Aunt Phyllis

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Public Sex

I walked into my house from school. It was end of the school term and I had a week off. I am eighteen years old, 6 foot tall and weigh 200 pounds. I as enter my house I saw that both my parents were packing.

“Where are you two going?” I asked my mother.

“Oh hi Brad. Me and your dad have to go to Washington for the paper.” My parents were editors in a city paper and went on trips frequently

“So I will be me here alone?” Thinking that I can throw party and fuck some girl from school.

“Not quite, you will be going to stay at Uncle Henry’s. Don’t worry it will be only for a week.” Mom told me.

I wasn’t worried. I was excited. Uncle Henry and his wife moved to our city fours ago, before that I had never seen him or his wife before. Since I was fourteen I always wank thinking about his wife, Aunt Phyllis. Aunt Phyllis was in her mid-forties; she had long brunette hair and a pair of huge tits. I think there are 42EE cup. Whenever I am near, I just freeze looking at that extra-large bust. Recently she has caught me looking down her blouse but she just smiles at me. If we are ever alone she teases me by bending down right in front of me.

Monday morning came around quickly and my parents dropped me off at my Uncle’s.

“Don’t be a too much of pain to Phyllis and try to help her out. OK?”

“OK I won’t, Bye”

The door open and my uncle Henry showed me the guest room. I started to unpack, then she was there at the door. She was just wearing a robe holding a shampoo bottle.

“Hi Brad” She gave me little smile. “I will make breakfast for you after I have a shower.”

Then she accidentally dropped the bottle. She bent down to pick it up giving me great view of her ass. She stood up and noticed I was looking at her ass.

“Hope I gave you a good look.” She smiled at looking at my tent in my pants and blew me a kiss and walked off.

I quickly closed the door and started rubbing my dick.

After that I went down to watch some TV. Aunt Phyllis called me for breakfast. I walked in the kitchen and sat down at the table. My uncle was reading the paper and my aunt was reading some magazine wearing a baggy sweater and jogging bottoms. bursa escort bayan I quickly ate my breakfast and returned to watching the telly. Uncle Henry told me that he going to worked now and will be back at 12. My aunt told me that she would be doing some cleaning.

An hour later I was still watch TV when it turn it self off. I looked behind and saw me aunt holding the remote and smiling.

“I think you watch too much TV.” She stood right in front of me. I just noticed what she was wearing. She had a tight white blouse which was nearly about to explode. I could see through her blouse and she was wearing a black bra. Below the blouse she had on a tight black skirt that didn’t even reached her knees.

“Your are naughty boy aren’t you. Looking at your aunt like that with so much lust.” I stared to get hard when she spoke and me mouth was wide open.

“It was a good thing that your mother sent you to me so I can punish you cause you such a naughty boy! Boys always try to push me but then will end up being punished” I was really getting turned on by the way she spoke to me. Now I was just staring at those ripe melons.

“What are you looking at? Oh, you looking at my busty breast aren’t you! Well don’t! OK? It is rude to stare. I will not want you to stare at my breast whenever they jiggle, bounce or if the nipples get hard. Do I make myself clear!?” Aunt Phyllis screamed.

“Yes, okay.” I replied cowardly.

“Good. Now aunty wants you to draw her a picture.” She sat down and gave me a pencil and some paper. I was really turned by her clothes and the way she talked to me as child. So I decided that see how far I could push her.

“So what have you drawn for aunty?” I gave her my picture and seen what she will do. “WHAT! This is supposed to be a picture of ME! My breasts are not that big. And I just told you off and you now do this. Your are a naughty boy and now you will be punished.”

Aunt Philia quickly grabbed me and put me over her knee. I knew where this was going and I was going to enjoy it.

“You are going to be spanked until your ass goes red. Stop squirming.” Philia rip my pants down leaving my cock gorukle escort touching her knee. “Are ready for your punishment” With that question she started spanking me. It was the most hornyest thing a woman has done to me.

