Aunt Traci

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A great big thank you to blackrandl1958 for her editing and her patience.

As usual, the Calcaterra family was seated in the third row center for the 9 a.m. Sunday morning service at St. Ignatius Catholic Church. Rev. Thomas Flaherty was five minutes into what would be a 75-minute service when Traci Delvecchio walked into the church, walked all the way up to the third row, squeezed past five other people and sat down in the lone empty seat in the row next to her nephew, “Little Dan” Calcaterra.

Five spots over to her left, her brother-in-law, “Big Dan” Calcaterra, shot her a look of irritation combined with disdain. Big Dan considered himself to be a pillar of the church and took his sister-in-law’s tardiness as an embarrassment to the family. He next looked over to his wife, Darlene, with a stern expression on his somber face and shook his head. Darlene, his wife of 22 years, raised her eyebrows and squeezed his right hand with her left before giving him a sly smile. Big Dan blew out a breath from his mouth and smiled tight-lipped back at his wife.

Traci was the youngest of the three Delvecchio girls. She was so much younger, in fact, that she was closer in age to Dan and Darlene’s three children than she was to Darlene, the oldest of the three Delvecchio girls. Darlene, like Dan, was 42 years old, while Traci was just 24. The Calcaterra children, Abby, Little Dan, and Phillip, were 16, 14, and 10, respectively.

Perhaps because of their closeness in age, the three Calcaterra children idolized Traci. She was smart, sassy and beautiful, and each wanted to be noticed by their aunt when she was around. This didn’t exactly please Big Dan, who thought Traci was nothing more than a spoiled wild child who was often able to get her way because her parents — Dan’s in-laws — were just too old to assert their will on her. He and Darlene often debated whether Traci was a bad influence on their kids, particularly their daughter Abby, who left to her own devices was usually quiet and somewhat timid. After a few hours with Traci, however, Dan was sure the girl was on the road to perdition as she often questioned her parents and their methods of raising her and her two siblings.

Dan felt his wife was too lenient with Traci, looking at her as more a ne’er-do-well than a petulant brat. Darlene would often have a small smile on her face as she watched Traci interacting with her kids, while Dan’s insides would be roiling with doubt.

He looked down the row again.

‘My God, that dress has to be six inches above her knees. What self-respecting woman goes to church dressed like that!’ he thought to himself.

Little Dan also looked at his aunt and thought she was the prettiest woman he knew. She reached for his right hand with her left and gave it a squeeze, and Dan looked at her and gave her a shy smile in return.

When the service was over, Big Dan went over to talk with several of the other church leaders in attendance, while his family and Traci waited outside the church in the bright spring sunshine. There was a lot of activity as the 9 a.m. crowd left and the 10:30 a.m. crowd was moving in. Traci was holding court with the Calcaterra children, while Darlene stood just off to the side with a small smile on her face. When Big Dan returned, the group headed off to Darlene’s parents’ house for Sunday dinner, with Abby getting to accompany Traci in her hot new 1972 Ford Mustang. On the way to the car, Abby noticed several of the younger men of the church hungrily eyeing Traci, who didn’t seem to notice either the looks or the leers. Several of the young men were quite handsome, the 16-year-old noted to herself.

While they drove to her grandparents’ house, Abby, too, couldn’t help but admire Traci’s beauty. She hoped that at least a portion of Traci’s physical attributes were hereditary, although she was realistic enough to know that at 16, the boob fairy wasn’t going to stop in the middle of the night and turn her into Traci’s equal. Still, she admired the way the older woman held herself, never seeming to rely on her looks to get what she wanted.

Big Dan watched grim-faced as Traci and Abby got out of Traci’s car. He was never comfortable with what Traci — a guy magnet — Dan admitted to himself, might say to his innocent 16-year-old daughter. A God-fearing man, Dan wasn’t comfortable with the direction being taken by the women of the 1970s, who seemed perfectly happy to live in the moment with no thought to what might happen in the future. Thank God he had married a sensible woman like Darlene, he thought to himself.

It was a typical Sunday afternoon at the Delvecchios’. Darlene’s sister, Joan, and her husband, Larry, brought their three kids over, and one of Delores Delvecchio’s sisters joined the fray, making it 14 people around the big Duncan Phyfe dining table for the sit-down pasta meal. At 61, Delores Delvecchio was still a good-looking woman, and reveled in moments like this where she could play the matriarch. Frank Delvecchio Mavikent Escort more than once looked over at his wife of 43 years with the pride of a king at home in his castle.


