Aunt Pat Ch. 01

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Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun, and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious, to say the least. I hope that you enjoy it.

Jack took the phone call from his father on Tuesday morning; his brother Tom had died last night, they reckoned that he had a heart attack then fell down the stairs. His wife, Pat, had found him at seven this morning; she wondered where he was when she woke up then had the shock of her life when she saw him at the foot of the stairs. Dad was in his early seventies now; it was a three-hour drive to Tom’s funeral, dad wanted Jack to drive him. Dad told him that the funeral was on Saturday morning at eleven.

Jack was a successful businessman. He had taken over his mum’s family business when his grandfather had died. The company had an extensive property portfolio; Jack had expanded into other companies. With Tom dead, then dad was now the oldest male in the family. Jack knew that he would have to get his father there, and he wanted to be there as well as he had liked uncle, Tom. Jack was now thirty-six. He was single but had several girlfriends. One of the businesses Jack had was he leased a twin-engine turboprop plane to the local Flying Club. Jack also used the aircraft to deliver Sunday newspapers and mail to several Islands close to the airport where the plane was based. The Senior Instructor did the flying for these flights. This was a lucrative business.

The weekend of the funeral was the start of the holiday season. The roads would be packed. The three-hour drive could take six hours. Jack had his Private Pilots License. He was qualified to fly the twin-engine plane. It would take an hour to fly there. They would go on the plane and take a taxi to the Church. Dad was agreeable to this, so Jack arranged for the plane to be logged out to him from nine on Saturday morning until four on Saturday afternoon.

Jack mum and dad had separated three years ago; Jack was totally on his mum’s side. Mum was ten years younger than dad. They couldn’t stand each other now. Mum now lived in an apartment that the property company owned. They wouldn’t divorce as it would have cost Jack’s father too much. Mum was financially secure. She received a good salary from the company. Tom’s wife Pat was one year older than mum. She was fifteen years younger than Tom. Jack had met Pat only three times in his life. Although, Uncle Tom would see him at least eight times a year when he visited his father. Mum liked Pat. They had met several times, mum and dad, at the time of the wedding, had been on speaking terms, both had been at the wedding.

Jack had spoken to mum; mum would have liked to go to the funeral as she liked both Pat and Tom but decided against it. So instead, she would organise a wreath which Jack would take on the plane with him. Saturday morning arrived, Jack met his father in the Flying Club car park. Jack had done his preflight routine. The aircraft had a full tank. They took off just before nine. They flew over the motorway that they would have used, then Jack’s dad said, “We’ve done the right thing. It would have taken us hours to drive today.”

They arrived at the destination airport, parked the plane in their Flying Club area, and got a taxi to Tom’s house as dad had wanted to speak to Pat before the Service. The Church was one hundred yards from Tom’s House. They would walk to the Church, return to the house for lunch, and get another taxi back to the airport. Pat was delighted to see dad and Jack. Pat, her daughter and another friend, were arranging the buffet lunch that would be served. Dad had asked Pat if she would like him to say a few words about Tom from his side of the family. Pat thought that would be a good idea as the priest was a new one and hardly knew Tom.

They all walked to the Church; Pat walked with Jack and Su, Pat’s daughter, who worked in France, flew over for the funeral walked with dad. Pat was so grateful that Jack and dad had come for the funeral. Jack thought that both Pat and Su were cock stiffeners. They both were tall, full-bodied, and so attractive. In the Church, Pat sat beside Jack. He loved how she smelt; Pat had left to speak to the priest about dad speaking. Dad had gone with her. Jack then said to Su. He asked, “Where in France do you work?”

Su smiled then said, “Close to Lyon. Mum told me that you’re often in France, are you ever in Lyon?”

“Yes, I am in Burgundy often. I have a small wine importing business. It started as a hobby but now employs eight people. I will be there in the next few weeks.”

“After the Service, I must give you my mobile number. I have a spare bedroom in my apartment so if you need a bed then let me know. I also know the best places to eat.”

“That sounds good. What do you do in Lyon?”

“I’m a designer, and I’m in the silk business. I have been in it since I left University. I have a senior position coordinating several small high-quality silk Mills we sell to Chanel and Hermes. It’s a fascinating business.”

Jack liked the way her massive tits hiltonbet yeni giriş were jiggling. He then slipped one of his business cards into her hand and said, “WhatsApp me on my mobile number.”

