Autumn’s Kiss

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The city was beautiful but not as beautiful as it could be, Autumn could only see a couple blocks down before being obstructed by a building much larger than the one she resided in. She thought to herself that she would do a better job assessing the wealth of her victim next time. “The fake Rolex was a dead giveaway” she muttered to herself.

She was laid out on a queen-sized bed, naked. Hazy city lights illuminated her in stark contrasting light. She got up from the bed and strolled to the window. Her silhouette was a perfect hourglass. Broad hips, slim waist and feminine shoulders. Any onlooker from the outside lucky enough to spot her by the window would have been taken aback by the size and perkiness of her breasts.

She heard the grunts of the man with whom she had lain “Hey you,” he said in a growling sleepy voice “You should come back to bed”. She had no intention of going back into bed with him. She told him that she needed to get ready for work. She went around the room searching for her clothes and put them on as he was begging her to come back to bed. “That was amazing,” he went on “I don’t think I’ve had passionate sex like that in a long time. Do you want me to give you a lift home?”

“Not necessary,” she replied “Your car smells like old people anyway,” she said under her breath.


“Nothing, I already made arrangements. No need to worry yourself,” she pulled on her crop top that seemed to be held in place by her breasts and a black pleated skirt. She was almost out the door when he ran to stop her, his manhood flopping all over, she was almost disgusted by him at that point.

“When am I going to see you again?” he asked.

“You can see me tonight on stream. Tip and I’ll give you a shout out. Goodnight, Sean” She said walking out. Before she closed the door behind her she could hear him say his name was Evan. Close enough, she thought. By the entrance to the hotel, a good male friend of hers picked her up in his Lexus. He unlocked the car and she got into the back seat.

“Wouldn’t you rather sit next to me?” he asked.

“Of course, but I’ve had such a long day, I want to lay down” she replied, inching her way into a resting position, her breasts jiggling as she did. She hoped that would be enough to distract him. “If we go out again, I’d love to sit in the passenger seat then, okay?”

“Alright, Autumn. I have a good idea about what our next date might be if you’re interested, we can–“



“Can you tell me about this some other time, please?”

“No problem,” He said. They rode the rest of the trip in silence. Autumn noticed him fixing his rearview mirror to sneak peeks at her every so often. She didn’t mind as long as she got to where she needed to go. As soon as they pulled up to her apartment building she unceremoniously left the car and went inside.

She said hello to the front desk and as she went to the elevator, it was closing. A man was standing inside, he noticed her and put his hand out to stop the door from closing. She took her time and waltzed inside. She didn’t say anything just leaned against the back of the elevator.

“Going up?” the guys asked.

“Yah,” she replied. “Unless you plan on going sideways” he laughed and pressed the button to go to floor 10. She had never known anyone who lived on the floor above her so she was going to speak to him until he then pressed floor 9. Her floor.

She allowed him to get off first. He took long steady steps with his long legs. She followed behind him, keeping about twenty feet behind. He went around a corner and she stayed behind to see what room he went into. It was room 907. That was the room that had been vacant right in front of hers.

She would occasionally see him in the lobby or see him coming in and out of his apartment. He was definitely attractive but she thought nothing much of him. Handsome men seek her out every day. Just a few days later a low-level banker saw her stream and hit her up via her business email. Saying he would love to take her out on a date by the bay.

She took him up on his offer. She met him by a local sinop escort Starbucks so that he wouldn’t know where she lived. They were to meet at 7:00 for dinner. She showed up at 7:45. He looked happy to see her. He got out his seat and gave her a hug. “It’s good to see you,” he said, pulling out her chair for her “You look even more beautiful in real life”

“Thanks,” she replied smiling, “You think we can get some coffee, decaf please. Thanks,” she had on an orange turtle-neck crop top and black leggings. She knew his eyes were all over her as soon as she walked in. It filled her with a rush of endorphins, but they never last too long. He came back with the coffee, of which she took two sips and asked what he had planned for her that night.

His name was Devin. He had heard about Autumn a few months prior. He would watch her stream on occasion and keep up with her content wherever she posted. Instagram, Twitter and the like. He was an attractive Latino man. Hair slicked back, considerably taller than her, seemed fit and dressed well.

He took her out to a restaurant out by the docks overlooking the pier. The water was crisp and still. It reflected the moon like a mirror. Autumn straight to the back of the menu and ordered a lobster. The young man ordered a burger. “So, do you like animals?” he asked.

