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Miss Ensworth finished explaining the assignment, then motioned toward the class. “Okay. It’s time for you to pair up. Find a project partner.”

Sasha stood frozen. He knew nobody wanted to work with him and he wasn’t about to embarrass himself by asking anyone to be his partner. He hated school, but never more than when a teacher played this fucked-up game; making them do things with each other. Why the fucking games? Why, when things went okay for a few days, did someone always have to stir the fucking pot and muddy shit?

He continued standing motionless, listening to the other students laughing as they paired off, and wishing he could hide.

“Want to be partners?”

The voice asking was like no other. The depth sounded cavernous and the height, ominous. His eyes narrowed as he turned and faced Agamemnon. Everyone in the school knew Agamemnon, though everyone called him Zeus. No matter what his mythical name…he was a god.

He looked up at Zeus’s face, before glancing at his chest, which was still slightly higher than eye level, then back up at the eyes resting above the mountain of shoulders. “Are you kidding?”

“No. And we’re partners.”

Zeus never asked for things as much as declare them, but he always seemed to get his wishes. He was the football star, heading to the college of his choice, since every school wanted him. He was also a champion wrestler and stories had him breaking or lifting anything he chose.

Sasha inhaled and whispered, “Why?” not meaning for Zeus to hear.

“Because I said.”

The two hadn’t spoken a word in their four years minus three months of high school, and suddenly he was partners with the most famous guy in the history of the school?


He turned slowly and looked up. “You don’t say much, do you?”

“I talk just fine.”

He sat as requested and Zeus pulled up two chairs and sat on both.

“Well you never talked to me.” He brushed his jet-black hair to the side.

“We’re talking now.”

He inhaled. “I guess we are.”

He wanted to ask why, but Zeus had opened the book between them and interrupted. “Okay. How are we doing this?”

They worked together for the remainder of the period, and he remained confused for the rest of the morning. He no sooner placed his backpack on his lunchroom chair, when Nick shoved him playfully. “Is it true?”

He brushed his long black bangs back. “What?”

“You and Zeus in social studies?”

“I’m still trying to get my head around it.”

“So am I.” His friend shoved him again as they walked to the food line. “The gay femboy and the most freakishly masculine guy anyone has ever seen…doing a school project together? Everyone I know is talking about it.”

He glanced back as he reached the end of the food line. “They are not.”

“Oh they are. I’m the one starting the conversations.”

He looked around as they stood in line and spotted more eyes than normal on him. He lowered his gaze, then his chin. “Three more months. Three more months of being semi-anonymous and I’m free, then fucking Ensworth has to give a partner assignment to finish the year. What a bitch.”

“Are you kidding? Making friends with him could save you abuse for the rest of the year. It may even make you some friends.”

“I don’t want friends, and I already learned who to avoid.”

“Why do you think he asked you?”

He swiped his ID card at the register and followed his friend to their table. “The only thing I can think of is he feels completely sorry for me, or he’s planning a prank to end the year.”

“Yeah. it’s all any of us can think of.”

He looked up from the strangely colored chicken pieces. “Fuck you.”

The confusion their partnership initially caused, dissipated over the next weeks, and though they only worked together during class, Zeus treated him like every other student. He had even begun enjoying Zeus’s company, and Ensworth’s class, but the project presentation was approaching and class just wasn’t enough time to finish.

But he was afraid to suggest they meet outside class, and he knew all the reasons for his trepidation; reasons any five foot six effeminate gay boy would have, and a brand new reason he’d die before sharing.

He kept glancing at the clock as they worked, and grew angrier by the minute for not suggesting, then sighed. He wanted to ask if they could work outside class, but his fear of Zeus had completely changed. He didn’t want to lose the budding friendship.

Zeus’s voice resonated. “We may not finish if we just work in class.”

His heart pounded, producing short intense breaths. “I know. I mean…I’ll work twice as hard for both of us. I’ll do the poster for us if you want.”

Zeus smiled. “Or we could meet after school and finish together.”

His eyes widened. “If you want.”

Zeus shook his head and though his gaze narrowed, his expression never changed. “Why are you still nervous around me? Haven’t we been having fun working together?”

He brushed his bangs back. “I can’t believe how I look forward to this class.”

“Me either.”

Sasha’s head konya escort shifted. “You look forward to this too?”

Zeus leaned closer and whispered, “I used to hate this class.”

“Me too!” His response made the entire class focus on him, and he blushed. “Sorry.”

