Aunt Alex Undone Ch. 04

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Alex stood in her young nephew’s darkened bedroom and quietly shed her wet clothes, letting them fall to the floor. As she stood there naked, listening to Nathan’s breathing, rainwater streamed softly from her long wet hair, running down her back, over and between her shapely buttocks and down her thighs. She pulled her hair up and forward, wringing it out and letting the rainwater that was trapped in it run down across her shoulders and breasts; it dripped from the tips of her nipples and onto the wood floorboards of the room where her nephew lay sleeping. In her hand she held a loose coil of rope taken from the workshop across the yard from the boy’s house.

She hadn’t hurried as she walked across the yard from the workshop to the house with the supple braided rope in her hands and the night rain soaking her to the skin. She entered the quiet house where her sister and nephews slept and went directly to the room where she now stood, naked and dripping in the dark.

Moving to the edge of the bed she knelt and draped the coiled rope over her head so that it rested on her shoulders and hung down in front of her. She reached up under the covers and found the boy’s penis, soft and warm between his thighs. She gently stroked it and felt it begin to swell in her hand.

In the dark, stroking her nephew’s penis, she was suddenly reminded of the time she went with her husband to an old-fashioned adult movie theater. As soon as the lights went down and the movie began, Alex’s husband took her hand and pushed it inside his pants. They both faced forward, pretending to be intent on the movie while she stroked his cock and his erection grew. At one point Alex twisted in her seat and lowered her head towards his lap, planning to take him into her mouth, but they were both too timid and nervous about discovery and Alex stopped her attempted blow-job, finishing off her husband with her hand. Once he had come, they hurried out of the theater, fearful that they would be stopped and punished for their obscene antics.

Now, in her nephew’s room, she stroked his cock as it lengthened and swelled. She was impressed with its size and she thought back to the time he had forced it into her butthole without any warm-up or lubrication. When he first took her that way it was scary and painful but he had persisted in his forceful entry into her tight backside and she had submitted. When he had finished, she was stretched and sore, but strangely satisfied that she had brought him to climax in her ass.

Another of her nephews had also used her ass for rough pleasure and she expected that the third brother would do so before her visit ended. “Nothing but an old ass-whore,” she murmured as she tugged at her nephew’s cock.

Nathan stirred and Alex rose slightly, reaching out and softly caressing his face while she continued to tug at his erect penis. He awoke with a start, confused and alarmed at first, but quickly recognized his aunt’s face close to his. He relaxed slightly as he looked past her small round breasts and saw where her arm disappeared under the covers while she stroked his hard manhood. His alarm returned, though when he saw the coil of rope draped over her shoulders, hanging down onto the bed. His alarm quickly turned to anger as he reasoned that she had surely come to trap him and try to exact some kind of revenge on him for using her sexually. He bolted up and pushed her roughly away from him, delivering a brisk slap to her face as she released her grip on his penis and sprawled backward onto the hard wooden floor. Nathan followed his aunt to the floor, straddling her and slapping her repeatedly.

“What the fuck, Auntie!” He held her by the hair and brought his face close to hers. “What were you planning to do with this rope, tie me up?” With one hand he groped for the rope, with the other he pulled her upward by her hair. Her chin rose and their gaze met. Nathan was surprised by his aunt’s calmness. After all, he thought, just a moment ago she must’ve believed that she’d caught him unaware and was ready to deliver some kind of punishment to him, but now it was she who was caught, naked and in his grasp. He found the rope and pulled at it but it wouldn’t come free.

Alex kept her eyes locked on his and said defiantly “It’s not for you! Not like that” She lowered her gaze and Nathan followed it down and realized why the rope wouldn’t come free; it was fastened around his aunt’s neck with a simple cinch knot. As Nathan lifted her butt off the floor by her hair he gained purchase on the rope near where it met the knot. He pulled at it tentatively, but his aunt didn’t pull away or cry out. Instead she reached out and grasped his cock. He recoiled, ready to strike her but she didn’t try to hurt him. She stroked his penis, pulling it forward and straight out at herself. As Nathan straightened up, moving his groin toward his aunt’s face he gradually shifted his upward pull from Alex’s hair to the rope that tightened around her neck.

