Avery and Jenna Pt. 11: Contrived

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The yellow sun remained hidden by an ocean of dark clouds. Heavy, cold drops of water were plummeting. Avery was roused by the increasingly voluminous sound of the rain bouncing against the bedroom window. Rubbing the rheum from his eyes, he reached to his side to discover that neither Jenna nor Janelle were present. After crawling out of bed, he slipped on a pair of red boxers and wobbled out of the bedroom. He found Jenna sitting at the dining room table. She was clothed in her baby blue bathrobe. His presence went undetected at first, as she was reading the newspaper. A loud yawn from him caught her attention. Watching him stagger into the dining room, she smiled and placed the paper onto the table.

“Good afternoon sleepyhead,” she teased. Avery walked towards her slowly, sitting in the chair adjacent to her. Jenna rose and rubbed his back affectionately as she passed him on her way into the kitchen. Avery massaged the temples of his forehead, but his motions did nothing to alleviate his pain. His skull felt like it was imploding. Jenna used their coffeemaker to prepare a cup of coffee for him. It was the same brand as the one in Erin’s apartment, but their model was newer. The machine had all the latest bells and whistles. Its only drawback was the loud rumbling noise it made as it prepared beverages. After a few seconds of maddening klaxons, the machine poured a perfectly measured amount of coffee into a mug. She carried it to the table and placed it in front of him. Avery breathed in its acute aroma.

“What time is it?” He mumbled.

“Two-thirty. Janelle and I just woke up an hour ago,” she said. She folded her arms and watched him pick up his cup. He blew into its steamy contents.

“That was some night we had, wasn’t it?”

“I thought it was amazing.”

“I agree,” he replied, finally sipping some of the hot liquid.

“You know, we fucked for almost three straight hours,” she revealed, folding the newspaper in half and pushing it away from her.

“I’m surprised I lasted that long.”

“Oh, you! You were incredible. Janelle was very impressed you got her off just from penetration. Normally, she can’t cum like that,” Jenna said, reaching over to rub Avery’s arm.

“Is she still here?”

“She’s showering. She and I are going to that new Salvadorian place up the street for lunch. And then, we’re getting dressed up, so you can take us dancing tonight,” she explained, with a big smile on her face.

“I’ll need a second cup of coffee before I even consider getting out of this chair, let alone going out to dance,” he said, sliding the cup back to her. She smiled and stood to refill it for him.

“I didn’t think you’d ever be interested in a threesome,” Avery groaned to Jenna as his head continued to ache.

“I’ve been fantasizing about fucking another girl. Doing it with Janelle just made sense because we’ve both slept with you,” she answered, turning on the loud machine a second time.

“You never said anything about wanting to sleep with a woman, or wanting a threesome.”

“I have fantasies, too. It may surprise you to know what gets me off,” she fired back. Avery lowered his head onto the table.

“Oh, by the way, your phone has gone off four or five times. It might be something important,” she revealed. Avery, fighting through his discomfort, walked into the living room and found his phone plugged into a USB connector attached to a surge protector. He unlocked it and saw he had several new text messages, all from Erin. Among them was a picture of a black corset combined with text, reading she hoped she could see him tonight. Avery raised an eyebrow, curious to know what Erin was planning.

“Oh Jenna, I forgot. Carter and I were going to get together tonight to work,” he shouted. Jenna stepped out of the kitchen, appearing disappointed. Her bottom lip was sticking out.

“But it’s Saturday! You don’t work on the weekends.”

“I know, but I promised him.”

“Rule number four, Avery,” she recited, placing his cup of coffee onto the table.

“I know. I’m sorry.”

“Are you serious? You’d choose, on a Saturday, to work with Carter, rather than go dancing with Janelle and me? Unbelievable. And here, I thought you may want to have a second threesome. It’s fine, I guess. Janelle and I can entertain ourselves,” she spoke convincingly. Avery stood for a moment, thinking about how he could handle the situation.

“Why don’t we do this: I’ll only work with Carter for about an hour, and then afterwards, I’ll meet you two at the Curtain Call? Is that acceptable?”

“Barely, but I’ll take it, I guess. One hour. That’s all I’m giving you. And don’t make us wait. I can’t think of any other guy who would,” she teased, walking into their bedroom. Avery watched as Jenna’s hips swayed side to side, enticing him to take her.


