Aunt’s Plan Ch. 10

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Last chapter, thanks everyone for reading and those who have given me comments and sent emails. I read them and I take them all into consideration. It’s the longest story I’ve written so thanks again for hanging in there with me.


I went right to bed that Wednesday night though it was still early when I arrived home.

Aunt Penny had instructed me to avoid Mom and I decided to obey. I had been drained either way. Aunt Penny could satisfy me sexually… for a while. She had a plan and I trusted it would pay off but I knew I couldn’t stay away from Mom for long.

In Thursday’s morning gym session I admired the two women. Aunt Penny had a playful attitude, she teased me with her looks. Mom on the other hand, consciously or unconsciously, showed her need for me in various ways.

This attitude continued through the day and I discovered the fun in it. Aunt Penny would discreetly grab my sack and I would return her gestures. A hand on her ass, holding her boobs from behind her, minor things. She didn’t want to escalate things even when possible.

With Mom I acted indifferent. She wanted to have a conversation but I gave her short answers that didn’t lead anywhere. I could tell she wasn’t taking it well, she seemed slightly hurt. In an act of desperation she decided to bend over that evening in front of me. I was walking through the kitchen and she unashamedly grabbed a towel and bent down to scrub the clean floor.

I stopped and looked. What a cute ass in her office skirt. It was difficult to only stare so I turned around and walked away without a word.

Later that night Aunt Penny came to my room, kissed me and whispered to me “Don’t worry, you’ll get your reward.” Then left. It was the second day in which I had ignored Mom and I wasn’t enjoying that.

A day without sex went by.

Yet I woke up with a boner created by Aunt Penny. Her hand was massaging my balls over my briefs. I smiled.

“I don’t think you need this but.” With her other hand she pulled down the briefs until my cock popped out. Her eyes never left mine as her mouth seized my cock. Immediately I felt my cock stand alert. After two slurps she began ascending my body. She kissed my abdomen and chest until she found my mouth.

“Remember boner day?”


“Well today is the same idea but it’s your Mom’s boner instead.”

At Breakfast

As instructed I didn’t dress for breakfast. Instead, I walked out with my boner fighting the fabric of my briefs.

Mom must have resented my recent treatment. She only nodded without looking at me when I came into the kitchen and said ‘good morning.’ So I walked up behind her letting my body slightly touch her. I kissed her hair and then her neck.

Just a kiss that brought her attention back to me. She turned her head and we eyed each other but then I moved on.

I walked over to grab a plate and fork and then I served myself breakfast.

I ate my breakfast and nothing was said, we just glanced at each other and her eyes seem to like what they were seeing yet there was, understandably, doubt and mistrust.

At the Gym

“Come help us out.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“You’ll be spotting for us, just stand right there.”

I stood at the end of the bench and put my hands under the barbell. Aunt Penny lied down on the bench and took hold of the barbell.

“Get closer we don’t want any accidents.” Aunt Penny had bought me running shorts so I could use that day. Running shorts, the type that didn’t leave too much to the imagination. I felt a little embarrassed walking into that gym where people turned to see what kind of package I carried.

However at this moment those small shorts gave me a clear view of the distance between the eyes on Aunt Penny and my package.

Mom watched. She was waiting for her turn.

I approached the bench just close enough so that my legs were about to touch Aunt Penny’s hair and my dick was above her forehead.

The proximity heated the situation. She did 8 reps, let go of the barbell, and jumped out. Mom came next and I moved closer so that her head hit my member as she lowered herself down. As a reflex her hand came up to her head which meant her hand also hit my dick. Her hand recoiled and I put both my hands on her head to ‘help’ her down again.

She followed the direction of my hands which pushed the back of her head against my cock on her way down.

She did the exercise, I looked down at her face and she looked up at my shorts as sweat began building up on her forehead.

It would be a light workout for me but Aunt Penny decided to keep me around. I did the bench press exercises with my eyes glued to the hovering crotch of Aunt Penny. We repeated this three times each.

We moved on to squats with Aunt Penny starting and with a recklessness she had not dared before in front of Mom.

“There’s two ways to spot for a squat, we’ll try both and see what’s better.”

She directed me to spot for her by standing behind her. We all three used the same weight which I realized was light weight Çolaklı Escort for both Aunt Penny and me.

