “How is soccer practice going? Does the team compare to the ones you were on in Europe? Josh said you were pretty sore after the first day’s practice.”

Ashley rose up on her crossed forearms to reply. She knew she was revealing a fair amount of her ample breasts but wanted to hold him over until Friday night. She liked the way Ryan’s eyes popped wide open and focused on her cleavage. Ashley smiled at the memory of how Josh had treated her sore muscles.

Ashley responded, “Several of the girls are very good and could have played on any of my teams in Europe. Also I really love the coach. She played soccer at a high level in college and knows how to motivate us. I thought I was in good shape but she is a tough task master and I hurt all over.”

Ryan laughed, “Well at least you won’t get into any trouble before I see you on the weekend. Or maybe you already have. What’s up with the home coming queen rumor?”

Ashley said, “Well so much for my surprise! I wanted to talk to you before I made my mind up. A lot of the girls on the team are pushing me to run but I wanted to know your feelings.”

Ryan replied, “I think it might be cool. What do you think your chances are? From what I hear Ellen is already on the war path and has started working on guys for their vote.”

Now Ashley was surprised, “I guess this is a small school. Here I thought I’d surprise you and already your ex-girlfriend knows before I’ve even made up my mind.”

Ryan commented, “Ellen takes after her parents and has eyes and ears all over. Probably all it took was one person tweeting or posting for it to spread throughout the school. She will not be happy to be running against you. She still refers to you as the girl who took her boyfriend away. She will certainly play dirty to win.”

Ashley thought for a moment and replied, “Well so what do you think? I might have to get into the mud and wrestle with her. Are you up for some girl on girl combat?”

Ryan laughed, “Well much as I’d like to see you mud wrestling with Ellen, I’d like to see you win even more. Hell then I’d be king instead of William Benton Pembroke III.”

“You understand what I mean about combat right?”

Ryan looked down and quietly said, Bayan escort Ankara “Yeah I know what went on last year. It’s up to you. Your body, your rules. I can make sure to be around to keep it from going too far.”

Ashley said, “So does that mean yes?”

Ryan said, “Oh hell yes, bring them on! I still have a grudge with Ellen. Every time I think about her I get mad. This could be our senior gift to her.”

Ashley said, “OK I guess I am committed to running then.”

Ryan said, “Well you can get my vote with a little lobbying Friday night.”

Ashley laughed and said, “I am looking forward to doing whatever it takes to get your vote. I’ll probably have to keep lobbying you right up to the election.”

Ryan said, “I plan on playing hard to get.”

Ashley changed the subject and said, “What do you think about a pool party for the seniors on the football team? I’d like to get the team vote committed before school starts.”

Ryan laughed, “Funny you mention it. I already heard a rumor about a pool party for the team at my place. I think it is a good idea since as the team captain I’d like to build camaraderie. I should have no problem getting my parents to approve.”

Ashley said, “OK, I’ll talk to you about details on Friday. Maybe we can work on some campaign tactics together.”

Ryan replied with a grin, “I’d be glad to work on tactics or whatever you want to call it just as long as I can hold you in my arms.”

Ashley said, “Well I cannot wait either. Now get some sleep and make the team proud.”

Ryan blew her a kiss and said goodnight.

Ashley returned the kiss and cut the connection.

Ashley lay down and closed her eyes. She knew there were things she needed to take care of but she was exhausted. If anything she was more tired and sore after the second day of practice. She soon drifted off to sleep.

The next day at practice the girls were glad to hear that Ashley had made up her mind and was committed to doing what it took to win. There was not a lot of time to talk since the coach decided that the third day of practice meant that the girls were ready for an even more strenuous workout.

After practice, Ashley took a shower, went for a swim and another shower. Then she fell into bed for a short nap. Josh woke her for dinner. Her Dad had cooked a mound of hamburgers to go with some of his homemade pasta salad and steamed broccoli. She told Josh and her Dad that Ryan supported her running and would help anyway he could. Josh and her Dad agreed that they would also give her any assistance she might need. After that they all had a good time trading jibes and talking about their day.

After dinner Ashley felt bad about sticking her Dad with both cooking and cleaning up. After loading the dishwasher she went to her room and changed into her skimpy PJs. She found a bottle of her Mother’s perfume and applied a drop to her wrists and back of her ears. She paused and then dabbed a drop between her breasts.

Months earlier, after her Mom moved out, her Dad had told her that she could look through her Mom’s things. She had already scored the perfume and a few outfits when she came upon a leather case. She snapped open the clasps and was shocked to see the contents. Arranged neatly in velvet slots was a set of dildos ranging in size from very small to painfully large. There was even a tiny one made to be carried in a purse – a mobile vibrator. In addition there were several butt plugs and a string of anal beads. There was also a remote control that could work with either an egg shaped vibrator or a butterfly shaped one that could be strapped over one’s vulva. She had taken the case back to her room and hidden it in the back of her closet. Applying the perfume briefly reminded her of the case. She quickly put it out of her mind again and focused on the task at hand. She needed money from her Dad to run her campaign.

She walked across the house to her Dad’s office and knocked on the door. She heard a slight rustle before her Dad said, “Come in.”

She opened the door and said. “Dad, can I talk for a minute?”

She was standing in the doorway to his dark office that was only lit by the glow of his laptop. The lit hallway outlined her alluring form through her skimpy PJs.

Her Dad smiled and said, “I always have time for my favorite daughter.” He turned on his desk lamp and waved her in.

Ashley bounced into the room and sat facing him on his desk. Her Dad was a neat freak and the large desk only had the laptop and a few papers in a pile on the right side. There was plenty of room for Ashley on the left side. Her bare legs dangled over the edge of the desk swaying slightly back and forth.

Her Dad was sitting in a simple straight back chair that he preferred since it kept him from slouching. He was wearing Army briefs and tee shirt. He leaned back on the rear legs of the chair with his hands interlaced behind his head. He was amazed at how skimpy Ashley’s PJs were. He couldn’t remember seeing them before. They looked like something a new bride might choose for her honeymoon.

“So what’s up?”

Ashley had an agenda but decided to break the ice by commenting on the music he was listening to. Her Dad was playing an album she had given him.

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