At Home with Mum in ’63 Ch. 01

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This is an utterly true story of events that took place some 50 years ago. I’ve only written this because I wanted to be able to keep the memories fresh as I get older and because my mother has now passed away and can’t now be blamed any more.

Needless to say, I’ve changed the names and I’ve also incorporated a certain amount of fiction — mainly to make my story more readable. I’ve also embellished it here and there to make it more enjoyable and I’ve taken the liberty of adding conversation. I’ve no real idea now as to what we said at the time, but looking back, I think that we would have said the kind of things that I’ve added.

But it is essentially a true story — and I’ll let you decide which parts are fact and which parts are fiction! And it isn’t a wham, bang story — it takes a while to develop and it doesn’t just cover the fucking!

So here goes…..

Briefly — here’s me….Chris. At 19 I was a reasonably tall fit guy with no noticeable defects or blemishes. At about 6′ I was at least 7″ taller than my mum — and about the same build as my dad, as it happens. I had blue eyes and mousy-brown hair (family traits) and, thanks to having my own ‘keep fit’ area at the back of the garage, I was reasonably well toned. I was no Adonis but I wouldn’t be the first to be rejected at a slave auction! I weighed in at just over 140 pounds (10 stone) because although I was fit, I hadn’t yet really developed much muscle. I loved sport and I played cricket (I was a fast bowler) with the local village team and I was in the college First XI cricket team as well. I ran competitively for the county of Surry at sports events throughout the country and I played tennis at the local club, where I won several cups. And I certainly didn’t smoke or drink at that age!

But all that doesn’t really matter in this story, which is really all about my mum……and my penis!

When I was about 19 (I was born in August 1943, by the way) I started the memorable and utterly enjoyable experience of having a fantastic sexual relationship with my mother. I know that it’s illegal and is called ‘incest’ but as I’ll try to explain, it was really a mutual frustration relief exercise…..that eventually became something of a love affair.

It started soon after one Christmas which I know for certain was that of 1962 — and that winter of 1962/3 has gone down in the record books as one of Britain’s coldest winters ever. I’d left Grammar School when I was almost 17; then started work almost immediately. However, within a year I’d become disillusioned with my very basic job, so I’d jacked it in. I really needed more qualifications to get anywhere so in September 1961, just after I’d become 18 and a little over a year after I left school, I became a student again and enrolled in a three year course at college. It was a medical management course with a boring accounting base, but with extensive tuition in physiological anatomy, targeted at us students becoming qualified within the Health industry. It was a real grind but I knew that if I stuck at it, the rewards would be worthwhile.

Although it was a three year course, the second and third years were correspondence style studies and most of the work could be done at home, so once I’d completed my first year, I was able to study at home and it therefore came about that I was ‘at home’ during that very chilly winter.

Once the cold weather departed around Easter 1963 I returned to college lectures until the end of the second course year in July — and then thereafter I remained at home and did my third year by post with just the occasional visit to see my tutors.

Once my course was completed (which I passed with an “A–” by the way) I eventually found myself a job; not the best paid job in the world but I had to start somewhere. Thank heavens therefore that my parents allowed me to live with them right through until I got married in December 1967, by which time I was 24.

The relationship that developed, lasted all the way through until I became steadily involved with my first proper girlfriend and wife-to-be in 1966 and even then we managed a number of lusty couplings. The last occasion that we managed to have sexual intercourse was just two days before my new wife and I sailed for Australia — a sort of goodbye present! Despite her ‘confessions’ at the time, I’ve never really found out whether my mother allowed us to become ‘lovers’ out of frustration, from lust, love or simply as a caring mum but I have no regrets about what happened.

Anyway, by the age of 19 I was fully developed, both in stature and sexually and I was about as horny as a goat — anything remotely sexual was fair game and I experimented with pretty well anything to do with sex that was on offer!

My cock had developed nicely and had now reached its full adult size — about 7½ inches long and a little over 6 inches in circumference.

