Aunt Trisha

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My first memory of her was when I was about four, she lived in central Louisiana, and we lived in the Southern part of Arkansas. There were no family reunions or such events that I can think of, so we never saw much of Moms side of the family. But that first vision of her has stuck in my mind every since that day.

She is only 14 years older than I am, and her sandy blonde hair was stuck to her face from the hot summers day drive to our house. She jumped out of the car so young and full of energy, her pale blue eyes shimmering with the love she had for me, as she grabbed me up in her arms and swung me around in circles. Going on and on about how much I had grown since she had last seen me when I was two years old. All I remember of that day was how she smothered me in kisses and kept me by her side all that day.

When she turned of age, she joined the NAVY, so after that the only time I ever got to see her was during Christmas vacations or a funeral, that has continued until this day, 44 years later. One thing about her, is she does love her career, she has been married twice, divorced once, and her last husband passed away, he was a career NAVY man. I often got post cards from her as she was stationed around the world, Spain, London, Virginia, and now in Texas.

It was great to have her where it would not be a two day drive to see her finally, and after this time she will finally retire. I took a week off from work to go try to help her get settled in to the house she was leasing until she retired, knowing she would be rushed to get everything done, before having to take over the job of the person she was replacing due to their own retirement.

The only change in Aunt Trisha’s appearance to me was, she was shorter than I remember as a child, (only because I had grown to 6’1″) and her hair was about half gray and half sandy blonde, the lines around her eyes only made her smiles more loving when she looked at you. Being only 5’5″ herself I basically towered over her when I gave her a hug, I teased her with a kiss on top of her head, saying if I leaned over that far for a kiss, I might throw my back out. She laughed and poked me in my ribs, reminding me she was my elder and to be good. I had always loved her because she had such a great sense of humor, though very religious, you could get away with more around her than the rest of moms family, and she had told some off color jokes to me before. I guess after that many years in the NAVY, you hear some choice jokes.

Well, after getting my things from the car and into her new place, I asked her, “Well Commander, what’s the game plan?”

“Oh let’s see, we can unpack these boxes and that’s really about it until the movers get here tomorrow with all my household things. It should only take a couple of hours, then perhaps we can go have some seafood if you’d like.”

“That sounds great then, let’s get busy.” and I grabbed a box as she lead me to where it needed to be. We talked about her career and mine as we put things in their places, how come my marriage had failed, things that had been happening the past few years while she was overseas. General small talk to pass the time, before I knew it we had finished and were walking to my car to go eat.

Since neither one of us was familiar with Corpus Christi, we drove around and saw some of the sights, we weren’t starving so we took our time. I saw a nice restaurant and pulled in the drive, after I parked I ran around and opened her door for her, reminding her that Chivalry was not dead, it was just in a closet somewhere, with a grin.

I took her by the arm and in the place we went like we owned it. They gave us a nice table by the window and we could see the boats as they passed in the canal. It was really a beautiful place, we ordered a drink, which surprised me, not knowing she drank alcoholic beverages. And we watched the seagulls as they flew around, stealing each others food, laughing at their antics, I really enjoyed myself, truthfully, more than I can remember than I had in many years.

Our food arrived, steaming plates of boiled Shrimp, fried speckled trout, hush puppies and cold slaw, a feast fit for anyone who loves seafood, which we both do.

Our conversation was casual and most enjoyable as I listened to many of the experiences she had in those many years of service. I reminded her of the hat she had sent me from the ship she was on during the Gulf War, how the sailors on a passing ship had hung out a sheet that they had painted “SEND NURSE’S!” as a joke. Aunt Trisha loved her work as a Nurse, and was continually being trained with new procedures.

I could listen to her stories all night, she has such a soft spoken way about her, and her words flowed like music as I sat and listened to her. We had one more drink then left the restaurant, I took my time going back to her place, enjoying her company. We arrived at her place, went in, and sat on the couch discussing what would go where when her furniture got here. It had been a long day so we said goodnight, Gaziantep Escort her going to her bedroom and me making a bed on the couch.

