Avery’s Graduation

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Jason Anderson sat at his desk in the back of the classroom and let his mind wander. He had come in today not really wanting to teach so he gave the kids bullshit worksheets that would keep them busy. That they were hard at work on something he wasn’t going grade made him smile.

Anderson had taught Chemistry 2 for the last ten years at Lisbon High, and was respected by his peers. Even won a teacher of the year award a few years back beating out Mary Peters who taught Senior English. But as time went on he became less interested in teaching and more interested in the ladies about to graduate. It wasn’t that he disliked teaching. He was just easily distracted. And every year the students wore tighter shirts and skirts in an effort to distract him.

Avery Johnson’s red hair stood out among the heads bent over hard at work. She sat on the front row and wore the kind of outfits that made him want to move his desk to the front just for a chance to catch a view of her panties. Today she had worn his favorite skirt. A pleated thing that didn’t quite reach the length deemed appropriate by the conservative school board.

He couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like to take a fist full of that hair and stare down into her eyes as his -.

He choked the thought off as a chair protested loudly in the quiet room. A student was getting up.

He shifted his chair so his desk hid the bulge in his pants, straightened his shirt, then looked up. Avery was looking at him as she headed his way.

She shifted her hair to one side of her head and smiled as she started back to his desk. Her skirt bounced against her pale thighs. Her top accented her breasts. He wondered if she chose outfits based on what she thought her teachers wanted to see or if it was something else.

He hated that he was going to have to fail her. She started the year with such promise and just missed too many key assignments. She needed a perfect score on her final to pass and he couldn’t remember a student that ever scored 100 on the final. He wrote the tests that way.

He caught a glimpse of bra down her top as she bent down and rested her elbows on his desk. She picked up a pencil, set it aside, and put on her best flirtatious smile. His pulse quickened. He focused on her smile to keep his eyes from sliding back down for another peek.

“How may I help you Ms. Johnson,” he said trying to keep his voice low. He didn’t care if he disturbed the class, but he would rather they not listen in if possible.

“I was hoping you might have something I can do for extra credit,” she said.

Did she put emphasis on the word something?

“I can’t afford to fail this class Mr. Anderson. I will do anything”

Again he could have sworn she drew out the last word.

“Well,” he started not knowing where he was going. It was the middle of class. It wasn’t like he could bend her over his desk right now and fuck her. She was eighteen. She was old enough to own the consequences of her words.

“I could use some help organizing the store room,” he said instead.

All the classrooms in the science wing had large storerooms. This was one particularly nice because it had a shower and sink and plenty of room for chemicals not to mention a pretty big table for prep in the center.

He used to be good at keeping the chemicals they used in class organized thorough out the year, but now he simply didn’t care so as the year went on it got worse.

He saw her devilish grin falter some.

“You were expecting something else?”

“I expected something after school work or something.” She bit her lip. “I was enjoying this worksheet. It really was making me think.”

She was flirting with him. His erection pressed against his slacks.

“Well, I really don’t have anything like that but if you were willing to help put everything back in its place I think we could count that as extra credit.”

After a moment of thought she agreed. “Ok.”

“Here, let me show you want I need done.”

He stood up and led her back to the storeroom at the back of the room. He opened the door and motioned for Avery to enter.

She trailed a finger on one of the shelves as she walked deeper in, and then turned to face him. She looked down at the bulge straining to break free of his slacks. A look of confusion slid over her face. The innocent look was sexy on her. Oh was he going to love this.

He was on her in three large strides. He grabbed her pushed her back into the wall near the shower grabbing her wrists and pulled them above her head using his body to pin her there. She squirmed a bit as she looked up him. Her jaw tightened as if she was about to say something.

“sssh.” He cut her off. “Be quiet unless you are going to say yes, mister Anderson. “

His stomach tightened in fear as her growing anxiety. If she screamed for help it was over. She looked to the door and back to him. Back to the door. He was about to release her. His mind flying through excuses he could moldova escort give. Then her body seemed to relax beneath him. She swallowed hard. She closed her eyes, looked up at him, and nodded.

“That’s a good girl.”

