At a Building Construction Site

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As a (bottom) bicurious married man, I have to be particularly cautious and discreet when I am looking for some m2m action. My experience is not much, with only few encounters (some of them very nice, some others not so much) but I noticed that it is getting harder and harder to find a place and the “right” guys to play, especially after you cannot post anything in CL anymore. Some of these experiences were at parks (not squirting but pre-arranged) and some at darkrooms (also pre-arranged). But there is one fantasy on top of all that I always have and it is to be played by a latino construction worker at his workplace, very discretely and anonymously, after working hours.

For that reason, I always keep an eye of building construction site while driving around, just to check if (and hoping for) an eventual encounter.

I was glad then, when through another “ads” place (Locanto), I was able to get in touch with a willing Latino construction worker (male, 37yo single). The ad I placed was offering something like this:” Busco chico cargado para encuentro discreto y anonimo. Si trabajas en construccion y estas buscando un culito limpio, depilado, y sano para descargar el “estres” acumulado por el trabajo o la falta de sexo, yo te ofresco el mio. Si conoces de alguna casa o edificio en contruccion, nos podríamos encontrar alli (cuando ya no haya nadie alrededor, despues de horas de trabajo)”.

After exchanging a couple of email (most of them with pic), he was able to point to a construction site he was working in in a nearby city. The plan was for him to let me know what “building” and in what room/place in it to meet that could be secluded and dark enough for us to play w/o having to (practically) seeing each other’s faces. We agree on doing it on a Friday afternoon (6:30pm) time that fitted me since my wife was out of time for business. I was supposed casino siteleri to be already inside for when he arrives (that way none has to see each other).

I remember the excitement of getting ready for the occasion: getting my ass smooth by using a cream that eliminates body’s hair, cleaning my inside (enema using a vaginal douche), taking a good bath, and finally smoothing my skin with a lot of aloe body cream.

I must say I was nervous but I was doing it. I got to the place at 6:00pm (earlier as planned to be inside ready for him), I parked some 2 blocks far from the actual place, and walked into the light green house (half finished). I stepped into the second floor (as he suggested) to the second room to the left. It was a little dark, and finding the way there was easy (my heart was pumping harder and harder with every step I did toward that place). I look for the most darker corner of the room (with almost no walls but the woods that will support them), and I pulled my pants and undies down.

It was not until a few minutes later (may be 10 or so but they felt as an hour) that I heard someone getting into the house. Before anything (him walking upstairs toward the room) I faced the “wall”, put my hand in the beans and opened my legs, extending my lower body and ass toward the room.

I did not see his reaction, but I could hear him approaching toward me. He stepped behind me, and graved me from my thighs. I could hear a very clear “hola mamita” coming from his mouth. He started to caressing me going from my waist down to my legs (and stopping for a few seconds when going through my buns).

After a few hands moving up and down he stopped and knee down. I did not see it coming (well I may) but I star feeling his tongue rimming my pussy. That was one of the best moments of the whole night (well, I thought that at that time). canlı casino I felt his tongue making its way in my pussy with rhythmic movements all around my ring.

That tongue fucking lasted may be a minute or two. He suddenly started play me with one finger first, making circular movements around my ring as if it was asking permit to get there (it felt so good). I may bended a little more toward him, because a “o si..” came out of his mouth. Immediately after he started playing my hole with two and then with three of his finger. I felt aroused as hell!

I do not know how long he played me that way, but I truly like it.

At a giving moment he stopped completely, and before I was able to figure out what happened, I felt a hot piece of meat between my buns (the guy must pull his pants down either before he was close to me or during his tongue play).

The guy started rubbing his cock up and down on my crack. He did it a few times and, as how he did with his caresses, stopped for a few sec. when passing through my pussy. Without warning and with a big and forced push from his part, I felt his head getting in me with a kinky and nice “poop” sensation. It took me by surprise that he had to push it hard to get its head in (I thought that the rimming session was enough to lose my ring). Once the head was in, I pushed my ass further back as hard as I could, forcing him to get even deeper in me. I did notice then that his cock was thicker at the base because my hole was very much stretched when it was full inside.

He then moved his dick up and down while getting inside me (like he was trying to lift me in the air using only his dick). I loved that and I couldn’t stop but having my ass twitching around his dick several times to feel it at the edges of my hole and rubbing inside my inner walls (Oh that felt soooo good).

After a few kaçak casino moments, I felt being pumped faster and faster, deeper and deeper. That lasted until I felt his hot cum filling my hole. The sensation was getting flooded with hot liquid all inside. He kept pumping few more times until there was no more coming, then stopped, holding me strong and still and keeping his cock inside me until it got soft and slid out gently. At that time I felt a lot of very hot cum dripping out of my pussy and going down my legs.

I must say I was enjoying too much that I did not pay attention of what happened next. The guy whispered at me very close to my right ear “gracias mamita por dejarme hacerte mia”, then he stepped back a few feet, pulled his pants up, and disappeared.

At that time I was alone there, facing a “wall” bending backward with my ass-up, half-body naked and with a lot of cum coming out of my stretched and gaping hole. A sort of weird moment followed when I was thinking what happened if somebody else steps into the room and finds me like that… but the worry lasted a fraction of a second, because I was so hot that I will be delighted to have more men doing me one after the other right there.

With all of these things in my mind, I realized that I have to go. I reached for a small towel I had prepared beforehand and I rushed to clean up the cum that was all over my hole and legs. When I felt clean enough, I got dressed and walked away. My legs were still trembling a bit, my pussy was feeling sore and hearth pumping, and there still more cum dripping from my hole down to my pants.

I went home, cleaned myself up and thought about what would happen if I can do this often in regular bases. I didn’t have any contact from him for a week almost (I did not try myself since I wanted him to take the lead). I am sure they passed the voice over of what happened that day since asked me if I am willing to repeat the same experience but with him and a friend. I am seriously considering to do that but, as mentioned at the beginning, finding the time to “play” is always very hard.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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