I woke up to her moving around in the kitchen as she made coffee, I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and got up, stretched and looked at her. Her eyes were on my crotch, my morning woody stood out eagerly waiting to pee. I blushed and grabbed my pants and threw them on. She grinned as she poured us a cup of coffee while I went and peed.

I felt like a goof as I peed, forgetting I was in my underwear when I got up, her seeing me like that, shit! At least she was cool about it.

I went in and sat with her, drinking our coffee we wondered what time the movers would be there. She suggested we sit on the porch while we drank our coffee and chat while we waited. As usual she didn’t disappoint me with her stories, and her interest in what had been going on in my own life.

We finished our coffee and she started cooking our breakfast, I watched her as she flowed around the kitchen, gathering up the utensils she needed, her robe opening up just enough, showing just enough skin of her chest to intrigue me. Soon breakfast was ready and we sat to eat. She said a prayer, blessing us the food and our time together, We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast and I helped her clean up. Shortly after we finished eating the moving company called saying they would be there within the hour. Dressing in a hurry we prepared for their arrival, we were sitting on her porch drinking another cup of coffee as they drove up, she went to giving them instructions on what went where, while we began putting her personal things up from the boxes as they came inside. It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would before the movers were done and leaving. Now all that was left was the rest of her unpacking.

She got to work on boxes marked Kitchen, and I took some to her bedroom marked for it, once there, I didn’t think twice about opening one and start putting things up. Finishing one box, I opened the next, and was surprised when getting towards the bottom of it that I saw a package wrapped up in brown paper. I unwrapped it and my eyes popped open, there were some personal sex toys in it that I am sure she wouldn’t want me to know she had.

As I was re-wrapping them she walked in, I heard her before I saw her as she gasped, I turned to look at her and saw her hand covering her mouth and her face red as could be. I had to laugh at her shock, when she finally looked me in the eyes, taking one of the toys in my hand I held it up, “Wish they had some things for men as fun looking as some of these!” She looked as if she could have died from her embarrassment as I shook the vibrator and hummed.

She walked over and took it from me, “Some things are a little personal if you don’t mind!”

“Oh, come on now, don’t get huffy, everyone does something to that effect. And I promise, I won’t tell the family your such a pervert!” I laughed again, she finally saw the humor in it and laughed with me. “Heck, someday I could use a demonstration of how they are used, me being such an innocent young man and all.”

“I don’t think so Charley, as I said before, some things are private.”

Well, I wouldn’t mind seeing a show anyway, I grabbed another box and got busy. Soon it was time for lunch and I decided it was going to be my treat, we went and had a light lunch so we wouldn’t be overly full when we got back to her place. The afternoon flew by and soon we had most of the things put away. Around 7 that evening I decided we should celebrate her new place with a bottle of Tequila, so I went and bought one.

We took shots for a bit, and it wasn’t long before we both were feeling no pain, and I was feeling a bit on the wild side, tequila does that to me. “Shit Aunt Trisha, we should go out and have some fun tonight. Let’s go to a club, dance some or something, who knows, we might both get lucky!”

She laughed, “That’s the last thing I need, is another man in my life.”

“OK then, We might find us both a woman then!” I burst out laughing at the look on her face.

“I don’t think so Charley.” She smiled.

“Well, some of the stories I’ve heard about you NAVY Women, You never know.”

We got cleaned up some and took off, after finding a nice looking club we went inside, they played some good music so I took her hand, “Come on. Let’s do it!” and off to the dance floor we went. I was shocked at how well she danced, and she looked great in her light dress as she moved on the dance floor. We danced for awhile and drank awhile, all in all, I had a wonderful time.

Turns out Aunt Trisha was a lot of fun on a night out, and the few slow dances we had only showed me how nice a body she had as she pressed tightly against me. She could make some moves for sure. Before we knew it, it was closing time and we had to leave. On the drive home, she told me she had not had that much fun in a long time. I had to agree, I had not either. Walking Gaziantep Escort Bayan to her door when we got to her place, she was weaving as she walked, so I took her arm in mine and she leaned on me for support, giggling like a high school girl.

