Auntie Lola

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I’m Brad, 27 years old, 6 ft 2 in, 190 lb, brown hair, and light blue eye. I exercise regularly and am in reasonable shape. Lola Monroe, my partner, is 48 years old, 5 ft 4 in, 115 lb, short and dense blonde hair, green eyes, short nose, and high cheek bones. She is a positive person with a bubbly personality. Lola is in good shape: a relatively flat tummy, plump-34C boobs, narrow 22-in waist; she also has a flawless complexion. Besides inherited good genes, couple of times during a week, she played doubles tennis and exercised on a treadmill at home.

She was an elementary school teacher and her husband, Herb Monroe, was a sales executive of a large company. He was a big man, a bit overweight, with a full head of grey hair and deep-blue eyes. He was a distant cousin of my dad, but Lola was not a relative. He had the two-story home built with three bedrooms and a Florida room on the top floor; the guest bedroom and Lola’s den were on the ground floor. They were members of a club that, in addition to a golf course, had indoor tennis courts.

My parents worked at the same club. I learned that that my dad had girlfriends and neglected my mom. My mom was not happy; she and my dad fought a lot and that situation made me uncomfortable to stay at home. After my mom died in an automobile accident when I was about 11 years old, my dad began to spend long hours at the club, and I turned to the Monroes for guidance. After my 18th birthday, Lola hired me to do chores. Besides paying for my work, she offered me caramel brownies she loved to bake. With Herb traveling during most weekdays, Lola appreciated my help with chores. I also helped when Lola and Herb hosted large groups of their friends. I loved to watch her all dressed up, especially her well-toned legs clad in black thigh highs and sexy cleavage in low-neck dresses.

During one party, I went to the large storage closet to pick up couple of beverage bottles. I picked up two bottles of wine and was about to leave when I heard whispers at the back. I saw a man humping a woman with a wide ass who had bent over; I could not see the woman’s face, but when the man turned his head, I saw it was Herb. When I returned to the kitchen, I saw Lola looking angrily at an older, drunk, man who was standing against the wall.

When I was about to leave, Lola grasped my hand, and said, “Stay with me; you are the only sober man here.”

She looked lovely in her red, low-neck, sleeve-less, dress that came to her knees; pearl necklace and ear rings, black thigh highs, and pink high-heel shoes; she also smelled nice of floral perfume.

Later, after the party ended, as I was helping Lola clean up, she explained, “Thank you for helping me. Herb has gone to bed. I need to unwind. Have a soda with me.”

I said, “Sure,” and fixed two glasses of caffeine-free ginger ale.

She said, “That was Herb’s boss, Sam, forcing himself on me. He was drunk. According to him, it’s a payment for Herb’s big bonus; I told him I didn’t know of such a deal. Just before you came in to the kitchen with the wine bottles, he said that Herb was banging his wife. I suspected Herb was having affairs, but it still hurts.”

I said, “I’m sorry. I wish I could help you. By the way, you look beautiful in the new dress.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you. I’m glad you like my new dress,” and added, “My feet are hurting. Be a dear and massage them.”

I slid to my knees in front of her, placed both of her nylon-covered feet on my thighs, and massaged them from toes to heels. As I slowly moved my hands to rub her legs, she did not object. She slowly moved her right foot to press against my cock lump. When I looked at her face, she had a smile and her eyes were closed.

Later, she said, “Thank you for all your help. It’s late. Stay here tonight; sleep on the sofa in my den,” and, after kissing me on my cheek, went to bed.

I could not sleep, so I looked in the photo albums and discovered Halloween photos of Lola dressed as a cheerleader: a gorgeous 21 year-old babe dressed in sleeveless blouses, dangling-white plastic- ear rings, and short plaid skirts. She looked very sexy when she held two pompons high over her head; I stared at those photos memorizing every little detail of her sexy curves. I jacked off imagining I was licking her crotch. She also looked very alluring in several photos of her on a swing. I also discovered several volumes of Lola’s journal in which she wrote details of her life; for instance, that Herb insisted she suck his cock frequently and they made love only in the missionary position.


I became a competent computer and electronics technician. I had an active social life and Lola was glad I was dating young women. Due to my carelessness, I got one young woman pregnant; she and I got married in Tampa, her hometown. I cared for her. But when our son, Todd, was a year old, my wife filed for divorce. I provide child support for Todd and visit him several times a month; I am glad he is with his mom and loving grandparents. Konak Escort While I long to love a woman and be loved, I do not want to have more children.