Dan Calcaterra — his college buddies would never know about the “Little Dan” nickname, was checking out the babes on the beach at Fort Lauderdale during spring break his junior year in college. He and three buddies had driven from East Lansing down to the party haven to drink and hopefully score some women. He had an armload of snacks he was bringing to his group of buddies when he ran into a familiar face.

“Hey, ‘Little Dan,’ what’s shakin’?” asked a bikini-clad and somewhat inebriated Traci as she walked up to him.

It had been several years since Dan had seen Traci in a bikini, and never one this skimpy before. Her large breasts looked firm and tanned, and the bottom part of the bikini couldn’t have risen too much higher than the top of her pubic mound. Dan realized he was staring just a fraction too late.

“Well it sure is nice to be appreciated,” Traci said as she planted a kiss on his cheek. “But tell me one thing: is that a bottle opener in your pocket or are you just glad to see your aunt?”

Dan nervously shot a look to his crotch and, sure enough, he was very obviously hard. He blushed deeply before stammering out a reply.

“It… it… it’s just Dan here, Aunt Traci. Don’t go arming these guys with that ‘Little Dan’ shit or I’ll never here the end of it.”

“Well, okay, then Dan, but it’s just Traci as well. No ‘aunt’ shit here. Got it? Now give your aunt a kiss and say hello.”

Dan stepped to her and kissed her cheek. Traci wrapped her arms around Dan and his armload of food, making sure to graze his forearms with her boobs. Dan sighed at the touch, unable to help himself.

“So where are you going with the food?” she inquired.

Dan used his chin to point at the group of three guys and two girls.

“Looks like there’s room for me,” she pointed out.

All three of Dan’s friends perked up when Traci showed up with Dan. Selk, Dan’s roommate, jumped up for an immediate introduction.

“Down boy,” Traci said to the arising Nordic-looking stud. “I’m already taken by Dan.”

With that she looked over at Dan and gave him a quick wink that no one else could see. Dan gave her a slight smile in response, indicating that he understood.

Traci, now 31 and an accountant at a firm in New York, traditionally came to Florida for spring break every year to get a little rowdy and blow off steam, she told the group. She and a friend made the trip this year, and both were out at the beach partying, intending to meet up for dinner about 6six. Dan knew Traci went out on a lot of dates — after all, she was a beautiful vivacious woman — but last he knew she still wasn’t ready to settle down. He looked at her quizzically.

“I’m here with Ronnie. You remember her, don’t you?” she said to Dan.

Instant recognition came to Dan’s face. Ronnie — short for Veronica — was a gorgeous 5-foot-7 Greek goddess with long dark brown hair to her waist and deep dark brown eyes. She and Traci had been roommates for several years, and she had been at several of the Sunday dinners.

Almost imperceptibly, Traci looked at Dan’s crotch after mentioning Ronnie. She had caught Dan ogling her friend on more than one occasion.

“When she drifts over this way, we’ll grab her to even things up at four guys and four girls, but she can’t have you. You’re mine.”

Those last two words practically dripped out of her mouth with sex appeal. The three other guys in the group all flashed disappointed looks at Dan, who looked more shocked than anything. After all, even though no one in the group knew it, Traci was his aunt, and yet here she was, obviously flirting with him.

Traci practically stuck herself to Dan for the next hour, making sure to rub up against him when she could and leaning on him and into him while the group talked and snacked. By the time Ronnie drifted over, Traci knew everyone’s name and did the intros, starting with Dan. Traci gave Ronnie a quick wink as she introduced Dan, whom she had met several times before, but instead of introducing him as her nephew, Traci introduced Dan as “you remember my very good friend Dan, don’t you?” She then ran her hand absentmindedly down along the front of Dan’s cut-offs, and Ronnie noticed the boy’s eyes were glazing over. The others, seemingly mesmerized by Ronnie’s beauty, had no clue about the interaction between the friends.

Traci knew she was playing with fire flirting with her nephew, but after all, he was cute, and by flirting with him she kept the other guys at bay. Plus, she had to admit to herself that it was titillating to control Dan, sexually. He was having a tough time keeping his erection down in front of the crowd, and started to exhibit signs that his arousal was getting the better of him. Dan had the gaze of a stoner, Mavikent Escort Bayan and Traci smiled to herself, knowing that it was her he was high on.

