Au Pair Delight

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What’s it like to have a beautiful 22 year-old Norwegian girl living with you?

It all started with our move to America’s Hometown, Plymouth, MA. We had a set of four-year old identical twin girls and an eight-year old son. We moved into a great house just a mile or two from the harbor.

Although I had a good position as a multi unit supervisor with a growing retail chain our finances weren’t to the point at which Jan could stay home and be a full-time mom. We expected daycare to double in cost so we decided the best daycare alternative might be a live-in au pair. We were fortunate as the house had a comfortable bedroom suite over the garage that would suit a live-in very nicely. Although the upfront costs in hiring an au pair were pretty significant, the weekly stipend was very reasonable so we decided to give it a try.

Jan and I had been married twelve fantastic years. She was a fantastic wife and mother as well as an athlete who loved mini triathlons, racquetball, golf and skiing. She had a tight body with a great butt and boobs with perky nipples that liked to show themselves when aroused. I was in good shape still enjoying golf, softball, racquetball and an occasional basketball game.

Our sex life was active but not too adventurous, our exploits limited to some outdoor venues and hot dates. We did have an indoor Jacuzzi that was suit optional after the kids were in bed and, occasionally we watched some porn to spice things up. Jan was the only lover I ever had, as I was pretty conservative and careful as a teen. I had gone pretty far with two or three girlfriends but never “all the way.”

That February we completed the application process to get an au pair through a national service. We went through the interview process with an agency in Washington DC and made the down payment designed to cover flights, health insurance and things like that. We were advised that most of the girls spoke fair English, typically visiting from Northern Europe but we were surprised to learn that families don’t actually interview the candidates even though they’d become part of the family for a full year. As you would imagine, we hoped for someone that would love the kids and become a longtime friend.

Initially we were told we would have to wait a couple of months for a match but we lucked out when we got a call a couple of weeks later telling us that one of the girls in Boston needed a new family. It turned out that the family she was presently living with was taking advantage of her, requiring day and night duty as the primary caregiver for their newborn. That was outside the contract that called for an average 40-hour workweek.

We were nervous ahead of Charlize’s arrival. What were we getting into; a year with a stranger could be a long time? Fortunately everyone hit it off, immediately. We discussed expectations, some house rules and asked her about what she would like from us. We covered all kinds of things. She visited with us for a couple of hours and, by the end of that time she was coloring with the kids and teaching them new games.

She was friendly, although on the quiet side and spoke very good English. She enjoyed sharing anecdotes about her family back in Norway and loved hearing about life in the US. She was simply, looking forward to spending a year away from the dairy farm she had grown up on. She seemed like she would be a great fit. We called the coordinator and asked if we had made as good an impression on her as she had made on us; she started the next Saturday.

All went very well. Jan went back to work. Charlize covered the sitting during the weekdays while we were at work and had most nights and weekends off. We bought her an old Ford Mustang so she could drive the kids around, when necessary and enjoy some independence from us on her days off. Her weekends were either spent in Boston with some of the other au pairs or she’d invite a handful of them to crash at our house. All the girls and one or two guys were between twenty and twenty-five; the majority of them were from Sweden and yes, they were easy on the eyes and in the US to have a good time. They were a lot of fun and were great around the kids.

Jan and Charlize had become fast friends and by early spring had begun training for their first mini triathlon in which they’d compete together. They had been running and biking on a regular basis but hadnÕt started the swimming portion of the training.

One night in early June, Jan rolled over in bed, slid her hand down to my cock and whispered, “You are not going to believe what Charlize looks like in a bathing suit.” I said, “What do you mean?” She explained that they had gone swimming earlier that morning in the lake and that the best way to describe Charlize in a bathing suit was “Sports Illustrated.” I said, “no way” and she replied with a gentle squeeze, “front cover!”

Since Charlize joined us in February, her attire through the rest of the winter and early spring was almost always a pair of loose fitting bursa escort jeans and a sweatshirt. Neither Jan nor I had paid much attention to what might be underneath. Perhaps my hormones were on vacation!