“Yes, I’d say so,” she replied, then looked out onto the pier. Seagulls flew by, their wings hovering only inches over the surface of the water. She had a fondness for birds even though she could never keep on as a child. They would find a way out of the cage and fly away. They wanted to fly and she couldn’t do anything to stop their urge to fly.

After her third bird had flown away, she decided to have cats for pets instead. Her first cat was a weak little thing she found next to a bus stop in a little box. The rain was pouring that afternoon as she came back from school. She saw the box move and thought it was the wind. Then she heard its distinctive cry. She took the little creature out, it was shaken and frightened. One of its eyes had yet to open.

“Hey, little guy… or girl,” she said holding it to her chest “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you,” she raised into a discerning, feisty cat. Or maybe Summer, as she had come to name the cat, was the one who helped her grow into the woman she is.

“So, are you going to dig in or what?” she heard the guy say, she woke out of a daydream “I hope the Lobster is worth the money” The food had come out, he was already stuffing his face with his burger but she found herself no longer being interested in him or the food or the general vicinity that he was in.

“Can you excuse me, I need to go to the lady’s room,” she got up and walked to the restroom, She knew as she went by him that he turned around to stare at her ass. Take a picture, she thought. Because this is the last time you’re going to see it in person. She went to the restroom, washed her face then just left the restaurant.

She messaged him as she was walking away from the restaurant. No explanation, just that she wanted to go. He seemed incredulous and even combative about it. It was in her mind to just block him and never interact with him again, but then she thought a day might come when she would want him for something. So she sent him a pic saying ‘sorry’ with her bust taking up a majority of the image. That seemed enough to settle him down.

As she was walking along the boardwalk, thinking about how she would get herself home she heard a deep but kind voice say “Hey there neighbor,” she turned and saw it was the man with the apartment before hers, chewing on a burrito “What a coincidence seeing you here,”

“Did you follow me or something?” she asked.

“What? I have better things to do than stalk people, sorry,” he replied.

“What are you doing here?”

“I always come here to have a burrito on Fridays. I should be asking you if you’re stalking me,” he took a large bite of his burrito and some of the juices spilled out and fell onto the ground “Damn, what a shame,”

“Let me guess, you’re about to head sinop escort bayan back now?”

“No,” he said walking away down the boardwalk “I like to enjoy the scenery first, see you around, I guess,” he paused then turned around, face still filled with ground beef, beans and corn “Unless you’d care to join me,”

“Okay, but how about we go that way, I just came from south of here,” she said, remembering the poor fellow she left at the restaurant.

“I wouldn’t mind walking that way with you, but I haven’t gone down this way yet,” he replied “You’re welcome to wait if you want, I know that would be a lot of walking for you. It won’t take me more than a couple minutes. You could even get yourself a burrito. Trust me, they’re the best in town,”

Autumn did sit on a bench looking at boats passing by way out at sea. It took her a little while to ask herself why she was waiting there. I’m not waiting on any man, she thought, if he wants me he can come get me. She got up but before she walked away decided to stop by the burrito stand. Can’t hurt to try, she thought.

She got her food, she held it out at arm’s length with the tips of her fingers. She brought it to her mouth and nibbled the very edge of it. She chewed it, trying to discern well accurate her neighbor’s assessment was. “How is it?” he asked.

His appearance out of nowhere startled her. She squeezed the casing hard enough for some of its inners to squirt out and land directly on her chest. She looked down at herself in disbelief, then slowly turned her enraged gaze towards him “Look what you did,” she said “You scared me and look what happened to my top,”

“Hey, I’m sorry. I tried calling to you before but you were busy inspecting your food or something,”

“You’re gonna pay for this. This costs two hundred dollars,”

“That sounds ominous. Hey, tell you what. I’ll bring you back to the apartment, I’ll get that stain washed right out and it’ll be as good as new, I promise,” he put a hand on her back and escorted her to his car, all the while she complained and fumed. He gets on the passenger’s side and unlocked her door first before coming around.

“Isn’t opening a door for a woman a little antiquated nowadays?” she asked, holding her shirt and looking down at the stain.

“It depends on the situation,” he replied “If a couple is going on a fancy night out, I think it would be kind of sweet to open the door for my lady,”

“Don’t you think that’s a bit much for this? This wasn’t a date or anything just so you know,”

“I’m flattered, but that door has problems so I usually just open it to save time. Two tips, by the way,” He started the engine and pulled out of the parking lot “First, I’d recommend for a woman with large breasts like yours to wear some sort of napkin, cause there ain’t no way if the juices started flying that you can get them out the way. Exhibit A,”

“No one asked you,”

“And second, if you’re eating a burrito, get in there. It won’t bite you back, promise,”

She didn’t say much to him on the way to the apartment building. The burrito did get dealt with in the manner that she was advised by her neighbor. Her taste buds were not disappointed. Once he found parking, he took a shirt from the back seat and handed it to her “You can wear that if you don’t want anyone seeing the stain,” he said.