I took her keys and unlocked the door, semi-holding her up as I did, her head on my side and my free arm around her. We got inside and I kicked the door shut as we headed for the couch, she flopped down on it, giving a deep sigh as she relaxed, her head on the back of it, a smile on her face. I sat beside her a foot or so away, and clicked the TV on, slid my shoes off and put them on her coffee table, thankfully cable came with the place and HBO had one a movie on that showed a lot of naked men and women on, as porno as they could get anyway.

Aunt Trisha watched as a couple showed some extreme variations of what could be done. “I didn’t know they could show this on TV.” She exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, they are getting better everyday Aunt Trisha, you never know what’s going to be on now days.”

She watched in silence and I was getting a little excited looking at the beautiful women they showed, my only complaint was all the women had fake tits, I never understood why women did that, it’s not like you cant tell they are fake. I just always preferred a natural woman, and not shaved, I figured if God wanted women to have a bald pussy, he would’ve made them that way.

Aunt Trisha was relaxing more and more, and she had put her feet on the coffee table too, one leg stretched out and the other bent at the knee. Her dress had ridden up almost her panty line, showing me a very nice view of her firm leg, her hand laid near her thigh and I saw her fingers moving in small circles on it. She was getting turned on watching this, and I was getting turned on watching her. Not the thoughts you should have about your Aunt, but I didn’t care.

I reached for the bottle of Tequila we had left on the table before we went out and took a swig, passing her the bottle, she turned to get it and I saw her legs open wide when she turned to get it, very sexy panties, thin, almost see through, other than the small area covering her pussy, and showing all her glory to me. She didn’t realize she had done it as she took a drink, I just stared at her pussy.

“Damn, this movie is sexy.” She told me as she passed the bottle back to me. “Yes it is, Makes me wish I had found a woman at the club, I know I could use one right now.” I told her.

Her eyes changed suddenly when she looked into mine, “You have one in front of you Charley!” Then she leaned over and kissed me in a way an Aunt doesn’t kiss her Nephew, a deep hot tongue kiss. Her arms pulled me close to her and her hand dropped to my hard cock, squeezing it lightly, “Oh, you can use a woman can’t you!” I watched as she unzipped my pants, then pulled them open giving her an easy path to my cock.

I sat back as she pulled it out, looking at it with a hunger, as her hand wrapped around it and pulled on me slightly. Her many years of nursing showed as she gently jacked me off a minute, before dropping her face to it, kissing it all over and licking the sweat off me from our evenings dancing. I heard her moaning as she inhaled my smell, then started sucking me in earnest. I sat there, pants pulled down to my knees, watching my Aunt as she sucked my cock, my hands in her hair, her neck muscles working overtime as she bounced her face on me.

She knew what she was doing to me and I swear I could feel her smiling as she sucked it deep in her hot mouth, her tongue running along the underside of it as she got into what she was doing. One of her hands was under my balls, lifting and squeezing them as she sucked me off, she knew how to use her fingernails on the underside, the things she could do was shocking. Funny, how you never think of an Aunt or and try not to think of a Parent doing these things.

I didn’t think about it much more as my pleasure and arousal was increasing with each breath I took. My hips pushed towards her face each time she dropped her head to me, she never flinched as I felt my cock pass down her throat and felt her nose pressing into my pubic hair. All I could do was lay back and enjoy how it felt as she got more and more excited as she fucked my face. Her hand dropped to her panties and I saw her slide her fingers under the edge of them as she played with herself. Her moans coming fro deep within her throat and I felt the vibrations of it as she did.

Just as I thought I could take no more, she lifted her head, looked at me and said, “Oh fuck Charley, It’s been so long since I’ve had anyone inside me. Give it all to me tonight!”

I stood up and kicked off my pants, tore my shirt off as she looked at my body while I was standing there nude in front of her, I then stood her up and kissed her cock sucking lips, and helped her undress. She had on the sexiest panties I could ever remember seeing and no bra. Her breasts had a small amount of sag Escort Gaziantep to them, the dark nipples standing out proudly, I bent down and pulled her panties off, exposing her thick covered curly haired pussy, I kissed her belly and slowly kissed down to her waiting pussy. She opened her legs giving me room to force my face between her thighs and I inhaled the fragrance of her sex, before I licked her pussy.