A week later I came home from work and found her stretched out on a lounger in the backyard. She was lying on her belly with her bikini top untied, catching rays. I startled her, a bit as I was home a little early so she quickly retied her top and rolled over. We chatted as I drank in the rest of her attributes agreeing that Jan’s SI description was absolutely accurate. She was about 5 foot 8 with long athletic legs that went from her painted toes to her shapely muscular ass. I guessed her boobs were perfect 34Cs, creating just the right stretch in that bikini top. Although our relationship, to date had been totally platonic, I couldn’t help fantasizing about what it would be like to pleasure her body.

The temperature was turned up a bit during our first water skiing trip when she took off her top to get back into some warm clothes following her turn on Cape Cod Bay. My cock sprung to attention. Jan took particular notice of my condition, enjoying my attempt to calm down. She teased me later that night asking me if I could handle another beautiful woman in the house.

Our bedroom sexcapades got better and better. Knowing Charlize and her legion of hot-bodied friends were in the house really cranked up the intensity. We made love twice as often and our pillow talk included, “Wouldn’t you just love to take Charlize to bed?” At that point my already thick 9-inch cock would somehow grow just a bit bigger filling up Jan’s pussy with streams of cum. We’d go from position to position and couldn’t get enough of each other. It surprised me that she wasn’t concerned about potential infidelity. Perhaps, the fact that Charlize would only be with us through January opened the door for a bit of promiscuity.

We wore less around the house and Charlize seemed to follow the lead. I hoped she’d happen upon us one of those late evenings when we were nude in the Jacuzzi. My fantasy involving her sliding off her top and bottom ahead of joining us in the warm froth would always lead to some extra steamy lovemaking whether in the spa or in the bedroom.

Later that spring we planned a family trip for late summer to the outer banks of North Carolina. We were going to drive down with the kids but since Jan had a conference to attend on day one and two of the vacation I’d be driving down with Charlize and the kids while she was at the conference.

The five of us filled the van with beach stuff and began heading south. Our first night we stayed with our friends, John and Connie. They were pretty surprised that Charlize and I were going to spend the next night at a motel with the kids. They joked about the sleeping arrangements asking, “Now who’s sleeping with who?” And, “Who is Jan rooming with at her conference?”

We got an early start next morning. It wasn’t long before the kids were sleeping in the back seats of the minivan so our conversation was for adults only as we discussed the differences in sexual norms between people our age in the US and in Scandinavian countries. An hour or so into the conversation, after making sure the kids were still snoozing, she reached over the center console with her left hand and placed it on my thigh above the hem of my shorts. She surprised me, for sure, but I maintained my composure. I put my hand over hers hoping she’d feel what I was feeling and I looked over at her. She just smiled and gave my leg a squeeze. My cock didn’t spring to life until she brought up the possibility of the three of us skinny-dipping together on one of the upcoming evenings. At that point there was no hiding my excitement.

Of course, the kids woke up, minutes later. The rest of the 12-hour trek was filled with everything from “I need to stop to go to the bathroom” to “When are we going to be there?” We stopped at a modest motel, rented two rooms, one for Greg and I, the other for Charlize and the girls. We had some pizza and turned in early. When I kissed the kids goodnight I gave Charlize a warm kiss that lingered an extra second or two.

Next morning after getting to the condo at Atlantic Beach Charlize stayed with the kids while I drove to the airport to pick up Jan. When our catching up turned to the prior day’s trip down I-95, I shared the highlights of our provocative banter, as well as Charlize’s show of intimacy.

Jan was all ears but was particularly interested in CharlizeÕs reaction to my erection. She asked me if I thought Charlize had ever seen a cock that long and thick. I was flattered by the question as Jan was stepping out a bit. I turned it around, asking, “What do you think?” We wondered out loud about the depth of Charlize”s experience. She slid closer, nuzzled my neck and reached out to massage the growing shaft in my shorts.