Aunt Penny squatted in front of me. Another guy exercising close by looked our way for a second then pretended not to notice. Where were Mom’s eyes? I didn’t dare look. I lowered myself with Aunt Penny but she didn’t need help with the weight. I followed her movement without lowering myself much. Her ass cheeks pushing against my cock.

Mom was watching and I thought she could take this two ways. Either this was alarming and she will freak out about what her sex-crazed sister is doing, or it was turning her on.

Up against me, she went down one, two, seven, twelve times and by then my left hand was on her hips rather than the bar.

“It’s your turn sis. Move over to this side John.”

My dick was hard after that. I stood in front of Mom as instructed.

“I’ll be right here Mom, do your best.”

She did not answer but she got under the bar. I knew what was coming and I stared into Mom’s eyes certain of what I was doing. But it wasn’t enough for Aunt Penny. She pushed me slightly on my lower back so I moved closer still to Mom.

Mom started to squat and I followed her eyes that kept staring at me as the descended. I couldn’t tell if her nose touched or didn’t touch my shirt but without a doubt my crotch was touched.

Her face remained still as it grinded against my cock.

“One… two… three…” Aunt Penny counted.

Mom could only do eight repetitions. When it was my turn Aunt Penny decided standing in front was the best spot. Mom spotted for me as her crotched stood an inch from my face.


“I’m almost done.”

“What are we having?”


I was almost friendly and we ate dinner by ourselves. Then I invited her to watch a movie with me in the living room.

We sat down apart from each other but a few minutes into the movie I got up grab a drink. I returned with a water bottle and unapologetically sat right next her.

It was hard not to give in. Soon my hand was on her thigh going up and down.

“Hey John.” She said.

“Wait I want to hear this.” I responded.

I knew she’d want to engage in some conversation but I didn’t allow it. Yet I worked my hand between her thighs lifting the one close to me onto my leg.

And so I caressed her inner thigh for the rest of the movie. I moved my hand up and down getting very close to her vagina at times.

When the movie finished I stood up and turned one the light. I had a pronounce boner in my shorts. I walked back to where I was sitting and grabbed my phone.

Standing in front of her I pretending to use my phone fully aware that my dick was pointing at her.

“Good night Mom.” I left her confused and hopefully horny but that was all I did.


I waited in Aunt Penny’s room until Mom was up and out of her room.

I walked out to find her in the living room. She had the look. There was lust in her eyes but also confused sadness. I had been treating her in a strange way for the last few days and now she wasn’t sure about anything. This had been what Aunt Penny wanted.

“Are you going out?” I asked after I saw what she was wearing.

“I thought I’d go distract myself doing some shopping.” She replied. She was wearing a light pink button up blouse paired with white jeans. The blouse was something she could wear to work but the jeans gave her a youthful look I hadn’t seen her wear to go out, they were too tight for work. Mom was very much still a woman in her prime.

“Oh.” I responded. I was only wearing shorts. “Okay.”

I sat down on the couch. “Could you turn around Mom?”

She looked at me and almost said something but she stopped herself. Then she turned.

Indeed her jeans were tight and my cock knew it.

“I think you shouldn’t go anywhere Mom.”


I stood up again and removed my shorts. My cock sprung up.

“I don’t think you need to go shopping. What you need is for me to make love to you.”

She didn’t move and her eyes never left mine. Her face was serious as in defiance.

“What makes you think I would want to…?”

“Besides I need to talk to you about something.” I cut her off.

I approached her slowly with confidence and kissed her mouth. She didn’t resist me at all. My hands dropped from her lower back to her petite ass and I squeezed her cheeks and knew one couldn’t find a more perfectly made ass in the world.

We broke the kiss and I moved my hands from the back of her pants to the front quickly undoing her jeans.

“I have more than one question actually.”

She was breathing hard.

“Did you like making love with me?”

She didn’t want to answer as if speaking of it was too much for her. Yet she helped me pulled down her tight jeans and showed off her black lace panties.

“Mom, I don’t want to hide anything from you anymore and I want everything to be clear between us. Did you like making love with me?”


“Do Çolaklı Escort Bayan you want to make love again?”

She just nodded.

“How much do you want to?” I waited for her answer before doing anything else.

“Very.” She finally whispered.

“Do you like my cock?”

Her cheeks colored and her eyes showed surprise at my bluntness.


I placed my hand on her crotch. Her panties were wet which put a smile on my face.

