Asian Studies

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Iko was a beautiful Japanese exchange student enrolled in my English as a Second Language course and I’d taken a shine to her for several reasons. She was quiet and shy, like many Asian students, but very intelligent and eager to learn. She was also sexy as hell, petite and slender, but also, that rarity amongst Japanese girls, full in the chest.

I’d had to stop myself several times from staring at her lovely large tits as they moved around loosely in her modest tops. I stared at her trim little ass too, of course, in her tight jeans and skirts, but at least on those occasions she was usually moving away from me and couldn’t see the lust in my face.

But then about the third week of class I noticed her tops become more revealing. They were cut lower and lower in the coming days until by the fourth or fifth week she was showing off the full upper swells of the globes and they seemed ready to pop out into the open.

From her attitude I gathered that she was developing something of a crush on me. She always sat up front and was always ready with a welcome smile for me. She also tried to stay after class as often as she could, for a little extra help with her English. She would bring in English language magazines and point to things she wished to know the correct pronunciation for. One day she brought in a lingerie catalogue and repeated after me the names of various sexy items that she hinted she was interested in shopping for.

“Bra,” she repeated innocently. “Panties. Garter belt.”

By the end of that little session I had a hard-on I could barely conceal and pre-cum juice was dampening my shorts. I thought I knew where this was going and it made me a little nervous. But at the same time I couldn’t help myself. She was irresistible.

One Friday afternoon, thankfully the last class of the day when the college was shutting down and almost empty, she brought out another magazine and insisted on hearing the English words for everything she pointed to. It was a hardcore porno magazine.

“Tits,” I pronounced slowly as she pointed to a lovely topless girl. She repeated the word softly three or four times.

“Pussy. Cunt,” I said, my cock growing hard. And she repeated the words with perfect pronunciation.

She turned the pages quietly, concentrating hard on the images. And of course as we progressed the images grew more and more erotic.

“Shaving. The man is shaving the girl’s pussy,” I instructed. She pronounced the sentence perfectly.

“Cock. Penis. Prick,” I said as the stud in the magazine stripped down.

“Cock. Penis. Prick,” she announced innocently.

I’d been standing by her side, looking at the magazine over her shoulder. Now as she pronounced these last words she reached out her hand and stroked down the front of my pants, gently outlining the hardening contour of my dick.

“Okay, I think it’s about time you came back to my apartment,” I croaked. “We can continue our instruction there.”

And she smiled up at me in agreement, turning over one last page for me to look at.

“Sucking. She’s sucking his cock,” I told her. And I took her by the elbow and steered her from the rom. I knew if I didn’t pause these proceedings I would probably shoot off in my pants.

It took less than twenty minutes to drive back to my place, and on the way she softly peppered me with questions.

“Will you shave me?” she asked. “Can I suck your cock?”

I Cebeci Escort couldn’t really answer, and I’m sure she didn’t need me to. She was enjoying practicing her English, enjoying using the naughty words. I simply nodded, trying to concentrate on driving. Once I had her inside my apartment I couldn’t keep my hands off her. I pulled down the front of her top and let her lovely breasts pop free.

“Tits,” she announced helpfully.

“Very good,” I said. And I bent my head and began sucking on one of her distended nipples. I squeezed her other large tit and mauled it about in my hand.

I lifted her in my arms. She weighed next to nothing. And I carried her quickly into the bathroom and pulled the top off over her head. The sight of both naked tits took my breath away. They were stunning. Perfectly shaped. Heavy. With nut-brown nipples jutting up half an inch into the air.

“Beautiful tits,” I muttered.

“Tits,” she grinned, jiggling them back and forth for me.

I unzipped her jeans, hauled them down off her hips. As soon as she stepped out of them I pulled down her panties and lifted her onto the counter beside the sink. She helped by hooking her feet onto the counter and spreading her legs, and in seconds I had her beautiful pubic mound covered in shaving cream. I picked up a razor and began ever so gently scraping the pubic hair off her pussy mound.