The coffee Jenna offered to Avery did him no favors; he relented to his need for more sleep. The Escort Beylikdüzü couch made a perfect makeshift bed. Of course, nothing could take the place of their bed, flaws and all, but Avery felt so tired and so heavy. His feet could only muster enough energy to carry him into the living room. Stealing a pillow from the shorter, blue couch, he propped up his head and flipped through the selections on Netflix. The service was experiencing what Avery referred to as a “content drought,” meaning that they still uploaded new material, but none of it appeared interesting. Most of the content they were streaming now was of their own design, which made good business sense. Still, he had little curiosity for any of the material he saw. His lack of interest in Netflix’s offerings was of no consequence. After less than ten minutes of perusing the desert of digital content, Avery’s heavy eyelids slammed shut, like a bulkhead sealing to prevent the ship’s flooding. Jenna and Janelle, appropriately dressed for the rainy day, were going to extend an invitation for Avery to join them, but when they saw him sleeping, they quietly left the apartment without him.

Three hours later, Avery woke up again. The extra rest afforded him some vigor, but he still felt less than his best. After a gaudy yawn, he collected his phone. It was blinking from unattended notifications. He had received a few emails, which he ignored, and text messages from three sources. He first opened the message from Jenna.

[Are you awake yet?]

He responded back to her, telling her that he was wakeful. The next message was from his stepsister, Alicia.

[I miss you. Call me sometime.]

The message contained a picture attachment. It was of her, angling the phone camera upward, so only her face and a very small portion of her cleavage were photographed. On the edge of the picture was her naked shoulder supporting, what he assumed, was a red bra. It was not uncommon for him to receive pictures of Alicia featuring this level of undress. She often sent him images of herself in various outfits to get his opinion. It was harmless flirting and nothing more. Still, the picture did stir some latent emotions within him. He, too, missed Alicia. His eyes drank in the powerfully simple image of his Latina stepsister. The shade of blonde she chose accentuated her brown skin, but he missed its original color. At least her eyes were the same as he remembered, an alluring hazel. After reminiscing for a few minutes, he stored the image on his phone and checked the last message. It was from Erin.

[Hey! If you’re going to come by, please let me know as soon as you can.]

Realizing he had not texted her back, he typed a response.

[Sorry! Yeah, I’m coming. I just need to shower first, but I’ll be on my way soon.]

He hurriedly ate some leftovers from Jenna’s magnificent dinner, drank a full pitcher of water, and then made his way to the bathroom.

Cleansed, shaved, and clothed, Avery exited his condo building and approached his car. With more curiosity than caution on his mind, he turned the engine over and left the parking lot. While he made the twenty-plus minute trip to Erin’s apartment, he thought about last night. It was true that Jenna had never shown interest in women, much less a desire to engage in a threesome. He realized how selfish he had been, indulging in his own fantasies without consideration of hers. If he simply asked her about what she wanted, would she have been honest with him and revealed her desire to sleep with a woman? Throughout the drive, he concentrated specifically on the fresh memories of her from last night. Jenna was so voracious, so vivacious. About halfway to Erin’s apartment, he realized he still needed to contact her to let her know he was on the way. After unlocking his phone, he speed-dialed Erin’s number. After four rings, he heard her pick up. His car’s Bluetooth connection allowed for hands-free calling, which was fortunate, as he had been ticketed twice for driving while talking on the phone.

“Hey Avery!”

“Hey. I’m on the way now.”

“Could you give me a little more time? I’m not quite ready yet,” Erin confessed. Avery quickly glanced at the digital clock on the front console, which read 8:13 PM. The dancefloor at the Curtain Call opened at 10:00 PM. Assuming Jenna and Janelle arrived there as soon as it opened, and he was going to keep his word of only spending an hour away, there would not be much time for foreplay or romance. Still, it was better than no time at all. He could see the surprise Erin had in store and dance with the two ladies later in the evening.

“When would you like me to come over?”

“Can you give me half an hour? It probably won’t even take me that long, but I just want to be thorough,” she answered.

“That’s fine. Just text me whenever you’re ready.”

“I will. Thanks for making time to come over. I’m really excited to see you!” She spoke.

“Me too. I’m anxious Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan to see what the deal is with that corset.”

“Just wait a little longer, and you’ll see,” she teased, hanging up the phone.

