Aspen Summer Details Pt. 01

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I’ve been a long time reader of this site and have been hooked on interracial stories from the beginning. Whether it’s a white man or black man, I definitely enjoy tales about them taking and using Asian women, like myself.

It’s funny how small the world is. I recently came across a story here on Literotica that had to have been written by my ex-boyfriend. While he changed our names and my ethnicity (I’m Chinese not Korean), it was clear from everything else, the erotic tale was about my first time with a hung black man, which you can read in “Aspen Summer” here on Lit.

Reading Aspen Summer, it was like going back in time and brought back many thoughts and desires from that brief summer with my boyfriend and our black roommate. To be honest, it turned me on so much to think about Matthew (not his real name but I’ll stick with that because of his story) writing down his thoughts that I wanted to return the favor and write down my point of view and missing details.

I am about five feet tall like Matthew said, and he was on the shorter side of an average man. I did love him at the time and living together in Aspen was quite enjoyable. When Malcolm (his real name) first came to look at our apartment, I was taken back by his size. He was over six feet and really in great shape. If I was honest with myself, I felt a tingle in my panties but quickly suppressed it.

After Malcolm moved in, I noticed he would pay extra attention to me, often making direct eye contact with me and not Matthew during conversations. He also soon started to wear his biking shorts. The black ones seemed more discrete but his red shorts were almost obscene. I could clearly see his large, thick penis that ran almost half way down his leg. My eyes would dart down to his crotch and then back up. He noticed that on more than one occasion.

It got to the point where he would wear those red shorts anytime that Matthew wasn’t around and go shirtless, too. His muscles and firm ass would turn me on like no other man, including my boyfriend. I would feel guilty but my wet panties would give away my secret desires. On more than one occasion, I would excuse myself to my bedroom and masturbate while Malcolm was in the apartment. I don’t know if he knew what I was doing but everything about him turned me on and I couldn’t hold back.

The night that the boys decided to have a dick competition was clearly the turning point. I sat dumbfounded and in shock as both guys pulled out their penises for me to judge. Frankly, a judge wasn’t needed. Malcolm had an absolutely huge black cock that dwarfed my poor boyfriend’s white penis. Matthew shot me a cross looking glare because I had a large smile on my face and couldn’t take my eyes off of that BBC. Malcolm wore an arrogant smirk and proudly gave his dick a shake before putting it back in his shorts.

The image of that large black penis was seared into my head and even as we sat there watching TV and making small talk, I couldn’t wrest that sight from my mind. I boldly asked if I could see Malcolm’s dick again and he wasted no time in offering it up to my lustful eyes.

This time, Malcolm openly jerked off in front of us, though he focused his attention to me. I couldn’t believe how big it got. I had never watched porn before then so I had no point of reference but even now, I’d say he was on par with men like Lex Steele.

I don’t know what came over me but I asked to touch him and Matthew didn’t object so I got to feel my first black dick. Malcolm’s cock was hard, hot, and I could feel his blood pulsating through it. I stroked him only a few times when I caught Matthew’s disappointing face. I pulled away and Malcolm pulled his shorts up. He cock tented his tight spandex and I watched as he left to go to his room.

My panties were soaked by this time. Seeing and touching that large black cock was beyond anything I imagined up to the point. Eventually, I went to bed with Matthew and we practically attacked each other. My boyfriend’s 5″ penis was rock hard and my pussy was so wet fikirtepe escort that he easily slipped in. We both came together and came quickly. I guess both of us were turned on by Malcolm’s penis, though we didn’t speak of it.

The next day, Matthew wasn’t home when Malcolm joined me at the kitchen table as I ate my lunch. He apologized for showing himself the night before and I blushed with the memory. He noticed and smiled with his arrogant smirk. Malcolm stood up to get a drink and I noticed how his cock was once again tenting his shorts. Leaning against the sink, he held his cup and drank pushing out his hips to accentuate his already large member. I openly stared and he adjusted himself slowly while sliding his hand down his shaft.

While still holding his dick, he finally spoke, “I have to take a quick shower. Wanna join?” My heart skipped. My pussy tingled. I knew Matthew wasn’t due home until the evening and this was something that I knew I couldn’t say no to.

I didn’t answer. I just kept my focus on his erect penis. Malcolm put his glass down and walked towards me. He offered his hand which I readily accepted. His long fingers engulfed my petite hands and I practically floated to the bathroom.

Fortunately, the bathroom and shower were a decent size so we had room to maneuver. As soon as we entered, Malcolm took off his shirt and shorts. His cock proudly stood at attention and all I could manage was, “Wow, you are so big.” My hands instinctively caressed his muscular arms then chest and finally down to his huge penis. I used two hands as I slowly stroked him. He moaned with his eyes closed.