A few minutes later, Traci whispered into Dan’s ear and the pair got up and went into the water to cool off. They walked into the water shoulder deep before Traci put her arms around Dan’s neck and pulled him in for a mouth to mouth kiss that made his dick jump to attention. At first, Dan was shocked, but as his dick started to respond, he started to return the kiss. Traci then rubbed his hard-on through his shorts as Dan’s tongue started to slide into her mouth.

“Mmm …” Traci cooed. “I like this.”

With that she squeezed Dan’s dick hard under the water. Dan’s knees buckled for a second before he got his balance.

“Maybe I should be calling you ‘not so Little Dan,'” Traci purred in his ear.

Dan had a brief moment of clarity that left when Traci put her lips back on his.

“Oh, shit,” he groaned into Traci’s mouth as she started to both squeeze and jack his dick through his shorts. Dan knew it was wrong, but what do you say to your beautiful, big-boobed aunt as she brings you off under the small waves coming into the beach.

“Aaaahhh … rrrrrrr … rrrr …” Dan hissed as he started coming in his shorts.

A couple of women in the water near-by both looked at him with raised eyebrows, apparently having figured out what Traci was doing. Traci was standing with her free arm around Dan’s waist, grinning like the proverbial cat that ate the canary, as Dan’s body finally stopped spasming in the water. She looked over at the two women watching and gave them a sweet smile as Dan leaned forward and tried to find solid footing. He didn’t look in the direction of the women watching, but his red face told all three he was aware of their presence.

When a more natural color finally returned to Dan’s face, Traci asked him if his friends wanted to join her and Ronnie for dinner and dancing. Dan just nodded.

Back on dry land, Traci invited the group to dinner and dancing, noting that she would pick up the dinner portion of the evening. With that incentive, everyone said they were in, and scheduled a time to meet up at the hotel where Ronnie and Traci were staying. The four boys went back to their hotel to clean up and change for the evening.

“How come you never told me about Traci, Bud,” Selk asked Dan as they traveled back to the hotel. “She’s fucking hot … and smart … and hot … and beautiful … and a walking wet dream. And Ronnie’s a god-damned goddess as well.”

Dan’s mind went into overdrive to come up with a plausible excuse for knowing Traci, without having to give up the fact she was his aunt. He decided to go with the lie closest to the truth.

“Our families have known each other since I was a baby,” Dan said. “In fact, Traci babysat me when I was a kid.”

“Could she babysit me tonight, Bud?” asked Bobby Hamilton as he drove the rental car back to the boys’ hotel.

Trying to play it cool, Dan looked at Bobby with mock anger.

“Are you out of your ever-loving mind? Why would I trade her off?” Dan responded. “Maybe if you’re lucky, you can get a dance out of her … but just one.”

Both Traci and Ronnie showed up at the restaurant dressed to draw attention, making the other two women feel like the ugly stepsisters. The four men were talking with the other two women — Debbie and Laura — from this afternoon, when Traci and Ronnie strolled up. Traci was wearing a tight short yellow sundress — obviously braless — while Ronnie was wearing a black crop top and a tight, short black skirt.

“Oh, come on, give the rest of us a chance,” Laura said in dismay.

“We 30-somethings have to fight dirty against you teenage beauties,” Ronnie responded, as all four women laughed.

Traci slid her way over to Dan, whose eyes gave her the third-degree as she neared.

“You OK? It looks like your pants might be a little too tight for you to breathe properly,” Traci whispered as she leaned in to plant a kiss on Dan’s lips.

“Jesus, Au …woman.” Dan choked out when their lips moved apart. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I can, and it’s fun,” Traci whispered back as she rubbed the front of Dan’s pants. “Tell me you’re not liking this, and I can stop.”

Traci’s green eyes practically danced as she looked at her nephew. Dan took a big swallow, and looked down at his shoes.

“Good answer,” Traci hissed back.

Traci spent the next two days practically glued to Dan. If the roles had been reversed, Dan might have been accused of molesting Traci, but he felt himself practically powerless to stop Traci, who spent a lot of time with her tongue in Dan’s mouth and her hands grazing his crotch. His friends naturally were jealous of his good fortune, but kept their razzing light, while the other women seemed to be amused by the play.

Always a confident woman, Traci Escort Mavikent felt empowered by the effect she had on her nephew, and she admitted to Ronnie in private that being Dan’s aunt added a delicious taste of the forbidden fruit to the game.