Erin had been firing on all cylinders the entire day. It started at the gym, per usual, but instead of showering there, she returned home a sweaty mess. After thoroughly scouring herself, she shaved her armpits, her bikini area, and even her legs, which were never exposed during winter. Throughout her preparations, she also succeeded in squeezing the largest butt plug inside of her. Yesterday, she wore the medium-sized toy and found it easier for her to handle than she initially thought. The large-sized plug was the real task, but she would not be denied. Twenty or so minutes after ending the phone call with Avery, she gave herself an enema to flush everything out, as per the website’s suggestion. Some cherry blossom lotion moisturized her skin. Her hair was pulled back and shaped into a tight ponytail. The corset was arranged first; she worked out how to zip it up completely without aid. Following that was rolling the black stockings up her legs. Next, she hooked the suspender straps on her corset to the stockings. Dressed in the seductive ensemble, there was a new woman staring back at her in the long mirror in her bedroom. Someone powerful, self-assured about her sexual desires and her resolve to fulfill them. She draped a long, purple robe over her body. It perfectly concealed the outfit, minus her feet, which tastefully teased the stockings with the perfect amount of enticement.

Avery had been sitting at the bar for almost thirty minutes. The setting was familiar. The chair upon which his gaze was fixed once seated his beautiful stepsister. He had imbibed four mixed drinks and was nursing a fifth. The conversation with Alicia replayed at high speed in his head. He wanted an opportunity to confront her, so he could tell her his opinion about what was said. Perhaps she was right: maybe Avery was a truly disloyal, disrespectful person. Maybe their sexual encounter five years passed was disgusting. Hindsight is twenty-twenty, after all. However, five years ago, Alicia did not complain when he expelled his cum into her mouth or her pussy. Nor did he complain. He refused to believe that they had done anything wrong; so staunchly did he disagree with her, that he decided she needed to hear him say it. Pulling his phone out of his pants pocket, he dialed her number. The speed dial option that once belonged to her was now held by Erin. Only two rings passed before Alicia answered.


“Hello, there, sister,” he responded.

“Hello baby brother. Did you get my picture?” She asked curiously.

“I did. It was lovely. I miss you, too, even though you think us fucking was a mistake.”

“Listen, Avery. I’m sorry for saying that the other day. I don’t know where it came from.”

“No, no. Don’t apologize. You were correct. I am disrespectful and disloyal, and I do only call you to talk about girls I cheat on Jenna with,” he purred.

“You’re slurring your words, Avery. Are you drinking?”

“Why, yes. Yes, I am,” he answered proudly. “And you know what else I’m doing? I’m cheating on Jenna again, Alicia.”

“Avery, stop talking. Wherever you are, leave. Go home and sleep it off,” Alicia ordered.

“I’m fucking my coworker, Alicia. Her name’s Erin. Tonight, I’m going to fuck her again. She’s got a nice, tight snatch. Tighter than Jenna.”

“Avery, stop! I don’t want to hear this! Please go home and go to sleep!” Alicia shouted at him.

“I just wanted to thank you for the sexy picture and telling me how you felt about me the other day. I’ll let you know how amazing the sex was after I’m done,” he shouted into the phone. Alicia called out Avery’s name before he pressed the end call button. Gratified by his drunken actions, he paid for his drinks and called for an Uber to collect him. In a bit of fortunate timing, as his driver arrived, a message from Erin arrived. She was ready for him.

As Avery knocked on the door to Erin’s apartment, a goofy smile was plastered onto his face. He swayed back and forth with more intoxication than he possessed during their previous trysts. The clicking of locks filled the cold air. He straightened his back, and stared into the cool blue eyes of his lover for the night. Her irises were a calm tide brushing against the shore of her pupils. Avery smelled the lotion on her skin through the steady winter air between them. She smiled at him, tilting her head to her left while she, too, admired the person in front of her.

“Good evening,” Avery succeeded to speak, ready to pounce onto her like a wild animal. He balled his hands into fists to give them something to do besides immediately seek out every warm and wet place on her body.

“Good evening,” Erin responded. She stared at her lover, who continued to stand outside of Beylikdüzü Escort her apartment. After a few seconds or so, she was done enduring the frigid chill.

“Are you going to come in?”