She undid her two top buttons.

“Leave it.” I said.

I grabbed her hips and turned her towards the couch lightly pushing her down. She sat down and I got on my knees.

I caressed her soft thighs then I grabbed her panties. I didn’t need much force to rip them apart.

“Tell me, would you be happier if we did this more often.” I placed my face between her legs and started licking her wet lips.

“Yes… yes I would.”

“Tell me more.” I continued licking but I looked up to see her speak for moments. She closed her eyes and dropped her head back to rest on the couch.

“It’s true. I can’t stand it. I want your tongue to pleasure me like this…”

“I like hearing that. What else do you want?”

“I want to have you inside me again… Why were you so distant the last few days? I kept thinking about us making love. I was going insane… Yes, keep your mouth there. I love this so much.”

I talked and licked as best I could. “I wanted you to admit this and let me know how much you want me.”

“Oh I want you.” She moaned as I feverishly stuck my tongue inside her. “I wouldn’t want anything else, I don’t care how wrong this is.”

I kept at this for a few minutes until I stood up and looked down at her eyes. “And what do you think of my cock. Do you want to pleasure me as well?”

Just as Aunt Penny had planned. Mom didn’t hesitate. Her mouth enfolded my cock and began sucking it. She sat on the couching leaning forward and I liked how pretty and elegant she looked with her delicate shoulders, her blouse covering her, and her tightly closed legs.

She stopped for a few seconds, “It’s so big and beautiful.” Then she went back to sucking. The days I distanced myself from Mom had brought out this new found hunger in her.

Still she was as sweet as before, that was her personality, she didn’t have to try she was just built that way. She wanted to make love but this time there was lust in her eyes that had built up from these past few days after the first time.

She sucked my cock easily. Her mouth seemed to get farther and farther down my shaft with each suck.

I stopped her again.

I had to bend down and I kissed her wet mouth then I knelt in front of her placing my hands on her knees.

“Mom, I need to ask you something else.”

“Anything baby.”

“At work, has this new thing between us conflicted with your work?”

“Don’t worry about that baby.”

“Please, think about it.”

“Well, maybe yesterday I was distracted but don’t worry about that honey. I was only distracted by the lack of this.” She kissed me softly.

“Do you know if Aunt Penny is doing well at work?”

Our faces had been so close but when she heard me say her sister’s name she back away. “Why do you ask that?”

“Can you tell me?”

She didn’t like this and took on a serious face. “She’s been great. Everyone likes her at the office and costumers are happy. She’s very motivated. Now why would you ask me that? Why now?”

I smiled. I stood up again and guided her to do the same. I kissed her as passionately as I could in order to erase the feelings my question had provoked in her.

She kissed me back and I lower my hands down to her ass again. I loved her ass not too soft and not too firm. This way I could squeeze her cheeks and then I slapped them. She interrupted the kiss with a smile but then I kissed her again. I opened her ass cheeks and finally lifted her.

To lift her I grabbed her thighs and pulled her up. She instinctively jumped and my cock got squeezed between our stomachs.

I stopped kissing her to look at her face. She held on to me with one had around my shoulder while her other hand she used to find my cock. This took it some effort as our bodies were so tight together.

I didn’t stop looking at her but she closed her eyes as my cock began to open up her pussy.

My cock’s sensitive head took in the moisture as it was slowly engulfed by her vagina. I trembled for a moment. My cock was halfway inside her when I pulled back. Then I went in again.

Somehow her body became lighter. We got into the groove and I deliciously did my mother while standing. In and out as if she was on a swing with a pole in the middle.

Once I regained my senses I knew it was the right moment.

“Mom.” I had to repeat myself. “Mom!”

“Mm.” She was enjoying what she had missed.

“You have to listen to me.”

“Yes baby. Keep going I’m all yours.”

“Your sister has being doing great at work. Aunt Penny has been very professional at work. Yet I’ve been Escort Çolaklı fucking her since I came from college.”

She opened her eyes in confusion. “What? Why are you saying that?”

I kept going in and out and it showed in her face that confusion, pleasure, and whatever else she felt at my words.

“Mom you have to understand. In your own words she’s doing great. She can manage it. What we’re doing right now is no different.”

“No, baby don’t tell me that.”

“Do you want me to stop?” I pulled out with my heart pounding.