He finally released her hair and held görükle escort bayan her butt suspended off the floor by the rope choker that was now snugged up tight against her lower jaw. Her eyes never left his face as she continued to stroke his cock. Excited by the turn of events, Nathan hissed at his aunt, “Use both hands!” As she stroked his hard shaft held her partly suspended by the rope and slapped across the face, leaving a crimson print of his hand on her cheek. He lowered his face close to hers and asked “What do you want now, Auntie?”

Alex could barely speak because of the pressure from the rope on her neck and jaw, but she managed to whisper,”More!” Nathan let her back down onto the floor and moved forward to push his cock into her mouth.

“No, not here,” Alex said, leaning back and putting her weight against the rope. “The workshop. Your mother won’t hear my screams from there.”

In the workshop which stood across the yard from the house, Nathan tossed the rope over one of the exposed wooden trusses and pulled it just tight enough that his Aunt Alex had to stand very erect and maintain that posture to keep the rope from biting into her neck. Nathan tied off the rope and stepped back to examine his aunt. Nathan had quickly dressed before leading his aunt, still naked, across the yard in the dim morning light. Crossing the yard he made her stop once and he delivered several lashes with the loose end of the rope to her naked buttocks. Once they turned the corner to the backside of the shop Nathan led his Aunt Alex on all fours, like a dog on a lead, the last few yards to the door.

Her buttocks were still red and welted from the rope lashing he’d given her in the yard, and her knees and elbows were muddy and red from the crawl on all fours. With his aunt unable to resist without the rope biting into the soft white flesh of her neck, Nathan began to devise some torments for her. He had never been involved in any type of bondage scenarios but he was an inventive young man and he quickly began gathering supplies for his aunt’s punishment. He pulled his hands behind her back and trapped her wrists inside a metal screw-clamp. She might be able to pull a hand free, he reasoned, but doing so would cause her quite a bit of pain. He found more rope and cinched her ankles, pulling them apart and spreading her legs, effectively lowering her body and putting more pressure on the rope around her neck.

Nathan took out his cell phone and waves of nausea and shame washed over Alex as he used it to photograph her, bound, naked and helpless in the workshop.

“Gotta let my brothers know what they’re missing,” he said as he texted the photos to her other two nephews. “I’m sure they’ll want to join us.”

Nathan stepped close to his aunt: he was quite a bit taller than her and he looked down at her, past her pretty face with her large eyes and lush lips, past the reddening flesh where the rope bit into her neck, down to her twin round breasts surmounted by her hard swollen nipples.

“You’re going to hurt me now, aren’t you?” She asked.

“That’s why we’re here, isn’t it? That’s why you brought the rope into my room. That’s why you said they wouldn’t hear your screams,” He replied.

“I said your mother wouldn’t” she taunted.

Nathan responded to his aunt’s taunt with a vicious backhand across her face. Her cheek flushed pink from the blow with deeper red zones growing where his knuckles had struck her beautiful soft skin.

Alex choked out a question,”Now what are you going to do to me?”

“I’d rather keep that a secret for now,” he replied.

“That’s not what I mean,” she said, sounding indignant. “Tell me how you’re going to hurt me. And when you do, will I beg you to stop?”

“That I’m sure of, Auntie,” said Nathan as he took hold of her hair and twisted her head from side to side, causing the rope chafe her skin.

“Will you stop if I beg you to?”

“I can’t imagine why I would,” he replied and released his grip on her hair, instead giving one of her nipples a vicious twist.

“Please, Nathan,” she said quietly. Something in her tone was different and he released her ipple and met her gaze. “Please, Nathan, don’t do anything that will leave marks my husband will see. I don’t want him to know about this.”

“You should’ve thought of that before you brought a rope to the party, Auntie,” Nathan chided her, “What your husband thinks about the new version of his wife when you get home isn’t my problem. You don’t think he might to notice you’ve changed a bit when you bury your face between his ass-cheeks and cram your tongue up his butthole? What about your son, do you think he won’t notice a change in his dear mommie the first time she sneaks into his room and jerks him off while he sleeps?”

