Attitude Adjustment

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Finally, a break in what was turning out to be one of the worst days of my life so far. And it was only lunchtime. I had no idea how I was going to make it through the rest of the day.

I was sitting on a bench, watching the big beautiful boats bobbing on the water in the sun, hoping it would calm my frazzled nerves and ease the bitchy headache that was clamped down on my brain. Car trouble, man trouble, family trouble, money trouble – it all seemed to be piling up on me and I was ready to choke someone! I scowled and glared, sipping my coffee, lost in thought when someone sat down next to me with a happy “Hello there!” Oh no. It was the tennis instructor from our local yacht club, looking mellow, together and way to cheery for my current dark mood. I managed a smile that felt more like a grimace and went back to scowling at the harbor. I knew him from the club but couldn’t say I knew him well. We had spoken several times, but that was all. Everybody who knew him liked him. He was such a nice man, always pleasant and courteous, and I knew it would be difficult to be civilized even to him, that’s how bitchy I was. He was the kind of guy you wanted to bring home to mom and dad. He didn’t drink, smoke, do drugs, or break the law. He was handsome, in great shape, mild-mannered, endlessly patient with his students at the club and just an all-around wonderful person. Why was he sitting here next to me right now?

After a few minutes passed, he cleared his throat and then waited until I looked up. “Bad day?” he asked gently.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you, and I’m not going to tell you, so let’s just leave it at that” was my grumbled response. I was hoping it was sufficiently crabby enough to deter him from any more attempts at conversation. I was feeling much to hostile to chat.

“Fair enough” says Mr. Nice Guy. We sat for a few more minutes in silence, then he asks me, “How about if we walk? No talking, just a walk. It always clears my head to walk in the ocean air and I was just thinking about taking one. What do you say? Want to? It can’t hurt, right?”

“Whatever” I grumped. We got up and started down to the shoreline. It was early afternoon and still warm, with people on the beach walking and playing catch and laughing. I wanted to slug them all. I stomped, he strolled and soon we put some distance between us and all of the carefree beach dwellers. We ambled along, not quite walking together, each of us wandering our own paths, me lost in thought and him, enjoying the day. I stopped and sat to remove my shoes – they were full of sand and quickly becoming another thing that was irritating me. As I stood and looked for him, I caught a glimpse of him up near the sea wall that separates the ocean from the street. He appeared to be looking for shells or something up in the big boulders that pile up along the end of the sand. I was starting to walk away again when he called out to me. ” Come here! Look at this! I have to show you something that will make your day better”. bahis siteleri I heaved an annoyed sigh and wandered over to where he had been, preparing to admire the wonderful shell or whatever it was he had found.

And then he grabbed me. I was starting around the side of the boulder and he snagged my arm and yanked me towards him, scaring the hell out of me. He caught my shocked face with both of his hands and kissed me hard, right on the mouth. I pulled back to stare at him and he did it again, this time a little longer, with his tongue driving hard to get between my lips. My first thought was to slap him, and as if he read my mind, he dropped his hands down to my wrists and pinned me up against the huge rock, never breaking the kiss. I was really getting mad – the nerve of this jerk! He pressed me to the side of the rock with his lean body and I could feel every ripple of his well-muscled frame.

Despite the fact that I wanted to slap him, I felt an involuntary burst of heat go right to my crotch. For a moment, I kissed him back. My anger took over and I tried to push him away. No deal – he was strong! He pinned me from head to toe with his body and crushed my mouth with his. I was getting so turned on, in spite of my anger! I stopped trying to fight him and ground my hips up to his. I could feel his arousal rock hard against me, and the heat in my pussy went up a few more degrees. We kissed like savages, devouring each other, then I felt him undo the button and zipper of my shorts, seeking the source of all the heat. I groaned as he found it and he bit my lower lip hard as if to silence me. I grabbed for his waist, looking for buttons, zippers, anything, I wanted him, right then, instantly. I couldn’t believe this was mild-mannered tennis guy, pinning me against the rocks and plunging a finger into my love hole. I was so incredibly worked up.

The hot sun beat down on us and we were starting to sweat. He stopped his mission in my shorts, glared at me just a moment and then pulled my t-shirt off in one fast tug. It was broad daylight and if anybody happened to look at the right angle, they’d be able to see everything that was going on. I started to protest – we’d gone far enough – but he shut me down with a finger to my lips and a stern “Don’t say a word. Nothing. Got it?” I just stared, shocked. He dove into me again with a hot kiss, yanking down my shorts while our tongues wrestled. I was slick with sweat, my breasts damp and my spine starting to trickle. He drove a hand into my bra and pulled it way up, exposing my firm breasts capped with flushed, taut nipples.