Then dad and Pat came out of the Church Sacristy. Pat looked gorgeous. Both she and Su were dressed in black, but Pat seemed so sexy. The way that Pat walked was so sensual. Pat smiled at Jack as she sat down beside him. The Service passed quickly; dad was humorous when he spoke of Tom, saying that Tom had been so happy after meeting and marrying Pat in the last years of his life. They were a perfect couple. It was a thoughtful speech and gave a good insight into Tom’s life.

Tom was buried in the Church cemetery; after that, they walked back to Pat’s house. There were twenty people there, mostly friends of Pat. Jack didn’t drink at all but chatted to many of the guests. They all had good memories of Tom.

Jack had spoken to Su. She told him that she had sent him a message on WhatsApp. Jack had switched off his phone when he landed this morning and hadn’t switched it back on. After the meal, Jack went to the bathroom. When he came out, Pat was standing in the hallway. She said as she handed Jack a piece of paper, “Jack, my mobile number is on this paper. That’s the best way to contact me. Tom was very fond of you, he asked me to give you a memento of him, but I would prefer to give it to you later. The next time you are in the area, then please let me know. If you need a bed for the night, then I have one for you. Please get in touch with me soon. Thanks for bringing your dad and coming yourself today. It means a lot to me.”

As Pat said this, she hugged Jack, she pulled him close to her, Jack felt the weight of her massive tits on his chest, he also felt her pushing her pussy against his leg with a firm circular motion. Their lips met, Pat’s tongue went deep inside Jack’s mouth, they tongue kissed for a couple of minutes. Pat was still pulling Jack closer. Jack’s hand went instinctively to Pat’s massive left tit. He squeezed her big hard nipple; Pat gasped with pleasure then said, “We should stop now. I love how you kiss. I love how you touched me. Next time you’re here, it will only be you and me.”

They went downstairs. Jack couldn’t take his eyes off Pat. He found her so attractive. It was now two twenty, time to get to the airport, Jack had to be there before three, he then called the taxi driver that had brought them this morning, he told Jack he would be there in five minutes. Dad had been chatting to Su. He had told her that Jack had flown him down this morning and now had to fly him back. Su told her mum, Pat didn’t believe it.

The taxi arrived. They said their goodbyes and left. They were in the air twenty minutes later. Their flight path took them directly over Pat’s house. Jack managed to take three good pictures of the house. They arrived home just before four.

Jack then took Pat’s piece of paper with her mobile number. He switched on his mobile. He had a message from Su, it read, “Hi Jack, so nice talking with you today. Let me know when you think that you’ll be in Lyon so that I can plan. I loved how you’re father spoke at the Service. I fly back to France tomorrow night. Take care, Su.”

Jack had got back to his house just after eight; he then thought of how good Pat’s massive tits had felt. He then sent her a WhatsApp message with the three house pictures attached; it read, “Good evening Pat, just a quick message to let you know that we got home safely. I’m so glad that dad and I were there today. It was a lovely Service. I hope that you like the pictures. I was lucky that we were still low enough to be able to take them. I will let you know when I’m next in your area. I have heard that The Cottage is an excellent restaurant and it’s close to you. I would love to take you there for dinner. Take care, love Jack.”

Jack watched television, at eleven, he went to bed. His phone beeped, he had a message from Pat, it read, “Hi Jack, I was so happy to get your message, I’ve just read it as Su and I had dinner then chatted for ages. Thank you so much for the pictures. I showed them to Su; she was a bit down that you hadn’t messaged her. Would you please give her a quick message? I think that she’s interested in you. The day went well, but I’m glad that it’s over. When I saw the pictures, I thought I’d have to be careful now as the back garden is so secluded that sometimes I sunbathe there in the nude. Occasionally, I’ve seen smaller planes flying overhead but not any big planes. I was impressed that you’re a pilot. Now you can fly down and visit me. I phoned your mum, that was a gorgeous wreath that she sent. I just wanted to thank her. It’s a pity that she didn’t come with you and your dad. It is a difficult one. At least your mum had me in her thoughts.”