Alex moaned softly and twisted on the end of her rope. She wondered if her young nephew could sense her growing arousal. When he had strung her up by the neck in the workshop, she had altıparmak eskort experienced a level of stimulation that she’d never imagined, and never thought could be exceeded. Now, as she contemplated the torments she would soon endure she realized that she was growing even more excited. The rope was cutting into the soft flesh below her jawline and she wondered what sort of mark it would leave, and how she could explain it to her husband when she returned home from her visit to her sister and nephews. Perhaps, she thought, if she carefully introduced her new sexuality to him, he would accept, even embrace it. Perhaps he would take pleasure in sexually degrading and dominating her, demanding that she perform unspeakable anal and oral acts. Perhaps, she thought, their new sexuality might someday even include their son…

Alex’s fantasy ended abruptly as Nathan, seemingly in reply to her request not to leave marks on her flesh, delivered a volley of stinging lashes to her alabaster buttocks. She gasped and choked out a cry as each of the harsh blows landed with a buzzing snap. Whatever it was that her nephew used on her flesh, each strike seemed to excite nerves deep below her skin, leaving them simmering and burning long after the blow was delivered.

“Unless you wear a bikini, your husband probably won’t see those marks,” said Nathan. “But your son will, when he fucks you in the ass!” he added, pleased with his cruel jest.

The burning pain that crawled across Alex’s backside had not subsided when it was replaced by an even more savage sensation that exploded in her crotch . It was accompanied by a blistering snap that filled her ears as something struck her pussy so harshly that she was unable to stifle the scream that poured out of her constricted throat. The pain caused by the rope scratching at her neck as she twisted in agony at its end was obliterated by the new fires raging through her pussy lips and deep into her vagina.

“That’s more like it, Auntie,” he sneered. “I bet you’ll remember that for a while. Nathan paced back and forth in front of his aunt. “You were right about the screaming. It’s a good thing we’re out here in the workshop; I wasn’t sure you had it in you but you sure let loose a good one.”

The door to the workshop opened and Alex’s other two young nephews entered.

“Holy Shit!” exclaimed Ethan. “Is she alright?”

“Never mind alright,” said Raymond. “Is she hot for it? I never thought Auntie would go for this sort of thing.”

Raymond’s brothers, shocked by his question turned to him. “Some parts of her are hotter now than others,” responded Nathan, gesturing toward the angry red welts that criscrossed her assflesh.

“Can you breathe, Auntie?” asked Ethan moving close to her and Alex, her head cocked at an odd angle by the rope biting into her neck, mouthed the word “Yes.”

Ethan reached down and felt her pubes, swollen and hot from the wicked strike Nathan had delivered. “You’re wet, Auntie. You are hot for this, aren’t you?” he asked.

Squirming as her nephew’s fingers massaged the tormented gate to her pussy, she looked deeply into his eyes and again answered, this time with a sultry moan, “Yes.”

Suspended by the neck at the end of a taut rope, bound at the ankles with her legs spread apart, she tried but was not able to grind her pussy against her nephew’s hand. Were she freed of these bonds, she thought, she would wantonly impale herself on the boy’s arm. “More,” she said hoarsely. Swallowing hard, she continued. “Please. Make me scream until I beg you to stop.”

Ethan obliged his aunt with a stinging slap to her already tortured pussy, causing her to moan loudly and twist her head in the rope cinched harshly around her neck. When he grabbed her inflamed pubes and crushed them in vise-like grip, it drew a prolonged, satisfying scream from deep within her. Ethan kept his grip on her pussy until her scream had subsided and been replaced by choking sobs, then stepped back to observe her.

Alex’s breath came in short gasps. Her crotch and neck were both inflamed and red from their rough treatment. Even so, she neither flinched nor fought as the boys removed the rope from her neck and rebound her; duct tape now bound her arms to a pole set across her shoulders, with ropes at each end of the pole supporting her weight.

This new position gave the boys complete access to their aunt’s body, and Raymond quickly took the opportunity to approach Alex from behind and continue the torment of his aunt.

Her nipples, crimson with arousal, stood erect and proud from her pert round breasts, and Raymond, reaching around her, pulled them up and outward with a twisting motion intended to elicit a scream of pain from his helpless aunt.

When she moaned with pleasure instead of crying out from pain, the boy released one of her nipples and, reaching down to her ass, slid his hand along the cleft between her buttocks and roughly jammed four fingers nilüfer escort into her puckered anus.

Alex’s new bindings allowed her more freedom of movement than before and she used that freedom to grind her ass down onto her young nephew’s hand, silently urging him to probe more deeply into her vulnerable backside. Raymond took the cue and thrust his entire hand up his aunt’s butt.