Each blow of her hand was making my cock harder. After five minutes of spanking I was starting to moan.

“The naughty bastard is turned on.” Now she began to slap harder making me moan even more. I grabbed my cock to start wanking it.

Suddenly Phyllis stopped spanking me pushed me on to the sofa and spread my legs.

“You did get really turned on, didn’t you?” She kneed in front of my cock. I lifted my cock and pushed it in her mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” My aunt moaned. I started fucking her face. After a few minutes of fucking, my balls tightened, I knew that I was to cum soon. Then I blew all my cum in my aunts mouth. She swallowed every drip of it. She laid down on the floor for a few minutes and then told me:

“You got a bigger load then your uncle. I think you have learnt your punishment. If you are a good boy later on, I will give you present, it could be sucking my tits or a fuck. Now put your pants and go to your room, your uncle will be back soon and I got to get changed.”

Both of us ran upstairs quickly, but just before I went in my room she gave me a kiss on the cheek and whispered that I better be a good boy after lunch.

My uncle arrived on 12 o’clock on the dot. Throughout lunch, my aunt was giving me sexy looks as my uncle rushed through his lunch. At half past, he left Aunt Phyllis and me alone again.

I was fantasying about want ways will I fuck her. While I was daydreaming my aunt stood in front of me. I got out of fantasy to see her standing in front of me in just matching bra and panties.

“I new you will enjoy this look.” She pointed at my growing erection. “I told you early that good boy get presents, so be a good boy and give your old aunt a neck massage.

She sat down on the couch facing away from me. I started rubbing her shoulders for a while. After a few minutes she began to moan with pleasure,, so to speed this up I started bursa merkez escort bayan to kissing her neck.

“Oh Brad that feels so great.” I moved my hands to here tits while still kissing her neck and cupped them. Then pulled my hands off and got up.

“That’s enough, you have shown me that you are a good boy. So come upstairs with me for your present.” I eagerly follow her to the bedroom.

We began kissing while we took off each other’s clothes. We got to the bed; I slide my tongue into her mouth. She pulled her tongue out and told me lie on the bed. She got on top of me and push her tit into my mouth. I sucked on the nipple for ages. She grabbed my cock and began playing with it. She placed it between her tits and fucked herself with it.

“Oh fuck that’s good, keep on going.” I moaned. She then slid all eight inches of my cock in her mouth. She rubbed up and down while the head was in her mouth. “You’re ready for a fuck.” She told me to lean my back against the headboard. She got on top of me and slid my dick all the way in her soaking entrance. “We will make love later okay baby” I didn’t really care as long as I could fuck her right now. Phyllis began bouncing up and down on my cock while moaning heavily. “Oh fuck this good. Keep on fucking your aunt baby. Shit your uncle bad at this.” I grabbed on of her tits and started suck the nipple. “Yeah baby go on suck your aunts nipple. Shit I think I am gonna cum on your cock Brad” Phyllis started screaming as she reached her first orgasm. “Come on Brad cum inside your aunts pussy. YES OH YEAH BABY GO ON CUM IN ME.” I exploded my load into her pussy. She started to slow down until my cock went limp. “That was great there Brad.” She congratulated me. We began to start kissing until she stopped. “I will like this to go on but your uncle will be her in ten minutes and you know he’s never late.” We got dressed and waited for him come back, Phyllis told me there will be more tomorrow.

When uncle Henry came back we sat down for dining and just watch some TV. It was 11.00pm and I got board so I went to bed. Half ad hour later my aunt came in. The first thought that came in my mind was she wants to suck my dick so I pulled it out.

“Sorry I don’t want to suck you off. I came her tell you that your Uncle will have to go a business trip on Wednesday, so we can have some fun all the way to Sunday without interrupting.” She gave me a kiss and walked out of the room. I started to think about all the stuff I want to do to her.

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