He fanned himself with his hand before refocusing on his unusual project partner. “Sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize to me.”


Zeus snickered. “Forgiven.”

“Did you say we should get together? I mean…for the project.” He hoped Zeus couldn’t see his intensified breathing.

“Yeah. It’s time we got together. I’ve been putting off asking, but it’s time.”

“Why? I would have, any time or place.” He knew that came out a little too enthusiastically.

Zeus snickered. “Then why didn’t you ask?”

Oh how he wished he could share that answer, but was afraid the real reason would get him a two week hospital visit. He frowned. “Me.”

Zeus shook his head as his smile lessened. “Do you have a place we can work together?”

“I normally work in my bedroom, so n…”


His mouth dropped open, and Zeus quietly chuckled as he placed his fingers under Sasha’s chin and shut it. “You’re too frigging cute.”

He could feel the goosebumps Zeus’s touch caused. He was sure it was the first time they touched, even accidentally. He would have registered any previous time, just like he had plans to never forget this incident. He refocused. “When?”

“Tonight…and maybe tomorrow night. I need a good grade.”

“Okay. I’ll get us an ‘A’. I’ll do whatever we need.”

“I’ll need your address and phone number.”

“I can give you that.”

Zeus lifted Sasha’s phone off the desk and typed in his number. “Send it to me.”

He took the phone back and his stomach became instantly queasy. “Can I save your number?”

Zeus met his eyes. “I’m saving yours…”

His fingers typed as fast as possible, just in case Zeus came to his senses and decided this was his dumbest idea, then slowed, wondering if this was the start of the prank.

The rest of the school day was a blur, except for lunch. He listened to his friends talk about their normal gripes between their cattiness, but didn’t join in. He was sure if he opened his mouth, he’d share his after-school plans, and of all the things his friends didn’t know, that had to be his best-kept secret.

His nervousness increased as the school-day’s end clicked closer. Was Zeus really coming over? Were they really going to spend time together in his bedroom? Zeus was going to see his bedroom! Fuck! He had things to hide and wall pictures he needed to remove! He suddenly hoped this was a prank, because he had no idea how to act if it wasn’t!

But what if it wasn’t? He pictured them working closer…leaning and touching, innocently at first, then Zeus pinning him on his bed and stripping his pants off before making him one of his conquests. If it happened, he would promise it’d be his best-kept secret.

The final bell brought him back from the fleeting pleasant daydream, and he sighed before standing and placing his books in his backpack, then he thought of his room and immediately began rushing to get home.

He ran up the stairs of his empty house, and shut his bedroom door before throwing his backpack in its usual corner, then proceeded to clean his room like his mother had always asked. He smiled at the irony. He was cleaning his room because a guy was coming over…something else he thought would never happen.

He looked around after finishing. There wasn’t a thing on the floor, and his clothing secrets were all tucked inside a closet for the first time in years. Well…all but his panties.

He stared at the private dresser drawer before glancing at his alarm clock and deciding on a quick shower, then opened his panty drawer and found his pink lace favorites. They’d be hidden under his skinny jeans, but the thought of having them on was worth the risk of being caught in them. Besides…Zeus would never know.

He hurried back to his room and quickly dressed without putting on make-up. He wanted to, but was sure Zeus would take one look, turn and run…or worse; stand there and laugh. He picked out a unisex top, then styled his hair after dressing. He knew this wasn’t a date, but he had to prepare like it was. He knew nothing would ever happen…but he could pretend. He spent half his life pretending…how would one more instance in a never-ending line of improbable private illusions, hurt?

His phone beeped and his heart pounded in response. He lifted it and read the message. Zeus is here! He reached for a perfume bottle, then sighed as he decided against, before running down the stairs to the front door. He inhaled, then opened it and Zeus stood there wearing a completely nicer outfit, and a smile.

“Hi.” Sasha stepped back and waved him in.


He watched Zeus duck and turn slightly as he entered. God, he was big! He shut the door behind them, then inhaled Zeus’s cologne. “Wow you smell good.”


“Follow konya escort bayan me.” He hurried up the stairs, then turned outside his room and motioned. “This is mine.”

Zeus smiled as he ducked inside the door opening.

“Is it alright if I shut this?” He started closing the door.

“Do you feel safe with me, behind a closed bedroom door?”

He pulled the door shut. “Are you sure you’re safe with me inside my bedroom?”

Zeus laughed. “Cute and funny. I like it.”

“Where do you want to work?” He eyed the bed, then the floor, then inhaled again. “God you smell good.”