Jan and I joined Charlize and the kids for lunch. Not long after the kids went in bursa escort bayan for their nap, Jan and I slipped out of the condo, beach towels in hand. We were on a quest to find a private spot to have some hot fun in the sun. Charlize smiled knowing exactly what we had in mind. I wondered if she was looking forward to an opportunity for the sun to lick her from head to toe while we were gone

Jan and I walked hand in hand down the beach. We passed a dozen or so families, a handful of couples and one or two beachcombers before finally finding the seclusion we desperately wanted. We quickly arranged our towels, took one last look around for voyeurs and then shed our suits. Jan and I were visibly turned on; her bikini bottom was warm and wet in anticipation of what was coming. As for me, I couldn’t have walked too much farther sporting that uncomfortable bulge in my trunks. The remaining fabric was peeled off very quickly and we began kissing passionately, her tongue and mine entwined. She smelled and tasted fantastic. Recognizing the level of our excitement, she broke off the kiss and headed south immediately circling the head of my cock with her hot lips. Within minutes she slid more and more of my cock in her mouth, finally deep throating its entire length. Her lips surrounding my cock was only a small part of the visual stimulation as her rock-hard peaks brushed against my thighs. At the same time her hands played with my nipples twisting them just enough sending a signal to my groin that added to the increasing length and girth of my cock.

It was time to show some love to her pussy so I maneuvered her into a sixty-nine position with me on top. Her pussy was dripping and her labia were as inviting as the sun that warmed by backside. I started on those lips purposely avoiding her slit and clit knowing that her anticipation would lead to even greater stimulation. She began to thrust her hips upward, taking my cock out of her mouth to beg for more of my tongue and fingers. She moaned, “That feels amazing,” so I obliged her by using two fingers to further expose her very swollen clit. I then twirled my tongue in lazy circles over her bud driving her closer and closer to the edge. She began rhythmically thrusting upward pushing my tongue deeper and deeper into her slit. She writhed in pleasure and within a minute or two had a delicious orgasm that was followed by an even stronger one minutes later.

At that point I had to be inside of her. I flipped her over after giving her pussy one last, long and very wet stroke with my tongue. I positioned myself above her and she grabbed my cock sliding it into her entrance. I slid deeper and deeper thrusting slowly, paying special attention to her G spot on the forward stroke. On the outward end of the stroke I’d slide just about out of her making sure the mushroom of my cock was hitting her very sensitive clit, just right. My cock was enjoying the ride and it was time for me to explode. My balls tensed as they began sending streams of cum deep inside her. Her third climax squeezed every last ounce of my juices from me. I rolled onto my side and kissed her gently over and over again..

As we relaxed side by side basking in the sun she nibbled on my ear and whispered “DonÕt you think Charlize would like some of that?” I replied, “I”d sure like to find out.”

The kids were really active the rest of the week so any opportunity to take a potential three-way to the next level didn’t materialize. I sensed all three of us felt an increased sexual energy throughout rest of the week as our conversations were often filled with sexual innuendos.

The only additional physical contact during the week involving Charlize was on the drive back. The six of us stopped for dinner at a Maryland Crab House and had a blast eating a mess of blue claw crabs washing them down with a couple of beers each- after all you have to wash that Old Bay Seasoning down, somehow.

For some reason as we walked through the parking lot on the way to the car I bragged that I could flip Charlize onto my shoulder in one motion without her assistance. All she had to do was lean down and forward and she’d be there. Jan said, Òno wayÓ and a $50 bet was thrown down. Charlize was game so I placed my left arm behind her back and my right across the front of her hips. I said, “take a bow,” and, as she dropped her head forward she rotated 360 degrees and in a flash she was magically on my shoulder. We laughed and laughed, Jan never realizing that Charlize was braless giving me an extra thrill on the way up and the way down.

As I said earlier, Jan and I didn’t talk about sex a lot; we just loved sucking and fucking every chance we got. The workouts and races in which she and Charlize competed kept her in fantastic condition and the endorphins those activities produced contributed even more to our bedtime gymnastics. One of our favorite lovemaking activities, usually on Saturday nights was giving her an erotic massage. She loved getting them and I loved escort bursa giving them. I’d light half a dozen cinnamon or vanilla scented candles, add our favorite romantic music and warm the massage oils.