His lips clamped hard around the right one, adding more heat, tasting my salty flesh. He drew it deeply into his mouth, sucking hard, sending shocks throughout my body. His hand went to the left side and grabbed the other, pinching forcefully and rolling it in his fingers. I was barely able to keep my feet under me. I started to slide down, down towards the sand and he stopped. He just said simply “Don’t canlı bahis – stand still”. His hand went down to his shorts. He dropped them to his ankles with one quick movement and leaned back into me, pinning me once again. His rock hard cock was now hot against me, throbbing and ready. I was soaked and wanting it so badly, I could barely keep from begging for it. He put his hands on my shoulders now and pushed me, directing me downward. Once on my knees, he thrust his hard shaft into my face.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded and I was only too happy to oblige him. I took him in greedily, all at once, and sunk all ten fingernails into his ass cheeks as hard as I could. His turn to let loose a moan as I tortured his member with my mouth. His fists were in my hair, slamming my face into him. I gave it my everything, tongue going wild on the tip of his hard dick, lips wrapped tight around the shaft, nails gouging into his butt, trying to hurt him. I felt his balls and thighs start to tense, and knew he was almost there. I sucked him hard and suddenly he pulled away. He grabbed his cock in his hand and shot his hot load on my neck and breasts, milking every last drop onto my hot skin. His breathing was hard and raspy as he pulled me back up to him, hands still fisted in my hair.

He grabbed my hands and placed them on my own breasts, rubbing them through the hot cum. I rubbed it into my tits, loving it’s hot slippery feeling. He yanked off his shirt and reached around to get rid of my bra for good. I was too hot now to care if anyone could see us there behind the rocks. He pressed his chest against mine, our sweat mingling with his juice. His hard hairy chest slid deliciously over my raw nipples and made them throb. We kissed again, hot and hard and angry, punishing each other with our mouths. He kissed my neck, then starting biting and kissing his way to my breasts. Little nibbles, hot licks and a hard bite here and there. I was going to explode. He went at my nipples again with a vengeance, sucking them hard and clamping his teeth down just the right way.

He dropped to his knees and plunged his tongue into my hole, shocking my senses. I bucked against his mouth, wanting it so badly, needing release. He tortured my clit with his hot tongue, clamping lips down hard and sucking it right into his teeth. Gentle bites, tongue teasing and I was heading over the edge. When I was sure I couldn’t get any hotter and my orgasm was just about there, he stopped. I groaned loudly, protesting. Very, very slowly, he started to lick my clit just the tiniest bit. I felt a finger sneak into my dripping wetness, then two, going just as slow as his tongue.

It was the sweetest agony I had ever felt. His tongue bared down, more pressure now and I could it feel it coming on again. I started to tremble and buck my hips into his face, riding into a powerful climax, when he plunged one of those wet fingers into my ass. Very suddenly and all the way in. I yelled out loud and then came with a fury. My pussy and güvenilir bahis my ass were clenching and throbbing, I was coming so hard and still he wouldn’t stop. His tongue kept on torturing my clit, his finger was hot and wet in my ass. I lost my legs and slid to the ground, breaking the contact finally so I could breathe. I was shaking and shocked, kneeling there, stunned by what I had just experienced.

His hands on my face again, kissing me hard. We are hot and soaked with sweat, here in the afternoon sun. His hands go again to my shoulders and in one move, he spins me and gives me a push forward to drop me onto my hands as well as my knees. I can feel his nails scratch their way down my slick back to my butt. His cock is rock hard again and I can feel it against me. Without warning, he plunges it in, driving me hard. I have barely recovered from before and he is rocking me again, taking what he wants from me.

The sun is so strong in the afternoon, making all things hotter. Sand burns my hands and knees, his hard shaft sets it own path of fire in my pussy. I cried out for him to stop – I could hardly catch my breath. He only drove it in harder, then landed a firm slap on my ass. The sweat, the sting of the slap, his hot dick savaging my needing pussy, it was all too much. His voice came from behind me low and hard. “You like that? You want it again? You like my cock? You want it?” Here!” And he slammed me again with such force, I could feel my orgasm starting to build, coming on hard. He drilled me feverishly and began spanking my ass, hard, the strike of his palm sounding so loud in the hot afternoon. I cried out again, this time in pleasure. The most intense orgasm of my life was ripping through my body and now he was moaning too. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and pulled, drawing my head back. I felt his hard member throb as he filled me with his seed, pumping and grinding his hips into my ass and drenching my tightening pussy with his hot cum.

He lay his face on my back for a moment, catching his breath. He withdrew from me and then stood. I shakily tried to get to my feet, not having much luck until he reached down to give me a hand. He pulled me up and we stood there, sweaty and raw, breathing hard, looking at each other. I was shocked. I never in a million years would have expected him to be so hard and aggressive. I loved every minute of it. He pulled on his sensible white tennis shorts and his crisp white shirt while I fumbled with my clothes. He helped me get dressed, gave me the sweetest softest kiss on my cheek and asked me “Is your day getting any better?”

I could only smile, still too shocked for words. He was back to being the pleasant, mild-mannered tennis instructor. He took my hand and led me back out onto the beach. I collected my shoes and we headed back. We didn’t speak, just occasionally exchanged a look or a smile. There have been bad days since then, but I will always remember that particular one. My best worst day, made right by an afternoon in the sun. When I see him at the club, it is as if nothing ever happened, at least until he gives that sly smile. I know his secret side now. I hope to experience it again soon – my own personal attitude adjustment.

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