“I would love to go to The Cottage with you; I have never been. I have heard great reports about how good it is. Tom didn’t eat out much. A bar supper in the bar at the Golf Club was hiltonbet giriş a treat for me. Su and I finished two bottles of wine tonight. I enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine. Su was telling me that you have a business importing wine, that sounds so interesting. Do you have wine tastings? If you do, then I’d love you to invite me to one of them. Jack, when do you think that you’ll be able to visit again? I love how you kiss. I haven’t been kissed like that for years. I chuckled to myself when your dad spoke of happy Tom was, and we were a perfect couple. Jack, it wasn’t easy for me with Tom, when he could still get it up, which was a long time ago, he was also a selfish lover. He got more than he gave. I’m free now, and I’m happy about that. Do you think that you could visit me next week? I would love to see you. Love Pat xx.”

Jack checked his diary, then phoned The Cottage and booked a table for two for eight on Wednesday evening. He replied, “Thanks Pat, I can visit you on Wednesday. I can be there around seven. I’ve booked a table for two at The Cottage for eight. Is this good for you, or will I cancel the reservation and come another day? Love Jack.”

Pat replied, “I’m free anytime for you, what a great surprise. I’ll buy a new outfit on Monday. I’m so excited. You will be my first date in years. How would you like me to dress? Tom liked me to show my tits when we were out. I have some exciting lingerie that shows my girls off beautifully, which I can wear for you. Let me know what you’d like to see, and I’ll dress accordingly. I loved how you felt my tits this afternoon. Always be firm when you feel me, especially around my nipples. Can you stay a couple of nights as I want to get to know you? Wednesday can’t come quick enough. Love Pat xx.”

Jack replied, “Sounds good Pat, I can stay two nights, but I need to go to Manchester on Thursday morning, but I’ll be back with you on Thursday night. I loved playing with your girls this afternoon, and they are quite a handful. I would like you to show a bit of cleavage. Your lingerie sounds good too. What type of wine do you like? I will bring some so we can have a little tasting. Around the house, I would love it if you wore nice accessible lingerie then we could do so many things spontaneously. I am looking forward to Wednesday. Love Jack xx.”

Jack then sent a message to Su. It read, “Hi Su, your mum told me that you were upset that I hadn’t replied to you. I’ve been busy since I got home. I was pleased to meet you today. I hope that you have a safe journey back tomorrow. Please keep in touch. Regards Jack.”

Pat replied, “Dear Jack, I have got a lot of crotchless bodysuits and Basques. I will wear them around the house for you. Tom liked me in bras that pushed my girls up and out. I had to wear these when I had to perform for him. The performance didn’t last long, he would play with my tits, and I’d give him a blow job. Jill told me that you’re dad was similar to Tom in so many ways. I hope that your mum meets someone soon as she’s a lovely lady. She told me tonight that she’s on a dating site, and she’s had a couple of bad experiences. I think she’ll come off that soon. I am up early in the morning with Su. Write when you can. I love dry white wines. Love Pat xx.”

Jack couldn’t believe what Pat had written about mum, then he thought that mum was a woman too, she must have needs and urges. Jack didn’t like the idea of his mum on an online dating site. Jack then muted his phone. Five minutes later, he was fast asleep.

On Sunday morning, Jack’s mum came to his front door; Jack was happy to see her. He knew that she wanted to know how the funeral had gone. So Jack made coffee for his mum and himself. They sat in the kitchen. Mum said, “Pat phoned me last night thanking me for the wreath; I think that she was happy with it. She was happy with the way the Service went but glad that it was now over. You made a big impression on her. She thinks that you’re a perfect gentleman. You’re so polite. She told me that you flew your father down. That was the best way to travel. Jack, I’ve never been on a small plane. Would you take me up with you one day?”

“Of course I will mum, where would you like to go?”

“Anywhere, to go up and down the coast would be interesting, but I want you to fly over the apartment. I want an aerial picture of my house too.”

Jack laughed then said he would take her up for a couple of hours. Mum then said, “Jack, one other favour, my laptop is running very slowly. Could you possibly have a look at it?”

They finished their coffee then Jack went with his mum to her apartment. The laptop was in the lounge. It had forty tabs open in one browser. That was lucky for Jack as she had left her profile open on the dating website.

Mum’s pictures left nothing to the imagination. She had an incredible body; she had taken selfies of herself in different types of lingerie. Mum was in the kitchen. She was on the phone talking to one of her friends.

Jack had read enough to realise hiltonbet güvenilirmi that mum had a very healthy libido. He also felt that she wasn’t looking for dates. She was looking to be fucked. Jack then closed all the tabs and switched the laptop off. He restarted it. It was like night and day. It was so much faster.

Mum came into the lounge and said, “Have you fixed it, or do I need a new laptop?”