Several times, when I drove to see Todd, Lola went with me to visit her 60-year old aunt, Nell Hayes, who lived near Tampa, especially when her uncle was ill and after he passed away. Nell is an active and attractive lady; a few months after she became a widow, a number of potential suitors began to call her.


After I turned 21, Lola began to confide to me about the lipstick marks and traces of different perfumes she would find on Herb’s shirts; she also began to flirt with me when I was with her. One day, she invited me to play mixed doubles tennis with her. I agreed; while playing, surreptitiously, I ogled her tight ass, tapered thighs, and toned legs, and her jiggling boobs in her revealing tennis outfit.

On the way home, Lola said, “Herb was to return from a meeting on Thursday. He called to tell me he is not returning until Saturday evening. The annual dinner of the tennis group is at the club house on Friday evening. Please go to the banquet with me. You know many of the members.”

I agreed and on Friday, I put on my best clothes. Lola dressed in a low-neck-short-red dress that revealed her sexy cleavage; her well-toned legs were clad in black thigh highs, low-heel black shoes, and diamond ear rings and a gold-plated necklace. She also put on the familiar floral perfume.

As I drove, Lola said, “Some woman called wanting to talk to Herb. She told me that Herb promised to marry her.”

I became angry and said to her, “Dump that no-good husband. You’re a beautiful lady. You will meet a good man.”

Surprised at my reaction, she asked, “Do I look like a rich and beautiful star?”

I mumbled, “You’re lovely; you could have played Genie on TV.”

Lola said, “I’m glad you remembered my Halloween costume,” and, to tease me, said, “You’re too young for me.”

She was more surprised when I blurted out, “Age does not matter. There are several women who have younger male partners. Mona, the high school librarian, is dating a young guy after divorcing her philandering husband. I will take care of you.”

In a serious tone, Lola said, “I like you as a friend. I will not leave my husband.”

After a pause, I asked, “What if he contracts a disease from one of the women?”

As we entered the club parking lot, she said, “Yes, that’s my big concern.”

The dinner went well. Lola received a trophy for winning the women’s doubles final together with Mona. After the ceremonies ended, I hugged her and congratulated her.


As we were walking to her car, Lola listened to her phone messages, and muttered, “Great. Now, he is not coming home until Sunday. I bet he is with one of his bimbos,” and we rode in silence to her home; I knew Lola was hurt deeply.

At her home, Lola said, “Come in. Fix me a glass of Zinfandel. I want to check Herb’s email; he leaves his pass word on a post-it note on the monitor.”

When I returned with the glass of wine, Lola was reading email messages from various women to Herb and looking at some of their photos.

After looking at a few photos, with tears in her eyes, she said, “I guess he has been seeing other women for a long time. He does not want me. Now, I’ve to learn to be on my own again.”

She put on dance music, began to sway to the music, and after she beckoned me to join her, she said, “Thank you for being with me,” and blurted out, “I was afraid of contracting a disease from Herb. We have not been intimate for six months,” and I saw tears in her eyes.

She whispered, “Hug me,” and I hugged her in a protective embrace as we danced slowly. After nudging my head down, she French kissed me.

Later, with her back towards me and my arms around her waist, she swayed to the music. Feeling her firm buttocks against me and smelling her perfume, my cock got stiff; I was afraid Lola would pull away from me, but she continued to sway and rubbed her buttocks against my crotch.

Lola placed my arms around her waist, and said, “After all the years of being faithful to him, taking care of him, and making a home, I feel betrayed. I think I’m still attractive: I’ve a beautiful face, large boobs, narrow waist, and firm buttocks. You certainly seem to like me,” and pressed her buttocks against my still stiff cock.

I said, “You’re a beautiful lady. I care for you,” and planted several kisses on her neck.

Languidly, Lola lifted her arms and placed her hands behind my neck, and continued to rub her buttocks against my crotch. While kissing her neck, I grasped her covered boobs.

For several minutes, Lola allowed me to fondle her covered boobs and kiss her neck, and then said “You have been a faithful friend,” and led to me to a sofa.

She cuddled in my arms. Gently, I rubbed her forehead, ran my fingers through her hair, and Konak Escort Bayan kissed her soft lips, perfumed neck, and sexy cleavage. I held her hands and kissed her delicate fingers; I noted that she painted her fingernails bright red. I heard her breathing softly. I knew she had an emotional day.