“Shaving pussy!” she grinned, cranking her thighs even wider for me.

I worked quickly, and quite expertly, if I do say so myself. Shaving a pussy is a delicate business, especially if you’re in a hurry and all you want to do is fuck the pussy in question. But I was very careful, and in a matter of minutes her pubic mound was bare and glistening and her pussy lips, all wet and pink and rubbery, were splitting open invitingly.

“I eat your pussy now,” I announced. And I bent down and began licking the pretty pink folds of her tiny cunt. As I licked I kind of folded the layers of pink tissue back so that her cunt began to open for me like a lovely little plant.

“Oooh! Baby!” she cooed, caressing my head with one hand. “So good! So nice! Eat my pretty pussy like that!”

Her tiny cunt was so sweet. And as I worked her outer lips it opened even wider for me. I knew I would have no trouble sliding my cock inside. But then I touched her pretty clit with the tip of my tongue and a quiver went through her.

“Oooh! Baby! So good! So good!” she crooned.

I began diddling her clit with my tongue, tapping it back and forth and up and down. And her thighs quaked even more and her belly fluttered up and down. She began to moan and whimper, as if she were already close to coming. I stayed with her, licking and poking her tiny clit for what seemed like long minutes.

But eventually she gave off a half scream and humped her gaping pussy up onto my face. Her hips began to gyrate and there was a mini explosion of pussy fluid that gushed out of her and splattered my face. One, two, three jets of juice spurted forth, drenching me. But I stayed with her, kept diddling her swollen clit.

She was almost crying with pleasure, her voice a high-pitched whine. She forced her cunt harshly onto my face, her belly quivering, her hips gyrating. And it went on and on, a long, extended climax that wracked her whole body. I was concerned for a time that she’d Kolej Escort slip off the bathroom counter.

But eventually she settled down, her pretty ass coming to a soft landing on the countertop. I kept licking her, cleaning up her oily pussy juice. But by now my cock was an aching, blazing throb and I had to have some relief.

I stood up, lifted her limp body in my arms, and carried her to my bedroom. I lay her on the bed, moved between her legs, and angled my hard-on down onto her gaping shaved cunt. Her pussy was soaking wet and I slid my prick inside her at one stroke.

I began to fuck her hard, and she gazed up at me with dazed eyes and a sweet half-smile on her lovely lips.

“You fuck me. You fuck me,” she muttered over and over.

“Yes, I fuck you. I fuck my cock deep inside you.”

It wasn’t long before I felt my balls quaking and I knew I was close to shooting. I pulled out of her quickly, climbed up over her till I was straddling her belly. I fitted my gleaming cock between her big tits and began to fuck them, squeezing them together to make a tight funnel fit.

Her head was angled toward me on a pillow. Her lovely face smiled up at me, her full lips half open. I raised my hard-on and moved forward.

“Suck my cock, Iko,” I gasped. “I’m ready to come, but I have to have my cock in your mouth first.”

She eagerly folded her lips over the head of my prick and I slid several inches of shaft in after it. She began to suck vigorously, sliding her lips up and down my cock till she was taking it almost to the balls. But it wasn’t easy for her. I cradled her head gently with one hand and began helping her, fucking her face with easy hip motions. Her lips were soft warm pads on my stiff cock shaft.

“What a sweet little cocksucker you are,” I murmured, plowing my dick deeper on each stroke. I was drilling far into her throat now and I knew I couldn’t last.

I pulled my steaming cock from her mouth when I was about to explode and began to jerk off over her face. She craned her neck and started swirling her tongue every which way on my balls. I knew I was a goner.

“Iko, I’m going to come in your face. Do you understand? I’m going to spurt sperm all over our lovely face.” I gasped.

“Yes! Sperm! In my face!” she laughed. “I want it! Yes! I’m your cocksucker!”