(Just a thought — have you ever tried to measure ‘across’ your penis? Not so easy — do you trap the shaft between two books or something Kars Escort and measure across? Needs to be a guess, if done by eye. Hmmmm… it’s easier to run a piece of string round your cock and then see how long it is. Divide by pi — 3.14 — and you’ll get the diameter. Easy!)

When I tossed myself off, I could make my cum really fountain out — a good squirt could be fired to a distance of four or five feet or more. Alternatively and if I had the chance, I’d catch it in my hand and after licking up my spunk, I’d swallow it eagerly.

We lived in Guildford in Surrey, England and I had several part-time girlfriends — but I only got round to seeing them occasionally and then only had some form of sexual contact with them when the chances arose, so although I’d had some experience, I was pretty naïve about sex generally. Anyway, I was studying hard for my course, (following which I was soon employed) and so I had little spare time to go hunting for sex. My best friend was my fist which pulled many a load of spunk from my rampant cock. As a result, at the time at which the relationship that I’ll describe took place, I was often very definitely frustrated and I was relieved and delighted therefore that a sexual partner came to me at home.

I feel that I’ve been very fortunate in that I had always been very close to my mother and it was she who took the trouble to educate me on the subject of sex. It was she who gave me the ‘birds and bees’ talk; it was she who provided books and literature to extend my learning — and eventually it was she who completed my education!

I had a younger brother named Barry, who was about 14 at the time. He was away at boarding school from early January and would only be back for the Easter holidays. I, being 19, was the ‘man of the house’ and it was a role that I filled in more ways than was intended! My mother, I’m pleased to say, was only about 21 years older than I was, so she must have been just about 40 when these events took place. In retrospect, the age gap was considerable but she was a fit healthy liberated woman whose age probably didn’t show.

From my memories, she had a pretty good figure — I can certainly remember the swell of her hips and bum and the way her breasts stood out — they still did, well into her later years. I also remember her thick dark pubic hair and I think that I’ve had a ‘thing’ about dark pubes ever since. All this is not to mention her pretty face with her dark eyes and smiling lips. With her lovely curvy body, her great pair of tits and that very dark and bushy pubic triangle of hers, she was a mature woman in the prime of her life, as they say! Having said all that, it is only in retrospect that I could see all her sexy attributes — before these events she was really just ‘my mum’.

My father, who worked with the Tax Office, had received promotion in the autumn of 1962 and it meant that he had to change offices and relocate to Warwickshire, some 120 miles to the north. He therefore had begun searching for a new house immediately after Christmas — but it was a long job to find the right house and it became a search that took almost nine months to complete. He had to both find a new home and sell our old house, as well as attend to his work, so he was extremely busy. And once he’d found us a home, it needed some work done to it and so there were more delays. Often therefore, as a matter of economy and also of common sense, he would lodge with a colleague in Warwickshire and would sometimes end up staying away from home for several weeks at a time during his search for and then the improvements to, our new house.

It was during this period, while my father was away and was anticipating remaining away for some time, that the winter weather became positively arctic for some three or four months with frozen pipes, blocked roads and life disrupted generally. I think that my father ended up staying away for almost two months, mainly due to the appalling weather — even longer than had been intended. From January until well into April, winter descended on the country with a vengeance, as the newspapers of the time will confirm.

One icy evening, when my brother was at boarding school, I readily agreed with my mother’s suggestion that we would be far warmer and more comfy if we both slept in the same double bed. It made sense because those were the days before houses like ours had central heating and electric blankets were still pretty basic things. We had neither — just open fires downstairs and hot water bottles for the beds. My parents did have the ‘luxury’ of a duvet — the latest thing from Scandinavia, but we kids still just had sheets and blankets.