“Thanks.” Zeus sat on the bed. “What do you wear?”

His mind immediately raced, panties, perfume make-up before glancing at the perfume bottle on his dresser.

Zeus followed his eyes, then smiled as he focused on the bottle. “Are you wearing any now?”


“Why not?”

“For the same reason I didn’t put make-up on.”

Zeus’s head tilted, seemingly expecting a deeper explanation.

“I don’t want to scare you.”

“That’s funny. I think you wearing perfume and make-up would do just the opposite.”

He felt his breathing quicken. “You’d be alright if I wore perfume and make-up?”

Zeus nodded. “Is that how you live normally, outside school?”


“Then I want you to.”

His eyes narrowed. “Really?”

“Yeah. Where do you do your make-up?”

He pointed to the mirror behind his dresser. “Right there.”


He motioned to the mirror. “Now?”

Zeus nodded as he leaned back on an elbow. “Okay.”

He raised his brows, then narrowed his eyes. “Is this a prank? Are you going to wait till I have make-up on, then drag me outside where you’re friends are waiting?”


“Because I’ll…you’ll…”

Zeus inhaled, then lowered his gaze. “You don’t have to. I don’t know. I just thought…”

He turned. “What?”

“I guess it’s stupid.”

“Wait.” He raised a hand as his brows furrowed. “You’re not pranking me?”

Zeus expressed silent disappointment. “Is that what you think?”

“Zeus. I don’t know what to think. I’m this skinny little femboy and you’re the godlike man skinny little femboys dream about when we masturbate.”


“Aw, c’mon.” He stood awkwardly against the dresser. “You have to know you’re just about everybody’s fantasy.”

“I don’t care about everyone else. I want to hear about you.”

“You didn’t guess?” He placed his hand on the dresser, hoping to alleviate his unease. “You never guessed?”

“I had no idea. You always look at me like you have a problem with me.”

“I do.” He smirked. “An unfulfilled fantasy.”

Zeus scratched his forehead. “Well who do you think I dream about when I masturbate?”

“The four girls you’re watching masturbate you?”

Zeus smirked. “Or the boy whose room I’m in?”

He startled. “What?”

“I spent all year trying to say hi to you.”

“What?…Sorry.” His eyes narrowed. “What?”

“It was all I could do to ask you to be project partners.”

“You’re pranking me. Are you recording this? Please don’t hurt me like this.”

Zeus extended his hand. “How can I convince you I’m not pranking you?”

He placed his hand in Zeus’s. “I honestly don’t know.”

Zeus pulled him closer, and just the anticipation of physical contact sent sensual sparks through him like he never felt before. Zeus continued pulling until he had no choice but to sit on his lap. “Well this takes care of my masturbation fantasies for a while.”

“Is it okay if I need a little more to fill mine?”

He had countless fantasies about being surrounded by Zeus’s massive arms, but he shivered with delight at the actuality. “Oh god, yes.”

His lips instantly opened as their mouths came together, and he elated as Zeus’s tongue filled his. The elation was so intense, he could hardly breath when the kiss ended. “Well that was better than the fantasy, and the fantasy has been pretty fantastic.”

Zeus smiled. “Definitely.”

“And you really wanted to do that?”

“From about the first time I saw you.”

“Well…okay… I’m confused. Are we working on our project?”

“We will, but can’t we get to know each other first?”

“Wow. Sure.” He scanned the room. “Would it be alright to lay together?”

Zeus moved further onto the bed, then held his arm so he would lay close. “Would it be alright to kiss you again?”

“Would it be alright if we did more?” His hips arched as he felt Zeus’s hand caress his back, then whispered, “My fantasy.” as Zeus rolled toward him and enveloped him.

Their next kiss ended and he snuggled further under Zeus’s massive masculine frame. “I can’t believe you’re going to find out I’m wearing panties.”

Zeus pulled away enough to stare at him, and he smiled. “You are, aren’t you?”

They kissed again, then he twitched as his thigh felt proof of his friend’s pleasure.

Zeus raised a brow. “Is that alright?”

“As long as mine’s alright.”

“You have one too?”

“Since you extended your hand.” He smirked escort konya playfully. “It’s just tucked in my panties.”

He felt Zeus try to slip his hand inside the back of his jeans and he unbuttoned them, then sighed audibly as Zeus’s immense hand pushed inside and caressed his panty-covered ass.

“I like this.” Zeus squeezed gently.

He elated. “Really?”

“You can’t tell?”