What more could I teach such a sweetheart? I groaned with pleasure as my first sperm jet fountained up her face. It splattered just to the left of her nose, sealed shut her eye and bounced off her forehead into her hair. She opened her mouth in a big grin and I shot a huge wad between her lips. Her lips were sealed, so to speak, with a thick pool of silver that overflowed down her chin and across the entire lower part of her face.

Then I was spurting again, this time up the right side of her face, wetting her cheek and sealing shut her other eye. The cum pooled there in the socket of her eye before it too overflowed in rivulets down her temple.

My balls kept erupting, churning out thick wads of sperm onto Iko’s face, drenching her cheeks, her nose, her forehead, till she was totally smothered in my semen. And she let me do that to her, without complaint, a slight smile on her clogged mouth.

Afterwards she refused to wash it off, and we lay together for a long time, our only conversation a delightful refresher course on Rus Escort Iko’s naughty English expressions. She’d touch her fingertips to my limp penis and clearly mouth the word “cock.” The same with my “balls” and “asshole.” Then she’d touch herself and say “tits” and “cunt” and again, “asshole.”

We fell asleep for some time and when I woke up I found to my amazement that I had another blazing hard-on. Iko slept peacefully on her stomach, and as I pulled a sheet down off her naked body the sight of her beautiful ass took my breath away. She had gorgeous, tiny brown buns that curved up in a gentle swell from the small of her back. I gently pried them apart and checked out her tiny puckered asshole. Below, her shaved pussy was still partly open and oozing juice. I suddenly knew what I had to try next.

I took a tube of lubricant from the nightstand and smeared thick globs of it up and down my erection. Then, very gently, I spread generous gobs up and down between the cheeks of that stunning ass. As I smoothed lube onto her anus, Iko began to wake up.

“Baby,” she mouthed sleepily.

I climbed over her and nudged my cock between her ass cheeks. I slid my hard-on up and down the crack of her ass briefly, then lodged the head of my cock directly onto her anus.

“Baby,” she muttered, waiting patiently, not resisting. I’m sure she realized what I was about to do.

“Just relax, sweetheart,” I soothed. “Everything’s fine. I’m just going to try to fuck you up the ass.”

She lay very still, waiting, and I held my cock tight and pressed downwards. For a few seconds nothing happened, but then I felt her sphincter muscle give way and fold over my invading cockhead. It slid into her ass and I pressed downwards, gently prying two or three inches of cock inside her.

“Oooh!” was all she said. And I eased several more inches of cock up her ass.

I paused for several seconds, waiting, wondering if she’d ask me to stop. But she just lay there patiently, letting me do whatever I wanted to her.

I began a gentle fucking motion, plowing a little deeper on each stroke. And soon I was burying my cock to the hilt up her ass on every lunge. She lay flat on the bed under me and let me pound away at her tight little ass. Her taut buns slapped against me as I fucked her.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass!” Iko gasped.

“That’s right, darling. You learn English so fast.”

Her asshole was so tight, but the lubrication helped. Without it I doubt I would have gotten anywhere. My hard cock moved in and out slickly, making soft popping sounds. Iko started panting under me, as if she was as excited as I was at the ass-fucking.

And though I’d ejaculated just an hour or so earlier I could already feel the tell-tale twinges in my balls. I was coming close to a second orgasm, my cock rammed up the ass of a beautiful young Asian woman.

“Iko, you’re the greatest. I think I love you,” I told her.

She laughed. “Because you have your cock in all my holes! You naughty, naughty man!”

Something about that, her sweetness, her willingness, her incredible beauty and sexiness, sent me over the edge. I began pumping her asshole full of hot semen, spraying her anal chamber with jizz.

“Iko! Iko!” I gasped, my own ass a blur as I fucked her hard, burying my cock up her shithole again and again and spewing out reams of cum.

I couldn’t stop humping her, plowing her into the bed and splitting her gorgeous buns. She was right. I was a naughty, naughty man. I’d had my cock in all her holes, splattered her face with sperm, and now I was jetting the last of my semen deep up her ass. My balls were drained.

All that was left was to withdraw and watch the silver goo pour out of her gaping asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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