He held her wrists with one hand so the other was free to explore. He pulled down her top and one side of the bra. Her nipple was hard and calling to be licked. He lowered his head letting his tongue slide around it.

He slipped his hand under her skirt and slid up the inside of her warm thighs to her damp panties. He pressed his fingers into her mound. She let out a slight moan and he smiled.

He slipped a finger under the edge of her panties. He wanted to know how wet she was. He ran his finger along the top and then split her seam slipping inside. She moaned again.

His heart took up in a rush. He searched for the rough patch near the top and when he found it he began a slow rhythmic dance. As her moans increased and her breath grew ragged he increased the intensity. Finally, she sucked in a breath, her body tensed, and shuttered as her orgasm rolled over her.

His fingers left faint glimmering lines as he slid his hand up to her throat and turned her head to the side to expose her neck. He licked her from the top of her breast to her ear. She tasted of soap and smelled divine. His pants were tight now. His cock straining to be free. Aching to be buried in her young pussy.

He put his mouth close to her ear. “I want to taste you.” He pulled back to see her response.

“Yes, mister Anderson.”

He guided her to the table in the middle of the room. He turned her to face him, and then lifted her up onto the table. She kept her legs together with her ankles crossed.

Anderson used the lightest touch he could as he ran his hands along the outside of her thighs and under her skirt. He took hold of the waist band of her panties and in one quick motion pulled them down over her knees and over her ankles.

“Show me Miss Johnson.”

With a slight hesitation she spread sliding a hand between her legs using a hand to hide her pussy.

He stood their not moving just enjoying the view. She was gorgeous. He arched an eyebrow at the display of modesty and was about to say something when she moved the hand. He smirked. Had she shaved for him in preparation for this or did all the girls do it these days? He didn’t care. All he wanted to do at that moment was bury his face between her legs.

He opted for a slower path and started at her foot kissing the instep before working his way up her leg to her knee. He loved the way her skin tasted. When he reached her knee she tensed.

He could smell her arousal. It called to him.

She shifted in anticipation. Then he slid his tongue through her pussy. It opened like a flower for him. His tongue slid past her lips and into the slick pink inside. She tasted amazing.

He slowly moved to greet her hooded pleasure center allowing his fingers to push inside her. Her body writhed under him as his tongue circled her clit and his fingers explored the ridged-cover walls. She moaned in pleasure. His tongue lapped at the small figure causing her body to respond. One of her hands found the back of his head and pushed him against her. He looked up to see her eyes locked on his work. That she was enjoying this drove him wild. Why hadn’t he done something like this sooner?

“On your knees,” he commanded and moved to allow it.

She pushed off the table and kneeled obediently. She placed her hands in her lap and looked up.

Anderson held her gaze as he unzipped his pants. He pulled his cock free. Her eyes fell to it as he stroked it. Her eyes widen bit. He knew she wasn’t a virgin, there were no secrets in high schools, so he guessed it was that this was really going to happen.

He reached down and grabbed her by her hair and stepped closer. “Open your mouth.”

She did as she was told, her eyes staying focused on his cock.

He slowly pushed the head of it past her lips loving the feel as her mouth wrapped around him. He pushed deeper inside. When he pulled her off he cock was wet. He started a slow rhythm pushing inside and pulling out.

“You like sucking cock don’t you?”

She mumbled a response the sound vibrating against him.

He pulled free, pulled her hair tight and leaned down. “If you want to pass my class you are going to let me fuck your young dirty pussy.”

“Yes, mister Anderson.”

He pulled her up, spun her around and pushed her over the table. He pulled one of her legs up giving him better access. She looked over her shoulder and he saw the concern in her eyes.

He smiled as he eased up to her. His cock rested against her thigh, the head just outside her entrance. He gripped her hips and watched as the head of his erection pierced her young pussy. She opened to accept him as he slowly pushed inside. Her body tensed and she let out a gasp as he filled her.

“Fuck you are escort istanbul tight.” He said between clenched teeth. “mmmm but it feels so good.”

He pushed as deep as he could go and held it there savoring the tight warm sheath around him. Then she started to slide out. The next time he didn’t go slow. He slammed into her forcing the table to move and her to gasp in surprise. She started to rise up and with a firm hard on her back he pinned her down.