“Well…kind of, but can I find out for sure?”

His voice deepened. “Go for it.”

Sasha stretched. “I can’t reach.”

Zeus laughed. “Then you’re gonna have to wait your turn.”

“Can I remove my pants and just lay with you, in my panties?”

Zeus held the bottom of both pant legs and pulled Sasha’s pants off after he finished the sentence. Then he gasped as Zeus pulled him under his large frame again. “Is it alright; I’m being so forward?”

He shivered with delight. “Is it alright if my fantasy includes, not having a choice?”

“I love the way you answer questions with sexier questions.”

“Then I have a new question.” He squirmed further underneath his new friend. “What’s your fantasy about me?”

“I don’t think I can share.”

He gasped silently as Zeus slid his massive hand inside his top. “Why not?”

“I don’t want to scare you.”


“You tell me one of yours first.”

“Sure.” He rested his hand on the hand caressing his chest. “I want to be smothered by you…under you…and you surround me and cover me as you take me and explode in me.”

“Me inside you…on top of you?”

“My fantasy is to be surrounded…covered by you, and I wouldn’t mind you covering me with your…”

“You really want me?”

He rolled over and moved back, before staring into his eyes. “As much as any girl.”

Zeus touched his fingers to his chin. “Now if I could only figure out why I think that’s hotter than any girl wanting me.”

He rolled on his side, facing away, then pressed tight against his massive friend. Zeus held him tighter. “God, you’re sexy. It’s so sexy that you want me, and you’re not a girl.”

He whispered breathlessly as Zeus’s hand slid over his body. “Does that mean I can do things to you?”

His voice deepened. “Hell yeah.”

Sasha spun in his arms, then grabbed the bottom of Zeus’s shirt and pulled up, and Zeus lifted his large muscular arms to accommodate.

“Even getting your shirt off is work.”


“Don’t be. It’s all a fantasy I plan on re-living for the rest of my life.” He tossed the shirt, then slid his hands down Zeus’s chest. “God, you’re massively gorgeous.”

Zeus waited until he removed his top, before pulling him close and he whimpered as their open mouths met, then sighed as the extended kiss ended. “This makes all the torture of the last four years, so worth it. But I promise this will always remain a secret.”

“But we can become better friends…hang out maybe?”

His heart fluttered as Zeus slid his spread fingers through his hair. “You really like me like that?”

“You really want to fuck?”

“I may cum, just thinking about it.”

“Can I fuck your cute ass?”

He felt the tingle in his cock. “Can I suck it first?”

Zeus smiled. “…Always a sexier question.”

“And the answer?”

“The answer is… you don’t have to ask.”

His heart raced as he knelt and undid Zeus’s pants, amazed by the circumstance which seemed so surreal. Zeus helped him strip them off and he gasped at the massive bulge it revealed. “Oh, god.”

“Is everything alright?”

“Better than alright. I doubt life gets any better than this.” He reached inside Zeus’s boxers and felt the massive cock, then lowered his face to the opening and lovingly kissed it as he exposed it.

“Oh, yes.”

He continued kissing the mammoth cock as he stroked it with both hands. “You do know; being taken by you is my schoolboy fantasy.”

“Knowing you think about fucking me is my new fantasy.”

“I don’t even know what to say to that.”

“Tell me I can have your sweet ass.”

“Oh god…please.” He wrapped his lips around the cock and lustfully sucked the head.

Zeus arched back in pleasure. “Do you think you can?”

“It may take a while, but I need to feel you inside me.”

“I need to be inside you. Your ass is the bomb.”

“Let me get something.” He hopped off the bed and left the room, only to return seconds later with a bottle of hand lotion, then covered Zeus’s cock with the slippery white cream before laying face down on the bed next to him. “Please answer every prayer I’ve said since I saw you.”

“You really are funny… cute and funny.”

He whispered as he lie pressing against him. “I’m glad you think I’m joking.”

“Do you want to be on top in the beginning?”

“No. Me lying helplessly under you wearing nothing but lowered panties, is definitely a fantasy.”

“But I don’t want to hurt you.”

He squirmed underneath his massive friend. “Don’t worry about that. I kinda practice with a little something, when I dream about you.”


“…If you only knew.”

“Damn, Sasha. I really had no idea.”

He maneuvered until he could feel Zeus’s weight on his back, and hard slippery cock between his legs. “Then let me show you.” He arched back and pressed against the massive cock, and though it took some effort, he finally pressed back on the amazing inserted cock.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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