“Okay,” she replied, reluctantly taking it from him. She draped it over herself. The shirt almost swallowed her up. Her only noticeable feature with it was her breasts. When he wasn’t looking she took a whiff of the fabric. It smelled fresh but with a hint of musk. Something he didn’t get out with a single rinse cycle.

They went in together. He waited for her to hand over the top by her door. She popped out, handing him the crop top but keeping his shirt on. “Well, what are you staring at?” she asked, folding her arms under her chest.

“Nothing,” he said. He was leaning against the wall returning her stare but with a genuine smile “You look beautiful. I’ll get these back to you as soon as I’m done with laundry. Have a good night, escort sinop my lady,”

“Hey, What’s your name before you go touching all over my clothes,”

“Jet,” he said before heading into his apartment.

Autumn ended up sleeping in his shirt. She did her morning routine and went over to Jet’s door. She knocked and waited, she looked down at herself and realized she still had his shirt on. She dashed back into her apartment and stuck her head out as Jet opened his door. “Yes?’ he said, looking half asleep.

“Oh, I was just wondering if you were done with my top,” she replied.

“Done with it? Oh, yeah I’ll get it back to you as soon as I can. Today is laundry day. I should be asking you about my shirt,”

“What shirt?!” she said. A tiny bit of the fabric could be seen poking out of the door, she tucked it back in “I think it’s only fair I keep yours until I get mine back,”

“Yeah, no problem. I’ll let you know. Hey, let me have your number,”

“Why would I give you my number?”

“So you can message me next time instead of knocking on my door to see if your top is ready. You seem to be in some sort of rush,”


“Great… See you later,” he closed his door.

She locked her door and leaned on the wall. Her heart was thumping hard enough for her chest moving. She couldn’t remember the last time that happened to her outside of exercise. She went about her day as normal. Trying to rid her mind of her annoying neighbor.

He brought back her crop top in the evening. She tried to coax him into letting her keep the shirt. She just wanted to see if she could pull it off. He was quite adamant that “Only my girlfriend would be allowed to take a shirt from me,” she asked if he had a girlfriend and he replied ‘That’s beside the point, isn’t it, lady Autumn? I wish you a good evening,”

The two would run into each other or text every day. A week later from their burrito incident, Autumn wanted to move her couches to face another direction so she could rearrange her living area. She messaged Jet “Hey, doing some renovations today, care to help?”

“Sure, I’d be happy to help,” he replied.

“So, see you soon?”

“Sure, as soon as I come back from a meet-up with a few friends. Then I’ll be all yours ;)”

“I’d love it if you could just help me right now, please” she messaged. He took a few minutes to respond. She paced up and down her apartment, waiting for his response. What are you doing, she said to herself. I’ve got better things to do than wait on this man. Her phone buzzed and she rushed to pick it up. It was him. The message read: “No can do, but if you still want my help after I get back, I’d be more than willing to help. Later,”

She deleted all his messages and contacted her neighbor from down the hall, Andre. He had been living there for longer than her, had two kids than he shared custody with his ex-wife. She called him “Hey, it’s Autumn. Would you mind coming over and helping me with some furniture,” she could hear kids in the background.

“I’m in a little bit of a spot here,” he said.

“Please, it won’t take too long, promise,” she said, pouting.

“Alright, I’ll be right there,” he said. She felt a rush when he said yes. But it didn’t last long. He did come over and help her move around her heavy furniture. She thanked him with a kiss on the cheek and pressing her chest into his arm. He seemed happy when he walked away. But she had this nagging feeling inside her. She would have rathered to wait until Jet came home. So that’s what she did.

She called the front desk “Hey, can you tell me when Jet comes in. I want to surprise him,” They told her they would. So she waited until she heard the call and stood outside his door for him.

“Hello there, good afternoon,” he said.

“Still have time for me?” she asked.

“Of course, let’s get to work,” he replied. She felt better with him helping her put the couches back to the way they were before than having some other guy help her put them the way she wanted them. They finished moving. Both were tired, huffing and puffing. She walked up to him, looking up into his eyes. The view of the city behind them.

“So about that shirt,” she began, “You think I could have it back?”

“I thought I told you who would be able to take my shirt from me,”

“Oh, I remember,” she leaned in and he bent down.

They kissed.

The end.

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