I’d start the massage with her face down, after sliding a firm pillow under her midsection giving me a great view from head to toe, as well as easy access to her pussy and anus. I’d start with her neck and upper back making sure that I spent plenty of time on each area and then I’d move down to her lower back for another song or two on the player. Of course, by this time my loins were tense and my engorged cock was throbbing and dripping with pre cum. She’d try to reach for me but I would hold her off saying, “this is for you, not me.” I’d then start on the lower half of that fabulous body.

Her workouts maintained a wonderful round but lean muscular body that loved to be caressed and squeezed. After moving down to her thighs, then her calves and finally her very sensitive feet, I’d separate her legs and knead her cheeks eventually sliding my little finger between her ass cheeks brushing her anus on every other trip. By that time her excitement level would be peaking so I’d shift my attention to her slit and clit. At that point she would be so willing and wet that my fingers, first one then two and likely three would smoothly slide into her pussy stroking her very sensitive G spot. She’d lift her hips higher and higher off the pillow signaling me that it was time to lavish attention on the rest of her.

She wouldn’t let me spend much time on her shoulders, arms, beautiful breasts and firm nipples because; at that point she just wanted to be fucked. Sometimes, we’d draw things out by moving to the sixty-nine position but that wouldn’t last long as turned on as she was. I’d do my best to bring her to at least one orgasm with my tongue and fingers.

When we were ready I’d enter her from the top and she would typically pull her legs as far back and wide as she could. My long deep strokes would pick up in intensity followed by the pounding she liked as she moved her hands from holding up my legs to grabbing my cheeks.

Before too long, she’d flip me over and move to ‘cowgirl” position to finish both of us off at precisely the same time. She loved being on top for that second orgasm because she could use my cock to hit all of the right places and I loved it because as she bucked on top of me I enjoyed the view of her boobs and nipples as she held them to her mouth. She certainly knew how to let go while making sure I peaked, as well.

Charlize would go out with her friends on most Friday and Saturday nights. I think they enjoyed a variety of local hangouts, dancing the night away. We didn’t get many details on their after dark activities but we didn’t worry too much as Charlize always made it back to our house.

One Saturday, late in July our best friend’s Ed and Leena asked if the kids they wanted to do a sleepover at their house. They jumped at the idea so we found ourselves “empty nesters” for the evening. We thought it would just be the two of us but Charlize chimed in announcing she hadn’t made any plans for that evening.

I barbequed some ribs and the three of us kicked back on the deck with some beers and margaritas. Charlize was wearing a stretchy tee shirt and nice tight boy shorts that accentuated her butt and Jan had on a halter-top and khaki shorts. They both looked delicious. I had just showered and had on a pair of gym shorts and a black tee shirt. The conversation was animated but all I could really think about was the possibility that I might see Jan and Charlize together.

Around 9 PM Jan said we should take the party inside to escape the mosquitoes. She said, “let’s hit the Jacuzzi.” You didn’t have to ask me twice and I choked out, “Are suits optional?” I was delighted when Jan and Charlize smiled devilishly at each other and said, “hell yea, we don’t need no stinkin suits”

I refreshed our drinks as they headed to the spa. When I came back they were already in the frothy water. Their tops were missing and I guessed their bottoms were gone, as well. I stripped off my pants and tee and walked in. I started to sit down next to Jan on the away side from Charlize but Jan guided me between the two of them instead. My condition grew severe! I didn’t know what would happen next but I liked the prospects. Could this be the opportunity for a threesome that I had only dreamt of?

After what seemed like an eternity, Jan reached over and joked, “What’s this?” as she put her hand around the base of my cock. As if on cue, Charlize reached over sliding her hand over my crown. I reddened and blurted out, “Would you guys like to go upstairs?

After finishing the beers and margaritas we wrapped ourselves in beach towels and headed upstairs. Charlize and Jan immediately tossed their towels aside and jumped on top of the bed. They kissed deeply and then settled into the bed. They seemed surprisingly familiar with each other’s bodies. Following the kiss Jan slid down the bed positioning herself between Charlize’s legs. She started kissing again. This time her lips met Charlize’s nether lips and she began to arch her back as her arousal heightened.

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