At Last, First Time with My Bestie

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My story begins about 25 years ago. Yes, it starts as a sappy guy likes girl and she unfortunately doesn’t want him at the time kind of story. I met her in high school and I am keeping her name out of this on purpose as we are both married to different people. We met as part of the same sports team and began spending a lot of time together. If you were to ask many people, they just assumed we were a couple. We spent every day together. We would flirt occasionally, platonically give each other a kiss and an occasional quick grope in a playful manner. I made my move, the best way that a guy with little self-confidence and zero experience with women would; I wrote her a letter. I was shot down! I don’t remember the details, but I was heartbroken.

I was the first time I had put myself out there like that and I really did love her. It was difficult to say the least, but we got past her shooting me down and eventually we got back to normal (even went to prom together). We parted ways for college and that was tough…we both loved each other, but as friends. I still wanted more, but it was what it was. About me…I am average in height, a big guy, and have a good dick. She is a blonde, very fair skinned, about the same height with great tits and an ass you could welcome to your lap all day!

I remember going to visit her at college our freshman year and all I wanted to do was be with her. It just wasn’t in the stars at that time. Over the next 5 years or so she has guys in her life and has a little girl and for me I am with someone all through college. We continue to flirt when we are home and alone, but for the sake of those around us keep that at bay. It was odd after my fiancé and I broke up she was there to hold me while I struggled through the breakup. Eventually she meets a man who she marries and is still married to this day.

It was about 3 weeks before their wedding and at that time my mom worked at a tanning salon. My beautiful, yet pale-skinned friend had mentioned that she would like to try and tan prior to the wedding and I told her that I could take her after hours and just use the key to get in. She was excited and the next day I picked her up to go figuring she needed a couple times in the bed to get a base for her wedding day.

The first thing I did when we got there was draw the curtains so no one could see in and think we are open. It is a small place; 3 beds and we were in two right next to each other. Each room has a tanning bed, a small arm-chair and table, hooks to hang your clothes, and a full-length mirror on the wall. I help get her situated in the room as she had never been tanning before. I showed her how to work the bed, gave her some lotion to help protect her fair skin a bit, and set the timer on the bed for about 7 minutes.

I told her that I would be in longer than her so when she was done to just get dressed and relax on the couch and I will be out shortly after her. I leaned in and kissed her on the cheek and I heard a faint little “mmmmm” from her when I did it. I went Kolej Escort to my room, took off my clothes and got ready to lay down. I was waiting to hear her get in the bed and have the lights turn on before I got in just to know she was all set. Faintly I heard her call my name and I responded asking if everything was ok. She said yes, but she needed some help putting lotion on her back. I told her to give me a moment so I could put some shorts on and she said don’t worry about it, I’m naked too.

I swallow hard as I realize that for the first time, I am going to see her naked. She asked if that was ok and I said yes with my voice cracking and opened my door. I did not have an erection at this time I was walking towards her and I promise I was thinking about everything I could but that situation to stay calm. I knocked on the door and it was open so I entered. There she was naked with her back to me and I could see her front in the mirror. I paused just to check her out and I could see her face and chest getting flush. She peaked over her shoulder and looked down at my dick and laughed saying now we are even! All I could think about was why was this suddenly okay.

I step closer to her and I grab the lotion from the table. I apply a good amount to my hands, give her the bottle, and proceed to start applying it to her shoulders. Her eyes were initially closed while I was looking at her body in the mirror. Her tits were perfect and her nipples were small and erect, her stomach was flat, and she was shaved all except for a very light-colored landing strip leading to her pussy. It wasn’t able to focus, my hands were resting on her shoulders, but not moving at all. I snap out of my trance as we make eye contact in the mirror and you smirk at me coyly while I start to move across her shoulders and then down towards her back. I was now so hard and I couldn’t help it and I honestly didn’t care! I could see her chest moving more now as she was breathing heavier as my hands progressed down her flank and every now and then caressing her sides just a bit, but not being too forward. She tries to talk and has to and you could tell that she was nervous before asking me if I would go lower too. I am only thinking with my cock at this point and I ask her to be more specific. “Could you do my ass and legs too?”

It was now my turn to clear my throat and I said of course. I step to the side to grab the lotion back from the table and for the first time she can see my hard cock with just a bit of fluid coming out of the end. I catch her looking and she isn’t fazed, she doesn’t look away, just stares at my dick. I put the lotion in my hands and start to caress her low back and briefly around to her stomach. I don’t know why, but it felt natural and as I did, she bends forward pushing her ass more towards me opening up ever so slightly. Lower I go and while kneeling behind her I finally I have the flesh of her ass in my hands. Her cheeks are firm, but yet still supple.