After a minute or so, he opened his eyes and lifted my short sundress over my head. I stood in my matching purple bra and panties. He looked me up and down with a wanton smile. I let go of his genitals and reached behind my back to unhook my bra. I looked at him directly as my bra fell to the floor and my large A cup breasts were exposed. My nipples are very long which is why I wear a thick bra to conceal them but this time I proudly arched my back for Malcolm. He bent down and started to suck on my tits causing my whole body to practically collapse with pleasure.

He reached down between my legs and pressed his large finger against my pantie clad sex. It was my turn to moan as he switched breasts and slipped his digit inside my dripping pussy. I came hard. I mean really, really hard. I clutched his upper body for support. No other man had given me such a climax, especially with just one finger.

As I slowly came down, Malcolm moved up and we passionately kissed for the first time. His mouth and tongue was just as large as his fingers and penis. It was quite erotic to be kissing a black man and I pressed my body against his erection. He reached down to my ass and squeezed it once before tugging them down to my feet. We stood there naked and continued making out for a few minutes.

Malcolm broke our embrace and started the shower. I admired his ass when he turned around. I think that was the first time I had ever wanted to rim someone though I didn’t act upon it. I just wanted to be submissive to this man.

Once the water was hot enough, we both got in. I wasted no time and soaping him up and washing his amazing body. His cock never went soft as my wandering hands touched every part of his body. He even spread his legs so I had access to his ass. I sensually circled his hole and he moaned softly.

I ended my washing of his body on his erection. I lathered up his huge dick and started to meticulously stroke it with an end goal clearly in both of our minds. “You like my big dick, don’t you?” He asked looking straight into my eyes. I had no idea that Matthew had come home and heard him say that from outside of the bathroom.

I answered, “Yes, I’ve never seen a penis so big.” I kept moving my hands up and down his shaft. He reached out to pinch my nipples and I closed my eyes in response. I was so turned on and wanted to be fucked by him badly but I held gebze escort back. With both hands sliding up and down – something I couldn’t even come close to with my white boyfriend – I picked up the pace knowing that Malcolm was close.

He eyes were shut as he was nearing his climax. I was incredibly turned on as this hung black man started to ejaculate all over my body. Malcolm even had more cum than Matthew as rope after rope hit my breasts and tight stomach. The last shot hit my pubic hair. I was covered in his semen. I released one hand from his slowly deflating penis so I could rub his cum all over my body. I always felt so dirty and slutty doing that with Matthew and now this black stud.

“Damn, girl. That was hot,” he lustfully said with that same arrogant smirk. I turned around to wash his semen off of me. I was hoping he’d wash me too but he told me that he was late for an appointment and had to leave. I was left there with a wanting pussy as I listened to him towel off and exit the bathroom. My fingers found my dripping sex and in a flash I came with my desire for that BBC in my body.

After that shower, Matthew started to give me the cold shoulder for a couple of days. I wasn’t sure why but he seemed almost mad at me. I finally confronted him while we were in bed one night and he confessed that he heard me in the shower with Malcolm. My heart sank as I wasn’t sure if he was going to break up with me.

My concerns quickly evaporated when my hand accidentally brushed against his crotch. Matthew’s erection gave away his true feelings. I jumped on his excitement by grasping his small white dick. It felt incredibly tiny given Malcolm’s prowess. Matthew finally told me that he was turned on by the thought of Malcolm fucking me. He asked if I would ever want to. I whispered that I would if he was the one that asked Malcolm. He readily agreed and then we fucked multiple times that night. Matthew came more than he ever had and I did, as well. I guess big black cock was going to be something we both enjoyed in different ways.

In the morning, I wasn’t sure if Matthew still felt that same way. I knew I did. I was secretly hoping that my boyfriend would ask our hung roommate to fuck me. And, Matthew didn’t disappoint.

That evening, we were all watching TV when my boyfriend abruptly asked Malcolm if he would have sex with me while Matthew looked on. “Hell, yeah, man. I’d do your sexy ass girl any time.” My pulse quickened as I knew it was finally going to happen.

Malcolm stood up and removed his clothes. He large cock stood erect as he looked at me. “Your turn, girl.” I blushed and stood up next to this large man. I only had a nightie on with a little thong as I was hoping that I’d be able to finally have this stud. I lifted the nightie up and over my head and both boys moaned appreciatively. I quickly pulled my thong down and I began to make out with Malcolm while my boyfriend watched. All three of us were beyond turned on.