She was breathing hard but kept a firm stare on me and it felt like a long time. We kept eye contact and I tried to read what was going on inside her mind. She kept thinking and thinking until her eyes lowered.

Then her hand grabbed my cock and led it into her again. “No.” She said softly.

So I continued. I could feel some relief but I knew this wasn’t over. She had hesitated, she had doubts.

After we got back in rhythm and the confusion began to give out to lust, Aunt Penny quietly emerged behind Mom.

“I’m glad to hear that Mom.” I said loudly.

“I’m glad to hear that too.” Aunt Penny echoed.

As expected the unexpected voice scared her. Mom immediately tried to jump off me but I stopped her and pulled her tight against me.

“Penny!?” Was all Mom could say.

“Don’t stop on my account sis.”

After first trying to move away Mom shrunk into me hiding her face from the world in my chest and holding me tightly. I began to move again and Aunt Penny found her way to the couch. She was naked but for the lace stockings that ran just above her knees. Mom still felt quite stiff.

I turned my back towards Aunt Penny so Mom could see her if she was to look up. Since we were all silent Mom at last shyly looked over my shoulder.

“What are you doing Penny?”

“I like to watch. You two look great.” Even though I couldn’t see her I knew Aunt Penny was touching herself. “Your son is right. I don’t need to stop having sex, I just need to control it. He’s been very helpful.”

“You corrupted my son.”

“And now you’re receiving the benefits… Sis, we’re not different. You just have to learn to let go. There’s nothing wrong with that and by the looks of it you enjoy it.”

Mom didn’t reply but her body relaxed and I was able to use my cock more freely. Aunt Penny walked behind Mom. She softly pulled Mom’s hair back and grabbed her shoulders. There was some resistance from Mom but never enough to stop Aunt Penny.

I watched Aunt Penny’s hands as they moved to the sides of Mom who gave some resistance at first but in this position couldn’t do much. Then Aunt Penny’s hands came from under Mom’s arms to hold her breasts. She only held them for a little bit before she started to unbutton the blouse.

Mom was so light. I fucked and watched her blouse open up. Her bare breasts looked sweet and ripe. Then Aunt Penny removed the blouse for which Mom reluctantly cooperated pulling out her arms one at a time.

Aunt Penny’s breasts were so much larger that it was a miracle the blouse didn’t rip apart.

Mom’s stretched blouse on Aunt Penny turned me on. I picked up my pace until Mom’s nails clenched onto my back and moaned.

Then I slowed down when I watched Aunt Penny lower herself under Mom.

I slowed because I knew what Aunt Penny could do down there. I felt her mouth on my balls which sent shivers down my spine. Then I felt her tongue lick some part of my shaft and it surely continued to the other side. My cock was a bridge connecting my balls to Mom’s sacred holes for Aunt Penny’s tongue.

“Oh, no, no, no.” Mom whimpered with yearning as Aunt Penny licked her. I felt the tongue around her pussy but not for long.

“Your son and I like to play in the rear as well.” Mom’s body jumped a little as Aunt Penny licked her butthole. I enjoyed the faces Mom made but it was only a few moments before Aunt Penny appeared standing up again.

“I think it’s time I get some love too.” Aunt Penny moved towards the couch again but this time she hid her faced onto the couch and stuck out her big rear.

I put Mom down. If she was to run off I wouldn’t stop her but the moment for her to decide had come. I understood that every new step we took was a new challenge in which Mom could be lost forever.

I sat her down and looked at her but didn’t say anything. Her legs remained wide open and her forehead showed some sweat. Then I turned towards Penny.

Waiting for me was a transparent ring sticking out of Aunt Penny’s butthole.

“With your mouth.” Aunt Penny ordered. Mom made a noise, it was an incomplete ‘no’ but she didn’t say anything after that so I kept on to my goal.

I knelt. I knew Mom could see every bit of this. It gave me satisfaction that she would see me kneeling and using my mouth this way. I held the ring with my teeth and slowly pulled it away.

A light blue ball began to appear from inside the hole. Slowly the ball forced the hole to open more and more and more and yet even more. My eyes feasted as the ball seemed to get bigger and bigger until I finally pulled the whole ball out. Her butthole stretched to a size I didn’t think it could in order for the ball to come out. It was possibly three times the thickness of my cock. Aunt Penny moaned as it popped out and her butthole returned to a smaller size.

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