Alex screamed and moaned, not with pain but with pure bestial lust as she writhed and twisted on her nephew’s fist. Raymond forced his balled fist deep into her defenseless bowels, while his aunt’s anal sphincter closed around his thick wrist.

Alex’s muscles contracted in response to the intrusion by Raymond’s tightly clenched hand and she would have doubled over from the contractions were it not for the ropes that bound her. Something like a scream, mixed with unrecognizable words welled up inside her and escaped from her throat. She began to pant rhythmically in shallow rasping breaths. Raymond matched the rhythm of her breathing with the strokes of his fist in her ass. With his other hand he kept a grip on one of her nipples, pulling, twisting and rolling it harshly between his rough fingers.

Fiery pulses of excitement raced through Alex’s body as Raymond’s fist continued its upward thrusts through her rectum and colon. The muscles of her abdomen had ceased their struggle against her nephew’s harsh penetration and her anus relaxed, stretching to accommodate the insistent thrusts of her nephew’s sinewed forearm.

Alex shuddered and convulsed as she surrendered herself completely to her most primal sexual urges. She embraced the brutal pleasures that her young nephews were inflicting on her. As her animal sexuality surged to the fore, her body responded and stopped fighting against the foreign assault of Raymond’s fist inside her asshole. The new sexual being that she had become welcomed her helpless bondage and the flaming lashes that Nathan had delivered to her buttocks and crotch.

Her desire swelled as Nathan stepped back in front of her, brandishing the same length of lamp cord that he had used on her earlier. Raymond released his hold of her tortured nipple just before Nathan delivered a stinging lash across her breasts. The strike caused a strangled cry ending as a plea for “More!”

In rapid succession Nathan striped her alabaster breasts with flaming red welts from the thin, plastic covered cord. His aunt’s screams turned into choking sobs as he delivered lash after brutal lash across her breasts and down her torso toward her crotch. He paused for a moment, savoring the pattern of welts that covered her pale flesh.

“Do you still want more Auntie?” he asked. Alex mouthed a nearly silent “Yes, more.”

She drooled and moaned as the cord danced viciously across her flesh. Within her, pain vied with pleasure; the pain pulling her down in a swirling vortex and the pleasure – unspeakable pleasure! buoying her up to dizzying heights. Her skin, thinned and strained over the larger welts, began to split from the onslaught of the lashes her nephew delivered. Droplets of blood and fluid formed along the paths made by the lashes, in some places running down her body in thin rivulets, just as the rainwater had so recently run down her naked body as she stood in Nathan’s darkened bedroom.

When Raymond forced his hand up his aunt’s butt, he had tucked his thumb inside his bunched fingers forming his hand into a spear-head shape. Once inside her he had balled his hand into the fist he was now using to assail her rectum. Alex suddenly felt as though her insides were being pulled from her as Raymond removed his balled fist from her rectum. Her legs trembled then gave way as the fleshy ring of her anus strained to allow the boy’s fist passage out of the tortured chambers of her bowels. A barely human wail escaped from her throat as Raymond slowly extracted his fist from inside her.

The dark hair on Raymond’s forearm was matted and slick with his aunt’s rectal mucus as it slid out of her butt. His fist, pink and dripping with slime glistened as he pulled it out of her ass. It was followed by a cascade of foul liquid that splattered the floor at her feet.

Alex regained control of her legs and straightened up, taking some of the weight off of the ropes which suspended her. She looked down and saw her breasts and abdomen streaked with crimson stripes from the lashing that Nathan had given her. Nathan swung the cord again and she saw, as if in slow motion, the brutal wire snaking toward her defenseless crotch and striking the tender flesh at the gates to her sex. A blinding pain exploded from her groin and raced through her body, followed immediately by even more powerful waves of pleasure. Pain and pleasure joined together within her as her nephew rapidly delivered lash after brutal lash to her quivering pussy lips.

Nathan looked up from his labors and his gaze was met by his aunt, who locked eyes with him and mouthed the word, “More.”

Nathan answered her silent plea with a stinging backhand blow across her face. He reached out and grabbed her swollen pussy, crushing and twisting her lips in his powerful grip. He increased his grip on her flesh until she finally released a satisfying scream that echoed off the bare wooden walls of the workshop.

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