“Oh, right. Thank you,” Avery said, walking into the apartment. Erin snickered quietly, shaking her head as she closed the door. Avery removed his lace-less shoes at the door, followed by his coat, an incredibly overpriced Cole Haan. Underneath was a simple black long sleeve shirt with a long neck, almost the length of a turtleneck, and a pair of khaki pants. Erin stood in front of the closed door, looking at him with uneasy eyes. How was it supposed to work? Was she supposed to immediately try to seduce him, or was there enough time for the usual pleasantries? Even if he wanted some conversation before they did the deed, she would not be able to spare many words for him. Her mouth would be too busy, hopefully, being used for more stimulating endeavors.

“Can I get you anything?” She asked, situating her hands on the back of the door.

“I’m fine,” Avery responded, still appreciating how gorgeous she appeared. She beamed with pride, taking a hold of his left hand. Resolutely, they marched down the short hallway and into her bedroom. She seated Avery down on the edge of her bed and stood in front of him. Her heart pulsating hysterically, she untied the knot in her robe and unwrapped herself like a present, unleashing her sexy royal garb. Picturesque as it was, Avery’s cock instantly stiffened. She pulled her shoulders backward, allowing the robe to descend to the floor. Quietly and confidently, she stood before him. She could sense, by the way Avery ogled her, that he liked what he saw. That was exactly what Erin wanted. Seeing his reaction alleviated her fear of the impending events. Her small feet took a few steps toward Avery. She placed her hands onto his shoulders and looked into his earthy, brown eyes.

“The outfit is only half of the surprise,” she silently said.

Jenna and Janelle had not danced together since Spring Break two years ago, when they were undergraduates. Yet, the two of them boogied without missing a beat. Janelle’s hands were playfully claiming Jenna’s waist while Jenna had hers around Janelle’s neck. The pair had been on the dancefloor since it opened. Their foreheads glistened with sweat. As the song ended, Jenna continued to gyrate against Janelle’s body, tempting her friend with her amatory movements. At last, the speakers quieted and they could hold a conversation.

“Where’s Avery?” Janelle queried.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard from him yet, but he said he wouldn’t be long,” Jenna responded, checking her phone for any word from him. No such luck. Disappointed, she instead concentrated on Janelle. She pulled her friend close to her and kissed her cheek as the flash on her phone froze the moment in time.

“That’s a great picture of us!” Janelle exclaimed, admiring how photogenic they appeared on the screen. Jenna thought the very same. She closed the screen and placed her phone in her back pocket. She leaned towards Janelle, and before she could ask the question she had in mind, Janelle’s lips pressed against hers. In such shock was Jenna, that she did not have time to close her eyes and fully accept the embrace. Her emerald eyes observed Janelle’s face. Her eyes were closed, and lust covered her face like a mask. When Janelle’s tongue infiltrated Jenna’s mouth, she decided to end the kiss before it got out of hand. Jenna pushed her friend away but not farther than her arms’ length. Janelle’s tongue still poked between her lips as their kiss was broken.

“What’s wrong?” Janelle asked, confused by Jenna’s refusal.

“Nothing. I just wasn’t expecting you to kiss me.”

“You were moving towards me. I thought that’s what you were doing.”

“I just wanted to ask you a question.”

“I just want to fuck you again,” Janelle said, reaching behind her back to pull her phone from her pocket. Jenna smiled at the comment, mentally acknowledging she was not entirely opposed to the idea.

“When Avery gets here, we should convince him to fuck us again. In the meantime, I’m going to get a drink. Do you want anything?” Jenna asked.

“A margarita. You can pick the flavor,” she said, reaching into her tiny billfold to give her money for it.

“It’s fine. Avery has a tab here. I can just put it on that,” she spoke, heading over to the neon blue-lighted bar. When she got there, she was approached by a tall man with short, brown hair. Upon placing her drink order, she scanned around the bar for any familiar faces. No one appeared familiar. No one until she turned her head toward the opposite end of the bar. Seated there was a face she did not expect to see. Hesitant that she was incorrect, she carefully approached. Within two yards of the character, there was no mistaking the identity.

“Carter?” She asked, calling over to him. He heard her and waved his drink into the air.

“Hey! How’s it going?”

“Good! So, I guess you and Avery finished your work early,” she said. As she spoke, a woman turned around to listen to the conversation. She was two inches taller than Jenna with long, strawberry blonde hair. Her figure was slightly fuller than Jenna’s, but it was no less attractive. She wore a wine dress with the back exposed.

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