His cock shimmered each time it slid out. And with each thrust he tried to stab through her to the table. Their bodies moved in unison. Pushing together and pulling apart. The air was filled with the scent of arousal and sex.

He was thankful the door to the room was built to be fire proof although the thought of her friends hearing her get fucked help fuel his arousal. He wish he could watch them as he pounded her.

Her body tensed again and he attention shifted back to Avery. Her moans grew more intense and then her orgasm exploded. He slowed to let her enjoy it and then resumed his pace. His own release was near. The familiar pull started in his legs as it sped through his body. For a moment he considered filling her pussy, but then got a better idea.

He slid out and grabbed her arm to yank her up. He spun her to face him and pushed her to her knees. Taken hold of her hair again he pushed his throbbing cock into her mouth. His release was almost there.

He took hold of his cock as the first spasm hit. She jerked as the load hit the back of her throat. Each spasm filled her mouth more. As it slowed she looked up.

“You better swallow that. I would hate for someone to find a drop of it on your clothes. They might start rumors about what you are doing for extra credit.”

She swallowed and smiled. “Wow. So does this mean I passed,” she asked.

“Miss Johnson I think you have earned a solid C.” He reached down and picked up her panties and slipped them into his pocket.

“Just a C? Can I at least have my panties?”

“I think you are going to have to come see me after school and we will see about what you can do earn your panties back and work on an A, Miss Johnson.”

She gave him an incredulous look. He smiled back at her and turned to head back into the classroom.


The day seemed to drag on. Of course there was the brief interruptions to the drudgery. The trio of blonde, brunette, and black hair cheerleaders who are in his 6th period class are always a distraction especially after the weekly pep rally. God bless the person who designed cheerleader uniforms.

He imagined them with their wrists bound behind them and bent over the desks and as he examined the length of their skirts. The sound of the door opening interrupted Jason Anderson’s daydream.

He looked up as the red head slipped into his class. The sounds of kids talking and laughing were cut off as the door closed behind her. It was just the two of them. The room was silent except for the hum of the air flowing through the vents above and the occasional shout from the hall.

She slipped her backpack off her shoulder and sat it on the floor. She twisted one foot nervously as she stood. Her fingers played with the edge of her skirt as if she was nervous or giddy. Either one worked for him.

“Miss Johnson, I’m glad you decided to stop by.”

She started towards him. Her steps were cautious as if she was trying to decide if she really wanted to be here. He liked it the more she played the innocent girl.

His fingers were pressed together in front of this face as she made her way through the sea of desks. She was a sexy piece of ass no doubt. Her tight body was begging to be fucked. He wanted to show her what her body could do.

“Mister Anderson I really would like an A in your class, but I am not really sure we should do…you know.” Her eyes looked to the store room door, nodded, and then back to him.

He did know. And he wanted more. He wanted to use her body. Make her moan his name.

She reached his desk and leaned against it.

“Miss Johnson. If you want an A in my class you will do exactly as I say. Do you understand?”

Her fingers continued to play with the edge of her skirt as she considered. As he watched her decide that uncertainty crept into his stomach again. He saw her decide a C wasn’t good enough and turning to leave. Then she straightened and clasped her hands behind her. “Yes sir.”

“Good girl. Why don’t you and come over here.” He pointed to a space next to his chair.

She steeped to the spot and faced him.

“Take off your shirt.”

“Mister Anderson I don’t -“

“Take off your shirt Miss Johnson.”

She took hold of the fabric at her waist and lifted revealing her stomach, then her bra as she pulled it over her head.

His cock stirred at the sight. “Now your bra. I want to see your tits.”

She hesitated as she reached around back. He just held her gaze until she undid the clasp and pulled the bulgar escort bra forward. She replaced the fabric with her hands and let the bra drop to the floor.

“Miss Johnson, I won’t say it again.” he said putting as much threat as he could in his words.

She let her hands fall to her sides.

“Beautiful,” he said. “Simply stunning.” Her breasts were firm and supple. “Now the skirt.”