In the summer my father and mother (and us boys) usually slept in the nude but in the cold weather mum usually wore to bed what was probably one of my fathers’ shirts. Due to its length it covered her ass and pubes sufficiently to provide decency and to keep her warm. As a result, she never wore knickers to bed, or at least, I never Kars Escort Bayan saw her wearing any at night except during her periods. Since we all wandered around in the nude from time to time, I’d occasionally seen her prominent dark triangle of pubic hair and her breasts, so I was quite relaxed about seeing her body. However, to catch a glimpse of those pubes while she was wearing her nightshirt was always somewhat erotic for some reason. Perhaps the human body is more sexy when you just see glimpses rather than when it’s totally nude. Despite that, I didn’t really yet see my mother as anything sexy — she was just my mother.

As I said, I’d glimpsed my mum unclothed on occasion but now however, with this new turn of events, things were about to become rather different and, given my highly-charged sexual state at 19, I should have been able to forecast what was liable to happen. Not only that, I should have had enough self-will to either retire to my own bed or to stop the actions that were to follow, but my body won out over my brain, as I’ll try to explain.

As I usually slept naked, to share mum’s bed and be naked beside her just wouldn’t be right, so in view of the cold and as a matter of decency under the circumstances, I opted to wear pyjamas. After all, what 19 year old is going to get naked into bed beside his mother! However I don’t think that my mother had put knickers on for the occasion — just her shirt as usual and as we climbed into bed, my mother, possibly anticipating something, told me that I must never say a word to my father — or anyone else for that matter, about us sharing the bed. Then she put out the light and we snuggled up, back to back and enjoyed at least part of our bodies becoming warm. As we snuggled up, my cock began to appreciate the warmth and nearness of a female body and it soon became erect — I tried to ignore it. My mother must have gone to sleep very quickly and despite the state of my cock, I soon followed suit.

The following morning I woke up very early and I was a little shocked to find that I’d rolled over and was now snuggled up against my mother’s back. Inevitably I had an erection again which was sandwiched between our bodies. My arm was draped over my mother’s waist and my hand was up inside her nightshirt where it was resting on and cupping one of her breasts — her nipple was in the palm of my hand — no wonder that I had an erection! More than that, her hand was holding mine in place.

I gently removed my hand and began to move my body away from her, hoping not to disturb her. As I did so I realised there was quite a large damp patch on my pyjamas from my leaking cock — I’d obviously had an erection and had been pressed up against my mother for some time. I also realised that her nightshirt was rucked up at the back so that I’d been pressing against her naked rear — did I do that or did she and who put my hand on her breast? I felt very relieved that I’d woken before my mother as I was not a little worried about how she’d have reacted had she have caught me ‘red handed.’ It took ages for my erection to go down and it bobbed up eagerly whenever I looked at my mother throughout the day.

During that and the next night nothing else untoward happened but each morning I would be treated to the sight of my very attractive mother undressing and then getting dressed before my admiring eyes. It wasn’t until the third night that anything progressive happened and thereafter I began to see my mother in a different and much more interesting light.

At some point in that third night I woke up to find that I was now lying on my back close to my mother who had also rolled over onto her back. In her sleep, her arm had stretched out and now lay across my groin. The palm of her hand was resting over my penis! And much to my horror, I was starting to get an erection which began pushing against her hand and I just couldn’t do a thing to stop my cock from stiffening.

As I lay there trying to will the bloody thing to go down, her fingers must have felt my cock rising and stiffening and they closed round my cock through my pyjamas. My cock instantly sprang into full erection and throbbed with enthusiasm. She held my rigid penis firmly in her hand, gently squeezing and moving her hand around on it for a while, then mumbled something in her sleep and rolled back onto her side away from me. I didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t really sure whether to be relieved, worried, frightened or frustrated and I lay there awake for quite a while before my erection finally subsided.

We woke up on our respective sides of the bed but I could hardly forget the event, because, as on previous mornings, my mother proceeded to take off her nightshirt and then get dressed by the bed as I lay there, still half asleep. As usual, she did so facing me and no, she hadn’t been wearing any knickers again and now she was displaying all her charms. I couldn’t help but watch her because now that I was interested, I could see her differently and looking at Escort Kars her hairy pussy, I could now clearly discern her lips and her prominent clitoris poking through her dark pubic curls.