Malcolm pushed me back onto the couch and spread my legs. “I’ve been dying to eat this pussy for a long time.” He was forceful and it made my juices flow. I glanced over at my boyfriend and he had his pants down to his knees and was feverishly masturbating watching his Chinese girlfriend being eaten out by this black stud. Malcolm’s large tongue licked me from ass to clit and deep inside my hole. I came immediately. He didn’t relent. He kept licking and sucking for several more minutes before I couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Please. Please, Malcolm. I want you inside me.” I begged for him to fuck me but he wanted more from me.

He got onto his knees and laid his huge dick on my belly with his big balls resting on my wet pussy. “Tell me what you want, bitch.” I couldn’t believe he called me that but I moaned in response. To be treated like that was quite erotic.

“Please give me your dick. Your big black cock. I want it. I need it.” I reached down and grabbed his dick and maneuvered myself so his head was at my entrance.

Malcolm looked içerenköy escort over at Matthew who was still openly jerking off to the wanton site of his girlfriend about to be taken by an alpha stud. I felt the head of that big cock start to penetrate me and it stretched my tight Chinese pussy more than any other penis before. Malcolm pushed further and my cunt opened up allowing his massive organ to reach depths that no other cock had in me.

I came when he was only half way in and he smiled arrogantly again as he watched me thrash underneath his muscular body. “Damn, girl. I haven’t even begun to fuck your pussy.” He looked over at Matthew who promptly ejaculated all over himself. “Damn, your boyfriend came, too.” Malcolm laughed as he began to pull in and out of my sex. He felt so big and so thick. Before long, he reached my cervix and couldn’t push any further. I never had felt so full before.

Malcolm really began to fuck me hard and I barely noticed Matthew once again masturbating to our copulation. I came multiple times before he finally pulled out and demanded I turn over on all fours. My ass and gaped pussy were on full display to both men as Malcolm drew closer and rubbed his cock all over my wet hole. I moved my hips back practically begging him to enter again. “You like that dick, huh, bitch?” Oh, he called me a bitch again and all I could do was beg him.

“Please Malcolm, I need your big dick. Fuck me.” I heard Matthew moan as his slutty girlfriend begged another man to enter her pussy.

The black stud took his cue and entered my cunt again. He grabbed my ass cheeks and began to thrust in and out. I came a couple of more times before I heard him groan and tighten up. I knew his black seed was about to fill me up. I was on the pill at the time but, if I was honest with myself at the dirty moment, I would have taken him in my fertile unprotected womb right in front of my white boyfriend.

Malcolm pumped harder and his dick got even thicker as he started to cum hard inside my pussy. I could feel his dick pulsating which is something I could not feel with Matthew’s much smaller penis. His cum was pushed out of me with each thrust and I knew that we’d have to clean the couch with all of our juices everywhere.

With his dick finally finished and slowly retracting, I realized that I needed him to fuck me more. I knew deep down inside that this was the best sex I ever had and would not be able to resist him, especially if Matthew was ok with it. And, looking at my boyfriend who apparently came again, I knew that this new relationship would be welcome by all three of us.

Malcolm’s cock made a pop sound as the head was extracted. More of his cum oozed out and he slapped my ass and said, “That’s one fine piece of ass. Bitch is in heat, my man.” He eyed my boyfriend with that second sentence. My body collapsed to the side and I watched this alpha male grab his clothes and brazenly walk to the bathroom naked while holding his clothes. He cock was still about half erect and dripped his cum and shined from my pussy juices.

Matthew stood up first, pulled up his pants, and gathered my clothes. He offered his hand without saying a word and he led me back to our room.

I was still naked and when I laid down, Matthew removed his clothes and tried to fuck me missionary. I was too sore, and loose, to allow him access. However, I did get a moment of dominance and gently pushed his face down my body towards my freshly used pussy. I wasn’t sure what he would do but when he began to eat Malcolm’s spunk from me, I knew that our relationship had changed forever.

My boyfriend greedily licked and ate my pussy with passion he never had shown before. I came at least twice from his oral services. After about 5-10 minutes, he slid his body up to mine and laid next to me while stroking his penis until he broke the silence, “You looked so hot tonight, babe.”

“Did you enjoy watching Malcolm fuck me?” I asked sensually while rubbing his chest.

“Yes, babe.” He stroked quickly. “Did you like his cock?”

“Oh my, sweetie, I did. He was soooo big.” With those words, Matthew ejaculated for the third time that night.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms both dreaming of Malcolm’s impressively large cock using my pussy. We were both hooked.

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