She took my face between her hands and held me there as I worked my tongue over her wet slit, I could feel her legs trembling as I hit her clit, I ate her out for a minute before she needed to sit down. I followed her with my face as she sat down, legs open for me, the slick slit waiting for me to resume the pace I had started. I looked up as I licked her hairy pussy, her eyes closed and her fingertips pulling on her

nipples as she grew closer to coming, it wasn’t going to take long I could tell from the way she trashed around on the couch, her hips bouncing side to side as she pushed her pussy in my face.

Her legs raised up and her feet on the edge of the couch which gave me even more area to attack with my tongue, I ran the entire length of her slick spit covered pussy lips, down to the brown puckered asshole which was convulsing as she hit her orgasm. I forced my tongue as deep in her tight butt as I could and her hands grabbed my head forcing me deeper. I could feel her orgasm on my face, when she came her asshole clenched on my tongue and I felt a splash of her juices when she spurted out a clear warm liquid on my face.

She screamed out as she came, “Fuck Yes! Eat my pussy, lick my ass, fuck yes, Oh It’s so fucking good, don’t stop, not yet, please don’t stop yet!” and she came again. I had no intentions of stopping yet, I had wanted this all my life and now that I had it I wasn’t eager to let it go. Her convulsions slowed and her breathing slowed down some, it was then I moved up and aimed my hard cock at her wet opening, I pushed my hips forward and slid in with ease.

She was so ready, and wetter than anyone I had ever had before. I felt the ridges of her outer and inner pussy lips as I slowly inserted my entire 8″s inside her hot box. She took a deep breath, “Oh Yes, do it Charley, fuck me now!”

I didn’t need to be told as I started fucking her, her legs around my hips pulling me to her as she in turn was fucking me back with a vengeance, eager to have another orgasm, this time with a hard hot cock instead of one of her toys. Her passion had no boundaries as she let loose, we both had a sheen of sweat on our bodies as we pumped harder and faster, bringing each other closer to our goals. She worked her vaginal muscles on me, working them like tiny fingers on my hard on, almost as if it would pull me deeper in her, she was a most talented woman for sure. And any man would be fortunate to have her as a lover or a wife.

I told her I couldn’t hold back much longer, that only make her more passionate in her attempt to force my spunk from me. “I want on top Charley, Let me get on top!”

We stopped only long enough for me to lay on the floor and her to jump back on me, sticking my pussy slick cock back inside her, she leaned over and began to hump me again, then whispered in my ear, “Spank my ass Charley, Spank me for being such a nasty slut!”

I could only obey as she lay on me, I actually had never spanked anyone during sex, and was more than willing to try anything once, twice if I liked it. Well I found I did like spanking her firm ass, I started out easy, but that was not what she seemed to want as she said, “Spank me like you mean it, don’t hold back, spank my ass hard!” I hit her harder and the harder I spanked her, the more she came undone on my cock. I had a hard time keeping her from out fucking me with each blow on her ass. I watched her inner thigh muscles strain as she forced her body to move in a rapid up and down on me. The ligaments stuck out when she pushed up, her hands assisting her by pushing against my chest, then slamming her crotch downwards to get as much of me inside her as she could.

She had stopped humping on me as I spanked her, her fingers went to her pussy and rubbed her clit furiously as she shook violently when another orgasm overcame her. One hand rubbing her wet hairy pussy and the other one pulling and pinching her nipple, it was a sight to behold. After her orgasm subsided she once again started grinding her hips on mine, working the inner muscles of her vagina on my throbbing hard on, I stopped spanking her and ran my fingertip under her ass along the backside of her wet pussy, smearing the juices on it, then I ran a circle around her tight brown asshole, and slowly inserted the tip of it in her butt.

A small gasp escaped her lips when she felt the pressure of my finger enter her tight asshole, and she pressed back to it, her hips moving in circles, pussy working on my cock and asshole clinching on my finger. I would have never thought Aunt Trisha was so sexual, so wanting, so needing.

I could not stand it anymore and began to fuck her hard and fast, her pussy making squishing sounds as I slammed my cock in her as deep as possible. Moans came from both of us as I felt the pressure in my balls finally come to a head, I felt my ejaculation shoot from my cock with a force I never felt before.

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