Aunt Carla Ch. 01

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This is my first submission to Literotica. I’m looking forward to feedback, both good and bad of course. This story is based solely on fantasy, I only wish I could tell you all or even just parts of it actually happened.

Chapter 1: Aunt Carla Moves In

It was the summer of ’98. I was 18. Still a virgin, hell, barely even kissed a girl yet.

My Aunt Carla (my moms sister) came to live with us. She had just gotten a divorce from her husband of about 5 years. He was an older man, just about 10 years her senior, and was fairly well off. They met in the bank my aunt worked at right after she graduated college. My ex-uncle was a nice enough guy, but my aunt caught him cheating on her with a younger model. They sold everything and split it 50/50. I don’t know how much it was, but mom said she would never have to worry about where her next pair of designer shoes was going to come from. Plus, she would get an alimony check since my uncle was the one cheating.

My mom was the oldest of 5 girls, and Aunt Carla was the youngest. There was 10 years age difference between her and my mom, and only 12 years between Aunt Carla and me. She was now about 30.

My mom being 10 when Aunt Carla was born, baby-sat Aunt Carla a lot when she was a baby, and Aunt Carla in turn, babysat me a lot when I was young. I would go stay at Grandma and Grandpa’s a lot as a kid so she was a more like and older sister to me. I guess being the youngest of 5 girls; she thought it was really cool to have a younger boy around the house to boss around. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t mean to me at all; I would say she was more protective. She would also stay with us a lot in the summer and other holidays; so, we were very close, more like brother and sister than aunt and nephew. I felt much closer to her than any of my other aunts.

As soon as I starting taking an interest in girls, I noticed my aunt’s beauty. She was always pretty with her shoulder length brown hair, long legs, and a nice rack, which just kept getting nicer as she got older. Working on the farm made sure she was fit. Grandma and Grandpa kept trying to have boys, so they could help out with the work on the farm, that is why they had 5 kids. Mom said they would have stopped after 2, 3 at the most if one of them would have been a boy, but since they didn’t succeed, the girls had to take up the slack. Throwing bales, shoveling manure, hauling feed, they did it all, so they Ahatlı Escort were all in pretty good shape. Of course, since I was the first grandson, I started to work on the farm also. By the time I was 12, all of the girls were gone, so I would spend most of my summers on the farm helping with the chores, so, by the time I was 16, I wasn’t in to bad of shape myself. Grandpa was getting kind of old, and they had cut back on a lot of the farming, but I picked up a lot of the slack, so I had started to develop some decent muscles by the time I was 16 because I was doing a lot of the heavy lifting. Not only did it keep me in shape, but Grandma and Grandpa paid me pretty well, so I was able to afford my own truck when I was 16. It beat working at some fast food restaurant like most of my friends. Grandma and Grandpa said they couldn’t keep farming like they did without me around, and besides, everything they paid me was a tax right off for them. They said when I was out of high school and not able to help out anymore, they were probably going to retire and just rent out the farmland and live off of that. Maybe just keep a few cows around and a horse or two and make it more of a hobby farm than a working farm.

I remember when I was 11 or so, Aunt Carla had just graduated college, and I started to notice she was getting sexier all the time. Now she was really filled out, and she was dressing more like a grown up also. She was wearing high heels, skirts, even boots some times. She was even trading clothes with my mom once in a while. You know how girls at that age are always getting new stuff, well; sometimes she would give my mom a pair of shoes or boots when she was done with them. My mom always dressed nice as well, but after having 3 kids and stuff, she didn’t worry about her looks quite as much as my aunt Carla, but nonetheless, she still looked good, especially when she got a pair of heels from a younger version of herself. My mom still had the legs to pull of any pair of heels she got from Aunt Carla.

So, when my mom said Aunt Carla was going to move into the spare bedroom in the basement, I didn’t mind one bit. I was even a little excited. Of course I was, what 18 year old boy wouldn’t be excited about a hot woman moving into your house, even if she was your aunt, a babe was a babe. And even though I saw her at least once a month, now I would get to see her almost every day.