As I rubbed her nylon-covered lower thighs and legs, she mumbled, “Rub my feet, love,” and moaned when I massaged her feet, toes, and legs.

As she continued to moan, I moved my hands and rubbed her lower thighs. I paused at the elastic of her thigh highs and looked at Lola’s face. As she was looking at me, I placed my right hand on her red panties-covered pussy; she smiled and spread her legs. Her panties around her pussy had become wet.

When I licked Lola’s wet panties couple of times, she mumbled, “It’s nasty. I am excited being with you.”

I said, “I love it,” and continued to lick.

Wanting better access to Lola’s pussy, I pulled off her panties. In the subdued lighting, I could not see her crotch, but by feeling with my lips, I knew her crotch was hairy; her labia were thick and became slick due to my licking. Her pussy smelled like a floral perfume mixed with honey and tasted almond-like.

When the wall phone in the kitchen began to ring, Lola said, “That’s Nell. Only she calls me this late on this phone,” and, after gently pushing my face away from her crotch, got up, went to the kitchen, and, after leaning over the L-shaped counter, began to talk on the phone.

I saw her inviting bare buttocks, quickly walked to the kitchen, and slid to my knees behind her. Slowly, I rubbed her thigh highs-covered legs and thighs, and her meaty buttocks. When I spooned her pussy with my tongue, she tilted her ass up to give me better access to her juicy cunt. After couple of minutes of fondling her buttocks and licking her pussy, I nudged her to turn to face me, lifted her to sit on the counter, and placed one leg on each section of the L-shapes. She blushed when she realized her pussy was exposed completely, but could not say any thing in to the phone. I resumed licking her slick clit and labia. Just about the time she ended her conversation on the phone, she pushed my head in to her pussy and, as I pressed her clit with my tongue, she had a long-lasting orgasm.

Later, after recovering from her orgasm, she whispered, “That was the first time a man brought me an orgasm orally. I know you care for me,” and, blushing added, “Making out is ok, but I’m not ready for intercourse,” and led me to the living room sofa.

She removed her dress and helped me undress; after I removed all my clothes, she sat on my right side, grasped my stiff cock, and examined the cock head and traced the veins on the cock. I put my right arm around her back and grasped her bra-covered right boob.

She said, “I should pump it. Right?”

I hissed, “Yes.”

As she slowly pumped my cock, she whispered in awe, “It’s so warm and throbbing, “and giggled when she first saw of drops of my cum ooze out of it; she giggled more when jets of cum flew out of it and landed on my chest and on my stomach.

After we cleaned up and got dressed, she said, “I’m really tired,” and fell asleep with her head in my lap.

Carefully, I carried her to the guest bedroom, laid her on the bed, kissed her on the lips, and covered her with a light blanket. As I drove home, I realized Lola was grieving for her shattered marriage.


I assumed Lola and Herb were working to iron out the problems in their marriage, but Lola called after a week, and said, “Would you play mixed doubles with me in the club tournament?”

“Yes,” I said.

Our first round match on a Friday evening was relatively easy. I managed to focus on playing tennis without getting distracted by Lola’s white, long-sleeve, low-neck, blouse, and a very short, pleated skirt, and tennis panties. Lola hardly perspired, a characteristic I noted a few years ago. After the match, we stopped at a popular sports bar for food and drinks.

While sipping wine, Lola said, “Herb left for a sales meeting in Atlanta. After the meeting he is going to watch a golf tournament in Augusta. He is not coming back till Sunday. I guess he decided to abandon me. He told me I’m free to do whatever I want.”

I held her hands and said, “I’m sorry. You’re a beautiful woman who deserves to be treated well. It’s a warm day, why are you wearing a long-sleeve blouse?”

“I have a bruise; I fell against the book case.”

I asked, “How did you fall?”

With tears in her eyes, she said, “It was my fault; I confronted Herb.”

I said, “I’m sorry. May I see the bruise?”

“Yes. Later.”

After Lola finished her second glass of wine and freshened up, I drove her home. At her home, she slipped the blouse over her left shoulder and showed me the large bruise near the top of her arm. I noted that she had put make up over it.

Gently, I kissed the bruise and said, “You deserve Escort Konak better than being shoved aside.”

She said, “Thanks. After I change clothes, I’ll bring caramel brownies I baked for you.”

I blurted out, “Don’t change. You look great.”

She stood still blushing and smiling. I grasped her hands and gently nudged her towards me; soon, I had my dream woman sitting in my lap with her left arm around my neck and her left boob pressed against my chest.