I don’t think that she was trying to be provocative — I think that she was simply acting innocently and normally and I doubt that she knew anything about the previous night. For the first time her nudity affected me and long before she’d completed her dressing, I had another massive hard on because suddenly she’d become a sexual object to me — a real woman and not just a mother.

I began to imagine the two of us having sex together — I’d be able to fuck her lovely hairy cunt with my eager cock while I massaged her fantastic breasts. Then I’d fill her with my sperm over and over again! Oh well, it was fun to fantasize and to be able to dream! I lay in bed as long as I could before I just had to go to my room and have a good wank. It was silly, but I didn’t think that it was right to toss myself off in her bed — perhaps I was worried about leaving some evidence! As I wanked myself in my room, I closed my eyes and imagined my mother’s erotic and sexy body and the thought of it made me cum very quickly and incredibly powerfully — my spunk squirted liberally over the carpet before I thought to catch it.

During the following chilly day, my mother said that she’d enjoyed me sharing her bed since she felt more secure and we both had to agree that we had helped to keep each other warm. There was no way that I was going to mention how she’d kept me warm the previous night! In the gripping cold of that evening we once again retired to her bed and after chatting for a while and kissing goodnight, we settled down to sleep, back to back for the fourth night.

Once again I woke during the night — to find that we’d both rolled over onto our backs and this time my mother’s hand was already firmly holding my fully erect cock through my pyjamas. There wasn’t much that I could do apart from lie there and see what would develop. She started to moan in her sleep and I began to feel both her body and the bed shake — she was obviously masturbating herself! My eager cock stiffened more and throbbed in her hand with the excitement of the situation. While she played with herself, her hand began moving backwards and forwards over my cock quite energetically. It felt really good and I began to realise that it could have felt a whole lot better if my cock hadn’t been imprisoned inside my pyjamas. I’d have to do something about that! Eventually she moaned as she reached her orgasm and as she did so her hand stopped rubbing my cock and fell limply across my groin.

After a while I moved my body and she took her hand away and rolled over and once again I lay there afterwards with an erection that wouldn’t go away. I remained lying on my back and I pulled my cock from my pyjamas. I continued to lay there gently stroking my erection and hoping (but sort of worrying) that there might be some more action, but nothing else seemed to be going to happen and eventually I put my cock back in my pyjamas and must have gone to sleep.

But some while later I was woken again. I was now lying on my back while my mother had rolled over towards me and her hand was now working its way inside my pyjamas! Soon she held my cock which immediately began to show signs of life. As it stiffened, she pulled it free from my pyjamas and started to rub it for me.

“Oh, I’m feeling so horny,” she mumbled, “come on Darling, make love to me. Let me have your cock inside me.”

And a little while later, she murmured, “I need you…..”

I guessed that she was talking in her sleep (to my dad) and I must have been right because her hand gradually stopped moving and soon she began snoring quietly. I tried to turn over to get away from her but as soon as I moved, her hand tightened her grip on my cock and she started to wank me again. Once again she eventually stopped moving her hand and this time I was able to extract myself from her grasp and roll over. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to be played with; it was simply that I was scared about what she’d do or say if she woke up. I put my cock back inside my pyjamas but my erection kept me awake for quite a long time before I drifted off to sleep.

The following morning was exactly the same as before, as my mother stripped off and then got dressed in front of me leaving me with a throbbing erection. This time I had to go and wank myself off, not once but twice before coming downstairs. Later I did some shopping for my mother but the memory wouldn’t go away and I had to retire to my room to ‘do some revision’, so that I could have some peace and have another wank.

The ‘sleeping’ section of the fifth night was uneventful but I woke very early in the morning to find that it had been my mother’s turn to roll over — towards me as I lay on my side facing away from her. She still seemed to be fast asleep but she was now snuggled up behind me. Her tits were squashed against my back and her arm lay over my waist. Her hand was gripping my cock which was solidly erect and I was surprised to realise that my cock was no longer under cover — somehow it had either managed to escape through the slit in my pyjamas or else she must have extracted it again!

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