Asian massage

Wow – I was bored and was checking the newspaper, there was an announcement of a new asian massage saloon opened in Vienna. I went there, and, as at that time of year it is very cold here in Europe, the nice lady at the reception warmed me up and offered some tea. I felt quite comfortable with her and asked her whether she will take care for the massage. Unfortunately, she said that she never does this type of job but a nice lady from Hongkong will take care for me.

I took a shower, laid down on the bed and one girl with nice tits but horrible face (and hair and body) came to make the massage. First I wanted to refuse her, but she did fine, hard massage (which I really like), good, no, perfect blow job and I had a great cum shot after some 20 minutes. The girl took a shower and I waited her to return, but instead of her, the girl from the reception entered and started to do the massage. Boys, you can believe me, she did it her first time and after some minutes I said it is better if I do a massage for her, but for this she has to take off her clothes – and I did a good one, you can believe me – I teached her quite a lot of how to treat my cock for coming again. Next time I will teach her how to treat a girl, together with me šŸ˜‰

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