Looking in to my eyes, she smiled, kissed my lips, ran her fingers through my hair, and said, “Ok, baby. I won’t change my dress. Take off your shirt. I want to feel your muscular chest.”

As she rubbed my chest, my cock got stiff, and she whispered, “Something is poking my bottom.”

I mumbled, “I can’t help it. You’re a gorgeous woman,” and rubbed her smooth arms, and firm legs and lower thighs.

She French kissed me and said, “I’m flattered. I’ve to freshen up. Please make coffee for us,” and went upstairs.

I finished setting up the coffee maker when Lola entered the kitchen. She had applied a fresh coat of lipstick and smelled of fresh perfume. As she was transferring the baked caramel brownies on to plates, I hugged her from behind, and pressed my cock lump in to her buttocks. In response, Lola moaned softly, pressed her buttocks firmly in to me. Wanting to kiss her sexy buttocks, I got on my knees, lifted Lola’s short skirt up, and, as she squealed in surprise, kissed and fondled her panties-clad buttocks; I noticed she changed in to sheer, white, silk, panties.

After several minutes, Lola said, “The coffee is ready. Let’s eat the brownies. When did you begin to obsess about me in tennis outfits?”

I said, “It began when we played a mixed doubles match after my 18th birthday; you looked very sexy in the sleeve-less short tennis dress.”

Giggling, Lola said, “No wonder, we lost that match. Do you remember that?”

I grinned and said, “I did my best. I got excited.”

After we sat on the living room sofa, Lola said, “You played well today,” and, after taking a bite of a brownie, French kissed me.

I kissed her back passionately. As our kisses became very passionate, I slipped her dress off of her shoulders to her waist, and grasped her bra-encased boobs. In turn, she rubbed my cock lump.

As I rubbed her panties-covered pussy, Lola moaned softly. I got on my knees and suckled her bra-covered boobs and kissed her smooth thighs. I lifted her legs and kissed her panties-covered pussy; I was grateful she changed in to sheer panties. I focused on licking her covered clit and vagina; Lola held my head lovingly, and moaned softly.

She began to mumble, “Baby. Oh, baby. I love it. I’m close. Keep going, keep going,” and then her crotch convulsed wildly on my mouth signaling an intense orgasm.

Then she saw my passion-filled face, touched my right cheek, and said, “Poor baby, you need relief. It was selfish of me to not think of you. I need more time to sleep with you. You know what I mean?”

I mumbled, “Yes,” and continued to fondle Lola’s meaty buttocks.

Lola stood up, removed her tennis dress, and, as she walked in her bra and underwear to the dimly-lit powder room, beckoned me to follow her.

She stood in front of the vanity and the mirror above it, and said, “Take off your shorts and love me. Don’t go in.”

After Lola placed my hands around her waist, I nestled my raging hard-on between her buttocks. She then lifted my hands to her bra-covered breasts.

I mumbled, “I’ll soil your panties.”

She smiled and whispered, “They are already soiled,” referring to her oozing love juice.

She lifted her arms and placed her hands behind my neck to expose her underarms and armpits. As I kissed her neck, fondled her boobs, and rubbed her armpits, she trapped my cum-oozing cock between her thighs. As my stiff cock oozed cum between her thighs, I enjoyed every moment fondling Lola’s large boobs and exploring her voluptuous body with my hands and eyes, and kissing her neck.

After a while, as I began to moan, she placed a soft towel at the tip of my cock, and whispered, “Cum for me, Brad,” and I groaned loudly as multiple jets of cum erupted out of my cock on the towel and Lola’s panties.

Smiling, Lola said, “I’m glad we took care of that,” and, as I used a hand towel to clean up, she added, “I hate to be alone in this big house.”

Softly, I said, “I would love to sleep here overnight.”

She said, “Not in my bed; you can sleep in my den. Do you need pajamas?”

She blushed when I said, “No, I sleep in the nude.”

After we watched TV for a while, Lola said, “I’ve to get ready for bed. You know where my den and the powder room are,” and left after kissing me lightly on the lips.

It was about midnight. I was reading a magazine as I was not sleepy. I heard a knock and the door opened slowly. It was Lola in a pink, silk, night gown.

She sat on the bed and said, “I bought this night gown to entice Herb to love me,” and began to cry.

I pulled her in to my arms, kissed her eyes, and said, “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault.”

She mumbled, “Thanks,” and lay down on my right side with her right arm around my chest and her right thigh over my lower thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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