Only Ahatlı Escort Bayan about a week after she moved in, she was already looking for a job. Even though mom and dad weren’t going to charge her rent, she wanted to start a new life and that meant getting a career, instead of just being some guy’s trophy wife. So, she was going to quite a few interviews, and of course, dressing her best to impress. She had a Masters degree in business, so she was looking for office or bank type jobs. She got a job in a bank almost immediately. For work, she was dressing conservatively, but still showing plenty of leg. All I know, is at 18 years of age, I thought I had hit the jackpot, having this hot 30 year old wearing heels and skirts or business suits to work almost every day.

My parents worked till 5 or 6 most days, and Aunt Carla worked till then also. So, me not having to have much of a job (I just worked a night or two at the grocery store stocking shelves or bagging groceries for spending money during the school year, but all the money I made on the farm in the summer paid for most of my expenses), I was coming straight home from school most nights and sneaking into my aunts bedroom. I would go through her underwear, clean and dirty, but my favorite part was going into the closet to see all of her heels and boots. I’d done the same thing in my parents closet, mostly looking for my dads stash of nudie mags, but when I was in there, I would always notice my moms shoes and boots as well. She had a nice collection, but Aunt Carla’s was unbelievable compared to moms. I couldn’t help myself. I snuck in at least once a week. I got to the point where I knew that she did most of her laundry on Tuesday nights. I started getting brave and I would sneak a pair of panties or even nylons or stockings out of her hamper. I would wait till Monday night when it was getting full, and sneak a pair out from the bottom, and just made sure I put them back by Tuesday.

It was going on six months now that she was staying with us. I heard Aunt Carla telling mom she was thinking about getting her own place. She had finally found a nice little apartment that would suit her needs.

“Besides, it would be nice be able to bring a guy back to my place once I a while instead of having to go to theirs all the time”, I heard her tell mom.

I remember that day like it was yesterday, I got hard just at the Escort Ahatlı thought of Aunt Carla having sexual relations. I knew she was, but to hear her say that drove me crazy.

I was getting more comfortable sneaking into her room; after all, I’d been getting away with it for 6 months now and hadn’t been caught yet. I was doing it more often, and wasn’t being as careful. I was also afraid she would be moving out any day now, so I’d better enjoy this while I could. So, one day I was in her closet. I had one of her boots in one hand, and my cock in the other. It was one of her knee high, black leather boots, with a spike heel and a pointy toe. She didn’t wear these to work, these were too sexy, they were for going out on weekends. I was getting very excited and was just about to cum when all of a sudden I heard the bedroom door slam. My Aunt had come home from work early that day, I dropped the boot, tried stuffing my cock back in my pants and zipping up, but with the raging hard on I had, things weren’t working so well.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” Carla said with a stern look on her face.

“I, I”, I was just stuttering, I couldn’t speak, my cock still out.

My Aunt just walked over to me. She put her finger on my lip, “just be quiet Frankie, don’t worry, it’s natural for a boy your age to be interested in a woman’s things. You think I haven’t noticed you looking at my shoes and boots lately, you think I haven’t noticed things missing out of my hamper? This is how it’s going to work from now on. You’re going to finish what you were doing when I walked in. And from now on, you’re going to do exactly as I say, is that clear?” she said sternly.

“Yes Carla.” I replied.

“As long as your good, your mom and dad won’t ever now what was going on here, but if you’re not good, they are going to find out what a little perv their boy is.” She told me. “Now, go ahead and finishing cumming on my boot.”

I pulled my underwear down (that was as far as I had gotten when trying to pull my pants up), and started wacking off again. It didn’t take me long, and I came like crazy, it shot all over her boot and dripped on the floor. I was going to reach for a towel I had in place to clean it up when Carla ordered me to lick her boot clean.

“No no Frankie, you have to lick up your mess,” she commanded.

“No way, you’re crazy.” I yelled back at her.

She grabbed a fist full of hair and shoved my face down on the boot in my own cum. “Lick, or I’m telling your parents at the dinner table tonight!” she yelled at me.

I did it. I licked her boot totally clean of my own cum. It was disgusting, but I also found myself being excited by performing this disgusting act.

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