I Sincan Escort continue to rub the lotion onto her ass, not trying to linger, but equally making sure we were both enjoying it adding a bit more pressure as I was massaging more than just applying tanning lotion. Just below the cleft of her ass I go and down towards her legs as she steps her right leg to the side just a bit allowing her legs to open ever so slightly so that I can have access to her inner thighs. I can see her lips between her legs and they are glistening. I sense that she wants more, I know that I do! I finally take the chance and slide my hands between her legs, letting my index finger on my left hand graze her lip as I reach through. I thought I was going to have to catch her. She was so wet and her knees buckled under the soft touch of my hand. A couple more passes to and I move on.

Down to her ankle and then over to the other leg caressing her calf and thigh back up to the cleft of her ass making sure that when I am there, I now drag my right finger through her delicate folds. As I stand up, I can’t help myself and I lick my index finger to get the first taste of her waiting pussy. I am standing behind her and I reach around as if to hug her from behind and brush her hair away and lightly kiss her neck, slowly letting my tongue lead the way. She pushes back against me and I can’t hide my excitement as my erection presses up against her ass. I turn her face towards me and for the first time we kiss as lovers.

My hands hold her tight against my hard dick and we make out, tongues swirling. Moaning in my mouth she pulls my hands from her sides and guides them to her breasts and squeezes them with my own hands. Our tongues play with each other and I went from massaging her tits to pinching and pulling her nipples as she starts to push back on my cock and slowly grind her hips side to side. I reach down to her pussy with my left hand and as my fingers touch her clit she yelps in my mouth and pushes so hard back against me. My cock effortlessly slides between her legs and I can feel the wetness of her on the head of my dick. I play with her clit and slide my fingers into her, first one and then two.

Her breathing is getting swifter, shorter, and I can see the redness overtaking her body as she cums on my finger. I pull on her nipple and bring my other hand back to her tit and she just breaths open-mouthed towards me. She pulls away and turns around to lean in and bite my lower lip and grabs my dick for the first time. She whispers “come with me.” We walk toward the couch holding hands. She turns her back to the couch and sits leaning against the armrest and motions for me to lay down on top of her. I have never seen as serious of a look in her eyes as she grabbed my face, kissed me hard, and says “Fuck me.”

I had wanted to be with her for so long I needed to savor it. I bit her lip and started to kiss and lick my way down her neck taking one nipple into my mouth Yenimahalle Escort to suck on before continuing to kiss down her stomach. She was open for me and lifting her pelvis up to me showing me how much she wanted me. She was playing with her breasts while I pressed my tongue against her lips and started to make circles moving up towards her clit. Sucking on her nub I press my fingers into her as I bend my finger up to massage her g spot all the while humming and sucking on her clit. Hips gyrating pressing up to meet my mouth she couldn’t contain it. Yelling my name she cums for the second time with such a frenzy pushing her pelvis back up to my mouth. I hold her down and slid my fingers out. I take one last slow lick of her pussy parting her lips with my tongue. I kiss my way back up her body. “Fuck me” she says again!

I smirk as my cock aligns pressing against her and then falling deep into her pussy. I didn’t wait, I couldn’t wait. I needed to be as deep inside her as possible. When out pelvises met for the first time, deep breaths were had by both of us and then kissing again I began thrusting in and out of her. Long firm strokes as her pussy was gripping me hard. I tried to catch my breath as my hips were pressing into hers, pushing her back hard onto the couch. She had nowhere to go and she didn’t want to be anywhere else. She is taking every inch of me and I lift her leg up to push it back so I can get even deeper than I already was. I know at this point I am not going to last much longer, I have dreamt about this for a decade! I am not wearing a condom and I look at her and she knows why and says its ok…I have wanted to feel you cum in me for years. I unload a torrent of cum deep into her pussy. Five or six shots as I just hold my body still, deep inside her, my breathing the only thing moving as my dick and her pussy are pulsing in unison. I lean in almost collapsing on top of her as our chests are heaving and we kiss deeply again.

She starts laughing hysterically as she realizes we have been there for so long and still haven’t gone tanning! I pull out with a plop and I stand up to just look down at her all red, chest heaving, her pussy well fucked and me just hoping to do it again! “We should have done that years ago” she says!

We go our separate ways to tan and while I am in the bed, I swear I hear her moaning as I wonder if she wasn’t done having fun yet. My mind wanders, I can’t focus on anything, but what just happened. Her light goes off and she gets dressed. My light goes off and I open the door naked. I see her on the couch clothed and while I was disappointed as I could have had another round, I walk over to her sitting on the couch. She was in the spot where we just fucked smiling at me. I lean in and kiss her again, her hand instinctively reaching for my hardening dick. I shudder and step back knowing we had to go. Walking over to her bed she is giggling. I realize why as she left a present for me to clean up on her bed. Right where her legs would have met was a puddle of cum waiting for me to clean up.

We get in the car and I drive her back home. I stopped about a mile away to give her one more kiss. I drop her off and driving away I wonder if this was a one-time thing or if we would do it again. Much to my delight it was not the last time. I am sure that I will share those other encounters with you very soon.

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