Jack laughed then said, “It’s fixed, mum, but don’t have so many tabs open. When you finish with the laptop, switch it off, which resets it and makes it run faster. Mum, I have a busy week this week. How would Friday or Saturday suit you for the flight?”

“Jack, I’m free anytime; let me know, and I’ll be there. I would love to do this with you.”

Jack then left, he had some things to do, he had a message from Su, it read, “Thanks for the message, I’ve just landed in Lyon, all is good. I would love to keep in touch with you. Mum thinks that you are wonderful. She calls you a perfect gentleman. I think that she’s got the hots for you. Please keep in touch with her as she’s quite a reclusive type of woman. She doesn’t have so many friends. I wish she would find a job to give her something to do, but she’s lucky that she doesn’t need the money. Write when you can, Jack, I’d like that. Regards Su x.”

Then Jack got a message from mum. It read, “Jack, my darling, my laptop is perfect, thank you so much. It’s so fast now. It’s a joy to use. Please keep me posted on when I’ll fly. I’m very excited about this. I don’t have any jeans, but I have leggings and tops. I could wear blouses and skirts, but I don’t think they would be comfortable on a small plane. I want to be comfortable. Keep me updated, and have a successful week. Love mum xx.”

Jack arrived at Pat’s just before seven on Wednesday evening. They had messaged a couple of times every day; Pat opened the door for Jack. She looked gorgeous. The tongue kissed for a couple of minutes, then Jack said, “I have got a couple of things to put in the fridge. Let me do that as I’ve brought a nice Champagne for you.”

Jack had a cool box full of wine plus an overnight bag. Pat had a large fridge. He managed to get all twelve bottles he had brought into the fridge. Pat was dressed beautifully. She was showing a lot of cleavage. Her massive tits jiggled beautifully when she moved. Jack explained the wines that he had brought and suggested that Pat take notes when she drank them and tell Jack what she thought of them.

Jack then got the Champagne when Pat asked, “Jack, you’re staying in my bedroom; I’ve made space in the wardrobe. Would you like me to unpack your bag? I want you going outsmart in the morning?”

They kissed again, then Pat took Jack’s overnight bag and left the kitchen. When Pat came back, Jack opened the Champagne they then went into the lounge. Pat said, “That’s a beautiful Champagne, it’s so smooth, it’s the best that I’ve ever tasted.”

Jack told her it came from a tiny producer, then Jack said, “Your girls are looking beautiful tonight. I can’t keep my eyes off them.”

“I’m looking forward to you playing with them when we get home. I am so happy that you’re staying for two nights. I want to make them special for you. Would you like me to cook for you tomorrow night? I enjoy cooking, and I could wear a nice Basque as I cook.”

“I would love that. I eat out so much. I don’t have time to cook for myself, so I eat out well. I’m looking forward to the meal tonight. They have a Menu Gourmand where the Chef selects each course from his produce; I’ll choose the wines, though. We should both have it as usually it is the best that he has to offer.”

They finished the Champagne then walked to the restaurant. It was five minutes from Pat’s House. The place was buzzing. They were shown to their table and given the Menu and Wine List. Jack was impressed with the wines. He ordered a white Burgundy from a Domain that he dealt with. When he saw the Menu Gourmand, he knew that the wine would suit all seven courses.

It was an excellent meal. Pat was impressed with the wine. She said, “Jack, your knowledge of wine is amazing. I would love to be involved in wine. Are you looking for any staff? I would work very hard for you, as you will see when we get home.”

Pat leaned over and squeezed Jack’s hand. She blew him a kiss. Then he felt her stockinged foot on his leg. Pat was a very sexy woman. They finished the meal then left. Jack had his arm around Pat. He was cupping her massive left tit, it felt so good, Pat said, “I’ve got a beautiful crotchless bodysuit on, when we get back I’ll take my thong off as it’s soaked, I have a great feeling about you, when I look at you, I get wet. So if you’re cock is hard, then we are both thinking the same way.”

They got into the house; they kissed, then Jack took Pat’s hand and placed it on Jack’s massive stiff cock on the bulge of his trousers. Jack said, “I get hard when I look at you.”

“Jack, get naked. I want to make this big boy harder. It feels wonderful. I am impressed. It is so long and thick, and what a gorgeous mushroom head. But, darling, let’s not rush things; I am so horny that I’d make you cum in two minutes. We take our time and make this special. I want this to be an exceptional memory for both of us.”

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