“I know it’s wrong … and my sister would probably have a heart attack if she knew … but he’s awfully cute, and funny. And I absolutely own him,” she related. “I can see that he knows it’s wrong, too. He gets that look in his eyes like he’s going to refuse me, and like two seconds later he can’t help himself. I’m like a drug and he’s an addict. He gets so into me that nothing else matters … and that is a huge turn-on!”

Dan and his buddies were flying back to school on Sunday, so after a beach day on Saturday afternoon and some bar-hopping Saturday night, Traci told Dan she wanted to head back to her hotel room for a little private time with her nephew. Despite what had been happening between the two of them for the last several days, Dan didn’t think anything wilder was going to happen than some more teasing — after all, Traci was still his aunt. And he had to admit, he did enjoy the teasing.

Dan carried in a six-pack of Budweiser and Traci said she was going to use the bathroom when they got back to the room. He turned on the television, popped a beer and put his feet on the low table in front of the sofa. Traci joined him on the sofa a minute later, but instead of the jeans and T-shirt she had been wearing, she was now wearing a tight, white tank top that barely came down to her belly-button, and a small pair of white bikini panties that seemed to be painted on. Her long brown hair hung loose to just about the same spot as Dan’s eye gaze, nipple-level.

“Holy shit, Traci,” Dan whispered when Traci plopped down on the sofa next to him, causing her large firm breasts to bounce before settling.

Traci reached over to the small table and grabbed the can of beer Dan was drinking from, put it to her lips and took long pull. Dan reached for the rest of the six-pack, getting himself a new beer and popping the top. He continued to pretend to be watching whatever was on the screen while Traci slowly oozed from the spot she was sitting on to right up against Dan’s right side. The long fingernails on her left hand then started casually drumming on Dan’s crotch.

“What does a girl have to do to get a little attention around here?” she cooed.

“Oh shit, Traci,” Dan croaked. “We can’t be doing this. You’re Mom’s sister, for crying out loud.”

“Yeah, but nobody here knows that except you, me and Ronnie. She’s not here, but even if she was, she’s not going to tell anybody. And I’m certainly not going to tell anybody. That just leaves … you.”

Traci then leaned in and gently chewed on Dan’s bottom lip. Dan moaned softly, turned his head to his aunt and gave her a deep passionate kiss as his heart started to beat wildly in his chest.

“That’s better,” Traci purred as she straddled Dan’s lap and faced him a mere three inches away. “Now show Aunt Traci why she’s your favorite relative.”

Five minutes later both were naked on the sofa, and the tip of Dan’s hard dick was slick as Traci held the appendage in her hand and licked it like a lollipop. Dan’s hands were gently rubbing Traci’s large breasts, her nipples distended with her arousal. She gently pulled Dan upright and straddled him once more, this time with his cock sliding easily into the warmest wettest pussy he had encountered in his young life. She slowly sank down until the tip of Dan’s cock bumped her cervix, and then held still for a moment. When she looked over at Dan, his eyes were open but not seeing. She slowly started to rock herself on his member.

Although Traci knew Dan was not a virgin, she figured she easily was the more experienced of the two of them, and as such, it was up to her to instruct Dan a bit — not only for his pleasure, but for hers as well. She found Dan a willing student, and after a couple of subtle shifts, they were moving at a nice pace and Traci was feeling her first orgasm building. Ten minutes later, Traci was pistoning up and down on Dan’s cock when she suddenly stiffened and started making unintelligible noises, culminating in a small shriek. Dan had grabbed both of her hips to keep the two of them connected, and continued to pump slowly while Traci finished her orgasm. When she was done, she rested her head on Dan’s shoulder as he came to a stop.

“Goddamn, that was good, Danny-Boy!” she exclaimed in a stage-whisper.

Dan sat her back and looked at his aunt. She was sweaty, her hair was tousled and what little eye make-up she had on was running. He thought he had never seen a more beautiful woman, and he was buried as deep inside of her as he could get. He started to stroke in and out again, watching her big tits as they bounced in rhythm with their motion, and it wasn’t long before he came so strongly that he felt like he was going to split Traci in two. As he surged forward, he caught a glimpse of Traci riding his cock with her back arched and her eyes closed tight, and he figured it must have been as good for her as it was for him. He figured correctly as a split-second later Traci came a second time, giving him a glazed over look as she moaned and yelled to completion.

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