She slowly undid the button holding her skirt together and pulled the fabric free. The tuft of red hair stood out against her skin. “Miss Johnson, you are simply gorgeous. I don’t know if you have a boyfriend, and I don’t care. I’m going to have fun with you.”

Her eyes fell to the bulge now straining against his pants, and he smirked. She was his.

“Why don’t you come over here and kneel down in front of me. ” He swirled in his chair so that he was facing his desk but allowed enough room for her between him and the desk.

She moved between his legs, knelt so she was slightly under his desk, and looked up at him. The innocent look was back.

“Pull my cock out.”

She slid his zipper down and looked back up. There was the hesitation again. It made him rock hard. He wondered how much she had actually done with her boyfriend. He had thought she must have had sex a few times but now he wondered. Maybe it was just the one time. Her hand slipped inside his pants and she took hold of his erection. She held it gently as if she didn’t quite know what to do and pulled it free.

“I want you to lick my cock Miss Johnson.”

She leaned down and licked the tip. Her tongue was rough as it slid over him. She looked back up.

“Oh, I think you can do better than that.”

She smiled and this time ran her tongue along the back from base to tip. He loved the feel of her tongue pressed against him. He loved the sight on this girl holding his cock.

“Good girl. Now I want to see it in your mouth.”

As she lowered her mouth to the head of his erection he reached around and pulled her hair away from her face to get a better view. She looked up as her lips wrapped around the tip. He took hold of her head and pushed her down feeling the pressure slide of her the head and down his shaft. She lifted off slowly and he pushed her back down again.

“Just like that.”

She settled into a steady rhythm bobbing up and down. His hand on the back of her head helping keep her steady. Her saliva ran down his cock with each pass.

There was a knock at the door, and it started to open. He glanced down at her clothes. There were too far to reach in time. Principal Harrison stuck his head in, saw Anderson, and then stepped in.

“Jason, good you are still here.”

Avery slowed startled by the voice. He glanced down caught her eyes and mouthed, “don’t stop,” and pushed her head back down filling her mouth with his hard cock.

“Yep. Just reviewing some student work.” He strained to keep his voice normal. Instead, to his own ears, he sounded like a guy talking while getting a blowjob. Fuck.

“Ahh. No problem. I won’t keep you. I just wanted to remind you that my wife and I are having a get together this weekend. We would love it if you and Sarah could stop by.”

He pushed Avery down again and pulled her up. He loved the pressure as she took him in.

“Sure sure. I will check with her but I think we can make it.” He tried to make the lie sound convincing. He wasn’t ready to tell the world that they were divorced.

“Good. But don’t stay too late. Get home to your wife. You have to be back in a few hours for the Dance. And there is always Monday. “

“I shouldn’t be too long,” Anderson said. Bill Harrison started to leave. “Oh Bill,” he said stopping the principal. “Will you lock the door on your way out? I want to concentrate on what is in front of me.”

“Sure thing. See you this weekend.”

“Good evening Bill.”

Once the door was closed he let out his breath and looked back down at the student under his desk. She slowed and then shifted so she could lick his cock. Beautiful, he thought.

He hooked her arms and pulled her up. His mouth found her neck and kissed it. He leaned down to pull each nipple into his mouth one at a time as his hands cupped her firm breasts. They fit well in his hands.

As he sucked on her breasts he let a hand wonder south sliding between her legs to the slick heat there. He slid two fingers inside her wet pussy. She let out a soft moan. Her fingers threaded in his hair.

His cock ached to take the place of his fingers. He stood and unbuckled his pants. They fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. He slipped his boxers off.

He pushed Avery back to the desk and had her sit on the edge. His hand slid up her chest and wrapped around her throat and he licked her.

“Lean back.”

She leaned back on his desk. He pushed her legs open and lowered to her inhaling her intoxicating scent then licked her wet channel loving how she parted for him. He couldn’t get enough of her taste. He could spend hours worshiping her, making her moan, and calling orgasm after orgasm but his cock robbed with need.

“Sit up. I want you to watch your teacher’s cock slide inside you.”

Her gaze went to the large cock resting against her pussy.

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