Awakened Ch. 02

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Previously on Awakened:


*POV – Alanna*

He looked up at me, but I don’t know if he believed me or not, I placed his lunch on his chair and walked out, not even saying goodbye. I had to get out of there, the air smelt like sex and sweat. My panties were damp, and the more I thought about my father’s cock, the more I needed to relieve myself.

I ran home, I couldn’t find my laptop, so I knew Dad always kept his in his office. What he didn’t know, wouldn’t hurt him. I sat on the chair and began browsing, I couldn’t find anything to get off to. I decided that I would just watch the video that usually got me off, so I went into the browser history to find it, but when I opened it, I didn’t find what I was looking for… I found something even better.


I couldn’t believe what I found, thousands of videos: “father dominates teen daughters pussy”, “creampie me, daddy”, just to name a few, and I knew it was wrong but it turned me on as I had never been before. My stiff little nipples were hard and poking through my thin t-shirt, I couldn’t help but tease myself, rubbing my sensitive nipples through my shirt, pinching them, making me gasp in pleasure, I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter, and I couldn’t contain myself.

I kept looking through all the videos, and I couldn’t settle on one until I found “the one”. From the thumbnail, it looked like a home movie, it wasn’t until I started watching it, that things began looking familiar. It started off as a man, who had a throbbing cock, and he was teasing himself playing with the head of his cock with his finger, sliding it against his slit, causing himself to ooze precum. He was recording himself jerking off to his daughter, whose legs spread wide open, as she vigorously was slamming a large silicone eryaman arabaya gelen escortlar toy in her soaking wet pussy, it wasn’t until the girl grabbed another toy, slightly smaller and started to double penetrate herself that she squirted all over her sheets, and at that moment, he also came, moaning her name “Alanna”

It wasn’t until I watched the video again, that I realized it was me, I was the one who was getting off being double penetrated with my toys, and it was my daddy, that was playing with himself over me. I couldn’t help myself, I knew it was wrong but I was so horny, I needed to relieve myself.

I was pulling on my stiff, sensitive nipples, bringing them up to my mouth and giving them a cheeky lick, pushing me closer and closer to the edge. I couldn’t help myself, the more times I watched that video, the more I wanted this fantasy to come true. I wanted my dad to fuck me senseless, I wanted him to take my virgin pussy and make it his own. I wanted to be dominated by my daddy.

Just the thought of him in my tight virgin hole, his finger teasing my ass, I quivered, getting closer and closer, pulling and twisting my nipples, wishing it was daddy, nibbling and biting on them, milking me and getting every single last drop. The thought of daddy penetrating both virgin holes, filling me up to the brim with his sperm, pushed me over the edge, I was moaning and screaming his name, wanting more, wanting to be my daddy’s personal dirty little slut, at his beck and call. I couldn’t take it anymore, the pleasure crashed over my body, I couldn’t control myself, I was squirting everywhere.


*POV – Daniel (Father)*

I could hear an alarm going off on my phone. I tried to ignore it as I was in a very important meeting with investors, but it just kept ringing and vibrating. I excused myself and checked my phone and I couldn’t believe what I was sincan escort bayan watching.

After my wife died, I got cameras and motion sensors installed on the interior and exterior of the house, and because I worked at such a prestigious company with extremely important clientele, I had to protect all of my contracts so I got cameras installed in my office at home, for peace of mind, but I would never in a million years thought that I would catch my daughter on camera, playing with her soaking wet, tight, teenage pussy.

I went back into the meeting but I couldn’t concentrate, all I could think about was dominating that sweet pussy of hers. I was wondering what she smelt like, what she tastes like and I was driving myself crazy. The meeting was drawing to a close, and I said my goodbyes and rushed to my office. Luckily I had my own private office which was secluded from the other workers, I locked the door, and watched the recorded security footage.

My cock couldn’t hold it anymore, it was throbbing and yearning for my daughter’s pussy. Watching her playing with herself over the home video I made for myself, I couldn’t contain myself. It felt so good to finally be able to stroke my cock, all I wanted was my little girl to be bouncing on it, her stiff little nipples in my mouth, teasing her, making her beg for daddy’s cock. The thought of my finger teasing her virgin ass pushed me over the edge, all I could think of was her cumming all over my cock and the high of pleasure I was feeling, I never wanted it to end, I could feel myself getting closer and closer, as I came into my hand, I thought how much better it would be to cum into Alanna’s mouth, would she swallow my load?

All I knew was that I needed to seduce my daughter at all costs, my cock depended on it.


*POV – Alanna*

After I cleaned myself up, I decided to have a little peek into gölbaşı sınırsız escort daddy’s room. It was rare that I was ever allowed in there, I never questioned it but I was curious.

*ring, ring*

“Alanna, is everything okay? You never ring me at work!

“Everything is fine, daddy, I promise. I was just wondering what time you would be finished at work, I thought we could go out for dinner, the two of us since we haven’t really seen much of each other, and it would be good to let our hair down and have some “fun”

“Oh honey, I still have 1 more meeting but I shouldn’t be much longer after that, so let’s say I’ll be home in another 2 hours. You’re daddy’s special little girl and I love you very much.

” I love you to daddy”

Now that daddy won’t be home for another couple of hours, I am safe to sneak into his room, thought Alanna.

Being that Alanna was home alone, she didn’t feel the need to get dressed, so she walked around the house, naked. Her perky, teen tits, bounced every time she took a step. She couldn’t help but wonder what she would find. She opened the door to her daddy’s room and it just looked like a normal bedroom, she didn’t understand why daddy wouldn’t let her in here.

As she made her way to the bed, something caught her eye. The draw on the bedside table hadn’t been closed properly, she opened the draw and gasped. In that draw of her daddy’s, she found, handcuffs, whips, paddles, blindfolds, and things she had no idea what they were but they made her curious, and most of all, it made her wet.

In the second draw, she found something, it was hollow, and looked it had a mouth on it, she came to realize it was a fleshlight. She wondered how daddy got pleasure from it, as from her perspective, it didn’t look very pleasing, so she took it. She didn’t think he would notice.

“If I take this fleshlight, it would give daddy more of an excuse to fuck me, I’m sure he would rather fuck this tight, little virgin hole. I want him to fuck me, I want him to make me his dirty little girl. I want nothing but for daddy to give me a creampie.


As the desires heat up, the game is on, the question is, who is going to give in to the fantasy first?

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